Haleigh Cummings Case: Gramma Neves Snakes and Hogpens

Satsuma, FL– Did Haleigh Ann-Marie Cummings Gram try to set up William “Cobra” Staubs by leading him into a remote area of the woods about a mile from her son Ron Cummings home? Teresa Neves, is the grandmother of Haleigh Ann-Marie Cummings, missing from her Satsuma home since February 10, 2009

In the most bizarre video footage yet, captured by artharris.com, Teresa Neves appears to brazenly lead Cobra and his team into a backwoods area resmebling a scene out of deliverance.

Ms. Neves was sobbing when she called Cobra Staubs on his cell phone from her red pickup truck and asked him to meet her at the Citgo Sation on 17. She told him she had been by herself searching out there for the past 4 hours.

..”I was just walking and I got lost.. there was a trailer and it sounded like a squeaking door from deep in the woods..”

Cobra and his son Matthew, attempted to locate the owner of the trailer by knocking on the open door and calling out “Investigations Here, Anyone home?”

As they began wondering into the woods looking for clues, they abruptly lost Neves and could not locate her. Deep within the woods they had never been in, Staubs gets a call on his cell. It’s Neves.

..” Where you at.. You on the Road? You ran into a six foot  Moccasin..? Who did you all up and leave us out in the woods, was this part of the plan?  

As Cobra and son headed towards the road, they ran into a former marine who was local. He stated that what Neves may have thought was underground prisons was his innocent hog pens.

It appeared that Ms. Neves, who works as a dispatcher for the Sheriff’s Office was wearing flip flops when she met up with Cobra and would not be appropriate or footwear one would be sporting to go trouncing through the brush and soggy ground for 4 hours. Cobra thinks she set him up. For what purpose, remains to be seen.

It was later discovered that the area had been searched three times previously with 168 officers, a fact that Ms. Neves would have been aware of. 


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  1. kathy lundy says:

    It would be rather bold of a caretaker to assume these children would remain asleep while she was out and about partying. Knowing full well either of which could awaken in her absence. And then what? Not to much to worry about if the caregiver used some medication to knock them out. Only to have ended up over-dosing one of them… in this case Haleigh. Medication seems to be “babysitter of choice” for some young mothers these days

  2. pak31 says:

    Wow, not sure what to make of that video. If she thought Haleigh might be there then why didn’t she call police first??? 4 hours searching a location that was already searched and with flip flops on? She didn’t scream when the snake was seen or did she? I just don’t get it at all. For Misty, I just don’t see, although I don’t live with her so I can’t say for sure, how a 17 year old girl who happens to do drugs and possibly sleeps around on Ron would have enough sense and/or know-how to babysit little children. She claims to love them as her own etc. yet she only dated Ron for 7 months, I guess you can form a relationship in a short time period but he barely knew Misty, knew she was sleeping around yet left his precious children with her? There has to be more to this mystery than meets the eye.

  3. mamacrazy30 says:

    i’m sorry, but i really have an issue with this “cobra” guy. does he edit the tapes before he sends them to art harris or does art do it himself? come on now, that was a three minuet film. how long could mrs. neves have really been “gone”? he was “set up”? jeeze..this guy wants to be the next dog the bounty hunter and is using art harris as a platform. lp may have been a whore for the camera, but at least he has somewhat of a brain. come back lp….quit buying memorial property and help find Haleigh…..

  4. Staci says:

    mamacrazy30: I don’t believe that Ms. Neves SAW a 6 FOOT snake & just took off…She didn’t even scream…come on now!! A 6 FOOT snake & not a shriek, squeal or SCREAM?!?!?!? I think the majority of men & women here would agree, that was strange…that she didn’t make a sound, when she saw a snake!!! As far as Cobra is concerned…seems he is truthful in his concern for Haleigh…watch the prayer video, and what he had to say to the Cummings family after the service!! Also, view this link, seems he’s done pretty well in finding fugitives, just because he doesn’t have a t.v. show like DOG, doesn’t make him any less experienced than DOG!! I am a huge DOG fan…(LELAND is just a cutie :) ) um anyways…I have thought, why not put DOG & COBRA in Satsuma together, they could come up with more than LE is seems!!! Here is the link!


  5. mamacrazy30 says:

    staci, i think leland is cute too.

