Murder of Caylee Anthony: Case Against Tot Mom Casey Marie Anthony – Duct Tape Matches Gas Cans DISCLOSED. BOMBSHELL DISCOVERY RELEASE – UPDATE: LEE ANTHONY NOT CAYLEE’S DAD

Posted by BOC Staff | Casey Anthony,Caylee Anthony Case | Wednesday 18 February 2009 11:54 am

The latest round of discovery documents have been publicly released by the prosecution this morning.

Among the Bombshell developments in the case against Casey Anthony:

The ductape on Caylee’s skull matches the duct tape found on the gas cans in the Anthony shed.

Annie Downing Statement released.

A PINK T-shirt with the words Big Trouble Comes Small written on it, white shorts and pieces of a pull up, a stained Winnie the Pooh Blanket ,matching that of her nursery linens in the Anthony home.

“Duct tape appeared to be intentionally placed there.”.. Yuri Melich


10am- NO fingerprints were found on the duct tape belonging to George, Cindy or Lee Anthony.

10:05am- excerpt from Annie Downing statement:

During Caylee’s 2nd birthday, Casey Anthony told Downing “Oh my God, this is supposed to be Caylee’s Day. I’m her mom. She’s not her mom,” in reference to Cindy Anthony helping Caylee open presents.

Downing also told investigators that she received a phone call from Lee Anthony in October after information had been made public about Casey telling another friend she could get some Xanex from her friend named Annie.


10:40am- Excerpt from Annie Downing statement After Casey Anthony was released from jail once last year, Annie Downing visited Anthony several times at her home and spent the night once. Anthony told Downing, “when this is all said and done, I have so much to tell you,” Downing told investigators.

While Downing was visiting the Anthony home, Casey Anthony found Cindy Anthony on the computer using Casey’s email address and signing emails with Casey’s name. They argued about it, but Cindy Anthony told her daughter that “if this can find us Caylee, then you know I’m going to do whatever I can.” Anthony also eluded to the fact that her ex-fiancé Jesse Grund had a key to her car and “may have done something to it after it was abandoned,” the report said.

The two stopped being close friends around August 2007 because Downing found out that Anthony was a liar, the report said

During Caylee’s 2nd birthday, Casey Anthony told Downing “Oh my God, this is supposed to be Caylee’s Day. I’m her mom. She’s not her mom,” in reference to Cindy Anthony helping Caylee open presents.

Michelle Murphy, former roommate of Lee Anthony interview excerpt-  In Feburary 2007, Casey Anthony allegedly had a miscarriage from a man named Brandon Snow. None of her friends, including Annie Downing or Murphy, believed this was true.

On two different occasions, Lee and George Anthony told Murphy that Cindy and George Anthony were considering getting custody of Caylee, the report said.

In March 2007, shortly after the alleged miscarriage, Anthony called Murphy and told her she was feeling “crazy” and was considering getting “herself committed,” the report said. Anthony had “imagined this life with Brandon [Snow] and that she was supposed to have this baby in October,” according to the report. In both Michelle Murphy and Annie Downing interviews, they mentioned they did not believe Casey had a miscarriage.


11am- Caylee Anthony hyperventilated and asked for medication when she was notified that her daughter’s body had been found last December. According to the report.

Investigators have determined that Caylee died between June 16 and June 27, the report said. Detectives think that the body was stored in the trunk of Anthony’s Pontiac for a period of time, but was removed before June 27.

“Evidence on the body suggests that the child’s death was not accidental but an intentional act,” Detective Yuri Melich wrote Feb. 5. “As of this writing, there is nothing to suggest that anyone but Casey Anthony is responsible for the death and disposal of Caylee Anthony.”


Numerous bones, including human teeth and animal bones. Several pieces of plastic bags. A pregnancy test. Discarded soda cans, A broken Winnie the Pooh helium balloon, Barbie doll legs, A disposable camera, A piece of “Henkel Consumer Adhesives” duct tape, the same kind found wrapped around the skull and attached to a gas can at the house.


