Haleigh Cummings Case Exclusive: Misty on 3 Day Bender with Lover and Drugs

Posted by BOC Staff | Amber Alert,Crystal Sheffield,Haleigh Cummings,Missing Persons,Misty Croslin,Ron Cummings | Monday 23 March 2009 5:10 pm

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Satsuma, Fl– A source inside the investigation into the disappearance of Haleigh Ann-Marie Cummings, 5, from Satsuma, FL, confirmed to blinkoncrime that Misty Croslin was on a weekend bender with a man who has been arrested previously on drug charges . She was MIA the three days prior to Haleigh’s disappearance the early morning hours of February 10, 2009.



Recently, Blink on Crime brought you the radio interview and background of William “Cobra” Staubs. The bounty hunter (minus the hat) and PI is being funded by an anonymous donor out of Miami and has spent a significant amount of time with both Ron and Misty. As I shared with you, my readers, I believed he was legit in this case. 

Who was she with? 


Greg Lewis Page, 28, resides on Magnolia Avenue in Palatka, FL. In a chilling coincidence, he was arrested on drug charges on Caylee Anthony’s first birthday.

He is light-skinned, of African American descent, and he is “White Boy Greg” referred to by Cobra in his interview:

“..I said Ronald, I have a very difficult question to ask you, about your now wife.  It appears one week before Haliegh came up missing, she was.  And Ronald told me to “stop right there, I know what you are going to ask me, yes was she f*cking a black guy? Yes, how do I feel about her f*cking a black guy? I know this, if I didn’t marry her, I would never, you hear me? What do you do to your enemies?”  I said (Cobra) “You keep them close.” Ronald says “Exactly, and if I didn’t marry her, I don’t know where in the hell my, where am I going to look for my son? (Cobra meant to say daughter).”

Misty and Greg On the Record

Late this afternoon, Blinkoncrime has learned that Greg Page has taken a polygraph regarding the weekend with Misty and the disappearance of Haleigh Cummings. He admitted he was with Misty and the usage of drugs.

Page was CLEARED through his polygraph of any involvement in Haleigh’s disappearance and PCSO does not consider him a suspect.

Misty Croslin Cummings also admitted to the weekend and drug use following confrontation by LE of this incident during a polygraph as well.

Misty Croslin’s account of that evening  has not been cleared by Law Enforcement nor has any representative spoken publicly about the results of her polygraph.  


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  1. babyj says:

    Misty needs to be locked in a cell until she comes up with the truth and the REAL time line… We all know she is nothing more than a liar… Everything points right to her! I just wish she would give more information that what she is! And Vicki I think your right Misty probably has something on Ron. So makes me curious if he could be responsible for her disappearance! Grrrrr this case makes me angry and on edge!

  2. merry says:

    Blink, The guy above, doc, is the tattoo parlor guy who did Ron’s tattoos. I emailed him on youtube to come here. I’ve been emailing him about the #72 post on here since I saw the post for him to see it. He knows what Ron said that day in the tattoo parlor and I’ve been trying to get him to tell what Ron said that day.

  3. sunshine says:

    Ola sounds like a snob! This is life! The world is not full of preppy perfect people. Check out historical information contained in the Bible. People have been the same since the beginning of time. Sex, drugs, homosexuality, beastiality, etc and so on. People have done everything horrific and unimagineable! Come on. You act like you’re smart. Maybe it’s just an act. These children are being raised by these heavy drug using, lying, pedophiles. That’s just insanely wrong….Children & Family Services where are you? That social worker should be fired!!!! I’m sure they have been left alone a lot by Ronald! and Misty as of 4 mos. ago. (New girlfriend turned bride)
    Birds of a feather flock together…..They are all users and anything goes there! It’s an inside job! Who enters a locked door (per ronald)props the door open, turns on the light goes across the length of the trailer w/o making a sound, wakes up Haleigh to lift her into his/her arms, she doesn’t make a sound and there are 2 other people in the room. No one wakes up. Carries her thru to the end of the trailer and out the door. Misty just coincidentally wakes to go to the bathroom at right around the time the “perv” (Ronald) comes home. B.S. They will all be wearing the striped pant suit soon, sharing a home with people just like them. Ha!

