Casey Anthony Case: “BOMBSHELL DEVELOPMENT” Baez Williams and George Anthony Meet at Scene Blink on Crime Interview with Keith Williams Part II

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Part I Can Be Found Here

Orlando, FL – Keith Williams, the “reporter” named in the August 18, 2008 Police Report as the finder of a Father’s Day balloon, bag full of stuffed animals and small girl’s clothing, including, a sandal, provides the latest bombshell development in the case against Casey Anthony.  In an exclusive interview to Blink On Crime, we may learn why Jose Baez deposed Officer Richard Cain, the responding officer to both Keith Williams and Roy Kronk calls for findings at the scene within twenty yards of the vicinity where 34 month old Caylee Anthony’s remains were ultimately recovered. I have decided to transcribe parts of my interview, so you, the readers, can judge for yourself without my interpretation of Keith’s comments.

Deeper Into the Woods

When Keith Williams went to the Anthony home with the decaying bag of stuffed animals and sundry “other” on August 18, Cindy Anthony was polite to him, but curt


about the find and his information there was more out there. She stated that they had three private investigators working on it and were confident that Caylee was alive, and that none of the items in the bag belonged to Caylee so it was doubtful anything at the scene was.

The beginning effects of Hurricane Fay could be felt by the time Williams went back to the scene by Hidden Oaks Elementary to call Police and report the find. Preparations had already begun that morning throughout the area and it was expected to hit full force the next day. I asked Williams why he chose that day to go back specifically:

Williams: because I felt strongly that Caylee was back there. I was there for the first time on August 5, 2008.

Blink: Was there any particular urgency that day, did something happen in the news, the storm?

Williams: Well, the hurricane would flood back there and put it underwater, so probably. 

Blink: Anything else, did anyone call you or was there any word on the street?

Williams: The only thing for sure is I worked the nighshift until 6am, which is when I talked to that psychic, the Mom of a woman I know from my security detail, Elle Carrington, who is 71 years old from Texas, told me where to go and what I would find. I just felt like I was connected to her or to finding her in some way. I went there directly from work.

Blink: Do you know who Leonard Padilla is?

Williams: Yeah, the dude that bailed her out with the hat.

Blink: Yes. Did you know he was at the jail posting bond at the very time you were finding that bag, etc by the school?  (laugh) Some say he brought the hurricane. Had you seen him on the news the day before?

Williams: No, but Cindy told me when I got there that Casey was maybe on her way home that afternoon.

Blink: Do you know Roy Kronk?

Williams: Is he the cop?

Blink: What cop?

Williams: The one that tresspassed me.

Blink: No, he is the meter reader who found Caylee.

Williams: Nope. I dont think I ever knew his name, everybody just calls him the meter reader I thought. Weird thing is, the second time I was there, I parked no more than 15 yards from where she was found, but I looked on the left side, not the right. It was weird that she ended up being right there the whole time.

Blink: Did you look around at all on the right when you parked? Did you see a bag or anything in that location?

Williams: No, I was looking to the left side though. 

Blink: Why were you looking on the left side vs. the right side? Did anyone tell you she might be there, specifically? It is odd that you would park and cross the street without looking to your right, no?  

Williams: Just thought she might be in there. I looked on both sides, would have been able to see a bag out in the open, but only went into the woods on the left side. I did not see a bag out in the open on the right.

(editor’s note 3/19: although this contradicts with Keith’s first account during our first conversation, which I pointed out to him, he has asked me to indicate that he went “into the woods” on both sides, just not deeply on the right, I’m obliging.)

Blink: Got it, moving on to the 21st. of October. Did you look to see if the bag you found originally was still there?

Williams: Yeah. some things were, but Im not positive. 

Blink: What was? tell me what you saw.

Williams: Mostly everything was pretty much covered in mud back there so I had brought a shovel.

Blink: Why did you bring a shovel?

Williams: Because the psychic told me it would be an obvious shallow grave.

Blink: Really? Not a bag?

Williams: No, she told me some of her things would be in a bag, but her bones would be in the dirt. She also told me what happened to her and who did it.

Blink: Did you mention that to Cindy when you saw her?

Williams: No

Blink: was that the only time you saw or spoke to Cindy Anthony?

Williams: No, there was one other time.