Following the execution of the Search warrant for the Anthony home on December 11, 2008, the following inventory report reflects what was seized:

  • Nine pair of women’s shoes from Casey Anthony’s closet
  • A white/red heart-shaped sticker backing with sticker removed that was found in a shoe box in Casey Anthony’s dresser.
  • A sheet for red heart-shaped stickers with the three remaining on the page found in a red folder in her dresser.
  • A sheet for multi-colored heart-shaped stickers in a black binder in her dresser.
  • Two white-rimmed plastic children’s sunglasses.
  • Two pair of children’s denim shorts — size 24M
  • Three denim children’s skorts – one 3T and two 24M
  • Miscellaneous doll clothing
  • Five pairs of children shoes
  • One black garbage bag found inside a suitcase in the garage area
  • Two handwritten notes from a chest in Caylee’s room
  • Some muscle-relaxers and anti-anxiety medications were taken from the master bathroom that were prescribed to Cindy Anthony.


1:30PM  According to the documents, the laundry bag found at the scene and at the Anthony’s are identical.

A Disturbing piece of evidence revealed a haunting journal entry by Casey:

“This is the happiest I have been in a very long time. I hope that my happiness will continue to grow.”

Casey also wrote that she had “no regrets, just a bit worried. I just want for everything to work out okay. I completely trust my own   judgment and knew that I made the right decision. I just hope that the end justifies
the means. I just want to know what the future will hold for me. I guess I will soon see.”

Author’s Note, Am I the only person that sees the year ’03 written on the left hand of the page? I am not sure this entry fits. I would be more inclined to think this is a very old entry; pre MySpace era as she has done little writing but doodling hopeful boyfriend names.

Lee Anthony is NOT Caylee’s Father. One waits to see if Leonard will be willing to make his apologies this evening on Nancy Grace. I am certainly sitting by my bat phone as he owes me a fat, resounding “You were right!”

(images courtesy of klaasend)

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  1. flagal says:

    Notice, no comment on whether Casey’s prints were on the tape. Looks like Blink source was right. Yeehaw

  2. overthehill says:

    I think Leonards information came from the initial fbi report that was completed from the brush that was not exclusively used by caylee. this would have made what he said at the time correct. What he said was actually a question not a statement.

  3. PA Mom says:

    I hope that fingerprints are on the duct tape to settle this once and for all. Jose Baez has made the comment that all the evidence brought in thus far is junk science. This means he will attack this evidence with his “super” scientist. Another murderer could go free, and no child will be safe.

  4. eddieblue says:

    Tape finger print comments:

    Investigators stated only that Cindy,George and Lee’s prints were not on the tape.

    No mention of Casey was made.

    That could mean her prints were on the tape, think she would have been metioned otherwise.

    Hope the State will put the death penalty back on the table, the woman is a monsterous baby-killer.
    She probably suffocated the child – tape over mouth, forehead (eyes as reported by NG) and over the nose as suspected by me.

    Child may have been alive when she was packaged and stuffed into the garbage bags.

  5. mamacrazy30 says:

    looking at the journal it seems as though quite a few pages had been torn out. i did the same thing when i was younger (no, not kill my kid, rip out pages of my journal.) makes me wonder what those missing pages had on them.

  6. eddieblue says:

    Author – Blink?

    Re the 03 date -

    That is half of an 8.

    Diary must show other 08 entries – otherwise the prosecution wouldn’t have made a big deal about releasing it.

    Have you counted how many times “I’ shows up in the entry?

    The woman is not human.

  7. [...] There is an age old adage that states, do not write anything that you do not want to show up in court. Casey Anthony should have taken that advice. In the journal entry written after Caylee Anthony went missing, “I have no regrets,” may just be regretted after all by Casey Anthony, Jose Baez and the rest of the defense team. The information was released in the most recent 1000 page document dump. [...]

  8. Beth says:

    I also feel that the journal entry is from 2008. If you compare the handwriting, they are a little different. The writing on the left reminds me of my own handwriting in highschool with the letters having dots on them and such. The actual journal entry looks more like what her handwriting looks now, a little bit more mature. Wow I never thought that I would use the word mature to describe anything about Casey, may she rot in h@ll! And not to mention it is obvious that many pages have been torn out before that entry. I hope that they can prove that it was really written on 08 then there will be no way possible she could get out of the death penalty.