  4. babyj says:

    I agree with you Sunshine. It is almost totally impossible to enter a “locked” door and take a child with anyone waking up. I am pretty sure that Haleigh would have made some sort of noise if someone she didn’t know what taking her which would have woke up Jr. and Misty. That’s why I feel that her story is B.S.

  5. babyj says:

    I am pretty sure that Haleigh would have made some sort of noise if someone she didn’t know **was** taking her

  6. vicki says:

    What if Crystal is behind all of this,& had someone go in the tralier & take her.Also I think teeny new bride was jealous of little haleigh,those twp make me sick getting married come on,who in the hell would even think of that @ such a diffcult period in your life.put all 3 of them behind bars see who brakes first,mom dearest or daddy little girl or the one who lost custody of her baby.she never stood a chance & as far J.R. goes he should be removed that situation.

  7. babyj says:

    That’s what I said in a previous post. I think that Crystal may have something to do with it and that is why all of the sudden she is wanting custody! Then if and when the judge were to grant her custody Haleigh may show up just fine and dandy! Kind of an odd situation if it were true but that is something that I think is a possibility. Who knows at this point they need to quit focusing on the marriage and the custody battle and focus on the main heart breaking situation that there is a missing 5 year old girl out there and god knows where she is at this point.

  8. Kypress says:

    You have to be out of your mind to even concider that Chrystal had anything to do with her DD missing. What Parent in their right mind would Get married (after his woman was laying up with another man)and tell the media to stop following them (when they have been running info on Haleigh everyday), running off to the fair to have a good time, While Haleigh is? For God sake I would be bowing down to the media to help me. The fair could wait until next year. Ron and Misty are just too happy. What if it where your child? would you be running off playing or would you be trying to find your child? She isn’t even mine or any relation and I am still searching for this baby because she reminds me of my own.

    I personally feel this is a plot. The BIG STORY TO GET RICH OFF OF. Give it a few more months we will be hearing about a book or movie. I will be going to meet with Chrystal today. I proud that she was able to stand up to a controlling man. I am sorry she never had money to fight for her children.

  9. vicki says:

    Kypress,what do you mean you are going to meet with Crystal? &she never really stood up to a controling man intill it was to late,(not to late for, but for child she) she in mind should of spoke out long ago.the children took the abuse she used to take she ran & left the children to defend for themselves.

  10. martha says:

    ola—i live out in the boonies now in texas. i have been a feminist for my adult life— i am 58. i completely agree with you on the way women are treated and certain good ole boy life styles. doesnt have to be just in the south though. the other people that just cant believe your comments have certainly led a sheltered life. male dominated society— control, control, control any way they can. you have a right to add what you have seen or been told. i see guys scoping out young girls all the time—doesnt the world agree that that is a “natural” thing for a man to do?

  11. cybergod says:

    Ola’s comments are not TOO far out there (well OK the stuff about
    shards of glass is pretty nutty). But the older man/young girl
    Patriarchal social structure she speaks of DOES exist, not just in the South but, for example, in Mormon society as well. Remember the YFZ compound investigation from last year?

    Misty’s slackjawed demeanor simply cannot hide what happened. She either was NOT there when the baby was taken, or she knows exactly
    who took Haleigh, and why. Either way the girl is LYING.

    Retaliation for Ron Cummings’ likely snitching against his drug
    associates….that’s my theory. Mr. Cummings probably realizes
    this, and knows that Misty is/was involved also. That would explain why the guy seems like a sleepwalking zombie with his monotone
    speech patterns, etc.

  12. Krissy says:

    To comment on #79, that was crystal texting on her phone, not Misty. Crystal in the bio mom. Also, there is a video out on Ron interveiwed outside of the tatoo place. He told the reporter it is no ones business what he does in his personal life. IT HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH RON!!!!

  13. Molly says:

    comment 95: Ethel, I seem to remember that the school bus driver
    remembers, RC, picking Haleigh up that day. Rumor has it that Granny was supposed to be watching the kids (according to custody papers), she was suppose to be overseeing the children, could that be why she said she picked them up? Three grandmothers and they had a teenager
    watching the children, can you believe that one? There was R.C’s
    mother, R.C’s grandmother, that is two grandmothers, and the third
    is Crystal’s mom, she lived a way’s away and poor thing, maybe, she
    didn’t have any choice as to watch the kids or not. The two granny’s
    were a hop, skip and a jump from the trailor, they couldn’t have stayed until the kids fell asleep? My opinions.

