Sandra Cantu Missing CA Girl : Family Cleared- Sex Offender Added to Most Wanted List

Posted by BOC Staff | Amber Alert,Kidnapping,Sandra Cantu | Monday 30 March 2009 12:25 pm

Tracy, Ca– New developments in the case of missing California girl, Sandra Cantu.

Tracy Police Sgt. Tony Shenemen, leading the investigation into Sandra’s disappearance feels they have received credible tips that will ultimately lead to her whereabouts; and she will be found alive.

Shenemen also announced the pool incident that occurred two years ago was not reported to the police by the family. Police have interviewed the individual and will be re interviewing him about some additional issues that were not disclosed publicly. Sandracantu1

Through the familys spokesperson, Lisa Encarnacion, the family of Sandra Cantu wants the public to know they believe she has been kidnapped. Encarnacion added that while Law Enforcement is apprehensive to agree at this point, the rumor that she may have run away is an “impossibility”.

 Sex Offender Makes Wanted List

There is only one Individual on Tracy Police Departments Wanted List:


Julio Trujillo Villalobos, a convicted sex offender who has failed to meet his registration requirements since 2007 was convicted of lewd and lacivious acts with a minor child and police are seeking the public’s help locating him. It is not known if Villalobos is considered a person of interest in Sandra Cantu’s case, but he has definate family ties to Tracy, Ca. 

According to the California Sex Offender Registry, Villalobos goes by the name Julio Urbano Villalobos as well as several alias variations of his name. He has a teardrop tattoo on his right cheek, is a Hispanic male, approximately 5’11 tall and 150 lbs.  

There is a vigil planned this evening at the Park at 8:15PM.

Check back on for updates to this developing story.


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  1. Scoop says:

    Kudos to California!

    We can only hope they’re right.

    Does anyone remember what it means to have a tear tattooed on your face?

    Not good.

    Yep and Nope.

  2. Scoop says:

    In street gangs,

    they tattoo a tear

    for every person they’ve killed.

    They use it to intimidate.

    You’d have to be TOTALLY numb

    to not feel a needle’s

    piercing pain in your eye…

    and they are.


    I have two tattoos,

    so I have nothing against them…

    Just something I learned along the way.

  3. Scoop says:

    This man looks so familiar to me.

    Has he ever lived in the Denver area?


  4. Scoop says:

    Actually, I can see them together,

    without him going over the edge.

    I’m praying that she’s safe.


  5. chitown lady says:

    It has always amazed me that they really expect a SEX offender to register…WHAT A JOKE……Why can’t they put a micro chip in there body that allows them to be tracked..

    Your singing my song Chitown- DO NOT get me started

  6. nursebeeme says:

    ~snip~A volunteer search and rescue worker on Sunday found a bottle of hair dye, which she told police about. Police said they don’t know yet if that means anything.

    HAIR DYE????

    Hey Blinkyboo! Being following this one closely…. I cannot believe this case! A hair dye bottle found… Sandra last seen on video walking away from her house and the front gate (and also…seeing that swimming pool man lives behind her…that would be in the same direction)..

    I am very concerned for this little girl and I cannot believe the soft words from LE… very, very kooky. I hope there is some resolution soon… I just cannot help but think of Kevin Underwood, Couey of course…. or even the teenager Josh Phillips! No stone left unturned in that trailer park, I tell you!

  7. nursebeeme says:

    blink! 2 persons of interest and sws being served

  8. neversaynever says:

    How big is Tracy CA? Connecting Villalobos to Tracy because he has family there? And then to the disappearance of Sandra? Can we have more details?

  9. nursebeeme says:

    Swimming pool man is one of the POIs according to this report

    The FBI carried out search warrants at six homes on Monday night. They included four homes at the mobile home park where Sandra Cantu lives, plus a home in Tracy and a home in Oakdale. The items collected were taken to a Sacramento lab for analysis.

    Police have said that one of the two men kissed Sandra on the lips two years ago, when he was 60 years old and the girl was 6. The names of the men had not been released.

    there she is hey nursey!!
    Thanks, yes, I am all over this, sadly, I do not think it will end with this innocent child the way LE does or did.

  10. Melinda says:

    I find it awkward how much Sandra Cantu resembles Haleigh Cummings missing from Florida. Just thought I would voice that.

  11. Jeanette says:

    (#9): You asked how large is Tracy,Ca. It has grown to 81,000 people in recent years – from about 46,000 people. (Lots of new homes and it has become a bedroom community to the Bay Area of San Francisco and San Jose.) It is a nice little town and it’s main claim to fame was it was one of the fastest growing communities — and the emphasis of the town is on being a great place to raise children! Good schools and tons of sports for the young ones!

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