  9. Beth says:

    And with the release of all of this information makes me even sicker to think of porr Caylee;s memorial or shall I say the Cindy show. All of those things that they said about Casey and her compassion and love for Caylee. These people are beyond sick. BTW have the Anthony’s attorney made and comments or released any statements? I havn’t heard anything but am still wondering what they’re resonse could possibly be to all of this and what they might think about Compassionate Casey realeasing a statement speaking out against Caykee’s memorial. I can’t believe that after all this time of not talking and the first thing she says is whine about how she is not getting what she wnats concerning Caylee’s funeral! She is just unbelievable. And what is even more unbelievable is the fact that her dumb a@@ attorney actually read it to the media! He’s a real winner.

  10. regarding03 says:

    Regarding the ’03 in the top left corner of the page, there are many factors to consider.
    1) the ’03 could have been added after the fact
    2) there are clearly numerous pages torn out between the ’03 page and the June 21 page (look at the binding area)
    3) we don’t know what precedes or what follows this entry; it may very well be that the context of this entry in relation to the rest of the diary will reveal the year in which the June 21 entry was written; if Caylee is mentioned in proximity to this entry, Caylee was not born in 2003 so that would be a big clue
    4) if you notice, she writes “Everyday is a brand new beginning” on the BACK of the previous page, then tears out a wad of pages, then starts a new entry on June 21… it is possible that she was “starting fresh” in her new Caylee-less life, quite possibly had just dumped the body and was starting her new life over with a fresh diary, tearing out the old entries and documenting her newfound relief and happiness
    5) only a fool would think law enforcement would overlook the ’03 on the back of the preceding page… the fact that they released this entry in spite of the ’03 should be taken as an indication that they’ve read the whole diary and know where the June 21 entry fits chronologically

  11. regarding03 says:

    The more I look at the diary photo, the more clear it is that a LOT of pages were torn out, quite possibly 5 years worth. Look at where that ’03 page comes out of the binding and at the glue pattern… it looks like the very first page, the title page… all the torn out pages were glued to that one, about a 0.5-0.75 inch thick stack of pages has been removed, leaving only that very first ’03 page because it is what holds all the remaining pages into the diary. Instead of tearing or cutting the front half of that page out, she just decorated it to celebrate and denote the beginning of her new life without Caylee. Sick.

  12. Blink says:

    I agree that whether or not the diary submission was written then or now, that LE did not overlook anything. Maybe even an opportunity (wink).

    Keep in mind that she was on bond in that house 2x, I really think if that were anything damning it would have been destroyed long ago. JMO

  13. Beth says:

    Hopefully someone can help me with this…I have looked over Casey’s statements and interviews with police more than once and it was only today when I was thinking about the clothes that they found with Caylee are not the ones the George last seen her in that I realized that LE never asked Casey what Caylee was wearing the last time that she seen her. I know it had been 30 days but still why didn’t they ask her what she had been wearing? It would have been interesting to hear what she would have described her wearing. I wonder if it would have been the clothes she could have been found with. I don’t think George’s story of the last time seeing Casey or Caylee is true anyways. I think that Casey took off with her the night before.
    Another thing I noticed in the documents was that they found a piece of chewed gum at the scene and I wish they would have tested it because I don’t know if anyone else has noticed but Cindy, George and Casey always seemed to have been chomping on gum. I know it is a longshot but still it made me think!

  14. Jamie says:

    Any further info on fingerprints, or if and when we may hear about them?

  15. chitowm lady says:

    I truly hope CASEY suffers in the depths of hell…..may she NEVER have any peace in her life. i pray her parents George and Cindy wake the hell up and really grip the rality that CASEY DID KILL CAYLEE…..
    As for Lee. heck he appears to be under some kind of Casey spell….Whole damn family is one big mess. This is what happens when you force a kid to have a baby she NEVER wanted…Cindy knew it…..And now look what happened….How could this lawyer even defend her? he has small kids himself. Seems pretty clear to me that they do not have much of a defense. I hope they are holding onto one piece of really damning evidence that will have Casey facing the needle…..

  16. Janice says:

    I was reading discovery documents OCSO report that a key and keychain found at site where Caylee’s remains found off Surburban Dr.Did anyone notice that?

  17. Karen says:

    Regarding the ’03 date:: It is a ’3′, not half and ’8′, as can be seen if you open the pic up in a reader and zoom in. However, the comments re: pages torn and subsequent gluing, as well as the possibility it was added later, may explain things. I’m sure Mr. Baez will point out the former, and the prosecution the latter [at time of trial],so perhaps then we’ll get the explanation as to why the police think it’s relevant to the events of last summer.

