Sandra Cantu Investigation: Suitcase Reported Stolen By Church Member

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Tracy, CA- Blink on Crime has confirmed there is a solid link to the Clover Baptist Church and the black suitcase Sandra Cantu was found in Monday afternoon.  According to a member of the Clover Baptist Church, Fred Williams, a female congregation member reported the bag stolen the day Sandra was last seen: 

“There’s not one member there that would have anything to do with anything like that kind of situation,” Williams said. “More people should come to church and hang out with him because they would find out what a fun loving kind of guy that he is,” Williams said.

“That suitcase was to go to the church for a rummage sale with some stuff in it and the person put it somewhere, either in the back of a car somewhere. But anyway, when she came back out the suitcase was gone,” Williams said.

Williams said that the mysterious rolling black suitcase Cantu was found in, was reported stolen to Tracy Police Department.  Not True.


Who Had The Luggage?

There is only one report filed in the early morning hours of March 28th, less than 12 hours after police launched the search for Sandra Cantu, reporting a theft from a vehicle.  It is a purse theft from a car without a break-in.

I’ll save you the trouble- Who reports a stolen piece of luggage slated for an impromptu rummage sale  which just happens to end up entombing an 8 year old child in the bottom of an irrigation  pond?

According to Mr. Williams, there is “stuff in it”, but Sgt. Tony Sheneman has stated several times that there was nothing found on or in the bag to identify Pastor Lawless or the Clover Baptist Church. If that is accurate, one can only assume that the tie-in to the church is from the woman that allegedly reported the suitcase stolen. 

If there is no report, Mr. Williams would seem to know something none of us would have , until he told us. 

The purse  theft occurred at  a location directly across the street from Mr. Williams residence.


Fred L Williams, self proclaimed member of the Clover Baptist Church and his wife, Anita M, have an extensive criminal history which includes suspended drivers licenses, drug posession,  and worse.  I am not listing them specifically as it has not been determined to be relevant to Sandra’s disappearance. They appear to have previous addresses in Oakland and Oakdale as well. fredwilliamsvideo 

It is however, safe to say, that Williams statements directly contradict those of Lt. Sheneman regarding the reporting from anyone regarding stolen luggage. It is not known at this writing if Mr. Williams has been interviewed by Investigators.

Let’s say for the purpose of this discussion, we allow the possibility that the ”theft from vehicle” report, although it does not specifically identify luggage, is in some way an attempted cover up. This is what the map would reflect:


Upon further research, BlinkonCrime has uncovered a theft report incident PRIOR  to Sandra’s disappearance, but occuring the morning  of the day she went missing.  It is within a block of the ”theft from vehicle” report I reference above; again very close to Mr. Williams residence.

I was able to confirm through the Tracy Police Department this afternoon that neither report, nor any other, specify luggage was stolen from a vehicle or anywhere else. There is little doubt however, that the answer to the question “Where did the luggage come from?” is a critical key to bringing Sandra Cantu’s killer or killers to justice.

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  1. Becky says:

    I think Johnny did see her with fred Williams. Fred Williams wsa probably going to throw her over board and have her drown. I think he paniked and didn’t know what to do with her body so he probably drove to the church and quickly without thinking grabbed the luggage,put her in it and threw it in the water. It would really help if they say her cause of death. Maybe her cause of death is drowning.

  2. Char says:

    Becky, very good! Char

  3. Becky says:

    Thanks Char, but this is making more and more sense. He probably meant to let her go but when he saw the police got involved and she could identify him he probably deceided to kill her. He might of intended to first throw her overboard but because her body would prbably float he deceiced to put her in the case 1.because he could dump it and leave (and know she wouldn’t survive)2. He knew it would sink.2. No one would ever imagine she would be in a suitcase. He might of wanted to dump her when he was seen in the boat with her but could’nt because someone may of seen him or because he would have to wait and make sure she drowned. He didn’t have time for that because people were searching for her. He needed something quick and putting her in the suitcase was an option to get rid of her quick and knowing for sure she’s dead. When they release her cause of death it might be drowing because he probably put her in the case alive. I know it sounds crazy but well find out in time. My heart breaks for her mother and family. This is sad. Incredibly sad. It only gets worse for the mother. She’s been hit hard and once she finds out more about how she died it’s like another blow. If they can get it, it might help the mother as she tries to overcome the shock.

  4. My Opinion says:

    I just have to say “Bless you little Baby Doll Sandra, you are an Angel now. Help them find who killed you Sweetie.”


    FBI Continues Searching Church In Cantu Case

    TRACY, Calif. — The FBI continued on Friday its search of Clover Road Baptist Church in connection with the Sandra Cantu homicide case.

    The focus of Friday’s search was on a small shed on the church grounds.

    Shed At Clover Road Baptist

    Melissa Huckaby, the granddaughter of Clover Road Baptist Church’s pastor, the Rev. Lane Lawless, said on Friday that the suitcase in which Cantu was found matched one that was stolen from her. Huckaby also said that she found a note the day after Cantu’s disappearance.

