Haleigh Anne-Marie Cummings, 5, missing from Putnam County Florida. Dad’s Girlfriend Misty Requestioned. Mom Bolts after DNA Request.

Posted by BOC Staff | Haleigh Cummings,Missing Persons | Friday 27 February 2009 11:34 am

For the sixth time, the girlfriend of Haleigh Cummings father, Misty Croslin, was picked up and escorted to the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office for another Interview yesterday. A source inside the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed she was there in excess of three hours; without any comment from PCPD. For the record, I challenge anyone to find a case where a person has been interviewed this many times in a missing person’s case with no complicity of any kind; real or imagined.

Going To The Dogs

The search for Haleigh has taken a tighter perimeter. Based on my experience, this is very unusual for an ongoing investigation almost 2.5 weeks old. In an attempt to fly under- the- radar, and spotted prior to 9am yesterday morning; 7 cadaver dogs were brought to the scene of Haleigh’ home in Satsuma. I do not claim ANY direct experience to be a canine handler, but I have had the experience of working with them in searches. It is astounding and humbling for the novice. Truly.

What am I getting at? Putnam County, FL does not have that many k-9′s at their disposal.  There has to be a substantative reason this many cadaver dogs were brought in simultaneously. The majority of their efforts yesterday were focused on Haleigh’s neighborhood and immediately surrounding areas.

Later in the afternoon a .2 mi perimeter was cordoned off around a dumpster of interest when three of the dogs hit on an item that had been removed. While I was in Orlando recently on the Caylee Anthony case, I spent the day with a much respected Canine team from South Carolina.  In their opinion, in public dumpsters there is a high degree of “hits” from cadaver dogs; 4 out of 5 to be specific, for a variety of reasons. I have been able to confirm from someone on site yesterday there had been a few items of interest found that were tested as to whether or not they might be related to Haleigh’s disappearance and necessitated the immediate request for her mother, Crystal Sheffield’s DNA.  Those items of interest have since been excluded and the dumpster search did not yield any evidence related to Haleigh’s case 17 days following her disappearance. Investigators and k9 teams are back on scene this morning.

Mom Bounces

It was reported on HLN yesterday that when approached, Crystal Sheffield would not agree to a DNA sample from the PCSO and left the scene. Detectives assumed that she was headed to her physician to accommodate the request, however, when detectives arrived to retrieve a sample she was nowhere to be found. After several hours passed and many attempts to reach here were unsuccessful; blog rumors abounded containing every conceivable scenario. In my opinion, Ms. Sheffield, who has a well documented history of drug usage and abuse, was very concerned about what the retrieval of a DNA sample would yield in that regard and simply wanted assurances that drug testing was not involved.  Ms. Sheffield has since made arrangements to provide her DNA sample to detectives voluntarily.

Reward Increase

The reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction for person(s) involved in Haleigh’s disappearance increased to $25,500 today.

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  1. surfing2day says:

    Duh…I never thought drugs being a reason for Crystal’s hesitance to have the DNA testing done. Good point!

  2. Blink says:

    Did y’all see Whorealdo last eve?
    Brother Craig on the floor interviewing toddler “Bubba” who did not string two words together at age 4, but supposedly he implicates a man dressed in black with squeaky shoes- I dont buy it.


  3. Pam says:

    The Orlando Sentinel posted a correction on the little brothers age to say that he is 3 yrs. old? Never heard that anywhere else, but I will tell you my opinion. As a mother of 5 and grandmother of 3, there is no way a 3-4 yr. old is going to articulate a man dressed in black with squeaky shoes!! If he is this articulate, I can guarantee you, this toddler would have been talking a blue-streak that very next morning. Can’t sell me on this one. I have been bothered by the train tracks though and wondering if anyone has bothered to find out the train schedule. Watching many of the nightly interviews, at certain times the whistle-blowing of the train has been so loud that one cannot hear the person interviewed near the trailor. Here is a statement regarding the canine search early on:

    “A canine officer followed a track that lead directly out the back door of the home and down a wooded path.
    Deputies found what appeared to be a small footprint in the dirt, but noted Haleigh’s shoes were still inside her home.
    The tracking dog led deputies to a pond and back to Green Drive, Haleigh’s street. Deputies looked inside a small building with a door that had been left open. Nothing was inside.
    The track continued north past Haleigh’s home down Monroe Avenue and onto Buchan Circle, which looped back to Monroe Avenue. The canine officer continued to track down Buffalo Bluff Road but lost the track at the railroad crossing.”

    I have two concerns:
    1) If the train whistle was blowing during an abduction, I can guarantee that nobody would have heard anything within that trailor.
    2) It does bother me though that the “track” was lost at the railroad crossing. Not familiar with this area in Florida, but is there a street on the otherside of the track (“crossing”) where the canine’s lost the scent? Meaning….was there a car waiting there to take this child?

  4. Kimm says:

    This whole story just doesn’t sit right with me..Maybe if the cops let some of the info out they could be closer to finding haleigh? My opionion is if they think someone has her in another state they could put a special request for people in that state or town just like on america’s most wanted does. I just don’t have a good feeling about this case. I don’t feel she is dead but i feel she is right under their noses with a pervert and needs help now

  5. Blink says:

    I agree, this child did not appear to me to be 4, but he had a birthday on February 15th, that is for sure, so he is either newly 3 or newly 4. Either way I agree he said no such thing.