  14. vicki says:

    Has anyone heard anything on haleigh? on N/G all she is covering is the Anthony I used to like her but she is making mad along with jane.

  15. Jessica says:

    I want to know why DCF thought it was a more suitable option to put a disabled little girl in the custody of a man who gets turned on by young girls. I’ve been saying that since day 1, when they were talking about his 17 year old girlfriend that the family said he’s been with ‘for quite a while’. Also, how about the ‘how the f*** you let me kid get stole b****?’ distinctly on the 911 tape? I doubt that this was a stranger abduction, because there are none of the signals of that.

  16. EyesWIDEOpen says:

    Has anyone considered the possibility they married so quickly to be able to exercise the refusal to testify against a spouse?

    “The Spousal Testimonial Privilege
    The spousal testimonial privilege (a.k.a. “spousal immunity”) can be used to prevent any party in a criminal case from calling the defendant’s spouse to testify against the defendant about any topic. Under the U.S. Federal Rules of Evidence, this privilege attaches to the witness spouse; that is, the defendant’s spouse can refuse to testify against the defendant, but the defendant may not prevent his spouse from testifying against him or her.

    This privilege does not survive the marriage; that is, after divorce, there is no right to refuse to testify against a defendant ex-spouse. This privilege may be restricted to testimony about events that occurred after the marriage, although in some jurisdictions it may apply to testimony about events occurring prior to the marriage (giving rise to a questionable incentive for an individual to marry a potential witness in order to prevent the potential witness from testifying against the individual).”

    I’ve thought a few times this has to be the case. It’s going to become a round-robin with these folks… leading everyone around and the truth never being found.

    It does not supercede “prior to the marriage” and does not apply against crimes against a child so if that was it they are SOL

  17. EyesWIDEOpen says:

    OK, I did read where it could supercede the life of a marriage (both prior to nuptuals and post-divorce), but hadn’t found anything relating to crimes against children.

    I dunno – if my child was missing, I don’t think proceeding with a wedding would be tops on my list. Actually, I know it would be at the very bottom.

  18. Mikayla says:

    I just have one thing to say. Ola, you are full of s**t and must be suffering from sleep depravation. I’ve lived in the south my whole life and have also traveled all over the states and I find your post dumb and very insulting. I have also lived in Phoenix and found it to be one of the most uninviting places in the states. Talk about a bunch of weirdos. I felt like I was living in a foriegn country. The locals their are weird and some of the rudest people I have ever met and I have traveled to over 30 states.My husband and I quit our jobs there on our lunch hours to get the hell out of that city. It’s a pretty place to visit but living there is hell and I’m not talking about the tempertures.
    Meanwhile, I hope and Pray that Haleigh is home safe and sound soon.

    Mikayla, cant vouche for weirdos in specific states, but the “we quit on our lunch hours” cracked me up

  19. Mikayla says:

    It’s the truth B. Our phone was ringing off the wall with both our bosses when we unplugged it to pack it up!

  20. vicki says:

    I have a hard time thinking uneducated white trailer thrash can fool the authority,where haleigh??????????

  21. MiKayla says:

    Did Cobra get arressted and if so, what for??

    yes, false imprisonment

  22. vicki says:

    I bet in one year or less the truth will come out Rod & Misty will get into a drag out fight & one will come.do you agree?

    I hope it does not take that long, but yes, I do.

  23. Kleat says:

    I don’t know how ‘ping back’ works, but this seems to be a thread that could discuss what might, to knowledgeable people, be a revealing look at the ‘lie detector’ process first hand, questions, rambling offerings of a person being tested, and all for only about 3 main questions.

    The almost 20 minute video is released of Misty taking her polygraph link here:


  24. Kleat says:

    Early in that video, Misty gives a pre-amble to the night’s ‘missing child’ scenario in which she almost with a bit of disgust or complaining tone, talks about how early in the day, Haleigh insisted that she needed to change clothes, so they had to go home, let her change clothes to some other outfit she wanted to wear for the day.

    Note Misty’s demeanour towards the child– is it my imagination or is she being a bit ‘snippy’ about the child’s actions earlier in the day she went missing?

