At Risk or Endangered Missing Adult: Jason Holley Found Deceased

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Colorado Springs, CO- Update- Jason Holley, missing from Colorado Springs since January 5, 2009, has been found deceased and two men are under arrest for suspicion of his murder.  Check back to for this developing story.

At Risk or Endangered Missing Adult: Where is Jason Holley? Missing in Colorado Springs, CO Since January 5, 2009


Jason Holley, 22, appears to have almost literally vanished the morning of January 5, 2009 in Colorado Springs, CO. He was a 3rd year student at Pike’s Peak Community College in the Automotive Program and by all accounts, was an extremely affable, albeit shy young man. Jason worked very hard to overcome  his learning challenges to master his studies and become an Automotive Tech; in spite of his cognitive disorder,  Klinefelter Syndrome. One of the difficulties for him is that it causes him to have short term memory loss.  Jan Holley, Jason’s Mother, with whom he shared a close relationship, has recently had to return to her work in the Medical field after exhausting her savings in efforts to find her son, costs that have currently exceeded $10,000.

“I moved with Jason to Colorado Springs in 2003 because he needed special education,  and was having an extremely difficult time with school. It was a very hard move for me  because Durango was my home for 25 years, but it was worth it, since Jason has been  happy here. With the help of his learning specialist Phil McLelland, Jason has been  attending the automotive program at Pike’s Peak Community College, taking only one  class at a time.”

His mom also says he tends to trust people he shouldn’t, and is not able to tell good people from someone who might be intentionally taking advantage of him, which had occurred recently. She fears he is with someone who could take advantage of his disability.

“This is not like him. He’s never gone from home for more than 24 hours,” said Jan Holley.

Jason Holley was sleeping in his downstairs bedroom on that Monday morning, the day he disappeared when Jan went to work. A couple hours later, she says she got a phone call from him asking if he could go to a friend’s house.  He never showed up at that friend’s house and has been missing ever since. He has not logged onto his myspace or attempted to contact any of his friends or family; which is highly unusual given his condition.


Description: Jason Holley

Physical Characteristics:

• 6ft. 6 inches tall
• Light Blue eyes, light brown and reddish hair, was cut short when he went missing, if longer will be wavy.
• 175 lbs, very lean build with no visible facial hair
• Was wearing white hoodie sweatshirt with coins on front, dark jeans and navy blue Eddie Bauer hikers, size 13.
• Possible slight hand tremor, may not be immediately noticeable. Will worsen under stress.

Possible Character Observations:

• Shy demeanor, will appear somewhat younger and possibly immature for size.
• “Muscle car” Enthusiast, both engines and Body work. This is a high proficciency skill area for him.
• Avid online gamer: XBOX 360
• Likes to sketch and doodle
• Likes to frequent convenience stores, ie: Farmcrest Daily for red bull or Coke 
• Liked to play Texas Hold Em on myspace
• Unable to read cursive writing, can write his own name in cursive only, otherwise can only read and write printed words.
• Will use landmarks to get around, cannot read street signs. Will use taxi not bus.
• Uses the word “Bro” when speaking with friends
• Cognitive issues, easily confused if too much info given at once; you will notice him “reprocessing it”

If you have any information on Jason Holley’s disappearance, call the Colorado Springs Police Department at (719) 444-7000 or (626) 644-3674.

Currently, the COPD will not comment on an ongoing case, except to say that Jason’s case is a priority and they are proceeding with their investigation of it accordingly. Early theories that Jason might be hiding or attempting to evade being found have been eliminated. Police believe whatever happened to cause Jason’s disappearance, was not of his own doing. There has not been a credible sighting of Jason since he went missing and rumors that he had been found are false. He is without necessary medication and considered an at-risk missing adult.

For a press release from the Klinefelters group, KS&A, click HERE.

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  1. Blink says:

    This young man is in possible jeopardy or worse. I am hopeful if anyone has a second, they check out his pic, and if they do not know him, forward this to any contacts that might generate leads.


  2. pat@pike says:


    have all his friends been interviewed by LE? I am local and have heard that there are some bad eggs?


  3. Greg says:

    My sources say the danger spots in the springs are at the local 7-11s.
    Gangs hang out demand and rob the patrons who buy beer. I would visit the 7-11 near home and school, and ask if Jason was in the store on or around the time he went missing? If yes? Get the video tape.

  4. Ben says:

    His family must be worried sick.

    My brother has klinefelters, this was a very good description of how it looks to someone who us unfamiliar. I hope they find him soon.

