Sandra Cantu Case: Is POI Headed For Suspect?

Posted by BOC Staff | Amber Alert,Kidnapping,Missing Persons,Sandra Cantu | Monday 6 April 2009 11:33 am

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Tracy, CA- Sandra Cantu, 8, has been missing for 10 days. She was last scene on video surveillance captured from her home camera at approximately 4:15 PM on Friday, March 27, 2009. 

sandracantubest-12 Are detectives closer to a suspect? On Friday Evening,  FBI agents and Forensic teams, along with Tracy Police , converged upon the home of David L. Slayter, SPC 43 in Orchard Estates Mobile Home Park.  Blinkoncrime has learned there is reason to believe Mr. Slayter may have lived NEXT DOOR to Sandra and her family at one time. 

 Slayter and a woman he identified as his wife, Debra, had been at several candlelight vigils for the chid until Mr. Slayter was interviewed aboud Sandra Cantu’s disappearance .

As reported previously, Mr. and Mrs. Slayter have admitted that Slayter spent time with Sandra several days per week on a regular basis. She claims they went bowling, played yahtzee, and that Sandra did not have many childhood playmates. Slayter makes the third person of interest in this case. The third POI form the same park, and apparently, former Guy Next Door..



During yesterday’s press conference Lt. Tony Shenemen announced the Investigators have gotten the strongest leads in the case over the last 48 hours. During the briefing, a bystander claming he gave police  a tip on Friday and again on Saturday regarding Sandra’s disappearance wanted to know if it had been checked out.   Johnny Williams, an Oakland resident called Police on Friday and told them he saw a man on a boat with a young girl in the area of the Old River where searches had been focusing their efforts earlier in the week.  He described the man’s behavior as erratic.  Last week the Tracy Police and FBI searched an Oakdale home and a boat owned by a cousin of one of the named persons of interest, Christian Sinclair.  Shenemen categorized the investigation as the strongest it has been in 4 days, and they are speaking to one individual they have spoken to previously, “following up”. 

What is also a notable coincidence between Slayter and Sinclair is they both own White Isuzu Trooper SUV’s; which are currently undergoing forensic testing at the FBI facility.  Blink on Crime has confirmed there is  more than one witness account from the Orchard Estates Mobile Home Park indicating Sandra may have gotten into  a vehicle resembling a White Isuzu Trooper, but Tracy Police declined to confirm that information at press time.

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  1. dddeerma says:

    When a child has been abducted, it would seem that all evidence that could be used to find that child should be made public. The longer it goes, the less likely it is that the child will be found, and someone who has kidnapped a child is already trying to be very careful. Maybe for a few hours, information should be held close, but this is ridiculous. Or it seems so to me. Thanks for the update, Blink.

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  3. Susan says:

    Isn’t David Slayter the guy who owns the karate place and the perv who kissed Sandra? I can’t imagine why the mom would allow Sandra to spend several days per week on a regular basis with this couple…

    No, different POI, Slayter is bowling companion and yahtzee friend… To an 8 year old. WTF?
    YES I am being snark. Poor child

  4. ~Michelle says:

    Thanks Blink! You always have great investigative reports.

  5. tracymama says:

    I have never seen this site before – I want to commend you on the amount of information you have here– Amazing! This story absolutely breaks my heart – my heart hopes the suitcase has nothing to do with her, but my brain says it does… what is wrong with this world? poor beautiful child…

    Thank you tracymama. Our hearts and prayers go out to your community..B

  6. Char says:

    You have cleared up some questions I had.

  7. tracymama says:

    Hey- I have been telling tons of people about your site. Of course, this case is all anyone can talk about around here. Thanks for your site – There’s sooo much more info than on out local paper’s site. I am curious – is Blink one person writing all these articles? Also, can you tell us where you get the info on the POI (the chart with income, age, etc)? Keep up the good work!

    Many thanks Tracymama-
    Yes, Blink is a party of 1 investigative journalist; for the most part my work is original content true crime. I use local resources and tips when working a case and then fact check them myself through many databases which I dont name because there are flaws in all of them and I dont endorse one specifically for that reason. On the images and photography I have a ton of help from my friend and moderator of the site, Klaasend.
    What is going on in your community with not just beautiful Sandra, but I believe child porn as well, is reprehensible. I do believe however, at the end of this case, there is going to be a major shakedown making Tracy a safer place for children than it was before. I just wish it did not have to come at Sandra and her families expense. Please tell everyone you know today to run a sex offender check for their area and discuss what these freaks are to their children. It is the only way to protect them.

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