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Tracy, CA- The Hunt for Sandra Cantu’s killer or killers is yielding several new breaking developments.

 As brought to you exclusively by Blink on Crime; local reporters and members of the Orchard Estates Community want to know what Fred Williams knows about the luggage Sandra was found in Monday.


Williams, 51, is a member and apparent care taker at the Clover Baptist Church where Police and FBI have recently completed their search and have recovered among other bags of evidence, a pair of work gloves in a crawlspace underneath the structure. Williams met Pastor Lawless at the Church following it’s release by the Crime Scene Investigation Team yesterday, and opened the door for Lawless with his key.


In prior statements, Williams indicated the luggage Sandra was found in was stolen on it’s way to the church’s rummage sale. Sgt. Tony Sheneman of the Tracy police Department confirmed to Blink on Crime there have never been any reports to police of stolen luggage. It would seem that is not the only thing Mr. Williams lied about. There was never any rummage sale planned at the church.  garagesaleogdensannazor1

There was however, a yard sale at Fred and Anita Williams home the morning after Sandra went missing. What else was for sale? Matching luggage, possibly?




In other developments, an Oakland resident who Sgt. Sheneman has spoken to personally previously is directly pointing the finger at a man he says he saw on a boat with a young girl resembling Sandra on April 2nd.  A source inside the investigation has confirmed to Blink on Crime that Johnny Williams saw Frank Williams being interviewed yesterday and returned to Tracy from his home to hand-deliver Tracy Police his information again.

..If Police say she was already dead by April 2nd, then I am wrong.. But I saw a heavy set man with a thick moustache interviewed on Tv yesterday and it’s him, it’s the man I saw on the boat..



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  2. LovinLife says:

    But, it was a 4 family garage sale, and it wasn’t at Fred’s house. How do you know he sold stuff there? It would be very interesting if he did, but do you have more proof? Thanks!! Love the work you do.

  3. Amber says:

    So are the police considering him a suspect yet? How credible is the J. Williams as a witness?

  4. Marie says:

    If this is true that he saw what he believes to be Fred Williams on a boat with Sandra on April 2nd, then that would mean that Sandra had been alive for at least 6 days from the time she went missing. And if this is who he saw then where was Sandra being kept all of that time….in the church basement?

  5. Flossy says:

    Blink, you’re awesome. Thanks for doing what you do.

  6. pak31 says:

    Who knows what to believe. I find it interesting that the church was searched and this guy keeps bringing up the luggage. Could be something could be nothing. Some people think the man claiming to have seen Williams with Sandra is lying. I say, let the police figure it out. I am sure they are looking into it and will figure out if he’s lying. If he isn’t then God bless him for coming forward.

  7. Becca says:

    Its so hard to know what to believe at this point. There is always people getting involved in cases like this, you have to question their motives. Maybe its to keep the focus off of other things. I do think, however its worth mentioning that its odd that this guy is saying the luggage was stolen which, would put it out of HIS hands. I hope LE looks into this a little more.

  8. lolwut says:

    o snap! great job!

  9. Ha! says:

    Why are you deleting comments that ask for clarifiation or proof of what you are saying? You say in your article, “There was however, a yard sale at Fred and Anita Williams home the morning after Sandra went missing.” but you cut off half of the Craigslist add which shows the actual address, and you put a tiny little picture of a map that shows the address of the garage sale and the address of Fred Willams. I like your site, I really do, but you need to stop going all Nancy Grace on us. You are better than this Blink. Get back to the stuff you can back up.

    Actual ad:

    W H O A..
    1) I have not deleted a single post requesting clarification or proof as you say- so step off. As a matter of fact, I have only ever deleted a post that berates another poster. As I back up everything I write on, I can honestly tell you in thousands of comments, this is the first I have ever gotten saying such a thing.