  5. lucy recardo says:

    Maybe the Smiley Face Gang is in Co.

  6. Ben says:


    I do not believe there is any correlation, nor do I buy the smiley face scenario as presented. JMHO

  7. Gigi says:

    What a terrible situation! Has anyone checked with his friends in Durango? That is a small town and maybe he went back there????

  8. Scoop says:

    I have the feeling that this young man has a heart of gold, but battles with depression. My thoughts and prayers are with his mother. She is a fine example of a mother’s love; so kind, gentle and understanding. Unfortunately, people in the world don’t have those attributes. May God be with her and with the Colorado Police Department in their search.

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  10. Blink says:

    Yes, he is not in Durango, that was checked first and immediately.

    She is a fine example of a dedicated Mom, I agree and she is worried sick. From my undetrstanding the COPD is quite actively pursuing this case and may have received some new leads, but nothing they will confirm. I pray they find him.

  11. Greg says:

    Blink, Did Jason have a cell phone or credit card, bank card?
    Check his room for magazines, look for bent pages.
    Any kind of car shows going on in Springs.
    Does he have a estranged father?
    Would his father take him away?
    Have mom look at past phone bills for phone numbers that are out of place?
    Maybe a secret girlfriend?

  12. Greg says:

    Blink have the mother contact Dog the bounty hunter. He is in the Colorado Springs area shooting his show. I have seen on his past shows he has searched for a missing teen girl in HI. He is from Colorado and has big ears on the street of Springs and Denver.

  13. Blink says:

    Greg, respectfully, Dog would scare the chit out of Jason, but I love your thinking.

    Jason had cell, it is missing.
    No bank or credit cards, insurance ID only.
    No car shows, but excellent thought.
    He is very close with his Dad, no estrangement.
    Yes, there are some exchange and prepaid numbers on his cell which are being run down.
    Not sure about the secret gf yet.


  14. Lori says:

    I just went to my space and he had logged on on feb2 7, 2009 so was he found?

  15. Blink says:

    to my knowledge, that log in is associated with Jason’s family or LE activities in his investigation, good catch though, I would/will update immediately in the event he is found.

    Please keep spreading the word, he needs to be found.


  16. blue_bird says:

    Has Jason been found? If not, what is the status of the investigation? I find it odd that there has been nothing in the news regarding this case.

    He has not. To my knowledge the lead detectives in this case continue to run down leads in their efforts to find Jason. I pray for him and his family daily.

  17. blue_bird says:

    Thank you. As do I. It’s a terrible, terrible situation and I hope he is found.

  18. dawn says:

    I wonder what happened to Jason Holley. I have been interested in this ever since it was known he was missing.
    If he planned to go to the friend’s house, would he have called a cab to go there?
    If not, did he know the way on foot?
    Is it true his xbox is missing?
    Have all his school classmates been checked out?

    I pray they find him.
    O Dawn, Jason Holley and his Mom hold a special place in my heart.
    Yes, His Xbox is missing, among other things.

  19. Maria says:

    Saw this today, thought you’d like to know. Very sad.
    Thank you Maria, I was aware yesterday but was not updating pending the arrest announcement of the suspects.
    I have updated and will be doing a specific article on him this week. My sincere condolences to Jason’s entire family.

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  21. dddeerma says:

    At least there are suspects. Very cold comfort, his mom has all my sympathy and prayers.

    She worked tirelessly, as did other members of her family, to find Jason. She did everything throughout his life to better his development and to protect him from exactly what ended up happening to him. My heart just breaks.

  22. Scoop says:

    There’s no doubt in my mind the two suspects will prove to be the ones responsible. My thoughts and prayers are with his mother and extended family as I know this is a shock to them. Take heart in knowing that Jason was and always be someone of whom you can be proud. Rejoice that your son didn’t grow up to be like them. Hold your head high, knowing that God sees all and nothing is hidden from him and his grace and mercy will shower upon the meek ones while the violent ones will be brought to ruin.

    God be with you.

  23. Gypsy says:

    This is just too sad. How horrible for his heart goes out to her and his family and friends. The two people in custody..may they rot in Hell!

  24. Greg says:

    To the Holley family. I feel so bad for your loss. Jason was too young, and too innocent to be taken from his family. May justice prevail. Best wishes, Greg B

  25. Red Ranger says:

    I just looked at the three pictures of Jason on
    I had forgotten how innocent he looked. There is no way this boy had a mean bone in his body or anything except a gentle soul. The two kids that killed him are 18 and 21. I have not seen the circumstances yet but I bet they were bullying him and things went wrong. They are sorry excuses for humans and will get multiple punishments for what they have done.