  6. Sherlock Holmes says:

    I don’t think Cobra is at fault at all,Ms.Neves has been through a lot and you can get a little nutty i know i would if my grandchild was missing.Are the cadaver dogs busy doing anything useful?If i owned one,i would be all over that area for miles until it is resolved or my feet fell off to find this child.Maybe they should increase the search area further away from the general area,i mean the perp evidently drives a vehicle and lives nearby if not the dogs would have went right to his door initially.I.M.O.

  7. Lisa says:

    Give this woman a break, She is looking for a her Grandchild. Stop trying to make something out of ever little stupid thing. And look for the damm child.

  8. MB says:

    I think there are two key pieces that need to be thoroughly questioned.
    The first is why Ron and Misty have moved out of the trailer that Haleigh is supposedly returning home to.
    The second is the sign in the truck window, “Only God can Judge me.” This is an odd way for an innocent man to express himself. To me, his guilt is oozing out all over the place and he doesn’t want the media to ask him about it.

  9. b jo says:

    mrs neves was doing what every grandmother does. when your child doesnt do what they are suppose to do, we try to pick up the slack. she was looking for haleigh. she didnt plant that 6ft cotton mouth snake. she seems quiet. some women dont scream at everything. they just get the hell out of dodge. what could she do to cobra to set him up? she was apparently alone, no attacks were made. it was all being put on video. cobra is creating drama, drama…….now the focus is off haleigh and on cobra. i heard him blow hard he almost had ron talking, when misty called him home. he caught a fish that broke the world record, but it got away too. ha! haleigh come home safe is my prayer. lets find haleigh soon. so much time has passed. so much drama is going on, get the focus back on haleigh.

  10. mamacrazy30 says:

    blink…any new news????where is Haleigh??

  11. jncrw says:

    Was misty going to the bathroom when she saw the kitchen light on or was she leaving the bathroom?…if she was a meth user she could have easily been in there smoking up for a long time “chasing the dragon” as they say…hours pass, then she finally emerges hyper vigilant, sees the light on. Goes to the kitchen sees the door open…checks the kids and sees H- gone. Maybe she had company inside the trailer that night or maybe she was there alone…either way it would give cause to change her story a bit (instead of smoking in the can, she was sleeping). I heard she had changed her story about the kids’ bedtime and sleeping arraingments because she was concerned about DCF compliance for such matters (LE did say they accepted her original story so they probably know her cover had nothing to do with the disappearence but was more or less to keep DCF off their back). Yet the timeline is a problem for LE, could this be she really doesn’t have an accurate timeline? Time can be a warped thing when you are hitting the pipe all night. Smoking Meth and blogging can be a lot alike…a quick session can last for hours, yet seem like a lot less.

  12. james says:

    The fact that haleigh’s body or burial site hasn’t been found speaks volumes,meaning they concealed her very well meaning there’s alot more than one perpetrator’s life on the line.In order for a house of cards to stand,it depends on the very first cards.I think in the beginning teresa neves wasn’t in the know,but after a time i think Ron and Misty made her aware of what happened to haleigh and ever since she’s covering and protecting her baby boy ron and misty,which makes her just as bad.I personally have a lot of faith in the ability of tracking dogs and they were on the seen fairly fast to no avail.Give teresa neves a polygraph exam and lets see what shakes out!

  13. colleen33bunny says:

    Has there been any new information or anything about this case? I have been following it pretty closely since it first hit the media, and I can’t seem to find any updates.

    Something just doesn’t sit right with me on this case!!!

  14. mamacrazy30 says:

    i haven’t forgotten Haleigh. Have ya’ll???

  15. colleen33bunny says:

    I haven’t forgotten her either…..absolutely not!!!!

  16. Cheryl says:

    Nope, and I wish NG would mention her for a second. Sometimes I think CMA gets WAY too much attention. Spend a second on other children too.

  17. kathy lundy says:

    Hi Cheryl, in regard to your post “I wish NG would mention her for a second. Sometimes I think CMA gets WAY too much attention. Spend a second on other children too.”

    I don’t know but in my opinion Nancy really messed up when she initially took Ron’s side, and then hammered Kim P. attorney for Crystal. I think Nancy was blind-sided, and who wouldn’t have been given all the lies, and inconsistencies in this case. And being that the police are holding all information close to the vest at this point and time.I just think Nancy is waiting until some of the smoke clears if you know what I mean.

