Missing LA Toddler Found Dead New Tot Mom Lied to Police

Posted by BOC Staff | Amber Alert,Kidnapping,Missing Persons,Murdered,Tot Mom | Saturday 21 March 2009 8:37 am

Palmdale, CA-  Stacy Barker,24,  a Palmdale woman who reported her 18 month old daughter missing Friday told Police she was hit on the back of the head while putting her daughter, Emma Barker into her car seat Thursday evening. Barker claimed to have awakened  a few miles away in another city, partially clad with  a head injury and her daughter was kidnapped.


Sheriff Lt. Pat Nelson said that Barker was suffering from a head injury when she first spoke to investigators although the details of how she sustained that injury are not known.

After commencing a search for the child, the body of a small female toddler was found in Sylmar, CA, a few blocks from Interstate 5. The Coroners Office positively identified the body as Emma Barker on Friday afternoon.

Stacey Barker admitted her child died and she was afraid she would be blamed according to Diane Hecht of the LA Sheriff’s Office.  Lt. Nelson did not detain Barker but will present the case to the District Attorney’s Office and may at their recommendation file charges against the LA tot mom.

Gary Barker, Father of Stacey Barker and grandfather of Emma spoke to the AP:

..”They both lived with me and I lost saw them Tuesday night.. I was holding Emma and dancing with her and slowly dipping her.. After that it was bed time and Stacey gave her a bottle and put her to bed. Her death is such an unatural tragedy..” 

Mr. Barker declined to provide any comment on how Emma died or about his daughter.

The autopsy results for Emma Barker have not been released.  

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  1. deenie says:

    It’s interesting that the Mom had to go to such great lengths to get LE involved. Hmmm. My Daughter’s Dead. I know I will make up a story that I was Hit on the Head (self inflicting) then tear up my clothes … drive into a remote area..and then call LE and they will find pity on me and concentrate on my Head wound .. Oh then I will mention my baby girl is missing. Come on. If you do not have the capacity as Human to be a parent nor choose to go out and seek help/tools/resources to aid you as a Parent … Death is never the answer.
    A child is a precious Gift and their Life should be respected – even if you find yourself deemed unqualified to parent them. Do something to change the situation – Do not End a life for your own weaknesses.
    Emma’s Life was not to End this Way. God Bless Emma
    Pray for the Babies.

  2. Lexi says:

    Well, I sure want to know the rest of this story. Why such a tale? What do other famiy members say? What about the daddy? So many questions that I hope are answered soon.

  3. westsidehudson says:

    As tragic as this case is, at least this woman admitted that she had a part in the baby’s death. Coming clean is not something that we will ever see from Casey Anthony.

  4. Lovejac says:

    Stacey Barker, 24, arrested for murder on Thursday. Being held on $1 million bond!! Yay!

    I tole’ ya! Indicted first? The info I had was awaiting tox and GJ, justice for baby Emma!!

  5. [...] as a missing persons case as tot mom Stacey Marie Barker reported that her 18 month old child, Emma Barker, missing as the result of a kidnapping. However, upon subsequent interviews with the tot mom, it became obvious to investigators that her [...]

  6. veronica says:

    I live 3 houses away from where the body was found and still feel so sad :( when I see her picture right there. She looks like a littler angel. I have 4 kids of my own and would never hurt my kids like that stupid *$%?!@ did. She needs to be hurt exactly how she hurt her daughter. Then given lethal injection after that!!!

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