Casey/Caylee Anthony Case: Casey and Baez Due in Court Who Has The Loot?


 Judge Rules on Motion

Orlando, Fl– It was announced yesterday afternoon that Jose Baez, defense counsel to murderous tot mom Casey Anthony will be in court this morning at 10:30am EST to address the motion brought by the Prosecution to uncover the source of funding in Casey’s defense. 

The hearing will be live, and a live feed can be found here .


Baezcasey court

Since the announcement of the State’s Motion, several legal analysts have weighed in on the signfigance to the murder case against Casey. While opinions vary greatly as to support of the motion within the legal community, one conclusion seems to be unanimous: It will be a critical blow to the defense if it is granted.


Show Us The Money

The Motion to disclose the funding for the defense is based on the potential for a conflict of interest on the part of Jose Baez, in the course of his representation of his Client. The premise that Mr. Baez could be influenced by prolonging the case and taking it to trial to increase the market value of his Client’s “story” has been the subject of a past Florida Bar Inquiry, and a currently pending complaint.

In the event Baez is managing the assets of his client, the State has presented it’s fear of appellate issues and a possible mistrial scenario in his clients pauper to princess status.


 Recently, through the release of discovery documents including statements of two private detectives hired by both Casey Anthony and her attorney, Blinkoncrime uncovered at least one possibility: ABC. Baez attended a dinner following his visit to alert Casey to the possible findings of her daughters remains in jail, at the Ritz Carlton Grande Lakes, where several other members of Camp Casey enjoyed a weekend stay on Kaitlyn Folmers’, producer of Good Morning America, tab.

The State is agreeing to have a videotaped closed door hearing on the issue and is not seeking to interfere with tot mom’s counsel of choice: ALL EIGHT OF THEM, but unless the judge seals the proceeding or suppresses it until the completion of the criminal trial, the hearing will be subject to Public Information requests as provided in the Sunshine Rules of the State of Florida.

Motion is Heard  

State’s Attorney Jeff Ashton, began by restating his argument  and citing  a potential conflict of interest outweighs the governments potential to not be permitted to inquire as to the source of the funds, in this case the alleged funding coming from a case in which the defendent committed a bank robbery.  He adds that Casey Anthony’s affidavit and handwritten comments clearly indicate that she waives any privlege or confidentiality in this matter, in essence, a form of agreement to the inquiry of sorts.

Jose Baez responds by to Mr. Ashton’ s arguments that in short, it is really a defense tactic to view their strategy, view their experts, and an effort to see if they can “outspend” her. He went on to say they are on the verge of 6th ammendment and right to due process infingement on the behalf of his client Casey Anthony.

Jeff Ashton shot up and objected loudly and vehemently to the fact that Baez scolds the prosecution to worry about getting an actual conviction instead of post conviction failures.

Judge Strickland followed up with asserting he had some questions for Baez  before he considered the matter further. Baez cut him off and asserted that if the judge has questions it would need to be done in camera, meaning no sound. 

Baez agreed there are 2 retainer agreements, one with he and one with Linda Kenney Baden. Judge Strickland asked if he minded dropping off copies of those agreements. Baez agreed. When Strickland asked if there are any outside sources contributing to expenses and outside funding, Baez objected in terms of confidentiality, and agreed to answer in camera. Baez then reminds the court he had an original agreement that superceeded the current agreement he may no longer have.

Casey Anthony Weighs IN

Casey answered questions from the Judge. She agreed that she was aware of what she signed and there are no rights agreements existing between her and Jose Baez. Jeff Ashton requested that whatever documents are submitted by the defense be sealed.

Judge In Camera Session

After Casey and team moved outside chambers, the sound of her shackled ankles was heard throughout the courtroom and amplified by audio feeds.

Ultimately, Judge Strickland concluded that there did not appear to be a conflict as it was presented to him and that he had satisfied his burden to protect Casey Anthony’s rights to a conflict free counsel in the defense of her murder charges. The Prosecutions request for a hearing into the funding of Casey Anthony defense is denied. Prior to adjourning Baez  to poke the prosecution in the eye one last time:

..I would like to request that the Judge remind the state that what was said in camera stays in camera..”

Jeff Ashton immediately objected and snapped back:

..Your honor the State does not need to be reminded of our Ethical Obligations and..” 

Judge Strickland replied to both Baez and Ashton:

..You know what, this is getting old. Wer’e done here.”

