NO Amber Alert: Missing 4 Year Old “Esther” Finds Police

Posted by BOC Staff | Amber Alert,Bizarre Crime,Missing Persons | Thursday 19 March 2009 11:26 pm

Salem, Oregon– The daughter of Vera Lakuvina, 41, was found wandering the streets of her neighborhood Wednesday evening around the intersection of Roselawn Drive Northeast and Burlington Street after Police received a call about a small child out alone.

Although the child was found the evening of Wednesday March 18, she was not reported missing by her Mother until Thursday March 19 after taking her several other children to appointments and leaving some at home.

Ms. Lakuvina did not notice her child missing until she returned home from the siblings morning appointments.

Police spokesman Lt. Dave Okada said Lakuvina has many children of different ages, with older children caring for the younger. As is protocal, Ms. Lakuvina was reported to the Department of Human Services.

Mrs. Lakuvino felt the child, police believe to be named “Esther” was missing from approximately 6:30 PM believing that she put herself to bed, as she did frequently.

When Lakuvina woke up this morning, she dropped some of her children off  before checking Esther’s bedroom. When she saw Esther was missing, she called police.

(Editors Note: How many kids does this woman have and why would she not know if her 4 year old child left her home WAY before bedtime)

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  1. fcc says:


    I am starting to think this is becoming an epidemic.

  2. Mom of Five says:

    This is pathetic I have five of my own and one other that started hanging out a year ago and bless her heart, has never left. I always know who’s home and who’s not. Give this child to someone who will care for her, this makes me sick.

  3. Blink says:

    Mom of 5-

    Apparently your kids are lucky to have you. When I read this I was like- 4 Years old and putting herself to bed at 6:30pm? Our kids either attempted to or wound up in our bed nightly until they were 7.
    Not that I advocate that, but point is I cannot fathom it.

    If there are perps in that neighborhood, and it does appear to be public housing, but I opted not to put a zillow image for fear of someone targeting these kids as they would know they would not be missed by the mother..

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