Blink: When was that?

Williams: not sure, but after October but before Caylee was found.

Blink: What happened did you call her or go over there?

Williams: I went over there to tell her that I was thinking of them, and that my sister was close with Casey when they were young. She knew who I was right away.  When I was a kid there was a skate ramp back there. I did not know anything about them burying pets.

Blink: And?

Williams: When I got there she knew exactly who I was and how my little sister was like best friends with Casey and was like sticking up for her and stuff, so I just really said hello and left. It was weird because the psychic told me that the “mom” (Cindy) knew what happened, that Casey confessed to her and she told her to “shut the f*** up.” So I just felt weird around her.

Blink: When you were there, did you ever tell anyone in that house what you were told about Caylee’s location. I mean anyone. Did you meet any of their investigators? 

Williams: Who are they?

Blink: Im asking you.

Williams: Then no, I did not.

Blink: It would be either Jim Hoover or Dominick Casey probably, but there might be another one or two looming around. Was George there?

Williams: No

(editors note: Williams went on to tell me some of the specifics from the psychic, but since I was not abe to corroborate or confirm that information, I am withholding until such time it can be) 

Post Remains Recovery 

On December 11, 2008, the afternoon Caylee’s remains were recovered, was a surreal experience for Williams. He was on the phone with an administrator at Valencia College getting directions, when the woman he was speaking with had to interrupt the call and place Williams on hold to take a call from George Anthony. Keith thought that was an especially odd occurrance as he could see the TV coverage on the recovery process unfolding as they spoke. What were the chances? 

Approximately 2 weeks ago, Williams ran into George Anthony at the Chickasaw Amscot. Keith inadvertantly locked his keyes in his car, and when George exited the building, offered to give Keith a ride home. During the drive, Keith took the opportunty to tell George what he was told by the psychic, and Keith’s own experiences looking for Caylee.  He said they both shed a tear, prayed, and Williams consoled George as he expressed deep guilt over Caylee’s death. “He blames himself” Williams said. 


Late this afternoon, Keith Williams confirmed to Blink on Crime that within an hour of the posting of this article yesterday, he received a call from Craig Rivera, of the Geraldo at Large Show reporter or affectionately known as “brother Craig” for a phone interview.

IMMEDIATELY following that call, Williams received a call from George Anthony:

Blink : You got a call from Craig Rivera, Geraldo’s brother? I met him when I was in Orlando, he’s the winner of the gene pool, nice guy. Did he say how he happened to call you right after the article came out? Did he mention it?

Williams: Is the article out already, what’s your site again, let me pull it up. No. he just asked me what searching I did and what the cops in Internal Affairs asked me.

Blink: Interesting. And then George called you? Out of the blue? What did he say?

Williams: He said he had been meaning to call me since we saw each other 2 weeks ago.  He happened to be talking to Jose Baez today and Baez mentioned to him I am one of the guys he would like to meet, get a chance to talk to, that he has not yet.  I told him, George, I called Baez a few weeks ago, I talked to some guy that said he was helping out with the case.  I told him my story and he said he would route the message to Jose, but I never heard back. 

Blink: Keith, do you really believe that George Anthony calls you out of the blue, the afternoon an interview article about you is posted, and Jose Baez, on a SUNDAY, happens to want to meet you at the site of Caylee’s remains being found is a coincidence?

Williams: No, I’m reading your article now while we are talking, no I don’t.

Blink: Did he mention the article?

Williams: No. He wanted me to show them where I searched and that’s what I did. I asked Baez if he thought I would need to testify or anything and he told me he had no idea yet, he was just trying to get the facts straight.

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  1. chitown lady says:

    So wait….Someone has to contact him….He does not have the common sense to go seek out the cops or someone else? He has all this knowledge and yet we are suppose to now believe his story? Come o, really……Im sorry but If I had this kinda of info, i would have ran to the cops, the FBI, newspapers or anyone else. Call me a sinic, but…….there are just way too many characters in this saga….Seems like hder own family forgot about justice for CAYLEE….its quite clear that YES CASEY did indeed kill her. If this guy is really telling the truth….let him take a polygraph…Otherwise its speculation at best… And I hardly give much to Rivera, he is quite two faced like his father….