  18. mamacrazy30 says:

    i’ve been filling up water balloons all morning cause today will be Babycrazy’s “secret” b-day party (was with grammy and pawpaw in FL for the date). i’m gonna sneak to the park and set it up while uncle pj is watching her ’cause i’m ‘tcb’. my little girl is five and going to go to school after the summer. Crystal is still missing her little girl. my heart bleeds for this family and maybe ’cause i’m in the south i look over their “misdeeds”. it’s commonplace in rural areas. don’t get me wrong, i still have issues with ron and misty (and in my mind misty was so out of it that night she wouldn’t know weather to scratch her watch or wind her ass) but looking at my little girl make me feel so happy, and at the same time my heart goes out to Crystal. where IS HALEIGH? oh, AND JMO but NG dropped the ball, backed the wrong horse, and now just acts like it never happened. yeah, she’s all about the victims all right..(insert snarkey expression now). why have all search efforts been dropped and why is Haleigh not in the media anymore? not HER fault her family has such issues and NOT HER fault they act like jackasses.

  19. kathy lundy says:

    I absolutely agree with you mamacrazy30 my heart goes out to Crystal too. Any way ppl cut it, the facts remain the same…Haleigh has paid dearly for the sins of her father.
    Nancy Grace disagrees with callers who tell her how great she is, and you know mamacrazy300 I absolutely agree with Nancy she does that. :)

  20. kathy lundy says:

    p.s. I met to say I absolutely agree with Nancy when she does that

  21. Anne Ambrose says:

    Why in God’s name do people find it necessary to attack a man who is UN-SELFISHLY using his own funds and his valuable time to search for this child. He didn’t take this little girl, he is looking under every rock to find her. If he hurts someone’s feelings, so what! Feelings need to be hurt. A five year old child has vanished! All this crap of contradicting stories is absurd.

    Mrs. Neves is lying every time she gets in front of a camera. Her mouth lies with ease, her body language don’t fall in line. I am a grandmother of six. I can tell you without ANY doubt, I would never let the likes of Misty babysit a one of those kids. Ron stole the kids from Crystal to get even with her for leaving him. Ron didn’t take care of the kids, I am sure that job fell on his Momma. She was tired of raising them, so when Misty came along, Granny gladly dumped them on the teenie bopper.

    People need to stop and think about WHO is really on Haleigh’s side. SADLY it is strangers. A bounty hunter Cobra, and a reporter TJ Hart that won’t abandon the search for Haleigh. With the EXCEPTION OF Haleigh’s REAL mother Crystal and her side of the family, Haleigh’s blood relatives HAVE MOVED ON with their pathetic lives.

    Those who sit back and throw stones at people who are out there looking for that child every day, should be ashamed!!! Cobra if you see this, please know, many people know the sacrifices you are making every day, on behalf of Haleigh and we applaud your efforts. Keep up the good work and ignore the negative comments that friends and family of Misty Croslin Cummings jump on here and leave. They have an agenda and it is NOT finding Haleigh. Its hard to hide a hoe in church!!!!!!! For the record, the church reference is for you Misty, if the shoe fits, wear it.

  22. dan says:

    in the mist of a custody battle and a clear motive, the inconsistencies with Crystal Sheffield’s stories are becoming more apparent.

    That could be why Ronald Cummings said that: “This is some of the garbage that Crystal, the mother, has made up.”

  23. kathy lundy says:

    Bravo Anne Ambrose, and as for Dan’s post…all I can say to him is apparently he has no discernment. My prayers go out to Crystal, I realize she is a poor woman living in poverty. She did not lose her children because of anything she had done wrong, but rather she could not provide for them, and the court deemed Ron could. Crystal did report Ron to DCS but they are the one’s who dropped the ball, many times they excuse their own lack of investigation the facts by saying “oh the parent reporting has an axe to grid” how many children have paid the price for this type of attitude fron those receiving paychecks for protecting these children. But don’t actually do the job they are paid to do.

