Casey Anthony Case Totmom Boyfriend Lazzaro undercover in Sting *Latest Discovery Released*

Posted by BOC Staff | Casey Anthony,Caylee Anthony Case,Jose Baez | Thursday 5 March 2009 11:57 am

Orlando, Fl-Discovery documents show that Casey Anthony’s boyfriend, Anthony Lazzaro, went undercover for the Orange County Sheriff’s Office early on during the investigation. Documents show that TonE Lazzaro was fitted with audio and video surveillance on his person and in his vehicle before he met with Lee Anthony on July 29.

 More than 1,000 pages of legal documents have been released this morning by the State Attorney’s Office as part of its case against Casey Anthony.

The documents look to contain mostly phone logs, photos and the statement of Jim Hoover, former Anthony Private Detective.

Brief Summary So Far

  1. Lazzaro in sting against Lee Anthony in his car outside of a Subway in July. Lee says Casey never said name Zenaida, but thinks he recalled her visiting the Hope Springs address previously.
  2. Jim Hoover confirms they were in the location of Caylee’s remains digging on their hands and knees while the Anthony’s were digging at the Ritz Carlton, courtesy of ABC. He went on to say that he felt it would be questionable they would stay together as each blames the other for “throwing Casey under the bus”
  3. OCSO followed up on every Zenaida they could locate, and ran down tips that Casey was involved with prostitution.

The Yak Factor

Hoover appeared to spare no details, lurid or other into the relationship between Casey Anthony and her attorney, Jose Baez.  The most interesting declaration was Hoover’s account of an alleged jail incident involving red licorice, Baez and his client, Casey Anthony, as told to him by Dominic Casey.

“He [Baez] started eating on one side and you know, she [Anthony] was eating the other side so it looked like they were kissing through the glass or something,” Hoover told investigators. “Yeah, kind of like spaghetti thing.”

Hoover went on to say that if he were George Anthony, he would have been very concerned about a meeting that occurred in Brad Conway’s office where Cindy Anthony and Dominick Casey were holding hands and caressing each other’s arms.

(editor’s note: Apologies for posting at lunchtime)

Download Docs Here

Hoover Transcript

Roy Kronk Interview

Tony Lazzaro Transcript

Casey Anthony Transcript

Casey Photo Images

Jerrold White Interview 

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  1. Annals says:

    ‘sOK, Blink, I have a cast iron stomache and enjoyed my lunch. Looking forward to hearing you on Dana Pretzer’s show tonight. Thanks for the docs.

  2. lee says:

    I want to know more about the person that was digging for Caylee’s remains? What is the theory behing that? Did someone tip off the Anthony’s as to were Caylee was?

  3. Gabrielle Hearld says:

    Well Miss Blink, you hit the nail on the head again.

    Love this story and your writing.

    Question: Has anyone ever considered why Casey wasn’t living with Lee at his rental? I have often thought about that. There must have been three bedrooms in the house..he and 2 other guys leased the of the other guys backed out. She and Caylee could have shared a room.. So my question..she and Lee are close..both seem to be in the same think tank about the parents..if this was just about getting out of the house..away from CA and GA ..why didn’t she just move in with Lee..get a part time job and be done with would have been easier then all the lying, putting up with her parents questions, etc?



  4. Blink says:

    lee- I believe that is exactly what happened- they were tipped off.

    Im going to be honest, I am having a hard time even thinking about writing on this last round- it makes me ill, like Im watching some sort of mutant antfarm grow before my eyes.

    Gypsy! BFF- love to you and team et al. I surmise she did not live with Lee because it did not come with the built in babysitters and caregivers to allow her to neglect her child..

    That or she felt his enormous white knee socks would take up all the room in the washer..


  5. Annals says:

    Blink; it was good to hear you on Dana’s show; I only wish it could have been longer.

    I can sympathise with you about writing an article on the contents of this document release because so much of it is salacious.

    What I take from this relaese is a renewed curiousity about the timeline of Caylee’s murder and the placement of her body in the woods.

    In the police interview of Anthony Lazarro they spend a lot of time talking to him about June 23 when he picked-up Casey in the neighborhood of her parents house when she ran out of gas. Tony did not smell anything bad when he approached the car and while Casey was filling the gas tank with George’s lawn mower gas. Just as George said he did not smell anything bad the next day when he nailed Casey with his stolen gas cans in her trunk.

    What do you make of that in respect to the day of the murder, when Caylee’s decomposing body was in Casey’s trunk and when she dumped Caylee’s body in the woods?

  6. Blink says:

    Annals- I am not sure I understand your question, please rephrase.