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  1. Gigi says:

    it is about time that someone probed into the funding of this team of “legal eagles”. casey anthony should be suffering under the representation given to 99% of all criminals awaiting trial: a public defender with a huge caseload and no specialists to provide expertise. if she were a black woman with no means of visible support, she’d be lost in the criminal justice system with a public defender and no hope of a not guilty verdict. i am, indeed, curious as to how the anthony family can afford this team of lawyers.

  2. Red Ranger says:

    Casey has not been convicted yet of anything. I wonder if any monies made in advance of a conviction would have to be returned post conviction? I know the supreme court struck down the Son of Sam laws but Florida rewrote them in a different way and they have not been tried federally yet, to my knowledge.

    If JB is found to have commited any wrongdoing to finance his team, I wonder what his next career will be? Will new BFF Geraldo remember his name after the trial? Will he be a correspondant on Geraldo at Large? Today promises to be an interesting day. I also give Kudos to Mark Nejame for getting the ball rolling on this with his legal response to JB’s request for all the personal information of the TES volunteers. Mark is a rock star in the Orlando legal world.

  3. DianeB says:

    Interesting. What prompted the move to the back room was a question about payment of legal expenses to Mr Big Ol’ Doublechin, not his retainer fees.

    Jose had to open his kimono, but he did it behind closed doors. Given the cost of brain bleach, we should probably be thankful.

    >lol, post of the day, Diane B


  4. KJ says:

    I didn’t hear the exchange at the end after JB asked for the reminder. What did he say to the prosecution to get them so angry? That exchange was so childish but I couldn’t hear what JB said to him? Did you hear? Is this what we could be in store for in October. Pretty heated if you ask me.

  5. tina says:

    well Gigi we will have to wait on this one, i too am courious as to how she is paying for this circus, i do so hope they find her guilty as charged on 1st degree murder and not give her the death penalty but life in the prison system in the general population, give her some time to think about what she has done but even that may not give her any concern, nothing has so far. she is a cold caculating murdering do not even want to call her a human, she gives that word a very bad taste

  6. dddeerma says:

    If Casey is selling photos and videos that were taken prior to the crime, couldn’t she use the proceeds to fund her defense? As long as Baez is not involved in the contract to sell, I don’t see what the problem is. As long as Casey is aware where her money is coming from and where it is going, how could she later claim a conflict of interest? She is one sick puppy, and Baez is one opportunistic puppy: all this talk of “innocent” is upsetting to the stomach. Whatever happened to not guilty. I wish Baez would quit playing to the press while accusing the State of doing just that.

  7. chitown lady says:

    What a bunch of mumbo jumbo….Its just amazing that she gets 8 lawyers for NOTHING? Yeah right….I don’t know what to think….it would be interesting to find out exactly how they will be paid…..Not to mention all the specialists….Something isn’t right hhere…I just pray that prosecution is holding a smoking gun…I have a very strange feeling about this whole thing….And for the record….I am geting a tad sick of Nancy Grace’s coverage lately.
    So what, tot mom went to a halloween party and made out with other women. yeah so…..Caylee was alive and well….I not for Casey in any way, but come on now Nancy who cares about a bunch of pictures that will most likely ever see the light in the trial…Seems she is running outa things to say about the case… So NANCY GIVE IT A REST !

  8. Kleat says:

    So I want to know why Judge Strickland backed out on the requirement to produce the initial retainer agreement, when Baez could have seen the potential magnitude in the ‘tot mom never reports her missing, kidnapped baby and it takes a month for family to figure that it was time to do that’.

    The original retainer had a deposit required, so was this part of Casey’s premeditation to an event that would need the appropriate council, or was there a connection to some foundation for the ‘wrongly accused’ pretty young mothers who lose babies, or was the note in the journal about ‘surrounding myself with good people’ mean more than the Fusion Folks? Maybe a wealthy elderly benefactor who was not on Casey’s ‘ping’ list, but with whom, might have had a completely separate relationship from her regular communications, maybe someone who even provided her with an anonymous cell phone and hotel room. Hmmm…. far fetched, yes, but there could be a wealthy ‘client’ of Casey’s out there, the whole ‘young crowd’ could be a sham.