    I think Kimm there is so much crap to sift through with this family LE does not even know where to start. In the meantime, there is a 5 year old girl paying the price for their negligence and it breaks my heart.


  6. starr says:

    still think its very suspicious about the timing of the childs disappearance and the custody issues, all within about ten days of each other. Also the mother has said the father was abusive to the child.

  7. starr says:

    The door is a mystery also. Who would prop open a back door? Someone who did not have a key to get back in, after they left from inside the house. It seems like someone was sneaking out of the house, but planning to come back in. Could Misty have left the door open or forgot to lock it and the child wandered out. Does Misty have a key?

  8. Ann says:

    could the “suspect” have intended to quickly return for the second child but couldn’t or the babysitter woke up and changed “his/her” plans?

  9. Delanie says:

    It sounds like revenge to me! I find it strange when the dad was asked if he had any enemys, he said no however with him being a drug informent we all know he does! This case just getts more and more outragous.Someone had been watching for the perfect time to take that baby!I strongly believe Misty stepped out that night and with a person waiting and watching for the perfect time went through the back door that Misty left open so that she could get back in, the vengfull jerk went in and took Haleigh!!! I think that if the police went over who Ronald rolled on they would have a hit!That poor child cought up in drug mess I just know it!!!!

  10. Gigi says:

    Ann, I am with you on thinking that the abductor may have originally intended to return and take the little boy! I also agree that Misty was probably out and planning on getting home just in time to beat Ronald’s return from work. She may have thwarted the abductor by coming home when she did. I would bet that Misty has gone out many times before and this time Haleigh is suffering the cost. I remember reading on a blog somewhere that Misty was having an affair with Ronald’s uncle and that she is an alcoholic. Anyone else read that or know about that??

  11. Tan says:

    I was surprised that they had the little boy on Geraldo but yet they are requesting media to blur out his face from videos/pics for his safety. That does not make any sense at all. Also when they said they were very concerned for the little boys safety made me think that this is some sort of retaliation against the dad. I may be wrong but I don’t recall other parents of abducted children fearing that the siblings will be targeted. What I am most curious about is the telephone records, from the cell phone AND the house phone. I also wonder if the bloodhound picked up Mistys scent as well due to the report showing that they specifically questioned her about going for walks with Haleigh. Have any of you ever planned to meet someone then go there and they are not there…then you call them and they say they changed their mind and want to meet elsewhere?…Maybe Misty (or abductor) walked the little girl to the pond where she was to hand her off to someone…no one there …change of plans…walk to different location and hand off there. I think this is possible because the way the scent trail leads in different direction makes no sense. I pray for Haleigh every night and hope she will be taken back home soon.

  12. Delanie says:

    I cant leave this case alone! I cant believe Haleigh has not been found yet! The dad knows who his enemys are.This was and is revenge for somthing!

  13. Midgie says:

    Has anyone ruled out the possibility that she was hit by the train? I have seen children walk right up to a moving train and think nothing of it. Is there a way to check the trains for her DNA on them? Has anyone checked the tracks for DNA?

  14. Robin D. says:

    This case is yet another bizarre case currently being scrutinized by the media. I enjoy reading what the blogs say because in this country we have alot of smart arm chair detectives.
    On the girlfriend now wife, Misty G. this girl has obviously had some serious brain damage due to habitual drug use. She and the father both looked MESSED UP for days after the girl went missing. Misty reminds me of someone who has done drugs for a very long time including alcohol use. She is scatter brained. I don’t know what to make of this case. I have another person following the case with me and she believes Misty is a serious drug user. (smokes pot, takes pills etc.,) Misty could have some brain damage from using X AND alot of X @ that. It causes holes in your brain. Misty is going to make Ronald a very good stepford wife (not having a voice or knowing how to voice her ideas, thoughts LMO). However a little voice inside of me is saying, Something is very fishy…maybe they accidentally killed this child and hid the body? maybe they sold the child for drug $ (drug addicts do some CRAZY stuff) The cops really believe Misty knows more than she is telling but due to her continual inability to speak clearly now I don’t think she will remember what it is that she is being asked (even moments after she’s asked) she has this kind of DUH look on her face, can I say STUPID?…That IS of a serious drug addict. I feel so sorry for this poor child..and I feel even more sorry for those who loved her dearly. I can barely watch her grandmother on tv she is sobbing and crying uncontrolable 24-7. So sad..please keep your children locked up and safe there are MONSTERS out there just watching and waiting to take your children!

  15. heather says:

    Just wanted to say that the reason Misty may not have reported little Haleigh missing(presuming she is innocent of any wrongdoing) could be her fear of Ronald Cummings. His ex wife Crystal is reporting abuse against her in their relationship by Ronald and there are now photos that show some child abuse may have occurred by Ronald against the children. Again these allegations have not been proven but if someone came into the home and abducted little Haleigh and Misty woke up and panicked because the little girl was gone and the door wide open, she may have been searching frantically to find little Haleigh before Ronald got home. If he was abusive to her as well, she may very well have had good reason to fear his retaliation against her for his daughter going missing and has he put it, losing his little girl. Just a random though I was having.

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