  7. Annals says:

    Sorry Blink. This is my quandry; Casey’s car trunk did not have a strong bad smell on June 23 (according to Anthony Lazarro) nor on June 24 (according to George Anthony). When was Caylee’s decomposing body in the trunk of Casey’s car?

  8. Sister says:

    what happened or who is the Heather that Lee spoke of in his 7/29 depo that knew so much about where CMA worked, etc. Have seen to interviews of her released.

  9. Sister says:

    not seen her on interviews or ever mentioned again. Is LE holding this back you suppose?

  10. mamacrazy30 says:

    Annals–i get what your getten’ at, on the other hand do the Anthonys have a deep freeze? Let’s remember the cadaver dogs hitting on the back yard. And let’s remember that Caylee (oh god help me) was in a pretty good state of decomposition while in the trunk of Casey’s car. This doesn’t have to mean that she drove around with a body in her trunk for that long of a time. Casey (just a theory mind you, and not of motive) killed Caylee, buried her in the yard, dug her up later (at her leisure mind you) and put her in the trunk to dump her. (the back yard would be one of the first places for le to look) Depending on the condition of the body at the time it was placed in the trunk could have led to the smell, fluid, etc.. even during a very short time. even hours. let think outside the box. we all know that Caylee wasn’t murdered where she was found. we all know that decomp was in the trunk, and we all know that cadaver dogs hit in the back yard. we now know that for a while casey’s car didn’t stink. maybe that was before she dug up her daughter and decided to move her to where she (Caylee) was eventually found. she had 31 days. as sick as digging up your dead kid sounds, so does driving around with her dead body in your trunk for days as well. she could have been in the back yard for quite some time. yuck……

  11. DianeB says:

    Hey, Blink – The mental image of Dominic Casey and Cindy Anthony caressing each others’ arms is outweighed only by the thought of Jose Baez and Casey Anthony sucking on a single piece of licorice.

    I never thought I’d say ‘TMI’ about anything in this case, but I’m reconsidering my position.

  12. Kleat says:

    The “Kissing Skeleton’s” image ‘Escheresque’ (forgive the terminology here) with the two skulls of the skeletons posed to form a perfect ‘HEART’ shape. Again, the resurfacing ‘heart’ image in Casey’s collections of things. Haven’t yet seen anyone mention this version of a heart icon.

  13. Kleat says:

    And if a transparent red overlay is put on the skeleton skull shapes in the ‘kiss’, compare this to the little red heart added to the black and white Caylee ‘dreamy’ photo (orlando sentinal, photo 67 of 107) and compare the highlights of that red heart image to the ‘skull’. Not exact, but on the left of both ‘heart’ images, and in the center at least, there is correlation between the two ‘hearts’. This heart on Caylee’s photo could be masking the ‘skull’ connection directly. That’s my take and too close for pure coincidence. Did Casey manipulate an image from the skeleton kiss and use it for the image she added to this Caylee photo?? One has to wonder.

  14. Annals says:

    Mammacrazy; thanks for your response. As far as Casey burying Caylee, that scenario works as far as almost everything goes. It could be covered by the new pavers and moved Rhododendron. It explains the cadaver dogs hitting in the back yard. BUT I cannot imagine Casey doing that much work, no matter what.

    Digging a hole big enough, even for a child as small as Caylee, is a lot of work, even in FL sand. Just busting through the St Augustine grass the Anthonys have is a project. And if you do that and dig wide and deep enough “to cover”, then you have extra soil in need of disposal and an obviously dug up area.

    I couldn’t do that in an hour and I am a very experienced old gardner who likes to dig big projects. And I could not adequitely disguise the disturbed area no matter my skill at peeling sod and packing & leveling soil.

    Cindy showed a little 4×6″ area of disturbed sod to LE on July 17 when they had the cadaver dogs there. I think that was Casey’s aborted attempt to dig in the yard. One shovel edge into the sod and she knew that she wasn’t gunna hide the kid that way. And she probably did have Caylee back in the yard at that time, which may have left enough scent for the dogs to detect.

    I like your chest freezer idea. I’ve imagined that too. And I think about putting Caylee somewhere else. What if Dominic Casey was tipped about the whereabouts of Caylee through the “daisy chain”, that Leonard Padilla mentioned, instead of the psychic. He was directed to go to that abandoned house (which is not adjacant to the woods) and was digging near that house. Was that vacant house known to Casey? Not as a burying place, but as a temporary stashing place?

    Mama, I do think the body must have been stashed somewhere before transfer to the woods.

  15. Gigi says:

    kleat: i think you are right! i can only hope that LE is smart enuf to figure this out or that they are checking the blogs for leads!

