Sandra Cantu Missing CA Girl: 2 POI Being Questioned

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UPDATED at end of article 4/01/09 11 am,

Tracy, CA-  Breaking Developments in the case of missing 8 year old Sandra Cantu. Sandra was last seen outside her home at Orchard Estates Mobile Home Park at 4 PM on Friday March 27.  Although the family and their spokesperson have adamantly stated otherwise, Sgt. Tony Shenemen of the Tracy Police Department maintains law enforcements position that they will find this young girl alive and she has not been abducted.

Vehicles towed to secure enclosed units

Vehicles towed to secure enclosed units

 Police have confirmed there are 2 men who reside in the complex that are considered persons of interest in the case and are being interviewed by the FBI. Late last evening, FBI Crime Scene Technicians removed two vehicles from the complex in closed trailers in conjunction with additional evidence recovered from different locations. The name of one of the men who have been identified as persons of interest is being withheld pending approval by a judge. The other, Christian Sinclair, 49, a resident of Orchard Estates was arrested last evening for interfering in a Police Investigation but was later released.  The incident is said to be unrelated to the ongoing investigation as to the whereabouts of Sandra Cantu. Late this afternoon, the second person of interest, Frank Wohler, a martial arts instructer admitted to a source on the scene that it was he who kissed Sandra Cantu at the pool two years ago in an effort to be nice. He also said she would stop over to see if she could help with yard work on occasion.



Chris Sinclair is the son of the owners of the residence, Mr. and Mrs. Sammie and Conrad Sinclair,ages  76 and 71 respectively. Chris’s brother Brandon committed suicide in 2004 due to depression over a job injury claim, and is believed to be the owner of the license plate on the Isuzu Trooper registered in Wyoming.  In addition to impounding the cars, agents searched 4 park residences and 2 other homes; one in Tracy and one in Oakland, CA.  A source inside the investigation has confirmed to blinkoncrime that men’s hair coloring and evidence of someone cutting off longer hair was found, leading to the initial warrants for additional searches last evening. 

Sgt Shenemen also confirmed to Sandra Cantu’s Mother was asked for some of Sandra’s personal effects, such as a tooth brush, hair brush, and pillow cases and those items have been sent to the FBI lab for processing.   

Check back for updates to this developing story.

Update 1- Did Sandra’s Dad cash a check and return to Mexico? Reports from a local donor indicate Mr. Cantu cashed a check and returned to Mexico on Sunday evening. The Tracy Police department is verifying his location but does not suspect Sandra is in Mexico.

There are a total of 4 cars that have been sent to the FBI impound lab in this case. Two from Sinclair, one from Wohler, and a late model grey Mercedes from an undisclosed ownerwithin the Orchard Estates Mobile home park.

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  2. Scoop says:

    From the reports, it sounds as if there are more people involved. This man, with the cigarette, is troubled. And the martial arts instructor? Obviously, anyone his age, who would kiss a young girl at the pool is off the charts.

    Again, I pray LE are right and Sandra will be found alive. I believe her to be a wise girl for her age and hope that she has what it takes to calm the storm and find her way back home. One has to wonder if this is considered human trafficking or, simply, exploitation. At any rate, it does not look good for anyone involved.

    Thanks, Blink!

  3. Charlee says:

    So sad, it appears that she possibly knew the person? The parents must have had a false sense of security to think their 8 year old could walk a few doors down (without being watched) and going to another friends home after that (without being watched). I hope they find Sandra alive, I am praying for her.

  4. Greg the mongoose says:

    Frank Wohler is a sicko… Pedophile

  5. lukebandit says:

    that karate man looks alot older than 49. he looks 60. i am praying that she will be found safe and alive. Jesus said any two people agreeing together in My Name, it shall be given. let’s all agree together that she will be found safe and alive. In Jesus’s name we pray. Amen and Amen.

    kissing a six years old on her mouth? you better be glad that was not my daughter. your eight degree belt would not stop something projected to you at maximum volocity speed. if you get my drift. animal.
    did the mother press charges against the pedophile karate teacher?

    lukebandit, I am not sure you understand how impactful your post was, I loved it.
    The sen say, is not a convicted pedo, I have to disclose, yet.

  6. lukebandit says:

    the guy smoking the cigarette knows what happened. you can see it in his eyes and face.

  7. lukebandit says:

    i looked up the pedo****** info. call him up and tell you how you feel.

