Casey Anthony Case: Baez Motion Hearing Results. New Lawyer on the Case

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Casey Anthony 030209

George and Cindy Anthony, seated next to their attorney, Brad Conway, were present to support their daughter, Casey Anthony.

Jose Baez first introduced a new attorney to the defense team: Todd Macaluso. According to Baez, their is a forthcoming motion to introduce him to the docket officially. Therefore, Judge Strickland indicated he did not expect counsel to speak before him in this hearing. Macaluso is a high-profile class action and personal injury attorney with offices in Carlsbad, CA. It is unclear at this point in what capacity he will support the defense team.

Judge Strickland consolidated the issue perfectly:

“I guess your asking me to find a way to not make news out of news” 

Baez spent a considerable amount of time arguing the difference of private images and their lack of probative value to the case. Specifically, he gave the analogy that if the state photographed Casey’s underwear drawer, it does not mean that the media has a right to it.

(author’s note: I am willing to bet a photo of an empty drawer would be of zero interest to the media or anyone else.)

Photobucket Pictures Issues

Assistant State’s Attorney Bose was reticent to allow Judge Strickland to form his opinion without much input from the State. However, he did take the opportunity to remind his Honor that the State did argue previously some restrictions on release of information to the media, to which Jose Baez objected.

An attorney for the Orlando Sentinel requested to be heard on the matter. She asked Judge to deny the motion based on the fact that the Orlando Sentinel has a bulk of photo bucket images that were and are in the public domain. She argued that just because the Sentinel has not published them, does not indicate that they do not have them already. As recently as 20 minutes prior to the hearing she pointed out they were still residing in a public photo bucket account. Judge Strickland is considering the motion currently. 

Video of Casey in Infirmary

Baez argued that it was an invasion of privacy, and should not be released. The state argued that it is not a HIPA violation, and that they offered to allow Baez to review the video prior to the release but that he refused due to the fact it then becomes subject to public information requests immediately upon viewing. Judge Strickland was inclined to grant the stay motion on it’s release until the state reminded the court that if he views the tape at all, it is subject to same laws. Robert Guthrie, counsel to the Orange County Jail, argued that the video cameras in the patient area were installed following a patient receiving very bad news; in an effort to document any inappropiate reactions that might put the staff at risk. They were NOT installed for Casey Anthony.   Baez argued for a 20 day window to review the footage and file a motion to stay if appropriate. Judge Strickland temporarily stayed the order for now.

Court Date Set

Tentative court date in the criminal trial of Casey Anthony for the murder of her daughter, Caylee Anthony, is set for October 12, 2009


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  1. Scoop says:

    Again, great job, Blink ;)

    IMO they’re going to have a hard time keeping the infirmary video out of court; but I’m a bit concerned about the club video. It may be too prejudicial… although one could argue that it speaks volumes about her lack of concern for her missing daughter. Obviously, she felt free to live it up because she knew EXACTLY where Caylee was located.

    Again, sad set of affairs.

  2. Gigi says:

    I wonder why Casey wanted to post provocative pictures of herself online? She has some serious mental issues about self-esteem and self-worth. Besides being a pathological liar, she also craves constant attention. I guess they go hand in hand. Has everyone begun to forget about the darling baby girl that was murdered????

  3. Greg says:

    Todd Macaluso will take over the Zenida Gonzales lawsuit?

  4. Blink says:

    I dont believe so. If that were the case, there would be no reason for him to appear at the criminal trial, or enter his appearance at same. I believe he is asissting counsel in the criminal case; although admittedly I am lost as to why. Yes he does high profile, but in general no criminal representation.

  5. Omachka says:

    I think they need Todd Macaluso in case this case becomes a train wreck with Baez at the helm.

    Also, I heard on the 11 pm news that these photos will be released but no ruling yet on the video.

  6. judith sisk says:

    Notice how casey’s atty stares at her rearend!
    Reminds me of the monica lewensky (sp) staring at bill c.
    get real!!!

  7. Lovejac says:

    Judith, It’s kind of hard to not stare at her rear-end. It seems to have taken on a life of it’s own!