    I hope Jason’s mom has an easy path in working through the loss of her baby. I hope that her family and friends come together to love, guide, and protect her in her time of need. She has carried a heavy burden and it is time for her to be carried.

    Blink, I know you have stood tall with her in her tireless efforts. I know it’s no picnic for you now either. My best to you both.

    Angels and grits….

  26. Red Ranger says:

    Small update. The two guys that killed him did it for his X-box. One of the guys mother saw the X-box later that day. They picked him up in the morning and told him to bring his X-box with him. This is the definition of premeditated murder.

  27. First off i would like to say that Jason Holley was my cousin (Jason’s mother is my Dad’s sister), but more importantly he was my friend. As soon as he went missing i hoped that he had just possibly “forgot” to come home and that maybe he was confused and that he would turn up soon, but as time passed on and reports said that he could be “avoiding” the people who were searching for him, i became very uneasy. He is VERY shy, and he is immature for his age due to his mental condition, however he is smart enough to know that he cant live outside in the cold, and whenever they had searched all of what they thought to be the most likely places he could have been “hiding”, i really started to feel sick. The former FBI agent working this case mentioned the possibility of foul play around the same time and we(the family) all were told of a small group of “bad boys” who were hanging around jason. Now we know that they were extorting him the entire time and making him give them the very few things that he really enjoyed in life. And now that we know that he will not be coming back to his home like we had all hoped and that he is with god, despite all of us hoping against all odds. I appreciate everyones prayers and best wishes and i especially am greatful for those who spread the word of him and tried to help. May he rest in peace. I also know that his mother suffered an ungodly amount of pain and i know that she is very upset but that she also feels closure know, because she knows where her baby is now.

    Also, to the murders, Kyle Stott and Derek Hernandez. You will pay for this in this life and the next. I pity you for having lived lives that would have taken you to the points to commit to such a heartless act.

    Thank you to everyone for your help and god bless you all as well.

    Brian- Jason and Jan hold a special place in my heart. As I told her months ago, I felt she was an incredible Mother to Jason. He did as well as he did for as long as he did because of her tireless commitment to him. In finding Jason, she was relentless, as were your Aunts. I did not have an opportunity to speak to your Dad, but I have no doubt they were “cut from the same cloth.”

    I did not want to believe Mr. Kelley either, because your right, this group of friends were nothing more than bedbugs dressed like humans. I have recommeneded to the lead detective in this case that he consult with the ACLU, and hopefully some Federal charges can be levied against these punks as well. My BFF is a Fed prosecutor, and she tells me God forbid she is ever facing Fed charges, she might off someone at the state level stay out of Fed Prison- it’s that bad.
    My prayers are with you and your family Brian. Please watch over Nick and Jan especially.

  28. Thank you very much for your kindness, actually we are planning on flying out to colorado springs to visit nick and jan within the next two weeks, god knows they need as much support as they can get right now, as do we all. I still am in that phase where i feel like i could have done something to have prevented this from happing. I guess its a period of disbelief, anyways, thanks everyone and i ask, please say a prayer that jason is in heaven where he deserves to be sometime this weekend if you can. thanks , Brian

    Brian, please give Ms. Jan a hug for me. I say a prayer for Jason, Jan, and your family daily. I know how you feel, but I promise you there is nothing you could have done. Jason was targeted by these thugs because of his challenges, imo, the most deplorable crime there is- I told Jan a few months ago that she should contact the ACLU and see if this crime qualifies for any Federal level statutes to that end. I believe Jason is the taller of Angels in Heaven today, where he is free from harm. God Bless you and yours.

  29. blue_bird says:

    I have been following this case since the beginning and like so many others I was immediately drawn to Jason. Obviously this is not the outcome I or anyone else had hoped for. My sincere thoughts and prayers go out to Jason’s family. My heart is broken. I can’t even imagine how terrible this is for his family.

    To Jason’s mother: You raised a beautiful and interesting son. I didn’t know him but I could tell just by looking at his photo and hearing about him that he was a kind, gentle soul. If only everyone were like Jason, this world would be a peaceful place.

    I really believed that Jason was alive for a very long time. This woman was such an impressive Mom to this child

  30. katy says:

    Have these men been convicted of the murder? How is the family doing? Does anyone know of the disposition of the case? Thanks.