  24. Laurie Smith says:

    Haleigh’s GrandMother – Isn’t a Grand Mother! – Yeah she Might have been Crying and All – But I seen the way she was smiling through them tears, You Know Ronald made a Statement! He said I Want her Home , weather it be with me or God I want her Home! They Know more than what their Telling! Maybe Grand Ma went over to the house that night, Maybe Haleigh Climbed into her Vechile, And She didn’t know it, or maybe she backed over the child, But than third be Blood, But than, those Dogs hit on that Dumpster, and Woops they went after what was in the Dumpster, and hauled it off!, Maybe Grand Ma Had been Drinking, and this was her way of covering it up! With Misty! they all seem to be Hiding something – and Covering everyone’s Back! No their all In On this they all Know what happened, and The Sheriff’s Office needs to either do their Job or had it over to a Real Police Officer who isn’t going to buckle to the Flaws of the Community Payton Place they have there that going on with everyone, In and Out of those Departments, And Grand Ma is one of them! So their going to help her cover what ever up! Because My guess is Grand Ma Was or Had been Sleeping with a few of them, And OMG Should their Wives find it out!!!

  25. miss t. fyed says:

    I wish Blink was following this case more closely. LE has caught so many people in so many lies – I can’t understand why obstruction of justice charges aren’t being filed left and right – at least against Misty Cummings. I have the seeds of a theory about this missing child: this town is small – yet the amount of criminal activity going on involving illegal drugs seems way out of proportion to the size of community. Something is wrong with this picture. Is there a possibility that LE is involved in the drug dealing here? It would not be the first time. However, I will even go so far as to say it is deeper than that (higher up?. Why have so many drug charges been dropped againt various people in this cast of characters. Could the county judge be involved? Is it possible that the same judge who handed over custody of Haleigh to Ronald Cummings is the same judge who has been involved in drug charges being dropped? Just food for thought….many things in the case are not adding up. The only good news is that Haleigh may still be alive pending some sort of reconciliation of a drug deal gone bad or vendetta. While I would normally be skeptical of outside people like TJ Hart’s and W. Staubs’ involvement in an investigation – in this caase I am glad they are on the scene. They seem to be the only two people who are external to what could be a widening ring of corruption.

    I know Miss T. There are only so many hours in my day but I agree with you.

  26. miss t. fyed says:

    Hope you didn’t see that as a complaint. I think you do an incredible job.
    TY, no I did not.

  27. mamacrazy30 says:

    i woke up this morning and wondered, who was watching the kids all week-end while misty partied it up fri-sun? if ron had to work sun night was he off fri night or sat?

  28. miss t. fyed says:

    Someone on another blog wondered if the drug charges against Ron had been dropped because he cooperated with LE as an informant. Another angle to consider. That would certainly dovetail with the drug vendetta theory of who may have taken Haleigh. I believe Ron may not know exactly who took his daughter, but I definitely think he knows more than he is telling LE.

  29. mamacrazy30 says:

    miss t.
    i’ve heard the same thing but, really, who takes a child for a drug debt? maybe the computer, the tv, the dvd player, the car, but….a child? and REEAALLYY…if that is the case, well, ron’s sure drug (no pun intended) his feet in getting it paid.
    1-had time to get tattoo
    2-had time to buy ring
    3-had time to get married
    4-had time to go mud buggin’
    5-had time to get fired.

    Either he really doesn’t care about Haleigh’s return (if IT IS a drug debt), or the whole drug debt thing don’t hold water.

  30. mamacrazy30 says:

    maybe the nanny gave ron a list of instructions for the next 55 days…
    get tattoo
    buy ring
    get married
    go mudden’
    lose your job

    wow, it really could be xanny the nanny..she’s EVERYWHERE;)

  31. miss t. fyed says:

    Perhaps its revenge for Ron snitching. You never know. The place is a veritable cesspool of illegal drugs. Maybe Ron doesn’t want to shake that tree too hard. In any case – no one seems to be coopertaing with LE. Why is that?

  32. lost says:

    Blink, on HLN at noon today showed a video of Ron pleaing for his daughter .It didn’t say you tube or my space or anything, just wandered if anyone else saw this?

  33. lost says:

    I found it ,it is on FINDHALEIGHNOW.com

  34. martha says:


    i agree it must be because of the list of “things to do” from zanny the nanny that Ron had to take care of before he could start pleading for his child again!!!!!!

    i think it is significant that the grandma teresa works for le in that little town. its too bad another le agency cant arrest everyone and shake them up—–dogs dont hit on something unless there is a reason.

    if only oj simpsons dog could have talked, dogs following scott petersons trail etc.

