Haleigh Cummings Case: What Does Misty Cummings Know?

Posted by BOC Staff | Amber Alert,Crystal Sheffield,Haleigh Cummings,Misty Croslin,Ron Cummings | Monday 23 March 2009 5:06 am

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Satsuma, FL- Misty Croslin Cummings story has more holes than Leonard Padilla’s rolodesk. I have been hesitant to report on this issue because, like all of you, my readers, I want the emphasis to be on finding Haleigh.  However, as the updates to the case roll in, the emails I receive from those on the scene and in the area pile up, there is only one logical conclusion: MISTY IS LYING. What exactly she is lying about is the big mystery.

At their recent appearance on the Today Show, Meredith Viera asked her directly why her story has changed. Her answer: “I Don’t Know.” Recently, Blink on Crime brought you the interview of “Cobra Staubs” Bounty Hunter (minus the hat) extroirdinaire on the scene in Satsuma. Could this be the “White Boy Greg” Cobra is referring to?

Greg White  

Greg A White, a convicted sex offender with addresses in Florida and Georgia, has a prior conviction for Sex Battery to a minor and absconding. (Editor’s Update 3/23 :Although this individual’s profile has been sent to me by several locals as a possibility, he has been ruled out as the “white Boy Greg” in question) 

Blink on Crime has received this information from local sources.

Check back for updates to this developing story. 



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  1. [...] we are presented with Misty Croslin Cummings, who’s story does not seem to be passing muster. What does Misty know about the disappearance of Haleigh and why is she not telling it? Share [...]

  2. Tan says:

    Where is greg White at the moment? Has he been questioned? Was his victim/victims a child under 12 or older?

  3. Gigi says:

    so, this could be the individual that Junior refers to when he says that a black man dressed in black took his sissy?? perhaps misty was “entertaining” this gentleman in the trailer and haleigh woke up and saw something. from day one, i have never believed misty’s story . she doesn’t seem to be intelligent enough to realize that her story has holes in it. good job blink! again, you are ahead of the league in sourcing out information and sharing it. i sure hope LE reads your site.

  4. Red Ranger says:

    It keeps dwelling in my mind that MC’s inconsistencies are minor and may be explained away due to nervousness. If she were having an affair with anyone I can see her not wanting to be open about that with anyone. She may view confirming an affair as tantamount to squandering her meal ticket.

    It is equal to having a website that appears to be justice oriented and having to admit that one of your moderators is a convicted sexual miscreant with children. You would do everything in your power to stop the free flow of information about it. The big fear is eviction from the doughnut shop. Somehow, doing the right thing is sacrificed to maintain roofs and regular meals.

    I am unsure that MC is involved in HC’s disappearance. I am pretty sure that the whole truth is still packed awy neatly, waiting to be revealed. Now, turn the heater up and who wants a pork chop?

  5. Gigi says:

    don’t eat pork, red ranger. how bout a non-fat, no sugar smoothie? it might make this case easier to swallow.

  6. Indy says:

    I agree Misty’s inconsistencies are minor.

    I prefer Crystal’s. You could drive a Mack truck through her stories.
    She lost custody because Haleigh missed 212 doctor’s appts? Her excuse: Ron wouldn’t let her get a license. If the appts were missed when sthey were together, Ron would be just as at fault as she was. I think she missed them when she had custody of the children. She claimed to have gotten her driver’s license when she left Ron, so why is she using this lame excuse.

    As for the “balck guy” that COBRA came up with. Who, in this case has ties to both Florida and Georgia? Crystal.

    Is anyone investigating Crystal, her family, and her fiance and friends in this disappearance? She has the most to gain by taking this child from the legal custodian.

  7. dddeerma says:

    LE has got to be investigating everybody, but the only two who really act guilty are Ron and his childbride Misty. It may be only that Ron thinks Misty knows something and doesn’t want to admit it. Whoa, blink. Thanks for the reporting. IS anybody talking about where this White man is?

  8. Kleat says:

    How do you know what the inconsistencies are, Indy? There are no transcripts of the interviews or detailed analysis and conclusions for all the questions of the polygraphs. This is the person who was there when the one child (not two children) went missing. The mother was not there.

  9. Greg says:

    “White Boy Greg” is not white! Stupid nickname. COBRA sounds like Leo the liar. White probably skipped on Cobra’s bail.

    Did the police do a drug test on Ron and Misty?
    The keystone Florida police have no clue on what happened! Geraldo said,”Ron Cummings was stoned when he interviewed him.” Believe me Geraldo is a expert on Stoned. :-)

    I remember a Dragnet episode were the pot heads left the baby in the bathtub. Probably what happened in this case!