  2. Kimmy says:

    A few questions to Blink,

    1) Have you contacted LE/FBI with the information you gathered in this interview.

    2) If so, did he give a testimony, take a polygraph and is he a witness for the prosecution or the defense?

    3) The reason I ask is because D. Casey mentions a psychic, now Keith does. Was Keith the one on the phone with D. Casey perhaps?

    4) Who is the psychic? Did Keith give you a name?

    5) Why would Keith wait so long to come forward with this? With the circut media shows paying money and discussing this case, he goes to Blink? Not to Nancy Grace/Greta/Geraldo/JVM?

    6) Is it confirmed Keith has been interviewed with the FBI or OCS?

    7) Why on earth would LE not confiscate the Fathers Day Balloon and the items Keith allegedly found? It does not make sense.

    If Keith was indeed a reporter he should know about contaminating crime scenes and evidence. Why on earth would he take the items to Cindy without reporting it to the police? Why would he contaminate it with his own prints because knowing Casey she could now say he did it.

  3. IVOIRE says:




  4. DoggieDoRight says:

    Keith Williams named as reporter in police report, and currently working in the security industry and was a former massage therapist per article 1.

    In article 2 he stated, “No. he just asked me what searching I did and what the cops in Internal Affairs asked me”. Was he LE at the time? Why else would Internal Affairs talk with him?

  5. Blink says:

    IAD spoke to him, recorded his statement following Caylee’s remains being found as part of the internal investigation into Richard Cain

  6. Blink says:

    Chitown, respectfully, re read the article c a r e f u l l y as the other posters have. Your comments reflect that you may not have and I dont wish to get into a debate when there are some really well thought out questions on here to respond to.


  7. Blink says:

    1) Yes
    2) There is a recorded statement on file with IAD, the rest I cant comment on.
    3) Psychic name is in the piece.
    4) He did not wait, he was out there 2x , spoke to a reporter once and then called the Police, and has called some media. I dont believe they put together who he was, etc. No offense but the age of investigative reporting is relegated to folks like me, and the Discovery ID channel, Dateline and 48 hours. There is very little room or time for investigative work as reflected in the MSM coverage of this case.
    6) Already answered
    7) Agreed
    8) Reporter is an LE term, he is not a “reporter”, it means he is the caller or reporter of the incident.


  8. Gigi says:

    I find it so strange that Mr. Williams did not immediately call the police when he arrived at the site and found the items he later took to the Anthony’s. He totally disturbed the evidence field and contaminated everything. I am so afraid that all of this tampering with the evidence, failure of LE to follow through on various citing’s, interference by independent searchers, will lead to doubt in the jury’s mind and Casey will get off. Ms. Baden and Dr. Lee will have a field day with this latest information. Can’t wait for Blink to give us more information on the psychic.

  9. Annals says:

    Yes Blink. I can see how well internet blogs lend themselves to investigative reporting.

    Listening to main stream media, too often I have thought; “do they know anything of what has already been revealed in the discovery documents?” And the obvious answer in those cases is, no they don’t.

    The Dateline sort of stuff is great, but the production time involved in making the filmed investigative documentaries is a serious limiting factor. By the time the film is ready, the case has moved forward significantly. I think that is why they tend to cover cases which have already passed through the courts; resolved cases.

  10. Annals says:

    Blink; reading your reply #57, I realize that I have often wondered whether you contact LE with your findings or do you just put it out here and figure that they can read it if they choose. And now I see the answer; “1) Yes”.

    Wow, I’m startled by how curious I am about that. So with trepidation, I’m gunna ask the nosy questions. I know you will answer according to you own good judgement.

    1 – Does LE tend to blow you off? Or can “a reporter” even discern whether or not she’s being blown off by LE?

    2 – Do you contact the big guns; Allen, Melich, Savage?

    3 – Do you talk to them or do you just send emails refering to your articles?

    4 – Does LE ever feed their reactions back to you?

    % – Is LE still looking for physical evidence in this case?

  11. susie says:

    This case gets more and more confusing. Blink, with all the information you have collected, could you put what happen into some sort of timeline and a write up a summary of what seems to have happened. Thank you very much for all your work

  12. Blink says:

    um, Sure, I should be done with that around next Christmas, lol


  13. lee says:

    #58 I was thinking the same thing. This is not good news to me.

