New Motion to Compel Filed in Casey Anthony Civil Case: Lawyers for Zenaida Gonzalez want another crack at Lee Anthony

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Uh-oh. John Morgan, attorney for Zenaida Gonzalez in her civil defamation suit against Casey Anthony filed a motion to compel this afternoon.

Morgan and co-counsel Keith Mitnick want Lee Anthony to answer the two questions he was advised against answering during his February 27th deposition:

Do you know who Caylee’s Father Is?

Do you think your sister is responsible for her daughter’s disappearance?

Thanks to Good Ol’ YouTube, we already know that one of those questions he has the answer to, and moreover, he L I E D during his deposition.

“We will never release the name of that person who has passed away, whose family who had knowledge that he was even the Father..

“If I know she’s gotta know, she told me..” This is not new news to us, we have known for years..”

In his deposition testimony on February 27th, when asked by John Morgan if he thought Caylee’s father could have something to do with her disappearance, he answered “If I knew that door would have been knocked down a long time ago, You couldnt stop me from it..”

Lee’s Depostion can be found here: 

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  1. Kleat says:

    ‘you do the math’!! The Anthony’s math is strange! Casey said the father was killed in a vehicle (car/motorcycle?) accident, and one story was he was killed on his way to Caylee’s first birthday party (doesn’t fit with Lee’s math in this early interview date or anything else). So who was Caylee according to this man if what Lee says is true. Boggling. I think one ‘for sure’ thing, is that Cindy would NEVER share that baby with other grandparents or risk another parent having any say in the life of this baby. Cindy could have lost the baby to another parent had adoption been considered. And Lee’s response to Morgan seemed to be non-responsive, he never gave an answer, just said he’d have knocked that door down a long time ago, nicely implying an answer without being direct.

  2. Pam says:

    The next thing I am waiting for is for Casey to say that the real Zenaida was the mother of Jesus Ortiz (alleged biological/deceased father of Caylee)!!!! I believe Jesus’ mothers name was also Zenaida Fernandez Ortiz Gonzales…..though I have read and seen various spellings of her name. I know that some members of the Ortiz family were interviewed months ago and they claimed no knowledge of their son Jesus, paternity to Caylee…..but somebody better warn this lady!!!! I can’t get it out of my mind that the defense has been saying that it wasn’t the Zenaida Gonzales “in the picture”. While we all have our heads turned the other way (who’s paying for defense…wanting RM’s computer…what Lee is saying), I would not underestimate the fact that blaming Jesus’s mother as being the real “Gonzales”. Wouldn’t that just be the icing on the cake???!!!! AND….ABC/Disney SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES if, in fact, the money trail leads to them!! Thanks for this site…..

  3. Greg says:

    At this point Caylee’s biological father is just a sperm donor. Unless George Anthony is the father of Caylee? What bothers me is brother Lee has the same problem as Casey. The Anthony’s can not tell the truth! Its in their DNA. He has told some people he knew about Zenaida Gonzalez. Then on the depo “I know nothing”? If you tell the truth the lawyers can twist in the wind. Instead Lee joins sister Casey in the BS game.

  4. Scoop says:

    Hey, AMERICA!

    Welcome to Disney World,

    where we have children falling

    to predators on our Cruse Ship

    and adults financing the defense

    for Baby Killers!


    Justice for Caylee! ;)

  5. Blink says:

    #3 I don’t think that is an option, but I am on the record that I personally believe JO is Caylee’s bio-dad, moo.
    I dont think he knew prior to his death, but I pray like heck he is and his family seeks executorship of his estate. He seemed like a fine young man.


  6. chitown lady says:

    Is this whole family a bunch of pathlogical liars? I still do not understand how murdermom’s defense team plans on defending her…How do you defend a LIE..then yet another lie…Then a lieing brother, mother and maybe even the dad. If they suspect that this Jesus Ortiz is the “real” father, can the state lawyers do a DNA test on his parents to compare it with Caylee’s…..Have the checked into Jesus Ortiz and his family at all? Just curious if his moms names could be the same as the so called “DREADED NANNY”.There are so many unanswered questions . Is it proper to bring the bio-dad’s family into this mess if proven by DNA JO is the daddy? I can not believe that this screwed up family can not see past murder-mom. Why is the grandparents outcry for JUSTICE for their Caylee? Very strange..Its like she doesn’t exist to them…Only CASEY….And no I really do not believe that GEORGE is really Caylee’s father…That I am sure of . It would have already been leaked bigtime…..It is really important to find out who bio-dad was? Its just so sad to see them trying to sell CAYLEE off like she is reated for the market….The State really needs to try and step in a stop them using her for their commerical money…Its so so wrong.If this murder mom cannot afford her posse, then she needs to get a PUBLIC DEFENDER….STOP SELLING OFF YOUR KID….JUSTICE FOR CAYLEE…..