    Delta Kajukenbo School Of Self Defense

    4220 Commercial Dr, Ste 6

    Tracy, CA 95304-1621

    (209) 835-****

    this is the man that kissed that little girl on the mouth in the swimming pool.

    In related news:

    Bounty Hunter Leonard Padilla has just offered a $10,000 dollar reward for her safe return by Sunday night.

    On Nancy Grace: Attorney Daniel Horowitz just offered free legal defense, IF you have the little girl and turn her back in safely, he will defend you pro-bono. (for free).
    I feel ya Luke, but I can’t sponsor harassment here. Now, if it turns out he is involved, I’ll prolly change my mind. My thoughts are this guy is going to end up charged with something before this is over. There is never going to be an explanation as to why a grown man kisses a 6 year old child on the lips, who is not a parent or non perverted relative, that I buy. I would not have my child in a class of his, or within 100 yards, as my restraining order would outline. Eew.

  8. Deenie says:

    Snipped >Sgt. Tony Shenemen of the Tracy Police Department maintains law enforcements position that they will find this young girl alive and she has not been abducted.

    I do not understand. If she is missing and has been for this long – what does this mean? “Has not been abducted”? She is not hiding! If she has not been abducted then …?? I don’t understand the verbage I guess.

    I pray that this little one is found ” Safe” untouched and unharmed. God Bless Sandra and her Mom.

  9. Annals says:

    Blink; those are two creepy cars. One belongs to a suicide and the other a caddy; the quintessiential child abductor vehicle.

    Gawd. I know. The irony makes me ill at the the thought of food, still. Preventable crimes to innocent children is evil incarnate, period.

  10. Scoop says:


    You got it!


  11. msmelba says:

    Hey don’t stereotype the cad…The “recent” camera installed sounds odd to me, Did the animals just move in to the park? Our prayers are with the family until their angel is returned back safe and sound…unharmed. Signed a cad driver! Thank you

  12. dddeerma says:

    LE often use rote phrases when speaking to the media and the public. Is there some meaning to their saying she has not been abducted and will be found alive. Doesn’t make sense to me at all. This child has been gone four days.

  13. chitown lady says:

    What and the heck goes on in these trailer parks across America….It has been reported that as many as 80 sex offenders live within 5 mi radius. MY GOD…..I find it very odd that her mother DID NOT report that a man kissed her 6 year old daughter on the mouth. A complete stranger? I have to admit, I would have punched him in the face, then called the police. Something isn’t right in this whole missing girl thing. No amber alert, WHY? Just like doen in Flordia, so similar…And yet Haliegh is no where to be found. Once again, a trailer park with 50 sex offenders in the 5 mi radius…HOW SAD….Anyway…keep us updated Blink…..I pray the find her unharmed as the police claim.

  14. pak31 says:

    dddeerma, I would have to say that the vague and/or confusing statements by LE means they know something but can’t give specifics. For them to state that she will be found alive, it’s very encouraging. I wouldn’t think that they would say that unless they were sure. I have to echo Charlee’s sentiments when I say that parents must protect their children. I don’t know the whole story behind her going missing and every parent is allowed to a point to do what they want, but an 8 year old, especially a girl, living in a neighborhood known for many sex offenders, should not just be let out of her house to walk to someone elses without being watched. I’m not trying to be negative or to preach or anything. I just think a 45 pound, 8 year old shouldn’t be allowed to go out without being supervised.

  15. Red Ranger says:

    Sensei is listed as 58 y.o. Possible first name of Francis.

    Marlboro Man is 49. Note the finding of hair dye for men by LE. Marlboro Man has evidence of a hard life on his face but minimal gray hair. I doubt the dye was for him. His picture shows no evidence of being bitten by the metro bug.

    Blink, what color was the dye? Was the cut hair consistent with Sandra’s?
    Sorry Red, no specifics on that.

  16. dddeerma says:

    Hi, Pak31. It is being reported on another site that the father who has gone back to Mexico had been denied visitation rights. True? Hope for more updates soon. Let’s have this one be a happy ending, okay?