  14. Blink says:

    LOL Anna ls-

    You already know what I am going to say. There is a zero percent chance I can or will answer that, but I do appreciate your nosiness in asking. This is an open case.

    I will say this, in any case, or in any piece I am working on, I have never and will never “scoop” LE if it is relative to an ongoing investigation and could help justice to a victim or injustice in any way. They would get the heads up first always. I am an advocate of LE in most cases, definately in this one.


  15. susie says:

    Hey Blink just thought I would give it a shot LOL

  16. W.A. says:

    Comment # 33.
    About the call KW made to Valencia College on Dec 11.
    Aside from the date being the same time the Anthony’s were on the way home from CA, here’s another question.
    Why would the administrator tell KW the name of the person (George Anthony) that was calling and that she needed to put KW on hold?
    Normally, you are told you are being put on hold and you are not told the name of the other caller.

  17. GinnyG says:

    This is mind boggling.

    In PART 1, KW stated: “He stated it was a place they would sneak off to or in some cases bury their pets.”

    In PART 2: Williams: I went over there to tell her that I was thinking of them, and that my sister was close with Casey when they were young. She knew who I was right away. When I was a kid there was a skate ramp back there. I did not know anything about them burying pets.

    I don’t know whether to believe him or not, and yes…I know….he doesn’t care one way or the other what I believe, but that is an inconsistency. Either he knows or he doesn’t know about the pet burying.

    Another thing, this guy has to be incredibly naiive or incredibly stupid! Regardless of whether or not he suspected casey had killed Caylee, there is no way he ever should have handled anything at a possible crime scene or the possible burial site of someone that may have been murdered.

    Sure byeass wants to speak to JW, now its one more person they can cast suspicion on and his prints are probably on there somewhere! If they aren’t, he’s darned lucky!

    This is something you report, not something you dig up and take to the family for identification. It is beyond my comprehension how someone could do something that stupid, and I have alot of trouble believing his story.

    Does cindy corroborate his story?

    Does JW know what was in this bag? Was casey’s tiffany ring in there? In one of the jailhouse interviews of cindy & casey, cindy out of the blue, asks casey where her tiffany ring is. I thought that was a very odd thing to ask your daughter when she is behind bars for something much more serious than a lost tiffany ring. At that point, I was certain cindy knew something that would incriminate casey, but of course, cindy and family have been on the coverup for casey bandwagon since day one!

    This case has many players in it….many of whom are liars and looking for some profit off this innocent child.

    Caylee desperately needs an attorney to fight for her and make sure justice is done. Since everyone on the defense side of the house claims they are working on this case Pro Bono, then someone needs to be Caylee’s voice, Pro Bono, because it is the right thing to do!

    The attorney that becomes Caylee’s voice will be the true hero in this whole case, they can team up with the Prosecution to make sure that Caylee gets the JUSTICE she deserves. Lord knows NO ONE in the anthony family gave a damn about her especially if they knew she was there and let her lie there like trash! They automatically started washing away the evidence to help casey.

  18. chitown lady says:

    OK Blink I did reread the article. There are still alot of unanswered questions on alot of people’s minds. Answers no one might not ever get. Cindy and George, sad to say have alot of questions to answer if what this gentleman says is true. And of course Baez wants to now chat with him. I guess what I am having a issue with is why didn’t this guy go to the prosecutors with his story? Or has he and they dismissed it? Williams seems credible but……EVen you Blink must have a few reservations….I think anyone who has been following this case has already realized that CINDY has always known far more then she lets on….She is one really strange bird. Most upsetting is the fact that George-Cindy and even doofus Lee all buy into her. WHY?
    What is it about Casey that affects these people so? Just knowing that my own daughter is charged with murdering my grand daughter would be enough for me. I would want EVERY shred of information. After these 3 having the NANNY story, they should have laughed in Casey’s face. Its scary how Casey has a hold on them. But……We all know that even if Casey is found guilty, George, Cindy and Lee will never accept it.
    Blink, your doing a great job. How you get the infor is great. Too bad your not on the case for the State… I truly hope this Williams is telling the truth. Time will tell….There is so much to this baby killer no one might ever know. Its sad the parents can’t or won’t see the real truth…Your info is better then all of these high paid tv people.