    The graphic link you provided is correct, and if you blow up the thumbnail on my site, you’ll see exactly the SAME IMAGE.. The garage sale consisted of 4 families and I have spoken to one of them to confirm that Williams was in fact, a participant. To that end, are you seriously busting me because this site uncovered a flagrant lie on behalf of an individual that is linked in this case by:

    1)The Luggage containing a murdered 8 year old.
    2)The Pastor LE has interviewed repeatedly, confiscated evidence and impounded vehicles
    3)Through the 2 above, Sandra.
    I respect alternative opinions, and I am as capable of “getting it wrong” as the next guy, this is not that, promise.

  10. Pam says:

    Looks like there is more than one story about the “suitcase”. See below about what “some residents” said about how it went missing. (I have no idea why the link to this article is so huge from the Tracy Press, but it’s below for those interested). Nor do I know much about that local paper or it’s credibility.

    “Some residents have said that the pastor’s wife, Connie Lawless, or her daughter, Joni, left the rolling suitcase on their home’s driveway for a few minutes when someone took it.”

    This guy is just plain creepy to me! Would be interested to know if his yard sale was pre-advertised or a spur of the moment idea. How convenient for you Mr. Williams to have this information on the suitcase and some mysterious woman who reported it stolen. Oops — forgot to do that did she/you???

    The Yard sale was advertised at noonish 3/27, PRIOR to Sandra’s abduction. Me thinks it was just an attempt to cover up a missing piece of luggage that would be tied to the perp, whomever that turns out to be, imo.

  11. Annals says:

    The brevity and determination of Johnny Williams reminds me of Roy Kronk. Quiet, thoughtful observers; those two.

  12. Pam says:

    Thanks for clarifying the advertised time of this yard sale! I have an uneasy gut feeling that there is more than one person with knowledge of what happened to this innocent little cherub. I hope in the end there are numerous arrests….whether they have to do with Sandra or not….there is something not right in this neighborhood. Find and arrest this monster(s) for this horrific crime and then send all the other “snakes” back under the rocks from which they crawled out of. Finally….doesn’t take rocket science to see that Williams is tied somehow to this suitcase…a big white elephant to me. Sincere regards and deepest admiration and respect for your diligence in all that you do on this site! :)

  13. fedupmom says:

    I dont want to rush to judgement since there is still so much info to uncover but so far this Johnny Williams just doesnt sit right with me. I hope the police are looking at him very closely. I do believe they will crack this case.

    I agree with Beckys posts on the last thread. she makes a lot of sense and has some great points.

  14. dddeerma says:

    Modern lie detectors are more sensive than the old ones. Has this church caretaker with keys who lies been offered one? If the child was possibly alive for days, the lack of an all out response by LE is chilling. The attitude of LE towards the community is hard to understand also. A killer was operating and LE tried to say that they believed Sandra was okay. Puzzling. LE is probably fine and competent in Tracy, but their procedures need to be reviewed, updated and changed. Thanks Blink for your work.

  15. Red Ranger says:

    Not to be disrespectful to Mr J. Williams but when I go to the grocery store I see men that looks like Fred Williams on almost every trip. He has a generic look that you can see anywhere in this country at any time. Not saying he is not involved, just sayin…

    The part that needs clarification is the disappearance of the suitcase. Did the lady put it in the car or on the ground outside? Did she have any friends helping her that may have had a car that they put the suitcase in? Did the lady see the suitcase, post finding of Sunny Sandra, and verify that the suitcase was indeed hers? Is her home close enough to the road that a passerby may have grabbed the suitcase without breaking stride? How close to the road was her car parked? How long did she stay inside with the suitcase outside? Could she have driven the car, suitcase intact, to the church and Mr. Williams (or someone else)grabbed it there?

    I hope there are some fingerprints or DNA on/in the suitcase that ties some ditch pig to his/their act(s).

    Blink, Multiple offender article release date? No pressure, TIA.

    Red, agreed the suitcase is the linchpin of this case. According to Williams it was slated to go to the church, but did not make it to the church. We know that the rummage sale is a euphamism for “multi family yard sale at my diggs”. Why not say that? Williams answered questions as to why the church/pastor was being questioned and brings up the luggage himself. Sgt. Sheneman stated there was nothing in or on the bag to identify it’s owner, but when asked if there was something ABOUT the bag that led to it’s owner, he declined comment. We know there is no police report of a stolen piece of luggage, so when Williams says it was reported, to WHOM? The Rummage Sale Task Force of Tracy? I will conceed perhaps he was repeating something he was told, but then how are you getting past the fact that he brings it up AND the Yard Sale is actually at his Yard?