  31. Nut44x4 says:

    Trial begins in murder of disabled man found in canyon

    Jurors must decide: one killer or two?
    July 07, 2010 4:49 PM

    Jurors will have to settle a basic question in the trial of a man accused of killing a developmentally disabled man and leaving his body on a trail in North Cheyenne Canyon.

    Was there one killer or two?

    In opening statements today, a prosecutor said that “two vicious killers” led 22-year-old Jason Holley up Cutler Trail west of Colorado Springs on Jan. 5, 2009, where they killed him with a push blade knife and an ax.

    “They covered his body with branches and snow and left him for four months,” Deputy District Attorney Eric Lamphere told the jury as the first-degree murder trial of Kyle Sebastian Stott got underway.

    But Stott’s attorneys claim their client’s brother-in-law, Derek Lee Hernandez, is the person who killed Holley that day. They contend Stott, 19, ran in fear and desperation after he looked up to see Hernandez holding a knife to Holley’s throat.

    “Get out!” Hernandez said, according to Stott’s attorney Eric Anaya. “Kyle does just that. He didn’t want any part of this …. He was terrified.”

    Stott then kept silent about the murder, even after Colorado Springs police contacted him about what began as a missing person investigation.

    “He should be held responsible for that,” Anaya said. But he later added “Kyle did not kill Jason Holley.”

    Stott and Hernandez were both charged with first-degree murder, aggravated robbery, robbery of an at-risk person and conspiracy. Hernandez, 22, is awaiting a separate trial later this year.

    Lamphere told the jury that Holley suffered from Klinefelter’s syndrome, a genetic disorder involving an extra chromosome. As a result, Holley lacked good judgment and social intelligence. He tended to gravitate toward younger peers.

    When police first questioned Stott about Holley’s disappearance, he claimed he didn’t know anything. He claimed he was looking for a job and sleeping on that day, Lamphere said.

    Later, however, Stott told police that he knew where Hernandez would have hidden a body and led them to a ravine on May 8 where they found Holley’s remains.

    Testimony resumes Thursday.

    Nut 44×4-

    From the bottom of my heart I thank you for posting this for Jason.

  32. Nut44x4 says:


    Kyle Scott found guilty of first degree murder
    Posted: 43 mins ago
    [B]Kyle Scott was found guilty of first degree murder in the death of Jason Holley.[/B]

    Jason Holley’s body was found in Cheyenne Canyon on May 8th, 2009. He suffered from a rare disorder and had the mental capacity of someone 12 years-old.

    [B]Kyle Scott will be sentenced later this afternoon[/B]. Fox 21 News is in the courtroom this afternoon, we will continue to update the story as it develops. Stay with Fox 21 News at 6:30 and 9 pm, and

    Just a quick correction. Jason did not have the capacity of a 12 year old. I do not know where that comes from. What he did have, according to his family, is a kind and trusting personality. He was victimized, by some ruthless assholes for an Xbox.

    His Mother spent the bulk of her life protecting him from such abuse, and my heart breaks for her and their family. She did everything right, and will now be saddled with this burden.

    Not fair.

  33. Brian J says:

    Thank God, however i dont think ANYTHING will ever give ANY of me or the rest of my family any closure. I stated before the i hope they both rot in jail and burn in hell but i never wished for them to be killed like my cousin was. I know “closure” is such a big word in all of these types of trials, however i feel none and the only thing that would possibly give me any relief would be to see Jason alive and well and enjoying his life. I AM relieved to know that one of these to vile pieces of nonhuman scum will NEVER be alowed to be free and hurt anyone else. I hope the other waste of life get the same or worse.

    I know dear Brian, I know.

    Jason, although I never met him personally, I feel a little like I knew him, from my contact with his family and associates. He was loved very much by his Mom, Jan, who spent her life trying to give him every advantage, and protect him from people like this at the same time. She is a graceful and gallant lady, as are his aunts.

    Please know you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

    Thanks to you ALL for your support .

  34. mike says:

    happy bday buddy rip.

  35. Blink says:


    I think about Jason often. I know many people use the phrase “they are in a better place.” For Jason, I do believe that. His trust and kindness made him a walking Target.

    Prayers for Jan, Nick and your family.

  36. Andy says:

    Mike, do you know how Jan is doing these days? Just wondering if she is still in the Springs or maybe she moved back to Durango. I was the foreman on the Stott trial and have been thinking a lot of Jason the last few days. Doesn’t look like anyone has posted on here in forever but I hope she and the rest of her family are doing as well as they can be considering everything they have been through.

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