Haleigh Cummings Case: Misty and Ron Inside The Prayer Vigil

Posted by BOC Staff | Crystal Sheffield,Haleigh Cummings,Missing Persons,Misty Croslin,Ron Cummings | Wednesday 25 March 2009 11:29 am

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Satsuma, FL– Featured on artharris.com, William “Cobra” Staubs gives us our latest look into the backdrop of the investigation of the disappearance of Haleigh Ann-Marie Cummings, 5, from her home on February 10, 2009.

Cobra, the infamous bounty hunter and self-proclaimed private investigator had an inside track to Ron and Misty Cummings lives over the last few weeks that have called into question the accounts of the days before and evening of Haleigh’s disappearance made by both Ron and Misty. Ron has declined requests for appearances upon the advice of his counsel. Who has refused to represent his teen bride Misty. 


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Cobra in Palatka

The Video clip, which depicts more of Cobra than any member of the Cummings Family is grainy and dark, but is has been confirmed it was taken with the permission of Ronald and Misty Cummings.

According to the journalist Art Harris, who had been accompanying “Cobra”, Cobra believes Ron knows exactly what happened the night Haleigh disappeared, but not where she is now.

“I don’t think he knows where the young uns at,” Cobra told me, “but he pretty much knows what happened.” Misty is the key.

As Blink on Crime reported exclusively yesterday, the man that Misty Croslin Cummings spent the 3 days with prior to Haleigh’s disappearance, Greg Page, was discussed on last night’s Jane Velez Mitchell Show, Issues. It was confirmed once again that Police have questioned Page, but TJ Hart stated that his source at PCSO was not ready to address any further information about that interview. Blinkoncrime stands by the article yesterday, where I reported via inside confirmation that Page has been polygraphed regarding the “binge” and any possibility of involvement into Haleigh’s abduction and Law Enforcement is confident he is clear of anything having to do with the little girl’s disappearance. How did Misty meet Page? 

Greg Page may have something else in common that has some locals extremely confused. In addition to sharing the same girlfriend, both he and Ron Cummings have been arrested for drugs and not served any time.

Specifically, Ron Cummings has been arrested 9 times so far at the age of 25. Page was arrested in 2006 on Felony drug charges with no record of any prosecution. Judge Jeanine Pirro, former Honorable Judge West Chester County, NY:

“..I`ve got him on probation three times, and it sounds to me, and I`ve got to tell you, Vinnie, it`s starting to make sense to me. For him to have so many dismissals, ultimately, and a refusal to go into drug programs with arrests for cocaine, as well as for marijuana, tells me he`s cooperating.”



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  1. Gigi says:

    so, if ronald knows who took her, why hasn’t he divulged that to police? does that explain why his initial comments on the 911 call are “if i find who took her i will kill them”? it is strange that ronald has not served any prison time for his drug charges. his rap sheet is peppered with drug charges. what kind of background does misty have with the law? since she is a juvenile, i guess we will never know the answer to that question.

  2. Greg the mongoose says:

    “Ron Cummings has been arrested 9 times so far at the age of 25.”

    The rat has enemies? Or Ron is some type of undercover cop (NARC)?

    This explains the disappearance of Haleigh Ann-Marie Cummings, 5, from her home on February 10, 2009.

  3. Annals says:

    It looks as if this is emerging as a 2nd simultanious case of a family of a missing child in central FL withholding important information while LE beats the bushes looking for the kid. The taxpayers are paying millions for the searches/investigations while some of the crying, media-accusing family members lie about what they know.

    I think there is going to be backlash by the public in these 2 cases concerning the fate of the withholding indivuals. I wonder what the legal consequences will be for them?

  4. Annals says:

    NARCs get arrested; really? I didn’t think undercover cops get arrested; I mean, the police know which cops are undercover, don’t they? Or am I confused?

  5. David says:

    Thanks for all of your hard work & information, Blink!

