Haleigh Cummings Case: Ron Cummings Hires Attorneys, Allegations of Abuse, Misty Croslin is On Her Own

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Samsuta, FL– The search for Haleigh Cummings, 5, has turned to a showdown between her parents. Inside sources from Putnam County have confirmed that Ronald Cummings has retained two attorneys to deflect the recent child abuse allegations lodged by Haleigh’s mother Crystal Sheffield.


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On this evenings edition of Nancy Grace, where Ronald Cummings was scheduled to appear, it was announced that he declined to be on the show upon the advice of his attorneys.


The Law Office of Kimball & Snider in Palatka says it will represent Ronald Cummings on a pro bono basis. The PI practive says it will handle the media media requests and Ronald Cummings’ interests in matters involving a possible custody fight over his son. The Law Office of Kimball & Snider in Palatka says it will represent Ronald Cummings pro bono.

“The attorney and mother have appeared on national television to make unsubstantiated claims that Ronald Cummings sees as a ‘cheap shot’ and publicity stunt that detracts from the search for Haleigh,” wrote Kimball & Snider in a statement released to the media.

“The mother was previously denied custody in court and allegations of abuse against Ronald were judicially dismissed.”

The firm says Cummings a victim, who “needs and deserves legal advice and assistance in his quest for the safe return of his daughter.”

Dick Shauland, captain, Putnam County Sheriff’s Office is concerned these allegations take the focus off of finding Haleigh, who has been missing since February 9, 2009:

“Haleigh is the most important thing that we’ve got going with this, as far as a missing person. But, equally as important is the safety of her brother or any other child in Putnam County,”

“As DCF runs their investigation, we’ll run a parallel investigation with them and make a determination whether there’s anything to the accusations, and if so, if there’s anything criminal about it or whatever has to be done,” Schauland said.

Kim Picazio, a NY attorney representing Crystal Sheffield appeared on Nancy Grace without her client to discuss the alleged abuse photos. 

“When a parent beats a child until the child is bloodied, that is a crime in this county and where I’m from and in New York City. Just because this is a small town, and just because this is Putnam County, there are still laws here that need to be adhered to. It’s legally and morally wrong, and he needs to be brought to justice,” Picazio said.

Through a Press Announcement Released by Kiball & Snider, PA, this afternoon; it is confirmed that their office WILL NOT represent Misty Croslin Cummings. Ron Cummings and his child bride were married one week ago today. The Pressr went on to say:

“Though Ronald Cummings stands by his wife, the firm “has decided it is best to only represent ronald and not Misty, because of their different respective legal positions.”

Phone calls to clarify what “different legal positions” means were not returned as of press time.


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  1. Sunshine says:

    AMEN< MARY !!!!!!

  2. Mary says:


    Mark my words. If Ronald Cummings was innocent of all wrong doing… and knew who was responsible for harming his child. He would be sitting in jail for killing that individual whether it be Misty or her relatives down the dirt road.

    Based upon what I just said: he harmed, pleaded for a cover up, married Misty to seal the deal with his Mom and Grandma already in his back pocket.

    Haleigh’s body will never be found. It was transported to the Appalachian foothills or to the neighboring city dump prior to that 911 call.

    Even Nancy Grace refuses to cover these wonderful innocent parents and relatives.

  3. Tom says:

    Those who think Junior should live with Crystal need to Read Kim Picazio’s letter to the court. It is on the Art Harris Website. It says Crystal is a drug addict and that is why Kim Picazio did not seek custody of Junior in a court of law. It also says Crystal was not allowed to drive but did and was not drugs when she had her accident. That her baby Cloe was born on drugs. Read what Kim Picazio says about Crystal Sheffield.

  4. anita says:

    exactly what happened. ron is the killer

    Based upon what I just said: he harmed, pleaded for a cover up, married Misty to seal the deal with his Mom and Grandma already in his back pocket

    I do not think Mr. Cummings is a model parent, to state the obvious, however, I do not believe he had anything to do with his daughters death.

  5. dan says:


    Ron Cummings obviously leaves much to be desired in the area of parenting but his reaction the night they called 911 leads me to believe he not only did not kill his daughter, but that he had no part in her going missing. Misty Croslin has shown though her affairs and actions that she is not all to afraid or intimidated by Cummings.
    After all she was having a three day fling the weekend before the child went missing. If Cummings was able to get Misty to cover for him I seriously doubt that saying on the 911 call Bitch how did you let my daughter get stole and various other choice statements would fly. That would just be asking for Misty to come clean about his role, him putting the blame on her like that. I have read over and over why is it that Cummings was so sure someone took Haleigh, well what would anyone in their right mind think if their back door was standing open the way it was. The logical conclusion is that someone took the child out that door. Now who would do that? The logical conclusion is some sex offender. If a sex offender took her as most people would conclude what do statistics tell us about the likely hood that she would still be alive? Really, it seems clear as day to me that Cummings for all his flaws loved his daughter, even the mother said Haleigh is his heart and everyone knows that.

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