  19. Kel says:

    I would be curious if you discussed with Mr. Williams or LE; and/or your thoughts on his “uncanny” resemblance to the sketch of the young woman murdered at JB Park?

  20. Kleat says:

    Blink, it’s March 17th~~!! Happy St. Patty’s Day!!!

    Now, this is either WAY off topic, or….. remember in a past comment, you hinted at having a theory about the Irish connection or interest by Casey?? Have you had a chance to work that up yet? The Shamrock, the triad, the “wearing of the green’ (or the green icon buttons), or?

    You might need a wee bit o’ Leprechaun magic to get everything well researched, written and published, but asking anyway.

  21. Sandy Metter says:

    This is an amazing blog! My first time on and I think you are doing a fabulous job. I have followed this case since day one, and have tried numerous times to call in to NG or JVM to no avail. I have a question that I can so frustrated that I cannot find an answer to. Blink, I am hoping you can help me. Do you recall several months ago that Casey claimed she dropped Caylee off at the bottom of the stairs at Zanni’s apt., and later went to pick her up and she wasn’t there. Supposedly she found them at Blanchard Park where Zanni kidnapped Caylee, while giving Casey a “script” of what to tell police? Okay…what became of the “script”? Also, when Lee was recently deposed, he claimed that Casey lied about dropping Caylee off at the Saw Grass Apts., and had instead met Zanni at Blanchard Park where Zanni took Caylee to “punish” Casey. What ever happened to the “script” part of it. Wasn’t there another person there named Samantha? I have not heard a word about the supposed “script” Casey was given and wonder if any of you have.

  22. Blink says:

    I respect the shamrock out of you rereading and re commenting.

    OF COURSE I HAVE RESERVATIONS. In no way do I endorse this individuals account over anything I cannot fact check myself, as in , I was not there. Im simply reporting his “story”. If he is bogus in any way, it will come out. But that was not my impression of him is all I can say. Could he being used in some way by the A’s ? OF COURSE, and I told him to watch for it the best way I could while remaining neutral. Keep in mind he has a RECORDED statement on file with IAD, if it differs from this account or any subsequent ones he gives, he will have to explain it.

    I do think it highly relevant that he is basically hijacked as soon as this interview came out from people that already had knowledge of him.. I asked him one by one players names in this case, he claimed not to know a single one other than what I have referenced. I trust LE (other than Cain, wtf?) to do their job.

  23. NoseyRosey says:

    Hi Blink. I am new to this site and I really enjoy it. I do have a question. I understand that KW knew the Anthony family and seemed to be sincere about helping them find answers, but WHY in the world did he bring the bag to Cindy. He had already been told by the psychic that Cindy knew Casey killed Caylee prior to finding the bag.

  24. Kimmy says:

    Blink – thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. I appreciate you clarifying things. Cheers!

  25. GinnyG says:

    Dumb question….who is IAD?

  26. Blink says:

    Ginny- not dumb, my bad, Internal Affairs Dept, investigating Richard Cain.

    I can only say he said he took the bag to Cindy to see if it was Caylee’s stuffed animals. Not what I woulda done, not what most of the free world woulda done, but thats what happened.


  27. GinnyG says:

    Thank you Blink. oh grrrreat…to IAD Cain? Lets hope that his statement wasn’t lost. LOL

    Does KW know if there was a ring inside the bag? That would vcertainly be telling of cindy, and explain why she asked that question.

  28. GinnyG says:

    Does anyone know if Cain was ONE of casey’s many paramours? She sure seemed to *love* a man in uniform. Ironically, I suspect that is not the case now. LOL

  29. MD MOMMY says:

    To the poster that asked AL is a Full Sail student not Valencia college. IIRC, Casey claimed to some that she was going to attend Valencia. Maybe GA was doing some PI work by calling to see if she ever actually enrolled??? The Valencia College phone call has me completely baffled. I would also like to know how the person on the phone at VC ended up telling KW that he was being put on hold b/c GA was on the phone? People that answer phones normally don’t say “I’m putting you on hold to take a call from BLINK” or whomever.

    Even after they answer the other line and come back to you, they don’t say you were on hold because Blink was on the line…IDK something weird about this, I would like further information about how that came about, for sure.