  6. new says:

    Judge Jeanne Pirro just looked her up. New Court room TV judge starting on FOX this fall. Like Judge Judy kind of thing but she is supposed to do real cases. Is this where Geraldo got his scoop the day he brow beat Mr. C. Everyone one is grabbing the money while they can. What did she just look at Police records and make assumptions. In the blogs she has some lawsuits against her for false evidence. Not like very well by some.

  7. Greg says:

    Annals, Ron was arrested 9 times so far at the age of 25 and no jail time?
    Sounds like a cover or a RAT. Probably a paid informant?
    Why did the judge give Ron the children? With a record of 9 arrests?

    As I stated before did the police do a drug test on Ron and Misty?
    Why not?
    A piece of Misty’s long hair could tell us what mind bending drugs she has been taking. Meth? E? H? Crack? Pot?

    Looks like a Dragnet episode were the pot heads left the baby in the bathtub. Probably what happened in this case.

  8. I Get It says:

    Blink, I hope you will investigate D Casey’s involvement in this case and the posters who seem to be connected to him on WS. I worry that the As have taught people that losing a child can be profitable. I hope I am wrong. I pray this case is solved soon.

    I get it- Lol. Mr. Casey can have as many lackies as Cindy had/has there. Think pesky birds at the beach and 75 minus 10.
    I continue to be astounded that people involved in this case think everyone is idiots and LE is not tractor-beamed to their online activity. Jokes on you A clowns.

    btw, who needs to retain the arguably best criminal defense atty in Orlando because they were on the phone with a psychic and their interview contained protected dialog under “work product”.
    Short answer: nobody. But ya might if somebody told you where to find Caylee..Blink

  9. Felicity says:

    Blink, just read the iterview that Chrystal’s atty. had with reporter over her cell phone while driving to Satsuma from Miami. She said Ronald, Jr. told people that he saw a black man, and that his squeeky shoes, and the “couch bumping” woke him up. hmmmmm This case is getting stranger and stranger. Wonder why the couch was “bumping?” (Not good!)

    Poor little Haleigh may have seen too much…and said that she was going to tell Daddy or something to that effect.

    God, watch over her, where ever she is.

  10. Ann says:

    It’s clear that Haleigh was being raised in a very dangerous environment. Misty is only 17 yrs. old, worse she is a serious drug abuser. Few 17 yr. olds (even those that aren’t doing drugs)could be responsible for 2 small children 24/7, for they aren’t old enough to completely focus on a child-for they are still a child themselves. Misty should have been shopping for her prom dress and studying for finals,deciding where she’d go to college/vocational school.Shame on Ron, for giving Misty a position as Stepmom.It’s so sad because Haleigh deserved a “SAFE” family environment to protect and raise her.Being a parent, is a selfless responsibility and honor.Misty was given a position (Mom) that was way beyond a 17 yr. olds capabilities. Haleigh never stood a chance in the dangerous environment she lived in.Too many drugs, a child in charge of a child and Ron’s many enemies from the drug world!

  11. chitown lady says:

    WOW! Does the insanity with thos family end? And the whole time and innoncent child is in the middle. Its not right..Not right. i would love to beat the snot outa both of these losers of life until they talk….This is a child at risk at her parents sick games…..I din’t know….None of what these two have said is not making sense…(Ron & Misty) Whats really up here? Seems the whole case is on the back burner right now….WHY? I do hope this little angel is safe. but…….I think we all know that reality……My god! Someone needs to gets these twop lowlifes to talk…one way or another…..

  12. Laura Jean says:

    I’m thinking the perp knew that Ron wasn’t home and Misty was alone with the kids. Ann, I totally agree with you! The involvement of drugs always means potential danger. What’s sad is that the innocent are in harms way, just like Haleigh. Crystal, Ron and Misty are all unfit to take care of these precious children. You would think that Crystal’s and Ron’s arrest records alone would raise a flag. BUT NOOOOOOOO! Now, it’s come to this. Another missing child.

    Come home Haleigh!