  25. silverspnr says:

    Kleat- #123-4
    Thanks for posting the link for that video of Misty on another case thread.

    Yes. Misty seems quite angry that Haleigh wanted to wear a certain/special outfit to school. “We had to go all the way… blahblahblah ..to get it”.
    I’m sorry. I must have missed how this interfered with her busy schedule of sleeping the day away.

    How about the blanket-washing story. “The lady [as if] doth protest too much, methinks.”

    Sorry to say it, but I have no doubt that Misty didn’t think twice about letting Haleigh sleep in a urine-stained blanket, regardless of whether it interfered with her favorite (legal AND illegal) pastimes.

    And how about that TIME LINE.

  26. BrendaT says:

    Kleat – that Misty video was fascinating. FWIW I too thought Misty seemed annoyed and definitely “fed up” about Haleigh having what I assume was a hissy fit about what she wanted to wear. Otherwise she seemed so composed and pleased with herself.

    PS shouldn’t say it but I caught it from the off topic post and I thank you for it. I’d have missed it for a while and I was very curious.

  27. oneshot says:

    how messed up was that!

    thanks for posting her polygraph vid link. wondered what went into something like that….didn’t know the computer actually states, “false statement” – thought the operator had to read the strip or something (like an ekg strip!!!) – so much for what I knew about it, huh? so, thanks for the education.

    i wouldn’t interpret her opening discussion about haleigh’s outfit/redo of outfit as one of anger, i thought it was simply at this point in the process she started settling in, & she let out a big sigh…she seemed very nervous…she even cried her own pity party a bit later, “oh, i’m only 17, this is too hard for someone 17″..LOL right..doing drugs is soo much easier than a polygraph; someone needs to remind her: do the crime, you’ll do the time. it’s too bad she didn’t get jailed for obstruction earlier in this case; you can see she’d have buckled.

    silverspnr’s assessment on her timeline jives with mine: sheesh.

    she’s quick to point out her brother Hank’s proclivities for pills & molesting her, and to add cousin Joe into that mix. she gives her brother up for the stolen gun. glad the LEOs are chasing those avenues, if only to rule them out.

    i noticed how she brings him into the story earlier that afternoon before Haleigh went missing, as he’d “come over, brought his kids, they played together out front” but she doesn’t know times at all – not even approximate times, like “oh, brother Hank/Tommy came over at about 4pm, left about 6pm b/c his wife gets home from work then & she brought mcdonald’s that night & they usually eat dinner at 6pm” or something of that nature. too general, & too specific make me suspicious, especially when the same person has mixed the specific and totally vague together on the same day. who does that? right, no one. either you’re an “approximator” or you’re a “stickler”.

    another example of this: notice how she’s able to pinpoint the exact time ron returns home: 3:24am. and the exact time they called 911: 3:27am. (if i heard correctly). but as for everything else, VAGUE.

    i’m tending to agree with ppl who are of the opinion that she was not home, that she either was partying & brought haleigh out, & when she was tripping on drugs, haleigh was taken advantage of & murdered. or, perhaps she was out on her own & had left both the kids alone, & her cousin, her brother, or someone they were with who’s also a pedophile/molester/murderer, came in & took haleigh.

    then, you have to consider that she was keeping ron and everyone from re-enacting that night. she’s street wise, & isn’t going to let it out that she left the kids alone, or left to party, or let someone get even with ron or herself by taking haleigh. she didn’t/doesn’t want to get charged with aggravated child abouse/neglect.

    just wish the LEOs would lock HER up for a while. get her squawking & talking, for haleigh’s sake.

  28. Keefer says:

    Okay, want to apologize for this, but SOMEONE had to say it….
    Could the weekend drug/sex thing be….UGLY COPING?!? Sorry Blink.

  29. [...] Sources tell blinkoncrime they are close to making an arrest in her murder. [...]

  30. McKafferty says:

    If you watch the video of the lie detector test with Misty. When they asked her if Joe was her brother she said “No, my cousin.” The machine obviously shows it says FALSE STATEMENT. So how can that even be accurate when everyone knows that Joe is her cousin and not her brother. What she was saying then was true, but the computer said false. This makes it appear that there is a problem with the lie detector machine.

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