    Speaking of ‘Journals’, I came across a video clip of Cindy saying in July to media cameras, that they were going through all of Casey’s journals, and trying to put the puzzle pieces together, so please if anyone knows anything, give the info to ‘her’ so she can put the puzzle together. Could Cindy have ripped out pages? If not, why would this journal even be found in the home?? Why not just accidentally drop it in the washing machine too!

  9. Suzee says:

    Well How nice CA and JB looked this morining all color coordinated and everything. Whats up with that? I just had to comment on that. Tell me it is a coincidence Please

  10. Annals says:

    In documents submitted prior to this hearing, Casey testified that Jose Baez does not have her permission to sell her story; And now: The request for a hearing into the funding of the defense has been denied. OK, so; what can we infer about the defense funding? Is it correct to assume that it is through one of these 3 means?:
    1 – She has an agent, who is not one of the defense attorneys, salling her “story” (pictures and video) and uses the proceeds to pay lawyers.
    2- Some deep pocketed person or corporation is funding the defense philanthropicaly.
    3 – All the lawyers involved in the defense are working pro bono and are also personally covering all expenses.

    Is this correct? I am asking this question in earnest.

  11. Kleat says:

    … the heated exchange ‘closing’ of today’s hearing… words spoken after Ashton’s final statement to the judge, did Baez say ‘I’m sorry (couldn’t hear it) with the response by Ashton ‘No Your Not!’??? Baez apologized, pushing the poker in just a tad further. Wow, no love loss between those two litigators, Ashton turning his back on Baez, Baez puffing out his chest so far he might not have been able to button his jacket!

  12. lee says:

    I want to know who is paying for this defense. Three lawyers, Strickland and the court reporter where all in the meeting behind clothes doores. They will all tell at least one person. I hope it leaks. I hate to say it, but if she was like anyone else should would have the death penalty.

  13. Red Ranger says:

    I only heard the judge questioning about if there was an agreement between Casey and JB for JB to be paid by selling her story. He did not question on whether LA, CA, or GA had been granted story, image etc. rights and were using that money to pay Baez. The question still remains, How are all these attorneys being paid?

    The judge asked Casey a few questions. Based on the judges earlier statement about the truth and Miss Anthony I can only assume that all answers were strangers to the truth.

    Did CA, LA, or GA show up?

  14. Kleat says:

    lee, remember Casey’s own words in text over photos of herself, ‘I’ve got tricks you haven’t even dreamed of’ (paraphrasing… ). We’ll see, IF Casey indeed had planned to murder her child, she may have also planned to have cash on hand for a retainer, and beyond, to a way to ensure a plump defense fund. It’s a sorry state of affairs if someone must have this much defense budget to have a fair trial. Maybe it’s not a fair trial she is interested in, and maybe justice can’t be well served for the rich and those who can tap rich resources.

  15. Kleat says:

    Blink, what does today’s decision mean for the Florida Bar investigation?

  16. Deb says:

    Chitown Lady: I agree with you about Nancy Grace! I used to watch her show all the time, and now it is just re-hashing the same old stuff, or trying to make every little bit of information seem like “BOMBSHELL” news~!!
    I thought the new pics of Casey were gratuitous considering the fact that Caylee was probably with Cindy at the time. Nancy is just grasping by suggesting that MAYBE, just PERHAPS, it could happen that Caylee was in the trunk chloroformed at the time of this party… maybe maybe maybe.
    I really wanted to find out about how the defense is getting paid. Too bad that didn’t happen. There are some huge bucks still being made, look at the NEW “CAYLEE” boat! It’s all too much~! I can’t wait until this trial is over!

  17. Suzee says:

    Annals: I would guess that your number one theory is probably your best bet. This likely scenario or similiar has also been suggested by one of NG unleased lawyers. Oh I do hope it leaks.

    Anybody know what happened to the rumor of the “found” missing diary pages or was that just purely rumor.

  18. Snowy says:

    Wow….these two (Baez and Casey) are being coached. See that attitude there? Arrogance de jeur. And they really seem to get under Ashton’s skin, too. All color co-ordinated and everything… The prosecution better take note – looks like the defense is up to bat…

  19. Snowy says:

    Annals – Casey apparently has retainer agreements with Baez, Baden, and PI Casey (apparently this guy enjoys making videos). Baez’ new spokeswoman has already stated that Casey has pocketed cash from the license sale of several videos, etc… The third party could then of course be PI Casey. Or even the Caylee Foundation set up by George and Cindy – the foundation just funded a boat for Kid Finders (SS Caylee Marie) – maybe it can legally fund Casey’s defense. Excellent back door funding.