  17. Gigi says:

    what in the he** was the mother thinking two years ago when that sicko kissed her six year old daughter on the mouth??? why wasn’t that reported at the time?? and the man is now admitting to it?? the thought of what else he has done and not reported makes me sick. if he admitted to the act of kissing her, how long before he admits to something else he might have done? he said she comes around asking to do his yard work? yeah, right. all these pedophiles need to be shipped to an isolated island after the first infraction and left to prey on each other. they should not be allowed to live in a civilized society. once a pedophile, always a pedophile. i have a master’s degree in criminal justice and have worked with these monsters. i am telling you, they will never change and cannot be rehabilitated. when will we wake up and realize our children are our most prescious resource and begin to tackle this issue as a nation and find a solution to punishment and incarceration for pedophiles. how many children must be sacrificed before we learn that pedophiles are always repeat offenders.

  18. Debra says:

    gigi i agree these predator monster’s need to be together or better yet left in some desolate desert to die in the heat as they will in hell. These two men the teacher looks like a pedophile i wouldn’t let my child be in any class room with him. Hopefully all the parents of these children remove their children immediately from his class. Also that guy with the cigarette looks pretty nasty also. How could so many offenders live so close to so many children. With all these children being “abducted” i can’t believe parents still let their babies out doors unsupervised. WAKE UP PARENTS you can’t let your babies because thats what an 8 year old is a baby walk around alone even if you think your enviornment is safe. I pray they find this child safe, but those first few hours are the crucial ones and it’s been 6 days now. The families of this compond need to have all those sex offenders removed from their close vicinity. Run them out of town, they don’t deserve to live among the people and their precious children. The laws need to be stiffer lock those pedophiles up for life let them live among themselves in a prison closed off from the rest of the world. Citizens we need to call for changes in the law, no more releasing pedophiles they will always be preying on our children, something has to change we need to help keep our children safe they can’t do it themselves. If a million people can march to Washington for other causes, then a million people can march to Washington to call for change.

  19. non says:

    They need to focus on FW.

    Why do you feel he should be the primary focus?

  20. pr mom of 4 says:

    It is a sad situation, but in the moms defense a lot of hispanic families allow their children free reign. In other words b/c they have family close they do not second the idea of letting kids run around and be kids. It is not the moms fault. Yes she was too trusting but it is very common in our culture. It needs to change not b/c of hispanics but b/c of the many freaks that are stealling americas childhood and freedom.

    Also, did anyone find it odd sandras hair looked really blonde in some pics. I did not even recognize the two pics were the same child.

  21. Char says:

    I`m still hoping she will be found, but I really think it`s to late.
    She is probably buried in that park somewhere.

  22. carmina says:

    I pray every day for this little gril and I have something to say…..last night I saw on DISCOVERY CHANNEL a FBI program or something like that and is about kill people and they used a lady who can get only a personal items and they can use a mental power or something like that to find the guys who kill this people or rapt people in spanish the name of this person is CLARIVIDENTE I dont know the word on english..but I guess it could be a good help …….may be police can use this lady on this case…

  23. Mary says:



  24. meregoddess says:

    My heart is so heavy from thinking of the last days(?) of this little girls life. To be at the mercy of the piece of &_)*_$! that abducted her and violated her. To be scared and wanting her mommy…I look into the eyes of my little one, so trusting and loving and outgoing. I feel such rage right now!!!!We are pretty strict with our kids. So of late we have established some new rules. Front yard only, backyard only is being considered. Even with all of this in the news twice this week the parents of two different kids that my kids play with have let their kids out to play, unsupervised around 3ish and have been TAKING FREAKING NAPS!!!!!!!!!! Are you kidding me? First of all, who has time to take naps??? AND WHO CAN WITH THE KNOWLEDGE that their 2, 3 and 6 year old are outside playing all over the block??????????? That blows my mind!

  25. Dennis says:

    You just ruined the life of the karate teacher that you posted, it was the wrong guy. I hope you get sued, great reporting.
    Enjoy your term as the Mayor of CrazyTown. Wohler wrecked his own life when he tried to smooch a 6 yearl old little girl on the lips. Whether or not he had anything to do with Sandra’s death notwithstanding, that is egregiously inappropriate and you can look for me in Tracy, CA on any given rooftop espousing same. WTH would anyone defend this guy for, um, excuse me, I mean SIFU WOHLER..

  26. Dennis says:

    Wow you are really sick man. I really hope this paper get’s sued. The guy didn’t french kiss the girl jerk. If you think this guy should go to jail then the guy in the tv show Full Home should go to jail too, in one episode he kiss the girl on the lips too. Because you think a guy tap kissed a girl on the lips he’s a killer, then half of Europe should be killer too. Sick animal, I hope the karate guy get’s a lot of money from you guys.

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