  7. NanaStacy says:

    The DNA test results confirmed Lee not dad AND there was a test run, Caylee is not Mexican or Black. So JO can’t be bio dad.

  8. Blink says:

    Why Nana? He is neither of those.


  9. Jamie says:

    Im not sure Blink is referring to J. Ortiz. Perhaps J. O’Barr?

  10. Pam says:

    Blink — you might know the answer to this….In the State of Florida, can the courts appoint a court-appointed Executor of the Estate on Caylee’s behalf if in fact, it is determined that her image is being sold for profit or to fund her mothers defense? Obviously Executor of the Person or an Attorney Ad Lidem (sp?) is out of the question since this precious child is deceased. But not sure what the law in Florida is regarding Executor of the Estate. With everyone requiring attorney’s and a very expensive legal team on the defense team… makes me SICK to think that ANY PHOTO/VIDEO of her is being sold as the result of her murder! If not for her very own murder, then there would be no sold images/pics/video/book deals/movie deals, etc. How absolutely disgusting to even think that anyone who has lied about this case could not only potentially profit from….but control those profits!!!!!!!

  11. Kleat says:

    If JO is the father, why would Cindy go on public record on Geraldo, Baez seated beside her, and say that the father’s name is ‘Eric’, that’s Eric with the forgotten last name (but Cindy said she would remember if someone said it to her). If a father was known to Cindy, that name would likely be attached to the health records/doctor’s records somehow, or the father’s known medical history at least, noted in Caylee’s private health file for future referral.

  12. Kleat says:

    Ok, I just read back a few posts, what does J.O. stand for? I thought Ortiz too, simply from a previous post.

  13. Blink says:

    Why? Because she knew by then if they did not provide the bio dad, in theory, if Caylee is found deceased, they cannot match a DNA sample 100%.
    aka: reasonable doubt. There is a blood sample available for JO, none for Eric. I am telling you that Cindy showed an inside source early on an article and obit with Jesus Ortiz name on it. Whether or not it is true, dunno. It is my opinion until it is proven or dispelled.

  14. Kleat says:

    Thanks, Blink! That is the best bio father argument yet. (when Cindy started to talk about ‘the father’ of the baby on Geraldo, Baez clapped his hand over his mouth as if to say don’t say it).

  15. Scoop says:

    I never thought there was any incest going on in this family, but so many people did that I didn’t want to argue. I think you’re right-on concerning Caylee’s biological father and his rights in this case.

    Blink, you and I think alike… it’s good to see someone else who’s on their toes. I kept wanting to post a song that’s sung by Elton John called ‘Levon’ ;)


  16. Scarrlett says:

    Hi Blink…IMO, Lee NEVER knew the truth of who Caylee’s dad was. No one does except maybe Casey and we all know if her lips are movin’; lies are spillin’ out. SO…Even IF Lee thinks he knows chances are, He does NOT! He only knows the lie Casey told him.

    I think we need to go back 9 months from Aug. 2005 and see whose pictures she was snapping. The closest pics I have seen are in 2006. Any monkey have any pics. further back??? Maybe these were some of the pics. she deleted..??
    And Good Lord, these party people were sure self-absorbed. I was a party girl back in the 70′s and 80′s and there was NO time for constant picture taking?? Way to busy having fun!! Thank God as they wouldn’t of been flattering either!! HeHe

  17. jnco124 says:

    Maybe the biological father was a teacher, friend’s dad, neighbor’s husband, or some other guy with a wife and kid. Those are just a few plausible reasons for the family not to want the truth out there. Maybe people are giving Casey too much credit, and she didn’t even know the truth herself. Therefore how could the family possibly know. If you’ll remember they didn’t even know who was babysitting the poor kid.

  18. lotusjani says:

    Oh, phooey! I don’t believe that Casey Anthony even knows who is Caylee’s father. Lee is not the dad, but the whole bunch are so sickening. During the funeral services stupid werewolf Lee kissing and whaling, ‘CMA, I love you, CMA, I will always be with you, CMA, CMA,” he looked so phony and stupid, Cindy is the Ma’Barker in that household, controlling and mean, have you ever seen her eyes during the interview with Zenaida’s attorneys?, Lucifer was looking at you right there, the hand holding and leg holding to her husband, like give him a little squeeze when George shouldn’t say this according to Cindy’s script. They are a bunch of misifts and no wonder Casey and Lee are so weird! Scary!Oh, Cindy, don’t you know manners? For your own self respect (which you apparently don’t have) don’t chew your damned gum during legal proceedings or in Court, old lady!

  19. susan says:

    wouldn’t you suppose that being fathers day, the mention ,the question,the discussion of caylee having a daddy to say hfday would come up,who did they tell caylee her daddy was since it is father’s day ,do you just ignore the concept of daddy if your a single mom?if it were jo ,would caylee and casey,acknowledge for fday.blink,once and for all has george been ruled out as father?and re # 14 what dna match wont be 100% the one to show the body is caylees or the one to match to match for paternity

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