  13. NGfromBos says:

    Just about every post here asks all the right questions….one does not need to be an experienced Criminal Investigator to summize that Ron Cummings & Misty are the low-lifes they are. Just like many at Scared Monkeys kept asking “What about Caylee?? Where is Caylee??” before her body was found…same case scenario here!!!!!!!

    When are these “people” going to tell what they know??? Stop fiegning false-grief-stop using the media, stop organizing pubic prayer vigils…STOP ALL THE BS, and locate the remains of this CHILD! It is not fair that once again, an innocent child is being exploited and they don’t care ONE BIT about her existence. Will the public be forced once again to restore some dignity for this child?

    Great Work, Blink. Everyone knows the Anthony’s read these types of blogs continually, highly doubt Ron or Misty have a clue about even how to use the internet unless others pass on the word to them. They are so crass and ignorant, that will be their final downfall.

  14. My opinion says:

    No offense Ann but Misty is not a victim here, whatever the circumstances were of her upbringing, she is now who she is by her own choice, she is old enough and street wise enough to either cooperate and tell the truth or lie like a snake to save her own A** because she messed up. Ron isn’t innocent either by any means letting her take care of the babies knowing what she had been up to, couch bumping indeed! Does anyone else think Misty ALWAYS looks like she’s on drugs? The authorities need to get little JR. out of there! This story is bad, bad, bad…….

  15. dddeerma says:

    NG from Bos: on another blog we had a visit from someone who had to be related to the Cummings camp. The vituperation was amazing. The things we said that he took exception to were strange, unless you were the very man involved in all this. His anger was explosive and directed at those who take exception to his habit of nesting with underage girlfriends. His style of writing was not educated.

    Vituperation: verbal abuse or castigation.

  16. occams razor says:

    Did any L.E. look into the possibility of a boat being used on the st.john river,maybe a jonboat or houseboat?This may account for the tracking dogs not being able to find haleigh’s track accurately,This person obviously had been casing misty and the trailer at night and possibly used a bump key.The little brother had said a man in black with squeaky shoes(river water).In an earlier episode of greta where she was live from the scene and dogs were tracking down to the river from green ln.This person i believe has loosely known ronald and misty,but not related.Police may want to investigate boat licenses and cross them with known sex offenders,on google map there’s what looks like a number of boats on the west side of buchannan which lines the river,maybe some dog trackers should check the houses lining the st.john river north and south.Maybe ex-law enforcement,an advid fisherman,overly outsdoorsy type,single and knows the area all too well,worked for fish&wildlife?This perpetrator had planned this abduction obviously in advance

  17. Shelley says:

    chitown lady, I’m right there with you. I want to beat the living SNOT out of both these two. I can’t bring myself to think the worse about the child yet….I’m still holding out hope. I swear if you’d give me ten minutes with these two, I’d get answers. I can’t stand the way they act, everyone knows someone knows something. GRRRRRR
    I pray this little girl is still ok. I’m starting to really get pissed at LE AND the PI now. This is taking WAYYYY too long and I’m scared for this little girl every single day.

  18. hawki123 says:

    If Crystal didn’t have some one to kidnap Haleigh then Haleigh is dead(I don’t like even typing that word). Surely LE knew right off the bat that Misty went MIA that weekend…whatever went on when Ronald found out wasn’t pretty so why would he still have Misty there with him and then marry her. Ronald is deeply involved in Haleigh’s disappearance…how I just don’t know. For Jr. to hear the “bumping of the couch tells us this had to be Misty and Page having sex so did Haleigh see this and Page took care of this pecious little Angel.There is no wy with Ron’s temper that he just forgave Misty for that weekend with the black dude. When LE finds out the truth of that they will have their answer of what happened to Haleigh. Sadly it does not look good for little Haleigh…

  19. wit1016 says:

    First goal here is to find that little angel. Second is to prosecute the person or people that committed this crime. I’m so tired of all the crap. It’s amazing what comes out when something like this happens. I will keep praying as I have done since it began. Please do the same.

  20. Annals says:

    Blink; who is Donimic Casey’s criminal defense lawyer? Is he still with Conway?

