Haleigh Cummings Case: The NEW Bounty Hunter “COBRA”

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Satsuma, Fl- Just when we have learned to cringe at the thought of yet another bounty hunter getting in the middle of the case of a  missing child like some pavlov’s public response, this time , some say maybe that’s exactly the what may be necessary to find the answers as to what happened to missing Florida girl, Haleigh Cummings.

Big Willie Staubs

Big Willie Staubs

Bounty Hunter William Staubs by all accounts appears to be a legitimate Bounty Hunter, who is very well connected in the areas of Law Enforcement and may have thwarted a domestic terror attack

In an interview with 97.3 FM The Sky Radio, William “Cobra” Staubs claims to have been on the ground in Satsuma Florida since the early days of this case, following Haleigh’s presumed abduction February 10, 2009.

According to TJ Hart, the interviewers notes, these are  the Highlights:

  • Ron and Misty initially were both onboard.
  • Misty got cold feet, but was urged at vigil for Haleigh by others there to do it.
  • They were about to get the re-enactment underway when Misty balked again.
  • Misty said she didn’t remember things  – didn’t want to do it at all and got angry
  • Ron got angry at Misty – talked about it with Cobra at Memaw’s over some sweet tea.
  • Cobra told Ron about “Greg” – a young African American male with whom Misty was rumored to have been having sex
  • Cobra said Ron confirmed that he knew all about “Greg”
  • Cobra asked Ron why he married Misty anyway
  • Ron replied that “she is the only tie he has to Haleigh and that he will keep her until Haleigh returns”




Cobra claims to have nearly coaxed Misty Croslin, the then girlfriend of Ron Cummings into doing a “re-enactment” of the evening Haleigh was abducted from the home. He states Ron was willing and encouraged Misty to participate and when she balked after saying she would, the couple argued and she stormed off.  Cobra goes on to say that Ronald Cummings told him he knows all about the affair that Misty had been having with a man named Greg, and he married her anyway.

When asked by Cobra why he would marry her if he knew she was with this “white boy Greg” Ronald Cummings replied “You keep your friends close you keep your enemies closer.”

Listen to the interview HERE

Warning- Strong Language

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  1. MB says:

    Comment by CC — March 25, 2009 @ 9:00 am
    1. Does anyone know if Haleigh was confirmed to be alive when she
    left the Trailer?

    ***I would think if someone saw her, then Misty wouldn’t have been the last to see her!

  2. MB says:

    I would also like to hear someone’s elses take on why Ron can’t live in that mobile home, if, in fact, Haleigh is “coming home?”

  3. Staci says:

    TERIEASTON: Happy Pictures of Crystal, with Jr. & Haleigh can be found on http://www.haleighbug.com very sweet pics!!! Also, she had the children 2 weeks before Haleigh’s disapperance…the weekend coming up of March 9th, was her next visitation with the children! Also…Crystal had reported things to DCF, PRIOR to Haleigh’s disapperance, so she did NOT begin these allegation AFTER the disapperance! Ronald HIMSELF, showed in the 911 recording, that he is a VERBAL ABUSER…which led a LIE told by Misty! In the 911 call RONALD: “HOW THE FU** YOU LET MY DAUGHTER GET STOLE BIT**?” Then in the interview between Art Harris & Misty…she laughs and says he wasn’t talking to her…but to the 911 operator when he said that!! OK…so why would he be saying that to the operator?? She wasn’t there with Haleigh…he was clearly making that statement to Misty!! And the operator ask…”WHAT IS THE NUMERICAL” in reference to the house number and Misty says NUMERICAL?? WHAT’S THAT??? IGNORANT!!!!!

    And, also….Crystal is attacked in every interview she has had on NANCY GRACE!!! So please don’t say, Ronald & Misty have been, but Crystal hasn’t!!! Crystal has ADMITTED to her past & of her mistakes…Ronald seems to want FATHER OF THE YEAR award!! No one knows exactly what happened there that night, EXCEPT whom ever took Haleigh….and I pray that none of the family members had anything to do with it, but I feel IMO, that it’s evident that a family member or 2 knows what happen! I just pray for Haleigh’s safety & JR. of course!

  4. Indy says:

    Has anyone looks into COBRA? He seems to have strong ties to Crystal and her lawyer which would NOT make him an unbiased investigator. Didn’t he appear on the scene about the same time as Picazio. HE is out of Miami and Picazio works in Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach area. He SAYS an anonymous donor in Miami is paying for him. I don’t believe it for a second. He’s far too biased in his investigation.

  5. terieaston says:

    I said RC has not attacked her in the media. She has been the one doing all the mud slinging in the press. I am saying, this is not about Crystal, it is about HALEIGH. Everyone has an agenda and it is about everyone’s ego. Not about finding Haleigh. Seems that everyone has lost sight of that fact.
    Cobra is not helping the situation. Crystal is definitely not helping the situation. She is only making appearances to make accusations right now. This should be done not in the media, it should be done in private. It is not necessary to make all these accusations public.
    It takes the focus off Haleigh.
    I pray for her return.
    It is sad when you have people like Cobra and Picazio to try and make a name for themselves and get some publicity. They are outrageous.