  30. Jolynna says:

    Hi Blink,

    VERY interesting!

    If I understand correctly, Williams said that when he came back to the site in October, some of the items he found in August were still there. But, because of the storms they were under mud and Williams uncovered them while digging with his shovel?

    Did he did leave the items there? Or take them?

  31. new says:

    Blink in answer 39 your observations are very thought provoking. What, if you know, date did KW bring the items for CA to see?

  32. Annals says:

    new; thanks for redirecting my attention to comment 39; that gave me pause, too. Especially the mention that the Anthonys may have known about Kronk’s calls!? Huh Blink!? That took me completely by surprise.

    According to this interview, Williams took the bag of stuffed animals to Cindy on the morning of Aug 18.

  33. new says:

    I just reread everything and ans. my own question August 18th was the date CA saw the items KW found. Thanks anyway.

  34. susie says:

    (Ginny G comments) I am all with her on the pet sematary thing.. I would like to know what video did CA ask KC about the ring. I missed that somewhere.

  35. dddeerma says:

    You know, that is still the question. Where is the stuff he found, now? By Oct, he had to know how important it was. Did LE ever go back to that exact area and dig around. Blink, you have the connections to find out if LE at least tried to find some of the items. It is hard to believe that they left it there in the first place.

  36. Blink says:

    Just want to *clearify*.. Sheriff Demmings has made it very clear that there are to be NO, repeat, NO leaks to the media in this case coming from OCSO, connections or not that is taken seriously by all.


  37. Heather Brooks says:

    Prior to August 18, 2008 Keith had not had any conversations with George or Cindy Anthony regarding Casey or Caylee and had not seen them in years.

    Sorry boys but my 4 year old cousin could think of a better story and one that did not have so many holes in it.

    Edit by Blink:
    Heather, I do not allow that much of an excerpt from the article, but kept your comment intact.

  38. GinnyG says:

    In one of the early jailhouse video releases of cindy & casey talking, cindy asks casey about her tiffany ring. she says “what happened to your tiffany ring?”

    I believe casey gives her a half-arsed answer, and then they go on from there. It would be easy to miss as its only a *one-liner*…not much more is said about it but it made me wonder why cindy would be so concerned about that ring.

    Once I read here about what KW said in his interviews, I couldn’t help but wonder if maybe cindy saw that ring in the bag when KW took it to her to look through and then she put two and two together?

    What also concerns me is when casey was first put in jail, cindy takes the money out of casey’s purse, and that money belonged to Amy.

    And that same day, lee anthony quickly grabs what appears to be a drivers license out of casey’s wallet/purse, and I have always wondered if that drivers license was in Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez’s name? If that is true, then that would certainly go to prove premeditation and the fact that ZFG never existed! I believe there was also a policewoman at the house going through casey’s purse at that same time?

  39. GinnyG says:


    casey told 3 different stories to LE about Caylee’s disappearance.

    1. that she left Caylee at the bottom of the stairs at ZFG’s apt

    2. that she met ZFG at JBPk & ZFG & her sister Samantha held her down and physically took Caylee from her & left with Samantha’s kids 7 she was given a script to follow.

    3. that ZFG saw casey with Caylee at JBPk & jerked Caylee away from her telling her she was going to teach her a lesson. I guess she was also given a script to follow here, according to lee.

    None of it makes sense of course. There has never been a script found anywhere, surely she would have kept it to show her mom or police, right?

    The script is probably what cindy wrote down for the whole family to follow as soon as she found out Caylee was dead. I really think cindy knew about all this before the 911 calls she made. The calls were probably part of the script because when they picked up casey’s car, smelled decomp, admitted it was decomp, then went on to try to erradicate all the incriminating evidence & washed casey’s clothing, trust me, they KNEW something was seriously wrong and that it involved Caylee since she was the ONLY one missing in that family!

    At that point, they stopped caring about Caylee and proceeded to coverup for casey, to the point of inventing all these Caylee sightings everytime discovery evidence was posted or important damaging info was released.

  40. new says:

    I beleive it was the officer that took something out of Cindys wallet on the 16th of july. Wasn’t that a comment made by Lee at the beginning. He didn’t know what was taken out?

