Nicole Ganguzza Murder : Break in the Case Former Orange County Employee Questioned *Evidence Seized*

Posted by BOC Staff | Murdered,Nicole Ganguzza | Wednesday 4 March 2009 7:36 pm

Bruce Trebian, resident of Colonial Hills Mobile Home Park, Orange County, is one of three persons currently being questioned today in connection with the rape and murder of UCF Grad student Nicole Ganguzza. Although WFTV had been reporting the subjects name as Michael Bruce Trebian, sources inside the OCSO have confirmed to Blink on Crime that is incorrect,  and has since been corrected on their site.

Mr. Trebian of 8807 Bexhill Boulevard was a county employee from October 2006 until July 2008, one month after the Ganguzza murder. As a county employee with access to the trail, it was announced that he would be required to provide a DNA sample, but failed to show up that day for work. He did however eventually provide a swab to detectives and subsequently resigned from his position with a satisfactory work record.  In an unusually long resignation letter, Trebian complained of the park and trail being very slow.


It does not appear that Bruce Trebian has a criminal record in Florida, although currently there are 2 civil action cases pending against Mr. Trebian. They can be found here and here. Take note of the judge assigned to the second case; His honor Stan Strickland. Trebian’s Father is in Law Enforcement, assigned as a court officer in Michigan.

Property Records indicate that Trebian owns property in Hernando County, Florida in a living trust arrangement with his mother.

Possible Running Connection

According to both neighbor accounts and sources close to the case, Trebian was an avid runner and could be found running or biking on the trail which ran behind his home to Blanchard Park. Additionally, as far back as 2002, he competed in and placed respectfully in at least 2 Triathlete competitions in Central Florida.

Unconfirmed: Possible Sketch Match 

I received a comment to my first article on this piece today, which contained a name of a relative to Trebian and allegation of a man the poster said stayed in the home of Bruce Trebian and is named in the sealed warrant. They went on to say that the attempted rape sketch produced from the witness that occurred on July 8 matches the description of the alleged relative and house guest. If this is correct, this individual has a violent criminal history. Because I cannot confirm this information, I am withholding it until the warrant is made public and it corroborates the post. The image on the left is the alleged family member, the image on the right is the sketch of the suspect in the attempted rape.  



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  2. mamacrazy30 says:

    is the killer Caylee’s father??? yeah, it sounds really out of bounds but i’ve also heard rumors of Lee Anthony hangin’ out with Trenton Ducketts father. Phone at Blanchard park? County empolyee??? AGAIN?
    Sorry…i just want all of this wraped up in nice and tidy. you cannot read the civil cases anymore as they have now been taken off the net…july 2008??? that date rings a bell….
    sorry Blink…just my crazy mind.

  3. mamacrazy30 says:

    anyone remember the Zenadia Golenzes whos office was broken into and her computer stolen??

    casey anthony may be spoiled and a murderer, but how much coHinky-dink can one person get? maybe the reason the dp was put back on the table has nothing to do with the discovery-scene evidence and Maybe something bigger?? maybe just crazythinkin’.

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