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Update 6:15PM- Coroner is on the Scene:


Tracy, CA- A Black Suitcase has been found in San Joaquin County in an irrigation Pond off S. Becchetti Road.  A one mile radius has been cordoned off and farm operations have been asked to cease while the FBI investigates the container which appears to be a suitcase, pictured below. 


It was found by Farm employees while draining the pond. The area had been searched previously, but the pond was full at the time. At the time of this post, the FBI has not opened the container, and press has been barred from the scene.  According to the San Joaquin Sheriff’s Office, no person of interest has been named a suspect or detained this afternoon.

Investigators can not rule out the possibility it may be related to Sandra’s disappearance.   There is a press conference scheduled for today at 3:30PM PST.


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  1. chitown lady says:

    Oh my god! We can only pray she is NOT in there. Blink, how you find out your info amazes me so. You are so much better then the regular news sites…Bless you and your info.

    How kind, thank you. Please pray for Sandra. I believe it is her, sadly.

  2. Felicity says:

    This is so scary. I pray that the little girl is safe somewhere. I know that you will keep everyone up to date on this. Thank you for doing that! Will continue our prayers for this little child.

  3. Kleat says:

    I hope this is a false lead and someone’s tossed some old clothes out. In Canada a few years ago, a similar case of a small young girl disappeared while riding her trike outside her home. She was found in a suitcase, the murderer put on trial and with the help of a juror who got into a relationship with him, he got off, case has dead-ended as the police believe this was the right person. The accused moved away and took up a new life with the juror and together, IIRR, were planning a book.

    But until we know, there is still hope like another young girl, about 12 or 13, taken by an old man and hidden away for his use in a shed, again in a small rural community like Tracey. She had been drugged, but she escaped, was said to be very strong in her testifying and the man was convicted. As happy an ending as one could hope to such a tragedy. Hope this is a false lead today.

  4. Amanda says:

    Is there anymore information you can give us? Is it really her?

    I expect to post an update late this evening.

  5. ~Michelle says:

    Blink, sorry but this time, I really hope you’re wrong.
    That poor little girl. I will be praying for her and hoping she’s in a “safe place”.

    Dont be sorry Michelle, I would love nothing more than to be wrong. My experience and knowledge base leads me to believe there is a body in that suitcase. -B

  6. Blink Envy says:

    Great work Blink. I am praying as well that you are wrong for once. No offense. Sadly, I have a bad feeling about this.

    As an aside I would like to say the following regarding a sight/forum that will go unmentioned … WEB SLEUTHS. I find it an absolute joke that this so-called victims rights web sight will not allow it’s members to link to your exclusive and breaking sleuthing, yet they have no problem plagiarizing, copying and claiming the copied material is some how their work product without so much as a courtesy link.

    Its not WS more like BS.

    One would think that grown adults could act like it and provide proper attribution to others hard work.

    It is beyond comical that they allow no link, yet discuss your exclusive material on their site like they thought of it themselves. Who knew that courtesy attribution was such a difficult concept.

    I thought we were all in this together to help find missing person’s not act like children and not sharing well with others in the sand box.

    Keep up the great work Blink.

    O no you di nt’.. I feel bad for the posters, it is painful watching them want to work a case and dance around legitimate news and then poof goes the post or thread. I do not see that as advocacy, I see that as idiocy

  7. Laura Jean says:

    I’m hugging my babies tighter than ever! This is wrong! What is happening to our childrne? There was 14 year old girl from Colorado Springs who was raped and murdered by the father of 6 grown children last week. This is too much!!!!!!!!!!! Are these monsters feeling more free to expose themselves? Do they feel entitled to molest and exploit and kill?????? I was taught not to hate, but I hate these child killers. I hate them with every ounce of passion I possess. I HATE THEM.

  8. Pam says:

    According to KCRA, it appears as though it was a piece of luggage:
    “It was a black piece of luggage of significant size with both hard and soft sides.”

    Blink: You are to be commended on your information, diligence, passion, and the integrity in which you handle this web-site. I follow you daily but my posts are minimal. I know that there is no indication of a human body in this “find”….but my gut instincts tell me otherwise, sadly. I am sick to my stomach and all I can do is pray….not just say that I will…but, actually pray for this young child. Thank you for sharing your talents with all of us!

    My Dear Pam- thank you for your kindness. Your gut instincts are correct. This sweet baby was murdered. My heart and prayers go out to her and her family.

  9. Annie Domingo says:

    Blink, thank you for the information. I am saddened that yet again a beautiful child was taken from the world by someone who should be in a deep hole, covered with quick lye. The fact that she was found in the pond at Bachetti/Silva Dairy makes me shudder, as I grew up in Tracy, and spent many wonderful times fishing in that pond, and on the old River which runs thru the property. I was in Tracy this past weekend and know that everywhere I looked this girls flyers were posted in windows, on cars, everywhere. I find it sickening that out there somewhere SOMEONE KNOWS what happened, they need to talk. This freak who hurts children won’t stop, it will happen again. He (or she) needs to be found, and dealt with harshly! I wish you had been wrong this time Blink, as I know you feel the same.

  10. AJ says:

    I hope that this SICK and TWISTED person is put into jail, I know that SO MANY PEOPLE, if they had a chance would do the same as me. I didnt know Sandra personally, but she was just a child, if I or anyone I know finds out who did this…. I would knock his/her head in! This is ridiculous, I am only a few years older than her, I don’t feel safe ANYWHERE any more… its horrible! I’m glad that I took Tae Kwon Do because I feel that any minute I may need to use it now. I am always on my guard and when I meet new adults, I automatically have this wall up that won’t allow them to get near me because of all these things happening to these poor kids. I sincerely HOPE for the life of whoever killed Sandra Cantu, that he (or she) will NOT get anywhere near any more children because the police will NOT be the only ones issuing consequences. I BET MOST OF THE PEOPLE ON THIS SITE FEEL THE SAME WAY I DO, AND GUESS WHAT? Two MORE girls 13 & 14 years old JUST disappeared from Sacramento! For Crying out loud! It seems that once one psycho decides to strike all the others will too!

    Thank you Blink, for keeping me updated, though I do so wish that you had been wrong, and if you get any leads on what psycho did this to an (8) EIGHT year old. Please post it, because everyone in Tracy would like to know. Thank you sincerely,

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