  41. new says:

    If KW is in investigations or security could he be an employee of Valencia. If he is in investigations why didn’t he know all the players? Seems odd if he was eagar to find Caylee he wouldn’t follow the information after she was found.

  42. Kleat says:

    GinnyG, Lee, according to his sworn LE interview in July, told of how his mother was the one going through the wallet (not Lee) and it was the officer who reached in quickly and grabbed the ‘id’ type card or white paper. But after reading Blink’s ‘Zanni and Annie’s Great Adventure’ article, it’s a great question– was Casey using the name ZG and was there ID in that name used by Casey way back in May.

  43. Gigi says:

    #88: i, too, thought it was worth noting that cindy stole the money from casey’s wallet and that lee snagged the driver’s license. i immediately thought the driver’s license was in zenaida’s name. i have often wondered if casey had an alter personality named zenaida so when she said zanny killed caylee she is telling the truth. blink, have you every thought that could be the case?

  44. Gina says:

    This is a potential bombshell. My qestion is why hasn’t this been made public on Nancy Grace, the news. Wouldn’t this be useful to the procecutors?

    Great article but who do you think william’s story will benefit? I lean toward the prosection, as usual Cindy was in the lie & cover-up mode when presented with the bag of clothing & stuff.
    Where is the bag of clothes & toys now?

  45. chitown lady says:

    Blink…Im blushing…I’ll give you my Shamrock ;) …..I hope he is telling the truth…It will make for good court TV….Your doing a good job my little shamrock taking buddy…LOL…Keep up the good work…Hopefully, we can get some justice for Caylee…Something he own family has forgotten about……I hope Greta or Nancy get a hold of this information…….

  46. GinnyG says:

    Lets just hope what KW says is true. I still have trouble with his two different comments about the site being a pet cemetary.

    In Part I where he says that area was where they used to hide and in some cases, bury their pets and in Part II where he says he didn’t know anything about pets being buried there.

    This was back in August. I would think if it was a bombshell, someone would have picked it up by now and it would be all over the news like everything else that happens!

    I think someone else also saw some discrepancies and may not have found it credible.

    But….I DO wish it were true…..if for no other reason, to show just what this creepy family is capable of!

    Caylee is with her Maker now, and she is in good hands….she was NEVER in good hands with that family and probably would have become another casey if not worse!

  47. DianeB says:

    I’ve thought about the issue of whether Casey had a driver’s license in ZFG’s name. In order for it to be useful to her as an alternate ID, it would have to show a photo of Casey – without that, it’s just someone else’s license.

    When the police pulled up all of the ZFG driver’s license photos in the system and asked Casey if she recognized anyone, they would have seen a photo of Casey in with all of the others if she too had a license in that name.

    Whether she had some other form of ID (ATM card, credit card etc) in ZFG’s name – or had possession of an ID in someone else’s name – seems entirely possible.

  48. Blink says:

    Gina- yes.

    I just have to trust it will only help those telling the truth. This woman killed her child, on her own, and she will pay for it accordingly.

  49. susie says:

    I just enjoy all the observations. Reading things I really never once thought of. I would like to know where can I read the Zanni and Annie’s Great Adventure. Ginny, I really like your thoughts on things. This case has become unbelievable. So many things happening after the fact will affect this case is so many ways. I just can’t understand how Cindy and George could accept the death of their grandchild and then want to defend the daughter. WHY? They are crazy. Lee is just absolutely sickening the way he laughs things off. It just shows everyone how things just do not bother them the ways things should.

  50. noonie says:

    Good Part 11 Blink. Wow I think the guy may have just been very naive to the Ants shennanigans way back then and thought he could possibly be helpful by taking the bag to Cindy, but after getting her bad “vibes” not once, but twice, maybe smartened up. I hope he doesn’t let geraldo get his mitts on this story! Man I can’t stand the way he treats most of his guests! I saw how he treated Dr. Perper and he seemed really pissed at Mr. Budinsky! I truly believe in phychics. Now not all obviously there are the Gale St. Georges of the world, but I went to one who worked with investigators in my hometown and she told me things that came true just as she said they would, even 20 yrs. later!! No crap!!! We all do have psychic abilities and some peoples are a lot stronger than most.
    The A’s knew darn well their daughter murdered Caylee from day 31. Why do you think they want immunity! Thanks Blink Good goin!

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