  6. terieaston says:

    Yeah, I looked at the pictures and there are a total of 3 or 4 that include Crystal. The rest of the photos are ones presented already by RC.
    And I would go off on my own childs father if it were me too and I came home and found my child missing. That is just natural. It does not prove that someone is an abuser. It just proves the man was out of his mind at losing his child.
    Crystal couldn’t even force out ONE fake tear for the cameras. She dabbed at lot at her eyes with a tissue, but no tears.
    Just like someone else that was on tv talking about how devastated she was over her missing kids. Everyone thought she was innocent also. SM?
    Nearly everyone here,wants to talk about how RC looks on camera. What about how Crystal looks, with those big brown circles under her eyes. Ever wonder what causes those. I have worked with LE long enough to know.JMO
    By the way, Cobra, came into the picture via Picazio. It has been reported now, She was his divorce attorney. How legitimate can he be? He sure as H**l is not going to be objective about this matter since he is working for the mother and not independently.
    He is a joke who should be banned from this investigation by LE, because all he is doing is interfering, not helping.

  7. Glam Cat says:

    I don’t know what to think. I live in the Deep South, born and raised, and PROUD of it. Eveyone here may not be a rich, city
    slicker, but you can be of modest means and STILL LOVE YOUR CHILDREN.
    You can have drug issues, and STILL LOVE YOUR CHILDREN. I wish the
    media would get off of this “trailer trash” BS and focus on finding
    this angel. I am not of modest means or education…..and I have seen some family issues that would turn your stomach in multi-million dollar homes. PEOPLE are all the same, no matter their income or education level…..some are honest and upstanding, some are snakes.
    PERIOD. Let’s put the focus back on HALEIGH and quit judging the respective families. I don’t think there is anyone out there who would want the dirty laundry of their family aired on national TV.
    Believe me – EVERY FAMILY has it. EVERY FAMILY. I have no idea who is right or wrong, there are two sides to every story. RIGHT NOW let’s band together as a society and find this innocent child. The rest of this can be hashed out by the families (the only one’s that this is any business of)after she is found, be it dead (JESUS I PRAY NOT)or alive.

  8. terieaston says:

    Glam Cat,
    Yes, Finally someone gets the point, Thank God. I am with you on this point 100%. Just because one is poor, does not mean they don’t love their children.
    Prayers for Haleigh.

  9. Staci says:

    terieaston: YES this is about Haleigh…it’s also about her brother, whom is still in this also!! I pray daily that Haleigh is found…hopefully SAFE!! THe big brown circles under her (Crystal) eyes…COULD very well be from not getting any sleep (lack of sleep due to her daughter being missing)…SO who is making accusations now…you are no better than any of us here, stating our opinions on Ronald, you are doing the same with Crystal!!! And, I could care less if Kim P. and Cobra know one another from her being a lawyer in his divorce…which if I am not mistaken she was his WIFE’s attorney & it was a friendly divorce….that is their business….And with Kim P….why does she need to do this for publicity??? She can get that in the yellow pages!!!! Cobra, is known for his work!!! SO he needs publicity WHY??? His work is know on the net…look it up on google!

  10. ETHEL says:

    MB, I wondered the same thing about Ron not wanting to live in the trailer I think I would never want to leave that place in case my child ever found her way back to it with or without help,the only thing I could think of is maybe he feels that LE held it as crime scene long enough to install surveillance equipment to spy on he and Misty when they did move back in..Just a thought I certainly dont know how their mind works,I guess everybody might have different view on living there but myself I dont think I could ever leave those memories of my child behind..I pray every night for Haleighs safe return as Im sure we all do…

  11. Tommy says:

    I don’t believe Ron when he states ” when asked by the bounter hunter,
    Why did you marry her if she’s screwing a black guy, and he replies:
    You keep your enemies closer. That makes no sense at all. Your repeating a line from the movie “Godfather”. And if it is true, then your contradicting what Misty said earlier. She stated on national t.v.
    a month ago: ” We had been planning this for a while, and it’s what Haleigh would have wanted, and not to mention, Misty’s mom even stated
    ” They approached me with it, I told them they should wait until she’s
    18, but I see it’s what they really want, and it’s what Haleigh wanted.
    Seems to me a case of the old “Act like a redneck, when you’re out with one. I surely hope the black guy (Greg) is innocent in all this. Make them look stupid, like they made the nut Susan Smith look stupid with her bogus black man story. And Cobra you go to hell Redneck B****

  12. terieaston says:

    I am just stating, everyone is jumping on the bandwagon against RC stating he must be on drugs because of the way he looks, but when Crystal looks the same way, it’s because the poor ‘thing’ is tired. What kind of mother leaves her kids behind, because it is in her own best interest? That is what she said. She didn’t care one bit about either of those kids. Now she gets a chance to get herself in the spotlight and try to make everyone feel sorry for her?!
    If this were the other way around and the father, no matter who he was, owed back child support everyone would be screaming what a deadbeat dad he was. But, I don’t hear anyone screaming about what a deadbeat mom Crystal IS. She refused to pay child support, she did not fight for her children when it mattered and as far as I am concerned she has no more right to have JR at this time. It has not been proven that either are fit parents.
    She couldn’t afford child support, but she can afford internet, laying away a wedding gown, she admitted to doing drugs. That means, she said it herself. No one else did, she did.
    So, I am entitled to JMO.
    Haleigh is out there somewhere. It has been a long time and we all know that is not good. But all the focus was on finding Haleigh until Crystal, Kim and Cobra jumped in with their versions of the truth.
    Yeah Tommy

  13. Stacey says:

    I have been reading posts for months now following this case and would like to give my opinion. First make a list of facts, ones that have been proven. As far as guilt goes, not one of us knows for sure. Human behavior is not set in stone, different people react different ways it does not make them guilty. There would be some physical evidence if the step mom or father killed this child in the home. I do not believe from all I have read and seen that either one of them is smart enough to carry something like this off without leaving some physical evidence. I am not standing up for the parenting, I don’t know either one.

    I can say from experience that I had a family member I was very close to murdered. She was only seventeen and the police investigation immediately focused on her boyfriend. After the first few months they eliminated everyone else. My family believed for thirteen years that her boyfriend killed her. And guess what the police were wrong. We were wrong, and some young mans life was pretty much ruined, in the least not as it should have been.
    He took the 5th after being questioned by the grand jury and the police immediately equaled that to his guilt. After a PI investigated last year we found out that the person who we think allegedly killed her had been in jail from 3 months after her murder. He had committed other crimes nearly exact except the victims did not die from the strangulation as my cousin did.They were committed within 3 months of each other and in the same area. Nothing was ever in the media on his other crimes and some deal was made and he plead out for the crimes he has been arrested on. He all but admitted he killed my cousin to the PI in an interview at the prison. But all evidence is lost now and he will be released this year. All started with presuming my cousins boyfriend guilty instead of innocent until proven otherwise. This has changed the way I think, and many people should consider this before judging. After all the truth is what is important.

    Just to say something about the alleged abuse of the Mom Crystal. I can’t say if it is true or not, but I can tell you that I was in a very violent relationship many years ago. I hid it because of shame. And when I did finally left I was stalked for 3 years and nearly killed. I did not tell people about it, I am saying it online because it is pretty anonymous. But I got out because of my children and fought to keep him away from them. I had no lawyer and no money, but I did not give up. I would have died before leaving my children with an abuser. So that part I do not understand. And if I lost custody I’d be fighting and filing non-stop. If the address of the mom was purposely stated false then she has a case for him falsifying information. And the child support part disturbs me. I am not trying so much to pick at the mother but just to open eyes and make people think. If it were reversed, people would think the parent who owed not the greatest parent. I can see missing payments but years of payments is neglect. If it were a man doing that he would be ridiculed. I just think speculating and factual are very different things. There are too many possible things to consider. And in front of a camera is very hard for some people. They might be nervous and not accustomed to it so I don’t think anyone should judge. Like my cousins boyfriend’s life, innocent lives could be ruined. He also refused a lie detector. Normally people consider that as guilt, my family certainly did. It seems to me that neither parent has had the greatest behavior. Both seem to be responsible. As a parent you have the duty to see your child is safe and well cared for. But I don’t know anyone involved here. The lawyers are going back and forth. And putting that child on national TV is just wrong, I will judge there. Not only is any identification of the person who did this down the drain, but if there is a kidnapper out there and he or she thinks this child can ID him/her the child could now be at risk. Really what did it gain? I don’t know that this Cobra guy does not have some agenda. I’d like to see someone who does not have anything to gain investigate this. This guy seems to have a personal relationship with the moms lawyer, so I tend to think he is not as objective as he could be. Well I am just adding my opinion. It is hard to say what happened, they all seem shady to me, but they all could be innocent. I hope and pray she is found alive and unharmed, I really truly do. I can’t imagine the pain they are all going through.

  14. robyn says:

    Its possible that Misty is the scapegoat in this whole matter and that in fact Ronald Cummings is guilty of killing his daughter and disposing of her body.Very well could be Rons Mother who worked as police dispatch is involved in this cover up too as i am sure there have been many times in the past she has aided and abetted his other criminal activity and drug use.It doesnt take a rocket scientist to see that there is much drugs used with these people and drinking and smoking who knows what! A 5 year old child especially one with defects like Haleigh could get on their nerves and either accidentaly or in a rage or a cover up for something else could and would kill her,it happens everyday!I would not cover up or hide for any of my kids if they hurt my grandchild at all,i would likely kill them myself or at least turn them in and make sure the child had a proper funeral.There is no excuse for this,it must be stopped now!

  15. I really think the mother knows more on whats going on,she dont look worry,stomp her ASS.

  16. Asof the father he also know what happen he scare to say to much cause he gone spill the buckle.My mine never fools me they both know somthing.

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