    Also it seems to me her defense funding could be traceable for anyone feeling ambitious. Couldn’t ABC or one of these other media networks (Nancy Grace) who has paid out for licensing simply reveal who they brokered the deal with? And then that person could be traced to the next and the next, etc.. in a Padilla style daisy chain…

  20. Gigi says:

    i believe they have an agent working on the family’s behalf. someone is supporting george and cindy. they are not working so how are they maintaining their lifestyle? we know the taxpayers are paying for casey’s room and board but someone keeps her aflush with snacks and treats. the whole situation is sickening, ghoulish. that poor baby was murdered by her mother and has no respect, even in death.

  21. Greg the mongoose says:

    Cindy has a Rich brother that is selling videos and pictures to the media to pay for Casey’s defense. So what! Better than the state of Florida paying the bill.

  22. cecybeans says:

    It just irritates me no end that the only remaining vestiges of a young life so cruelly ended could be used to finance the defense of her killer. I don’t give a rat’s behind whether it is being done directly or indirectly by the Anthony family or any of their agents. It’s just a complete travesty.

  23. Gigi says:

    #23 i think we are all with you on that opinion. couldn’t have said it better myself.

  24. Kleat says:

    Notice that Baez took the podium to announce to the media cameras that his client ‘is innocent’ and the state objected to the need for him to do this. The state never said Casey was guilty or used the platform for their cause. Baez was scolded a tad by the judge and the judge also told him that this hearing was in part to the benefit of his client.

  25. lee says:

    Dominic Casey admitted to getting a tip to look where they found caylee’s body. Someone on Nancy Grace said it may have been Lee Anthony. Is there anyone out there trying to find this out?

  26. KJ says:

    On NG last night the attorney for ZFG said that the P.I. testified that they received a tip in November on the location of the body. He also stated that someone told him he believes Lee is the one who gave the tip of the body being in the woods. Anyone else hear about that?

  27. cecybeans says:

    In part 5 of Hoover’s videotaped testimony (wftv versions), he is asked by Morgan to guess who Dominic Casey may have been speaking with on the phone who gave him the tip. Hoover indicates he does not believe it was George or Cindy, and though reluctant to guess, finally says it might be Lee – qualifying that answer with “low probability” or words to that effect several times. He states it is his best guess but is reluctant to commit to it. When pressed by Morgan, Hoover says that it is because he later saw Lee’s lawyer on TV saying that he had already viewed the videotape taken of the search that day even though it had not yet been released to the media.

  28. westsidehudson says:

    Has there been any movement in the investigation from the BAR on the whole Todd Black issue? Or is that a moot point now that Strickland made his decision last Wednesday?

    As far as I know its still open. The state did not even mention the issue of Todd Black specifically, I dont think they could really until granted a hearing on the disclosure issue. If Mac is telling the truth and he has a retainer agreement with Casey as he says, I would say the state and the judge may find Baez testimony a mistatement. Their has been no withdrawl or ruling on his pro hac vice that I am aware of so if the agreement was made null, I believe he would need to withdraw his pending admission request.

  29. misskatie says:

    I can see that Mr. Bez is acting more professionel with his client in court. The flirting back and forth has stopped. I am glad that he is now acting like he should have in the begining.
    I see also that casey looks a little scared . I would be too if I had so many people testifying against me. R.I.P caylee

  30. misskatie says:

    yes uncovering the big mystery as to who is funding her defense with the dream team is quite a mystery. Does baez not look worried to you. His demeanor when they were questioning her was somewhat different than in previous times. I think that the truth will come out!! when so!! they will be in a world of trouble!! we all know the anthonys have not worked since last july. so where’s this money coming from? surely lee doesnt make enough to carry them all. I wonder if morgan still lives there and is sharing expenses.?? alot of what if’s huh.

  31. misskatie says:


    I do hope that the bar does a close investigation of all the parties involved in defending her. I cant see where she is getting funds . She was poor as a church mouse when she began her jail life!! everything she owned mostly was throught theft to family members. It’s so sad everytime I see caylees face up there. so so sad that no one took as much time and effort to care for her safety as they are doing for the safety and release of casey. this whole story is so sad and so tragic.

  32. misskatie says:

    I would like to thank blink for all his hard work in bringing up information and updates. You are very professionel and informed !! God bless you.

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