    Blink, my favorite part of the hearing was the obvious “diss” of George and Cindy. Only after a whispered exchange with Jose, did she manage to muster up an swkward smile.

    It was interesting to see George wearing his “Caylee button” and Cindy, well she was wearing the “shamrock button” speculated to be for Casey. Wonder what button Lee would have worn, had he been there for his C.M.A? I think we probably already know that answer!

    Thank you for another great article!

  8. Blink says:

    Lol, one of the things I like to do when watching these hearings is to watch it with the sound off- I see more and learn more that way.

    I found the whole exchange between Casey’s awkward smile to the parents, followed by their awkward words with Baez, telling.

    I agree on the Shamrock representing support of Casey, Lovejac, but I suspect it may also represent something else I am hearing..

    Article on that soon..

    Great thoughts, all. Looking forward to learning more about the Macaluso development. Wonder if Team Casey is losing a previous member?

  9. Gigi says:

    The shamrock is for Casey; her birthday is around St. Patrick’s Day. I cannot believe they are showing such strong support for the person who murdered their granddaughter. I noticed that Casey didn’t have particular excitement at seeing her parents in court.

  10. ~Michelle says:

    Enjoy your site immensely! Thanks for all the informative posts.
    I have a disturbing question:
    If Macaluso can present a “death by accident” case which presents reasonable doubt, are the jurors legally bound to aquit? (God forbid)
    Keep up the great work!

  11. ~Michelle says:

    Hi again,
    I forgot to speak about the Caylee jewelry. It has been post elsewhere that Lee kissing his wrist (bracelet), George’s bracelet and Cindy’s necklace are all jewelry that is made with Caylee’s cremated remains. Could this also be the meaning behind the shamrock pin and the teddy bear seen at the memorial?
    Thanks again for all the great work.

  12. noonie says:

    Who know’s were all the ashes went. In jewelry and possibly in furniture in the home. How predictable, but yet very strange. Cindy has a strange mind set, and since she rules the roost, who knows. All I know is I wanna find the dad. I doubt he is dead like they claimed. I think he is close by. Let’s find out. I will help. People, instead of dwelling on something you can’t change, let’s try a different thing. Let’s look for the dad. I saw on photo bucket it may be j.p.chatt Find the photos. What do you all think. Let’s look into something altogether pecular. Check it out. .

  13. noonie says:

    P.S. Casey dislikes her mom. Why? That is why the dad is so important in this! Cindy wanted no outside person coming in to take charge of Caylee. Right!!!!!!

  14. noonie says:

    Not that this can solve the case, but something really stinks on their part. Didyou see how they have deterioated since this whole thing started? Wow!!!!!! Look a pics from when caylee was an infant. Look now! Whew. The family is hiding a major blow to this. But why? Lee has bags under the eyes as well as casey now. It is all secrets. One major one is who is the father of this beautiful child who had another side to her life-line. There is another set of grandparents here, weather they realize it or not, they have a say in all of this. I hope the truth comes out. Wonders never cease. Keep on investigating. Let me help. Heck, I am unemployed right now. I need the work! Keep me in your thoughts. Night All . Amen

  15. Gigi says:

    noonie: so sorry to hear y ou are unemployed. i think George is Caylee’s father. what do you think??

  16. Annette says:

    If you look at the photobucket pics, there is one of Casey that clearly shows a lower back tattoo of a green shamrock.

  17. R.L. Haley says:

    That new lawyer makes me nervous I have this horrible feeling she will get off…a verdict in 2010,just after her 23 rd birthday,laugh if you will but it was in a dream I had,sorry on the T.V. in the dream I had. Im sure it was just a nightmare…right?

  18. Snowy says:

    Did anyone find it interesting when the prosecution stood to remind the judge that they were the ones who requested a gag order early on and it was Baez who argued for the release of all the documents? Did he shoot himself in the foot on that one? Or is it a clever strategy to let the public know that the prosecution has no real evidence (DNA, fingerprints etc..)? Makes it seem like all his complaining about these releases is all smoke and mirrors.

  19. phen-fen says:

    I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

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