    NO, interestingly enough. Cheney Mason


  21. cheryl says:

    I’m really worried about this case-mainly because I think that LE is waiting for interest to go, away so they can shelve it. Ron’s mother has always bothered me. I think she is very over protective of him and will do anything to keep him out of trouble and the pen. Did she use her job connections to get him a narcs job? In a little town, her status would have been enough, and that would explain a lot. Did she use her connections in his custody hearings? Did she convince him to marry Misty? Does she have family members lieing for him? I remember a tv interview where Ron denied any past or present drug use. wtf? Do these people think they can say anything and be believed? LE should start from square 1, with the assumption that everything up to this point has been a lie.

  22. Annals says:

    Cheney Mason! He’s in video on ClickOrlando apearing with the blond former asst state atty, Elizabeth Rahter. What a joy listening to them. I look forward to the deposition of Dominic Casey.
    Evidently, the closer to the Anthonys, the harder the body slam.

  23. nicky says:

    I am sorry but if WE on here can easily see that misty’s story is full of holes, and now we hear she was hooking up with the black guy, then WHY HAVENT THE POLICE NAILED MISTY YET??? (no pun intended)cmon it’s soooooooooo obvious she knows whats really going on with the case and it seems the police are just turning their heads at it. I may be wrong, maybe they are doing something and we have no clue yet. I really want to slap misty everytime I see her smile!!!!!!!

  24. NANNY says:


  25. Tracey says:

    Well, I’m not sure about much in this case. However, the few things I can say I’m pretty certain about are these. Misti IS the KEY to Haleigh!

    And since no one else has said it, I will. You want to know why Ron has no convictions or served ANY time, Because his momma works for the sheriffs office and I’m willing to bet has ways of having those things like doing time, go away. Not what you know or what you do. It’s who you know and who you do! JMO, of course!

  26. Debi says:

    NGfromBos- I take offense to your wording on here. YES we all know that Ron’s lifestyle is “different” than ours, however to call names at someone who has a missing child, how much better are you then??
    Blink your doing an awesome job on here….now if I can only figure out how to keep up on the updated posts!!

  27. Laura Jean says:

    I agree with comment that LE doesn’t seem to be blasting these 2 morons with intense questioning! I’m sick of them pussy footing around them like they’re delicate china. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that Ron and Misty KNOW more than they let on. COME FRIGGIN’ ON! It is horrible to write this, but yes, Haleigh is dead. Let’s repeat the Anthonys’ mistakes and conceal what we know! I despise Ron and Misty for not thinking of Haleigh first. Ten minutes? I’d settle for 5 minutes alone. I’d shove their arrogance and ignorance in their faces.

    dddeerma, I’d be interested in the blog you mentioned. Can you provide a link?

  28. Debi says:

    BLINK..I am sure there is a web site for this, but if you could answer this simple question…..Did Lee Anthony know Caylee was dead and where to look for her body??
    Thank You!!

  29. Brenda in Virginia says:

    Nicky, no fear of LE shelving anything. IMO they are waiting for an opportunity. What is that you ask? For Misty or whoever to start feeling “comfortable” and talking. Not confession to LE mind you, but to someone else and then the truth will dribble out.

    Kinda like when Casey Anthony made the comment “they haven’t even found her clothes yet.” I had to say WHAT on that statement when I first heard it. Sooooo, Misty is bound to slip up sooner or later. Certainly LE has alot, but not enough for a slam dunk and THAT is what they need/want.

    As for why Ron married Misty, I read he stated he wanted to “keep his enemies close.” Hmmmm…could be telling re: what he knows or believes happened.

  30. Debi says:


  31. cheryl says:

    to Brenda, I personally think that when Ron made those statements about his marraige, he was being sly. I think they’re both in on this and THAT’S why he married Misty-as a pay-back for her loyalty and to maintain control of her. I think the statement about keeping his enemies close, was said to leave a door open for himself- because I don’t think he’d have a problem throwing her under a bus to save his own hide.