  10. Kimm says:

    From the beginning this girl misty has turned my stomach and the father..I watch them cry and it appears to be fake..IMO! I feel misty didn’t want to be stuck at home with a sick kid all day. We know with turner’s syndrome she missed alot of school.I also get thefeeling that misty’s air conditioner was broken aka the repair man there that day..She stated she was washing haleighs blanket i feel she propped the screen door open due to the heat of the dryer an forgot about it until she returned home right before ron got home fom work.

  11. Indy says:

    If there are no transcripts of the interviews or analylsis, why is everyone reporting inconsistencies? At least we HAVE Crystal’s inconsistencies on tape.

    I look at motive. Who has a bettter motive in a child disappearance than a non-custodial parent?

  12. Gigi says:

    kimm: good point about leaving the door propped open so the heat of the dryer would escape the trailer. there is something very suspicious about misty’s story and the fact that she keeps changing the small details. it makes me leary of her story.

  13. Sharon K says:

    Misty’s story includes a “not so nice cousin” as Misty stated in no uncertain terms, who was there visiting at the trailer that day. I know it was said he was from another state and investigated, and came up clean regarding Haleigh, However, on NG the other night, when Ronald was interviewed with his Mom, he stated this guy was not at the house that day. What’s up with that? Wasn’t he the one who was supposed to have had a fight with Ronald over a gun that was found in the gully? Doesn’t Ronald have a record with several charges of “drug involvement”, although always ended up with a not guilty. He also admitted to having dated other young teenage girls before, Misty not the first. Wow, what a guy, and great Daddy material. What is social services thinking? I hope they are keeping a close eye on this little brother. I have a feeling that Misty was involved either directly or indirectly and she’s scared.

  14. mamacrazy30 says:

    oh my, this case is getting nastier by the minute. where is Haleigh?

  15. Tan says:

    Greg:…Um haven’t you ever heard of a big person called tiny? or a tall person called shorty?? It is a form of humor. Therefore the black man with the last name of White is called “White Guy Greg” ….DUH…I’m pretty sure everyone he knows calles him that and I’m pretty sure Cobra didn’t stroll into town and start handing out nicknames.

  16. cheryl says:

    instead of all you conspiracy theorists laying blame on the 1st black guy to enter the picture, or a cousin, or the mother-think logically. who was there? do you really think misty and ron would cover for this guy? do you really think crystal could have pulled this off right under all their noses? the only time i’ve noticed any real life in misty is when she was trying to blame her cousin “joe”. and then it just seemed to be relief that she had somebody to blame.

  17. Blink says:

    Cheryl, I reported the facts. I dont even know what a conspiracy theorist is. I never said Ron and Misty covered for Greg Page. I said they were aware and admiited to him and I stand behind that.

  18. cheryl says:

    to blink, i was referring to some of the posters-not you. thanks for the updates.

  19. einstein says:

    Has anybody pondered the possibilty that the abductor of haleigh,may have arrived on bicycle(very quiet),then used a bumpkey to gain entry to the backdoor,snatched haleigh,drove away a short distance to an awaiting parked car or van,after all from what i read,the scent went cold at the r.r. crossing and this would account for that.I’ve heard alot of theories about the use of a boat on the st.john river etc.,but that seems too complicated and labor intensive.Other than the possibility of ron and misty involvement these are the only pragmatic theories that i would deem possible.

  20. Staci says:

    GREG: Cobra didn’t make up the name “WHITE BOY GREG”, that is his alias….what he, himself goes by in the community!!! Blink, I am enjoying your site, wish I would have found it sooner, GOOD JOB!!

  21. Kat Reed says:

    does anyone know if ronald and misty are living together now? i think crystal had something to do with this she stands to gain the most.it doesn’t matter what anyone in the family was doin’ a little 5 yr old girl is missing everyone should focus on that.

  22. Shamby says:

    i am so sick of this, haliegh have not been found rather alive or dead. i dont no why is taking this people so long to solve this crime. Cobra promise the world very soon you will hear something. well we are waiting. what the crap is going on.

  23. Pat says:

    Greg said in the interview that his father is white & his mother is black. LE questioned him & he was cleared. Misty’s cousin was questioned & they do not think he is involved, but they have not cleared him. As far as I know, everyone was told they passed, but none of the family has been cleared.

  24. Zelda says:

    I like what Sharon K. commented on March 23rd. The way these people speak (especially Ron) and carry themselves…..it appears that these kids were doomed from the beginning. Dad surely isn’t Dad of the year…..with girlfriends who are merely children themselves. It could have been anyone associated to these two someway somehow that took that little girls. It comes with the territory if you know what I mean.

  25. joyce says:

    I watch the nancy grace show and i was wondering if yhey ever found out if misty was at home the night in question

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