    I dont know what to say about JWill, I dont believe Sandra was alive by the 2nd so I dont think his sighting is credible, but he may believe he does…
    The article on multi-offenders is not ripe, lol.

  16. dddeerma says:

    While I am here: what led LE to the church in the first place? Has anyone said?

  17. Scarrlett says:

    Wow Blink….Scarrlett here.

    You are hitting the Big Time as feathers seem to russel in the World of the Internet!! Hope you continue to bring all of us the info as you acquire, and I for one appreciate the actual Footwork that you do!

    I hope Sandra’s family can get some bit of peace back in their lives and finding WHO among them did this would be a healthy step in the right direction.

    Don’t forget about us as you become more famous. Thanks Again

    Not sure what you mean exactly but appreciate the kind sentiment. As long as people continue to care and be about outraged at victimization and seeking proper justice, I will be right here.

  18. Gina says:

    This Fred Williams is so creepy. On his Today Show clip it seems like it is almost unbearable for him to say that he hopes the police catch te perp. I have a bad, bad feeling about this cat.

  19. Amber says:

    Blink have you talked with J.Williams at all? You have any new info for us today?

    around 2:30 AMber

  20. Felicity says:

    Is the FBI involved? Sure hope so. I have really bad vibes about Fred Williams.

    Blink, do you know what is going on in the Haleigh Cumming’s case? I haven’t heard anything recently. Hope you can bring us up to date.

    You are doing a GREAT job! Continued success.

  21. Donna says:

    Great work, Blink, thanks for this information. As another commenter pointed out (rudely), the thumbnail you have up right now for the Craigslist garage sale posting is cut in half, including your watermark. I saved it to my computer and zoomed in, but it’s not all there. Just thought I’d let you know.

  22. Linda says:

    Just wondering, what kind of car Mr. Williams drives. I read earlier an eyewitness saw a man between the age of 40 to 50 looking suspicious and was by a silver chevorolet truck parked backwards by the location where sandra’s body was found. The man was wearing a black shirt and white cap and was caucasion. I believe it was cited 3 days before the discovery of Sandra.

  23. Scarrlett says:

    Blink… I was responding to the post # 9…

    It was “Greta” that said she knew she was getting big as complaints and controversy began fling all around her. It seems you are doing your job well if you can stir up some passion.

    I was teasing when I said “Don’t forget us monkeys” as you become Famous to the world. YOU are on your way. {you did know I was a Monkey?}

    Just read about this Sunday school teacher. A WOMEN?? I did NOT see that coming!! What’s up with this??

  24. Gina Marie says:

    i have atheory, justa theory, but it keeps nagging at me…melissa didn’t decide to do this alone, and is definitely scared (knows she’s in deep trouble) and seems to be truly remorseful that the girl is dead…so, i think maybe a certain pastor is running a “film business” out of his church and using h is daughter, granddaughter? as a sunday school teacher to recruit children to be “actors” in his “movies.” I wouldn’t be surprised if LE eventually finds/ or has already found these “movies” and sandra was “starring” in more than one of them, and other children as well…something tells me this wasn’t the first time she was abused by them, just the time something went wrong and she died…i’m not accusing anybodyof anything, just theorizing a possibility, especially since the media reported sandra had often visited the pastor at the church, seemed kind of off to me, that a kid her age had so much freedom to wander the neighborhood and visited so many people…it is sad, i guess she had a single mom who worked and she was left alone a lot…terrible tragedy….

  25. mynamehere says:


    Your work is commendable. Please contact me.

  26. piskodrocho says:

    I want to listen good music!

  27. scizzbo says:

    Based on that last post I’m going to agree completely.

    Got to go for now.



  28. WeetZoott says:

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  29. Angelschein says:

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