  32. cheryl says:

    These people are uneducated, but kind of street savy at manipulation-like something you’d expect from an immature pre-teen. Does that make sense?

  33. Sandra says:

    I agree with one thing, Ron’s mom is is trying to protect him. I believe that it was her idea for Ron to marry Misty, so Misty would keep her mouth shut, about something. I think this story is so sadly twisted with so many other issues going on, so many layers and generations of deception, substance abuse, physical and perhaps sexual abuse, they all seem to go hand and hand. I think Misty knows a lot about Ron, and his family, and mama advised Ron to marry her to keep her her quiet because whatever she has to say can get Ronnie boy in heaps of trouble. I do not think Ron is capable of the foresight to marry Misty for this reason, someone planted this idea in his head. And I do not believe for a second that he is just plain and simple is wildly in love with her. After she just dumped him and had sex with another man for 3 days?! Ron does not strike me as a man of enlightened forgiveness and forward thinking. I do feel confident to say Misty knows more then she is admitting, I think we all agree on that. I know the issue is to find this missing child, but in order to do that, you really have to try to understand what motivates the characters that are involved. What would motivate a 17 years old to live with a 25 year man, in a trailer, with two kids. I have a 17 years old daughter, there is no way, shape or form she would be interested in that. She is thinking about what to wear to prom next month, what collage she will go to, what dance is this weekend. Why would Misty want that, unless the alternative, her home life, is a worse bet. What would make it worse? Alcohol abuse, sexual abuse, poverty?..Chances are Misty is a child of sexual abuse by someone herself. Does she know what is right or wrong? has anyone told her, how old was she when she had her first sexual experience? 11? 12? Would she think about protecting Haleigh in that type of situation, if she knew someone who ” wanted” her? Or would she think Good riddance, more time and money for me!! Did she want to be with Ron for his $. He has none, for sex? Then why did she run with a different man for 3 days, the only thing I can think of is drugs. What did Greg have that Ron did not at the moment, Drugs. Why did Ron take her back? No one with Ron’s limited intellect is going to be so forgiving and understanding to allow her back in the home, watching his children, the day after she returns from a 3 day bender with another man..unless, he owed Greg drug money, or is it that he could care less about Misty and just wanted her to watch his kids? If so, why marry her? I think the key is trying to learn what makes Misty tick. Who are her freinds? Her family? And if Ron had nothing to hide, we would be LIVID, FURIOUS at Misty! If I recall, he did some name calling the night Haleigh was missing. I think once the united front of Misty and Ron comes apart, then the answers will come. They are both fearful about what the other one is going to say about each other. I would be willing to bet there is a whole story of neglect, drug abuse and distribution, theft, and this child was caught in the middle of all of these people. Who else was Misty with for 3 days? Who did she tell that she stays home along with two small children, or that she was suppose to be home with two small children the night Haleigh vanished. I will be willing to bet, she was not home at all the night this happened. The house of cards will fall on these people, but too late for Haleigh.

  34. Debi says:

    Sandra..great post…I do agree, Ron’s mother was behind him marry Misty, so she keeps her mouth shut. YES she does have alot on Ron. And once she starts talking….so MaMa had Ron marry her. Is Ron the forgiving loving man that he trying to portray?? NO way. Not the type. He would like to dump Misty, however, who would babysit his kids?? He can’t afford a babysitter. This is like a soap opera, and it has me glued.
    I beleive LE knows alot more than they are saying. I also beleive that the child gone missing could of been abducted from a complete stranger/petifiler while Misty slept her 3 day binge off, and slept soundly. Or…it could be that someone wanted to play dirty with Ron. And they took his child to hurt him. For now, we do not know if Misty was home or not. “Physcially or mentally”, she wasn’t there that night!
    How many children go missing everyday?? Did the person who grabbed Haleigh think it was going to get this much media attention? Probably not. And the sad thing is, because of all the media and attention this case has brought, probably got Haleigh killed. They didn’t know what else to do with her.