  18. Karen says:

    PS. Where are these pictures and documents? I can’t seem to find them online. Help? Thanks!

  19. noonie says:

    Hey don’t ya think they are keeping the best for last? The duct tape has some prints, they have to!!! And for the diary…… looks like the left side is the front cover and when she first wrote in it was “03. Makes sence. It wasn’t lined like the right side paper was either. Probably more in there after that page. She was on a roll. New beginning and all. I’ll bet she has more to say!!!! Yes

  20. Northern Rose says:

    I believe that the 03 date is when she was given the journal. I have been given many journals and it is not uncommon to have the date they were given to you inside the cover. Just like when you give a child a book. I always put the date it was given to them inside the cover.

    As for the release of other information what really caught my eye was on pages 3379 and 3380:

    Several other items were collected from the residence to include several black plastic bags with yellow drawstrings, similar to the bags found with the body. FBI Analyst Karen Cowan found several shirts in Caylee’s room with the same brand name of “Circa”. One Pink shirt in particular had iron-on letters saying “got my good looks from my mom.” The TAG OF THIS SHIRT had “RN 74299” stamped on it. This is THE SAME NUMBER off of the tag found on the shirt collar that was WITH THE BODY.

    I have relatives that are nurses and they stamp their employee number on the uniforms in case they get them dirty during a shift (it is a hospital setting so not unusual to be vomited on, blood, etc.) and the uniform ends up in the hospital laundry. This is how the laundry dept. can return the uniforms back to the nurses – though their RN number. The nurses I know all have their own stamps as they have to buy their uniforms and stamp them all. Does anyone know if this RN number that was found at home and with the body could possibly have been Cindy’s as she was a nurse? I feel that it was possible that Caylee was watching Grandma stamp her uniforms and Grandma stamped some of Caylee’s at the same time.

  21. Susan says:

    What happened to all those posters who said Lee was Caylee’s dad? Got that one wrong, didn’t ya?

  22. turbothink says:

    I have not run off Susan about the paternity. What they ran is a fast test which does not really prove anything except that the forensic DNA has not been released.

    My friend who works in the DNA field sent me this on the STR profiles which was used for the paternity. This may explain why I am not sure the info on Lee is accurate.
    Compared to PCR-based systems originally introduced, such as PM plus DQA1 (PE Applied Biosystems) STRs are technically more simple and direct at the allele detection stage. On the other hand, STR are slightly more vulnerable to missing alleles and should not be used in cases of suspected incest without other verification.

    There are two reasons for this. 1)Larger DNA fragments are degraded before smaller ones. This is simply due to the fact that larger DNA molecules are bigger targets for degradative enzymes than smaller DNA molecules. 2)PCR itself favors (will produce more of) smaller DNA targets compared to larger ones that take more time to copy. The copying is done by a protein called an enzyme. It can finish copying smaller DNA fragments more rapidly than larger ones.

    Both of these factors result in a tendency for small DNA fragments to be seen more readily than larger ones. This is not an overwhelming tendency but certainly should be considered when amounts of input DNA are low, when DNA degradation is suspected, and particularly when a single small STR allele is weakly observed at a given STR locus.

    PCR-based testing is potentially useful since it is currently the only quick method of amplifying really minuscule amounts of DNA. However, it is important to recognize that PCR based methods are exquisitely sensitive to contamination and need to be interpreted with extreme caution. Match probabilities generated with some STR typing systems may involve extreme numbers perhaps giving the impression of an infallible result. Scientific rigor often requires that extreme numbers be placed in a context that considers all aspects of testing including laboratory error rates and technical limitations.

    Use of “partial profiles” is a newly emerging and fairly disturbing trend. A partial profile is one in which not all of the loci targeted show up in the sample. A partial profile is at risk of being incomplete and misleading in an incest profile. The partial nature of it proves that DNA molecules have been missed. There is no way of firmly determining what the complete profile would have been, except by seeking other samples that may present a full profile.

    Most forensic laboratories will try to obtain full profiles. Unfortunately, in an important case, it may be tempting to use a partial profile, especially if that is all that one has. However, such profiles should be viewed skeptically. Over-interpretation of partial profiles can probably lead to serious mistakes. Such mistakes could include false exclusions.