  16. Kleat says:

    It could be, Gigi, and I went through that photo set again and there is another black and white converted photo of Caylee, the color version has no heart, the black and white version does. And the heart is identical, except the highlight areas are ‘black’ instead of white. And this one looks even closer to the skeleton skulls heart. Maybe these black and white conversions of the two Caylee photos were converted to black and white after she died, there are no dates of posting on the photo set at orlandosentinal. The heart is shaped more like the heart icon on the bottom part, and that fits exactly with the under jaw line of that skeleton ‘kiss’. And this all relates to the idea of a heart ‘kiss’ for Caylee after death.

  17. Snowy says:

    Annals – I am thinking that maybe LE doesn’t believe George about that day (Casey & the gas cans on the 24th) as they don’t seem to believe him about the 16th (seeing both Casey & Caylee leaving the house). And as for Lazarro – why do we find him so trustworthy? For a live-in boyfriend he sure threw Casey under the bus real quick. Not once has he defended her ‘honor.’ And the wire? I wonder what LE had on him to get him to do that. Documents suggest he was possible involved with drugs.

  18. Ronda says:

    I think Casey was looking for a “babysitter” with the chloroform, which she probably used several times on Caylee, but this time it was fatal. I think she panicked and that’s when she was making the flurry of calls to her mom and dad. She hid her in the backyard until she could figure out what to do and when she went back to get Caylee, she had decomposition coming from the mouth. That is why she placed duct tape over her mouth with the heart sticker, so no more would leak out. She then placed her in the truck and took her to the woods by her house.

  19. Gigi says:

    It is my understanding that Casey had not been “dating” lazarro for very long so he probably didn’t have a deep seated attachment to her. perhaps he has a heart and is disgusted that casey could murder her child. in any event, i am glad that people have stepped forward and are not participating in the great cover-up and excuses her family continue to believe. i think casey’s friends know the real casey and are going to be cooperative with LE. afterall, casey stole from most of her friends and lied to them all the time. who wants to remain loyal to someone like that?

  20. Annals says:

    Snowy; I agree with you about George; anything he says might be suspect. That’s why I found Tony Lazarro’s testamony that he did not smell anything bad about the car on June 23 to be important corroboration.

    And yes, I do find Lazarro trustworthy. At the time that he learned that Caylee was missing, he had known Casey for less than 2 months. He had been sleeping with her for 5 weeks. Casey had told him dozens of lies about where her child had been the past month. And at the same time he learned that she had just stolen hundreds of dollars from her good friend who had loaned Casey her car. His reaction was that he had been sleeping with a sociopath. What can I say, guys WILL sleep with sexy girls. And when Sexy is Crazy the trouble starts quickly.

    Lazarro didn’t throw Casey under the bus, she pulled the bus in on top of herself. What honor of Casey’s was he supposed to defend? In his position, I’d cooperate with the police in a heartbeat, drugs or not. And for that matter, fornication or not.

  21. Snowy says:

    Annal – I guess so early on in the case I would have expected him to at least say – Hey! Can somebody prove that?’ Given the evidence thus far I do believe that Casey is involved in the death of her daughter, but lying and stealing does not necessarily make her a murderer. If I were put into her situation I would hope that I would receive the benefit of the doubt.

    And if we discredit George about the car smell that leaves us with only Amy and Lazarro. Casey sent Amy a text on June 27th about the dead squirrel smell in the car – the same day that Lazarro picks her up at Amscot and claims no smell at all. If we figure why would Casey lie about such a thing on that particular day and for Amy the text message proves Amy’s veracity – that leaves only Lazarro. So what is up with that smell Lazarro? Maybe he was ‘protecting’ Casey as George thought he was by claiming no smell on the 24th.

    And don’t get me started about that video with Casey and Lazarro renting movies. It seems to me they were walking in a more ‘comforting’ embrace (rather than sexual) and they BOTH agreed to rent those particular movies. I am betting LE offered him some kind of deal to wear that wire. If he is involved with the drug crowd the LAST thing he would want them to see is him wearing a wire for the cops. I just don’t think he would do it voluntarily.

  22. Annals says:

    On July 16 Lazarro learned that Caylee was missing becuase Casey said Caylee was missing. He learned from Amy that Casey had cleared out her account. But he knew that Amy’s checks were among Casey’s belongings, because at the time, he had those belongings at his apartment. He didn’t need to think Casey had murdered Caylee in order to believe, at that moment, that Casey is a dangerous person to associate with.

    Once George’s assertion that the car did not smell on June 24 is corroborated by Lazarro saying that the car did not smell on June 23, George is no longer discredited on that count.

    Lazarro was not near Casey’s car for long on June 27 at Amscot. She was out of the car with her things and ready to jump into Lazarro’s car. He did not get out of his car. I think he was not in a position to tell whether the car smelled during that moment.