  35. Sandra says:


    I think you are correct, that the child could have been taken by a complete stranger, someone on the fringes of Misty or Ron’s life, someone who was familiar with them non the less, the location is just too remote for this to have been just a person passing by. Someone who knew that there was a little girl there, unprotected. If Misty was there, or just there physically, and completely strung out and passed from the bender, either way, someone knew what they were doing. And I am certain the LE knows alot more then they are saying too. I would guess they do not want to alienate Misty but accusing her yet, they want to keep her open to communication, so far she doe snot have legal representation, Notice how Ron and Crystal were snapped up, no one wants to touch Misty. Where is her mother? Who is her father, what school did she attend? Why is she not in school? Where did she meet Ron? All things that fit into this. Tell me how your freinds are, I’ll tell you who you are.

  36. Sandra says:

    And I agree with Cheryl, these people are uneducated, but very street savvy, fending for themselves for years, navigating the murky waters of drugs, deception, abuse, manipulation, neglect, developing sick kind of survival skills that gets passed on to child from parent.

  37. Debi says:

    Hi Sandra….I have heard nothing new on this case. Have you??
    I am curious the relationship between Ron & Misty now. She sleeping with him?? I mean, she has a boyfriend!! Who would want to touch her?? He did marry her because she has alot of info on him. He wants her to keep her mouth shut about him. His mom works for the Sherriff’s department, that is why he hasn’t been convicted of the drug charges.
    Ron has plenty of enemies. When he moved into this trailer, he went out and bought 2 deadbolts for the door. Who does that??
    Apparently, Geraldo is really pissed off with Ron, his show tonight is going to be on this case. Geraldo gets to the point. He was calling Ron scum last night on O Reilly’s show.
    I do want to say there are alot of characters in this sad story to blame.
    Krystal-If she was so convinced the kids were in harms way this whole time, why did she do nothing?? Because she has a new life?? Nothing would stand in my way if I knew a stranger’s child was in harms way.
    Ron – He led a life that you & I probably wouldn’t choose to live. Drugs, partying, and neglect of the kids.
    Misty. Lets face it, had she not come into Ron’s life, Haleigh would be home right now.
    I am clearly not saying these people know where she is. They just made it easy for someone to come and grab her. And BTW..he lives in a community full of sex predators.

  38. lsmith says:

    hi Im new to this site and just wanted to post my theory. What if this person that misty had over put a date rape drug in her drink,had sex with her and haleigh saw it all and said to the person that she would tell or at least he thought she would and so he took her. That would explain misty’s confuion as to what bed Haleigh was in etc. Also NG said that it didn’t matter if Ron married Misty, that would only protect them from anything that happened after they were married not before. thanks to all

  39. Debi says:

    I guess my post was removed where I posted the Bounty Hunter’s video…time to move on to another blog..don’t like when posts are removed…


    Deb- the bounty hunters video is included with the article, why would I care if you posted a link to it, what are you talking about? It may have went to spam, I removed nothing.

  40. Pamela says:

    I think this whole situation is all twisted and messed up. Everyone involved is trying to get their ducks in a row before they drop the bomb. Ron’s mother works for the sheriff’s department as a dispatcher & with his criminal background/history with no arrests?? Come on!! Put 2&2 together people!!! What DO you think is goin on and REALLY happened?? It’s gonna shock the nation when the truth finally comes out!! Sadly a little angel has to be the one to suffer. Sooner or later the truth will unfold and the guilty ones will be apprehended.

  41. 33Please says:

    IMO this case has similarities to and seems almost mirror image to the Trini Gonzalez murder case out of Texas.
    Ie. Household with two small children + Drug Abuse + Drug Dealing + Domestic Violence = Murder + Cover Up.

    *Trini was only 9yrs old. Her little sister was witness but too young to articulate. Over a year and a half after she went reported missing from her bedroom, her remains were discovered in woods some miles away from where she lived. Trini’s mom (adpt) and her live in boyfriend were both found guilty and sentenced 45yrs + life in prison.

  42. Ann says:

    has anyone heard anything regarding the new search on the maternal grandmother’s 30 acres…?

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