Amber Alert: Sandra Cantu Surveillance Video Released

Posted by BOC Staff | Amber Alert,Kidnapping,Missing Persons,Sandra Cantu | Saturday 4 April 2009 12:12 pm

Tracy, CA- The case of missing Tracy California girl Sandra Cantu, 8, has entered it’s eighth day with no sign of the child. There have been rapid developments in the case, including the release of the 8 second surveillance footage of Sandra leaving her families home last Friday March 27th at 4 PM.


Yesterday, Tracy Police and FBI converged on more neighbors of the Cantu family;  David and Debra Slayter. The Slayter’s reside in Space #43 of Orchard Estates Mobile Home Park and in an interview they gave last week, see Sandra at their home several days per week.

She didn’t have a lot of kid friends,” David Slayter said. “She hung out with adults. … I always told her, you’ve got to be careful with some adults. You’ve got to be careful.”

Both vehicles registered to Mr. Slayter were also towed from the scene and placed on an enclosed Impound Bay used by Crime Scene Investigators with the FBI.  A source inside the investigation has confirmed that Slayter was taken for questioning, but it was not to Tracy Police Head Quarters as press were stationed there to capture footage of his arrival. There are unconfirmed reports that Slayter was questioned by the FBI.  Late last evening, a park resident reported witnessing Strayer return to his home and enter the residence after being dropped off.

Tracy Police Lt Jeremy Watney did confirm their was a third warrant served within the park, but declined to give details about what led Police to Slayter. Shortly thereafter, a road block was set up at the entrance to the park and all vehicles going into or exiting the park were searched. Watney declined to comment on any items found during any searches executed this week, citing that information is awaiting a judge’s decision on whether or not it will be sealed. 


Over the last few days there have been 2 persons of interest named by TPD , several searches resulting in impounded vehicles and evidence collection in locations in and outside the mobile home park.  However, all executed warrants outside the location were directly tied to the individuals residing in the park.

Volunteer searchers met at 8am this morning to be assigned a search team and grid area.  The search has been scheduled following the usage of aerial imagery utilized by the US Coast Guard designed to pick up themogenic outlines and ground disturbance data in open areas.  Search teams organized by Tracy PD have concentrated significant effort on the Old River area North of Sandra’s home.

Sandra’s estranged father, Danny Cantu, returned to Tracy to speak with police and take a polygraph exam.  He claimed he returned to Mexico very briefly to check on his home and his wife following a search raid by the FBI and local Mexicali Officers. Cantu has a criminal record which includes Drug Convictions and has spent time in Pelican Bay Prison; considered by some to be one of the most dangerous correctional facilities in the US. Cantu is reporting that he passed a lie detector test and may stay in the area until Sandra is found.

Earlier this week a pink hello kitty tshirt was found at the transfer station to the landfill by volunteer searchers. Although Maria Chavez, Sandra’s mother told police she did not believe it was her daughter’s although it was similar. The shirt has been collected as possible evidence and sent to the FBI lab for testing. has confirmed that Ms. Chavez was shown only a photo of the shirt for identification purposes, not the actual shirt.

I will allow my readers to asess the odds of a pink tshirt, bearing the hello kitty logo, which is reportedly what a missing child was last seen wearing , found in the trash that has been identified to be taken from the complex within the first few days of the investigation of same missing child- are.

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  1. dddeerma says:

    Will there be DNA traces available on the shirt? What ever happened to the hair clippings and dye that were found?

  2. Carol says:

    How sad. She walks like such a happy little girl, swinging her arms around and skipping. What a tragedy.

  3. mamacrazy30 says:

    blink…what is happening in our world…to weird for words
    1# Caylee Anthony lives with her mom, grandmom, granddad…comes up missing..last person (well, real person) to see her..only her mother.
    2# Haleigh Cummings lives with her dad, brother, and dad’s live-in…last person to see her…only the live-in
    #3 Sandra Cantu lives with her mom..?????…dad is estranged..Sandra comes up missing..last person to see her..the eye in the sky, and her mother….

    god help our children…and their misguided parents.

    What is happening Mama? People are living lives that do NOT put their children first, and think things like this happen to others, not themselves. In Haleigh’s and Sandra’s cases they are surrounded by Sex Offenders where the likelyhood of this happening is high and these kids were at risk. This is preventable. Sick and very sad.

  4. Kimm says:

    The police should have released this video earlier..we can see how she walked which could have added in finding her..Actually seeing the clothes she was wearing, beats what you picture them looking like in your mind..I think these cops screwed up on this one…JMO!

  5. Prevost1580 says:

    I hope that other parents are paying attention to these cases. We are in a day & age where,parents do not watch their kids and you just can not do that.

  6. dddeerma says:

    I think it is really hard for parents these days. When everybody works, the kids are left alone when they get too old for daycare. Sandra went out to one neighbor’s to play, but left for another’s house? Nobody thought to tell her mom? They didn’t realize she was missing until dark? This was an 8 year old. She should be under supervision at all times. Kimm is right, too, LE could have released the video the first day. Why not? Haleigh C. bothers me too. Why would anybody especially a father think that a drug binging, skank of a 17 year old drop out is an appropriate caregiver for children?? Just breaks my heart. Child services in Florida must be blind.

  7. kimm says:

    I would never let my 8 year old walk down a street to a friends home alone..I would of atleast set rules like,have the mother of the friend call me and i would watch her walk home or go get her..What is wrong with these people. My sister does the same thing she lets her 4 year old now 5 walk down the street to a friends house with perverts galour in the area and high drive by rate..I have called cps and they do nothing about it except tell her what could happen and they don’t think it’s safe and she still does it anyway.

  8. kimm says:

    @ dddeerma this is off topic but i think misty’s big secret is she propped open the door..She stated she did laundry and we know the air conditioner repair man was there earlier..I think it got hot in the trailer and she opened the door and forgot to close it before she left for the night…JMO!

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