Casey/Caylee Anthony Case: The Missing Shamrock Lanyard

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Orlando, FL– As we await the latest document dumps and Florida Bar Inquiry Response on Jose Baez’s behalf by his counsel, Timothy Chinaris, and in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we focus on the SHAMROCK. Downingannie


(noun) slang, an underage female who not only insists that she is the age of majority, but tries at great lengths to snare older men for experience. Or in this case, several, of any age and any occupation.

(1) To screw someone over; scam.
(2) To inflict severe injury upon someone as leverage to facilitate the extortion of money.
Shamrock” is most frequently encountered in the passive, as in, “you have been shamrocked.


ie: You believe a woman that says an imaginary babysitter took her child a month earlier. She is found 6 months later in a garbage bag by her home. You have been “shamrocked”.

ie: You made donations you thought were going to finding a missing 34 month old Florida girl, Caylee Anthony. You have been “shamrocked”.




The Shamrock Lanyard

According to Cindy Anthony’s statement to detectives, Lee recovered the lanyard with Casey’s backpack:

 “…There was one thing missing that I had in a bag and I made mention of that… Casey had a lanyard (this was in her work bag- there was no clothing bag) in her work bag that had Amy’s resumes in there – cuz it had an envelop with Amy’s resumes. Casey had a lanyard that had the Universal Studios ID- her original one from when she worked at Kodak, there’s a shamrock with white beads on it with a big one… it was not there the next day. It was there that night, but not there the next day. Casey was never left alone to go get that. Because Lee and I walked her into her bedroom, when we came home that night. Walked her right past everything. She didn’t even know what we/I had taken out of the car. Cuz I had it over by the washer and dryer and I have an ice chest we have setting off to the side. From the point when we called 911 she was never left alone by deputies. So she couldn’t have taken it out. Lee didn’t take it. I didn’t take it. It was missing by the time people came back to take the car and the stuff that was in it. Because I left it in her bag. When I went back to the bag to write the stuff down on the sheet, it wasn’t there. So somebody took it that Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning. It had to be (LE) but it wasn’t listed in the items. Someone had to have taken it. If you guys have it, it should have been with the stuff.

 You would have taken it w/out my knowledge…”

Translation: We are going to see this lanyard again. Whether it has been recovered already in evidence and it has not been made public or it comes up in some nefarious finger pointing way, this will be the crux of the next blame game. Recall that Sean Daly gets the call late night of the 15th that he misses, and the lanyard goes poof according to Cindy. Could this be why:



Yes, you guessed it, this lanyard was worn by none other than BFF to Casey, and on the Guest List for her trial, tentatively scheduled for October 12, 2009, Sean Daly. Pictured Below is Sean and friends at last March’s Lake Vaj O’ Blast.



Not the Lanyard, and inside sources say is also missing, what really hung on her rear view.



My apologies in advance for those of us that when reflecting on the image of the beloved *shamrock* today; it is in no longer our symbol of all that is Irish goodness and luck.  But instead, the back tat of a woman urinating in a parking lot and possibly the fodder for use in getting out of a murder rap for her child.

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  1. dddeerma says:

    Kleat. I fail to see what the date of the burrito photo has to do with anything? Are you claiming that between the date of the pic, Casey had a religious conversion and became a nun? If anything, this shows that her behavior was not a one time episode, but long term bad behavior. I am glad that NG brought up the new pages of the diary. If they do not exist substantially as described, her credibility will take a hit. Her manner does not always please me either, but I will judge on information delivered.

  2. Kleat says:

    dddeerma, you are right, but my point was about the psychologist expert making specific comment about this photo as it may relate to Casey’s behaviour during the ‘missing’ month when it is obvious to anyone who has familiarized themselves with Casey’s appearance and knowledge of companions at that time, that this was NOT likely from that time period. This was an example of poor ‘expert’ commentary– no preparation to simply eliminate mention of photos that could not be from when the baby was missing. Not commenting on Casey at all, this was about the reporting. The psychologist (I can easily quote it by looking up the transcript) was totally unprepared and was fed the suggestion about the burito photo possibly being from last summer. It was about the ‘spin’ and impression to the audience. Not about NG or anyone lying, just less than ‘clear’ reporting for an increase in sensationalism with this particular ‘burito’ subject.

    The diary pages, yes, will wait for the original source on this, could be it was a ‘leak’ from the OSCO again.

  3. Kleat says:

    dddeerma, this is the example and a direct cut and paste quote from March 12, 2009, NG official transcript:

    “BETHANY MARSHALL, PSYCHOANALYST: I don`t think they prove she`s a bad person. What they prove is, following the death of her child, she had a burst of energy, of excitement, hypersexuality, like the tonguing of the burrito, … It suggests excitement that her daughter was out of the way. She wasn`t lying in bed crying. She wasn`t out searching with the other searchers. She was partying. This provides a very strong motive for the crime.”

    This expert is tying this specific photo (burito tonguing) to Casey’s burst of hypersexuality “following the death of her child”… yes, two other photos listed by her are during that time period, but this one was NOT. This is not about an ongoing behaviour, it illustrates her excitement after the baby was out of the way.

    Yes, the behaviour was ongoing, but presumably, the burito photos did not show hypersexuality because of an act of killing someone a couple years before the baby died. Yet that is what this ‘expert’ psychoanalyst and author of ‘Deal Breakers’ said because she simply did not pay attention or prepare herself to comment on this topic.