    According to Huckaby, the note said, “Cantu, Suitcase, Water. The word ‘suitcase’ was misspelled, and there were two street names including the word ‘Whitehall.’”

  6. anonymous says:

    I can’t help but note that if eyewitnesses are crucial to identifying the killer, then perhaps investigators would prefer that photos of the suspect not be widely publized in order to avoid any suggestions.

  7. Tracyite says:

    I find it quite odd that the note “Cantu, Suitcase, Water” was found by the pastor’s granddaughter when she was also the one who had the suitcase stolen. She taught Sunday School at the church and said that it was filled with items for the classroom when it was taken from near her SUV… curiouser and curioser. Channel 3 news (KCRA) has a video on their website from today that has some interesting information. This woman, Huckaby, has apparently been questioned before about another man in the park and the possibility that he had some involvement with drugging and/or molesting his girlfriend’s 7yr old daughter. It is important to note this was reported by a zealous news reporter and has NOT been confirmed by authorities. They have been tight-lipped — rightfully so. Imagine our outrage if whoever did this is not apprehended and brought to justice. It can happen easily if he/she/they are tipped off by our inquiring minds, and particularly those of the media. I applaud the manner in which this murder investigation is being handled. I DO want to know, but not at the expense of justice.

    Now as to why I originally decided to post a comment….. Regarding this man Miller and the “theft from car” report. This did not occur directly across the street from him, as stated here. Krohn Rd. is about a mile away, by car or by foot so it seems a bit odd to infer he may have had something to do with that. I feel it’s completely inappropriate to post this man’s address. Maybe he’s a viable suspect, maybe he’s completely innocent. Time will tell. FYI, auto theft and auto vandalism are by far the most frequent crimes in Tracy. Five or Six car break-ins/theft of items on one street in one night is not that unusual. Petty crimes are the norm here.

    I was out searching for this little girl. I watched the search crews scouring the canal banks from morning til night, the helicopters combing the fields and rivers. Her school is near my home, the search was primarily in the country north of town where I work and where I searched. I became very emotionally invested and understand how putting the pieces together can lead you to possible conclusions. What I try to remind myself of is that authorities are holding back information to ensure a conviction. If a detail is reported, it is for a reason.

    Some people have reported information to the media when they should have been talking to the police and some who have given information to the police later talk to the media without checking with authorities if this is alright. Their 15 minutes of fame could well tip off Sandra’s murder(s). We ALL want whoever did this found, tried and convicted. We must be patient and we must not be party to a witch hunt. Good people could easily have their lives ruined and the murderer could be free to do this again, but to whose child? Yours? Mine? Another stranger’s? It’s not worth that.

  8. Doc says: is reporting an arrest in the Sandra Cantu murder case. It’s a 28 year-old woman.,2933,514435,00.html

  9. nascarmom says:

    Melissa Chantel Huckaby has been arrested
    Twenty-eight-year-old Melissa Chantel Huckaby was arrested at 11:55 p.m. Friday on suspicion of kidnapping and killing 8-year-old Sandra Cantu.

  10. Becky says:

    I bet Melissa was the person who left the note from Sandra to killer I forgive you and god will judge me someday

    There is video of a man bearing a strong resemblence to Frank Williams leving that note, and Huckaby was in the hospital immediately after Sandra was found on 4/6

  11. PRINCESS68 says:


  12. PRINCESS68 says:

    Sorry, wasn’t yelling. Didn’t notice caps lock was on

  13. Concerned says:

    I heard on the news that the police have positively identified the writing on the note as Fred Williams handwriting.

  14. PRINCESS68 says:

    TRACY, Calif. (AP) — Prosecutors say they’re considering rape and molestation allegations against the woman suspected of killing an 8-year-old Northern California girl and putting her body in a suitcase.

    Twenty-eight-year-old Melissa Huckaby has been arrested on suspicion of kidnapping and murdering Sandra Cantu.

    San Joaquin County Deputy District Attorney Robert Himmelblau told The Associated Press Monday that a homicide charge against Huckaby could also include the special circumstances of rape with a foreign object, lewd and lacivious conduct with a child and murder in the course of a kidnapping.

    Himmelblau wouldn’t provide more details. Huckaby is scheduled to be arraigned Tuesday.…ate&id=6755834

  15. porky fanuca says:

    i just wanna say that youll be missed sandra!!and hoever did dis 2 u should pay the price ho sad that you were only 8 years old 2 witness this i wonder if this woul have never happened 2 u, i mean how was ur life gonna be maybe u were goin 2 have done great things!!Rest in peace sandra cantu!! we all love u …

  16. Marie Scroggs says:

    Blink – I’m curious as to whether or not you still believe there is a toddler son?

    I know there is.

  17. queen says:

    She was rsped by a women with a screwdriver then shoved in a suitcase how does her body fit in there. All I can say now is rest in peace baby angle. Everybody will remember you sandra let your soul be free with the spirits.

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