    I don’t mean to say that Lazarro is a saint. I just think he’s probably a regular guy who was sleeping with a girl who he had affection for. He said so in his text message to her. “I was your boyfriend who cared for you and your daughter. And she was missing for a month and you did not tell me?”

    The child was missing and Casey had lied to him about her whereabouts for a month. Even giving Casey the benefit of the doubt does not preclude his complete cooperation with the police. Everyone was trying to find the kid, Lazarro included.

  23. Beth says:

    It makes sense that Lazzaro didn’t smell anything on the 27th becasue he didn’t even get out of the car when he picked her up. What doesn’t make sense is that Lazzaro or George didn’t smell anything on the 23rd (when Lazzaro picked her up the first time she ran out of gas) or the 24th (gas can incident). Why was there no smell yet? I could be wrong but I don’t even think it really started to smell until it had been at the tow yard for some time before the people who worked there began to notice it.

  24. Gigi says:

    it is a shame that casey did not believe her boyfriend cared for caylee. there has been some speculation that she killed caylee because lazarro had grown up with sisters and only wanted male children, were he to be a father. it seems to me that casey was frantically searching for a permanent man in her life. it also appears that most of her boyfriends knew about caylee and were accepting of her. where did casey get the idea that she couldn’t have a free life unless she murdered her child. obviously, george and cindy wanted caylee. i believe, had casey been honest with them about her feelings for caylee and how badly she wanted to start her life over, they would have adopted her. it is so sad reviewing all this in hindsight. i feel so sad for caylee. casey should get the death penalty for her actions. if lazarro can help in that accomplishment, more power to him.

  25. new says:

    When your filling your tank with a gas can you spill gas. The smell of gas is overwhelming especially on a hot day. Tony describes a very hot day when they stole the gas cans. I am sure it would camouflage any other smell. One drop of gasoline on your clothing overwhelms everything. Casey would not allow Tony to fill the car he was standing far enough away that all he smelled was gas. He couldn’t even see the inside of the trunk when she opened it. Only a corner from where he was standing. Georges description is vague about his position from the car when Casey threw the gas cans at him and said here are your fux0ing cans. I think the shock of his daughter throwing the cans at him and her statement may have put him at a loss as to what he actually smelled or saw. The DEA was involved according to the docs when Tony wore the wire. Perhaps a plea bargain with Tony for this taped interview with Lee. Amy verified Casey’s increase pot use since new friends. I want to know what happen on the evening of the 15th of June. George was supposedly at work? Cindy confronted Casey with the stolen money from Nursing home account. Argument heard by the neighbors. Say Cindy was choking Casey. Threatening her life? If someone was choking me me I would definitely feel threatened. Cindy’s temper example given by Hoover about her beating the cross with a baseball bat and swearing. I feel that this new lawyer will throw Cindy under the bus for the defense. Example. Accident happen Casey so afraid of Mother she could not tell anyone feared for her life. Made up lies cause that is what her mother wanted to hear. Will say she asked for help in 2007 said she wanted to be hospitalized to her friends. Mother talked her out of getting help. Think Cindy will be portrayed by defense as a verbal and physically abusive Mother. Casey being the victim of low self esteem and poor judgement secondary to years of verbal abuse. Accidental death will allow Casey to profit from any book or film contracts. Now I do not believe it was an accident. But the defense could very easily use abuse as a defense.

  26. Snowy says:

    Oh, my gosh! – Yes that information about Cindy’s temper was certainly interesting. And accidental death would certainly be lucrative for everybody involved – defense and the family. Maybe this is why the family did a turn around from implicating Casey to helping her get off – Casey (and Baez) make a deal($$) with them. I am curious and hopeful that on Thursday Baez wll have to reveal all deals (and steals). :-)

    And I dunno Annals – comment by New is saying Lazarro was with Casey when she stole those gas cans – so he did know she was no angel and neither was he. And lets throw into the pot the remarks about only wanting sons and threatening Casey (just to ‘tease’) about not coming home to her from New York – doesn’t seem as if he has ever had Casey’s best interests (or Caylee’s) at heart. Considering all that – that text message about ‘I was your boyfriend who cared for you and your daughter’ sounds a little out of character. Maybe just some guilt? Or maybe an attempt to cover his own a**.

    Did Lazarro actually say he didn’t get out of the car? I don’t really remember that but even so – out of gas within 250 yards of a gas station and they BOTH decide to just leave the car? Hmmmm….maybe they were both broke. Or…maybe it’s in his character not to spring for a little gas and hers not to ask? Anyway that car stunk on the 27th and he claims not to know a thing about it on that day or for any of the previous days. I guess from the 15th to the 27th of June he never got within stink distance of his live-in girlfriend’s car. Hmmm…

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