  4. Julie says:

    Caylee is a Gaelic name. She is Irish. her father is Irish. The teddy at the memorial had a Green T shirt with Shamrocks…in a video she is wearing a t shirt that says KISS ME I”M IRISH….. At the memorial the entire family wore shamrocks…. The Anthony’s are not Irish. Need any more clues……………..her dad is a guy that is Irish that the A’s dissaprove of obviously. Likely a reddish haired dude with a zillion tattoo’s …….go to you tube HelpFindCaylee the video of her in the T shirt is there…. and many more…..

  5. Julie says:

    PS…..This also goes to prove the A’s know who the father is as they all identify with her Irish roots!
    If your going with the Sean D angle as the Father, respectfully, it is genetically imossible.

  6. Julie says:

    PPS if it is Sean Daly it would have made her Caylee Daly??????????

  7. Julie says:

    ppps recall the fellow who visited the jail she did not know….?He mentioned another guy she did know right away????? (wink wink)

    pppps how about she left her (decoy purse in the car???)
    Lee police interview part 4 on you tube tells in detail of the purse he brought home from Tony’s that her mom took the $$$$$$ from and her credit cards back and the cops took the ID (Zanny’s aka Casey) away!!!

    ppppps anyone notice they all do not want you to link a fight or FATHER”S DAY to any of this??? ( wink wink)

  8. Julie says:

    Last but not least…….anyone recall her frantic call home from jail GIVE ME TONY”S NUMBER……boy did she hope he still had that ID / purse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Julie says:

    I wonder if anyone may be able to explain if George were unrelated say to Casey but were Caylee’s father,….would he be charged with anything even though they would have been both adults at the time of the (shamrocking) wink wink…..? I tend to think lass Casey put this all into the “works” quite sometime ago to “retaliate” at her mom…she’d really show her what “dad” was like and hold “little one” for extortion of their heads…..until Cindy finally thought “gee… I hold the power now again……. she’s now committed major crime…to gain back Caylee and on FATHER”S DAY it was about time…she let lassy know….nearly strangling her…….alas…she finally could really do what she planned all along after all if her own mother could try to “kill” her well watch what she could really do!!!!!!………….. In listening to very early audio of media interviews george never ever spoke of last seeing the 2 “girls” on the 16th of June in the afternoon…..nah…that came after the coach took over…..( stearing him clear of Father’s Day!!!!) ….be careful JO JO people will connect the dots……….Father’s Day……Fight…….hmmmmmmm

  10. Julie says:

    Does anyone recall casey calling from jail and saying “MY INVOLVEMENT AND STUFF!!!!!!!??????ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????” as in perhaps…..gee whiz mom you know JOJO is the father he did all this to ME MY involvement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Julie says:

    JP CHATT IS PUERTO RICAN CAYLEE NO….. and he didn’t run to the Hawaii Motel…….but maybe someone else may have to buy some sympathy and time from their secret coming out…..

  12. Julie says:

    Gee Blink can’t get that darn song “Daughters” by John mayer out of my head! wink wink wink

  13. Julie says:

    If it is genetically speaking impossible for instance for it to be Sean Daly/father clearly seems like George…but if Lee is ruled out how could it genetically be George??? pretty close/similar dna??? Only fathers contribute nuclear dna so George and Lee would be the same?????????????????????????????

  14. Julie says:

    PS the diary…you tube video..Cindy on a media news clip saying early on that she was going through her daughters journals to try to piece or out the pieces of the puzzle together……(not like she would rip anything out????ha)

  15. Julie says:

    Oh man BLINK…!!!!! I thought George is Casey’s step dad (explaining why no arrest-incest) Lee her half brother…….now I am thinking….George her real father…(not Lee’s) ???????????? Iam convinced it is George but……………..why no arrest it is illegal !!!IF incest????????????????????????????????HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Julie says:

    researched paternity/dna ect……very possible even though a son ruled out for paternity that the father can still be …as obviously father and son have seperate mothers different dna. All the documents on discovery have ONLY ruled LEE out. For a reason. Same as the fingerprint(s) on the duct tape ONLY George Cindy and Lee ruled OUT…not Casey.

  17. Julie says:

    Casey went to unreal great lengths to have her parents believe she held employment ..same as great lengths to cut the obituary out of Jesus ect to make Cindy believe it were his child…….when in fact… clearly is not.Cindy was in great denial that Casey were pregnant what if it were george’s???!!!!! Same as When caylee went missing…odor in trunk and all deeeeeep denial…because agin if it were george’s the Cindy knew it were true and so was the muder and why the murder…….

  18. Julie says:

    Mike Galanos just said on the news that DFS called to the Anthony’s in the past for reports of Casey…calling caylee “that girl” C”MON it is SO obvious why..she called her the best little half sister too on her deleleted My Space pages……..and I believe George does NOT have FULL immunity just because they were seeking it a long time ago……they are so arrogant the A’s hammers & all they think LE is not on too this…most people think he was NOT even tested when Lee was????!!!!HAAA fat chance…Casey did accuse both how would prosecutors ect….not know she would use this for her defense ect??????? They would HAVE to check stay ahead of the Casey “games”….but they just never released his results…mmmmm funny isn’t it????

  19. Julie says:

    If I were the investigator(s) on this I would just LOVE all these public appearances ect. on tv by the A’s to build my case…….the arrogance of it ALL while she takes the death penalty he has said to the press she has “mental” problems Cindy too ect……yet she forced her to keep this “baby”?????????????C’mon!!!!!

  20. Julie says:

    Nancy Grace TOT MOM TOT MOM TOT MOM for months on end and all about her SNACKSSSSSSSSSSSS ect….moms the word now…no more talk about TOT MOM …Nancy is a victims rights crusader…..she now unlike before (talk does get around in those legal circles….) realizes George-father Caylee….so she has shut right up!

  21. Julie says:

    I think that because of all those shamrocks Caseys true dad is irish but Caylee -George.??

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