  35. bottomline says:

    I also had a hard time with the cadaver dogs hitting on the trash bin with no results. I have never ever heard of a “mistake” being made by these trained dogs. However, somewhere I read that (sorry to be gross) there were sanitary napkins disposed of and LE blamed the hit on that — that would be pretty close to decomp, yes?

    Actually, in a dumpster, and depending on the locale, there is like a 70% hit rate for cadaver dogs. Sadly, perps know this.

  36. w.t. says:

    google: celebration of life/haleigh cummings/ photo albumn page (3) ronald taking haleigh to catch the bus.look at the first photo closely. now google: hernan e. enriquez/fun at riverfront park. this photo was taken (10) days after haleigh went missing.junior said a man in black took haleigh. could he have ment “a black man took haleigh, or women”?

  37. bluewillow says:

    Just happened to catch a show on Investigators about the Duvall brothers, who murdered two hunters and disposed of the bodies by feeding them to their hogs. Got me thinking about those hog pens…

  38. josanne says:

    I think Neves has alot to do with this. She refers to Haleigh as “her baby girl”. I think this goes back to when Crystal and Ron broke up, I think Crystal rejected Ron. I believe that Neves was behind ron getting custody, that Neves was so worried she’d not see Haleigh as much as she wanted, she then backs up Ron to say she’ll provide them with her home, and that Crystal is no good. Neves has no respect for the fact that Crystal is Haleighs mom. That is why Neves is so behind Misty, she can manipulate Misty, and now she wants to play up Misty so she looks good as a mate for Ron. I believe Neves has done something with Haleigh because she was worried that Misty and Ron were breaking up for quite a while.

  39. Mel22 says:

    An ex-marine living in a trailer in the middle of the woods with underground hog pens? Ok no problem, you’re clear. WHAT!@#$ The same thing happend in the jacee dugard case remember. Mysterious tents in the backyard; the police show up a few times and clear him. You’ve got to be kidding. They better have him on SURVEILANCE waiting for him to make the wrong move! Secondly , I would be genuinly concerned (like that grandma)about underground hog pens in the middle of the woods when a child went missing down the street. You people are out of your minds if you think the grandma had something to do with it. Grow up and wake up out your soap opera world! This is a real missing girl. The fifty+ yr old grandma has nothing to do with the 17 yr old misty and Ambers feud. Thats because she’ 50+. DUH!

  40. 4Pirate says:

    Leave TN alone. Whatever happened she did not do anything wrong with Haleith.

    Good Lord, nobody suggested she did?

  41. Missy Sheffield says:

    4Jacy, is that you?!

    GVS – I think now might be a good time to do a follow up story on Haleigh’s disappearance and on her family.

    Thank you,

  42. betty collins says:



  43. cattys says:

    Strange story, they must all be from Aruba!! Also, why does everyone curse so much. I grew up in FL and my family owned a comstruction company and never heard the language your hear today!! Such limited vocab skills…

  44. dan says:

    Could it be that Cummings is just limited in how he loved his daughter in the same way the mother seems to have been? In that sense I mean loving the child for what the child was to them and the loss of her being their loss not hers. To my thinking Cummings felt he would be blammed he would get the blame. Look at his history. Therefore him stressing that he was at work could be for other reasons such as I did not do it so do not focus on me cause I was at WERK, probably on some level also thinking dang that legal employement left an opportunity for my kids to get stole. I just think that it is possible Misty sold him a bill of goods in the weeks and months after she went missing such as Joe done it or Tommy done it and Mr. Cummings would not want to run to LE and tell them wanting revenge himself. To take his own revenge. Anyway whatever bad parent he was I do not see him as guilty and I think that there has been a terrible rush to judgement by the press and bloggers.

  45. dan says:


    Yes Betty mine are as well. Whatever his issues and however bad a parent he was, it does seem he was the ONLY parent this child had.

    I do feel that Ron Cummings would not have harmed his child intentionally, but he gets no pass from me for putting her in harm’s way. None.

    Every person in a position of trust compromised this sweet little girl. I am beyond pissed.

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