  23. Sue Fincham says:

    I think that Casey Anthony is guilty and I hope they put her on death row!!! The only piece of evidence needed for me to find her guilty is the fact her daughter was missing for 30 days and she never contacted the authorties or reported her missing to not one person!! Come on, “What Mother Would Do This?” TO me that says it all….. Casey and her brother are strange and I think he helped her hide the body. I hope he gets charged too. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

    I was recently in Flordia and visited the momorial for little Caylee where her remains was found. Someone had written on one of the posters there, “No Hope ON Hopesprings Drive”, Hopesprings Drive being the name of the street where the Anthoney’s live. HOW TRUE!!!

  24. seriously says:

    Turbothink – I am with you on the STR testing, I am not convinced that what was released in this set of docs meant for absolute surety that Lee is not the father. I to have a friend that is familiar with DNA as well and he tells me STR typing does not positively determine paternity he feels other tests were run that have yet to be shown.

  25. Gigi says:

    I think Casey did not tell her parents she was pregnant (until her Uncle Rick basically forced the issue at his wedding and Casey was almost 8 months pregnant at that time) because she planned to deliver the baby and immediately kill it. If no one ever believed or knew she was pregnant, she could dispose of the baby like many teen-age mothers have done. Her plan was ruined when she was forced to admit to her parents that she was pregnant and Cindy took her to the doctor whereupon it was discovered Casey was 8 months pregnant. Cindy insisted Casey keep the baby even though Casey wanted to give the baby up for adoption. The fact that Cindy and George did not think Casey was pregnant because, quoting Cindy, “Casey is not having sex with anyone” is such deep denial and typical of their behavior now. Infanticide was Casey’s original plan and that was thwarted by her mother. IMO, she simply waited until she was fed up with Cindy interfering in her life and then committed murder. Does this make sense to anyone else??

  26. Karen says:

    How can Blink be contacted?? Help please!

  27. Robin D. says:

    Regarding the ’03 on the journal entry. This 03 means the CLASS of 03. I don’t know how the ’03 relates to casey Anthony’s diary or journal. However that is exactly what the 03 means. Everyone was talking about Lee Anthony not being the father of Caylee Anthony. However what I find discusting is, nobody has talked about GEORGE and LEE Anthony’s DNA was tested to see if they were the father of poor little Caylee. That is sickening information to learn. That the FBI had to test Casey’s father and brother in regards to paternity. Casey is a real slut and there must have been a reason WHY the FBI felt it was necessary to test both their DNA. This case is sickening. I’m from South Carolina and this is not how you treat a child killer. SC should school FL on how to treat these type of murderers. We have Susan Smith who’s done the unspeakable. I’m not proud of what she did but she’s not famous because of it. However she USED her in town connections to get out of the DEATH PENALTY and that is WRONG! she should have gotten death! Howard Wells was her God father and her State Rep. dad lied on the stand to get her out of the death penalty. Pitiful..Pitiful..Pitiful..I’m afraid more of these killings will go own if this type of media continues..

  28. Robin D. says:

    so maybe Lee Anthony is the DAD? This can explain WHY he was seen crying the day he had to give his DNA. Crying because he knows the truth? interesting. I think this story has more twist that the GAME TWISTER. You can’t write a good book like this. It’s all about the Anthony’s and not about the VICTIM…poor Caylee..justice will be her’s..

  29. Robin D. says:

    To the person who was asking about the RN number..You can find out very easily by looking Cindy Anthony’s LLR number up via the State of Florida LLR. I’m curious so I may go look it up myself.

  30. Robin D. says:

    LE took 9 pair of ladies shoes from Casey..Do you know why? maybe she used her foot to hold one side of the tape ya think?? LMAO…This girl is NOT the brightest crayon in the box..They took her shoes for a reason and they also took med’s from Cindy’s room. I wonder again..why? I know why but do YOU?
    I bet you when all is said and done. Finger prints will be on that tape from CASEY!!! ah ha..and the gum idea is FABULOUS! I have also noticed them all 3 in court always chomping that damn gum! How rude. If you were to do that in our court room you would be asked to remove your GUM ASAP! that is NOT allowed in Court.

  31. I don’t know if anyone is still commenting on this subject of the journal but,I think the 03 stood for her third journal.Just a thought!

  32. Felicity says:


  33. juie says:

    casey is beautiful and innocent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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