Casey/Caylee Anthony Case : Death Penalty Back On

Orlando, FL- Late this afternoon, the State’s Attorney’s Office notified Jose Baez, attorney for tot mom Casey Anthony,  they intend to seek the death penalty. Prior to Caylee Marie Anthony’s remains found on December 11. 2008, the state had decided not to seek the death penalty 6 days earlier.  In the state of Florida, the legal aggravating circumstances that would apply in this case would be that the murder was cruel and atrocious and cold, calculated and premeditated

caseydeathpenalty3 Game On

The decision of the prosecution to reverse it’s original stance in their murder indictment against Casey Anthony for the death of her 34 month old daughter Caylee, is the latest in what seemed like rapid fire developments over the Holiday weekend. Jose Baez is not a death penalty qualified attorney and he cannot defend this case without one.

On Friday afternoon, Jose Baez filed a motion to subpoena the phone records and similar provider records of the members of the Anthony family, Dominick Casey, Jim Hoover, Roy Kronk, Amy Huzienga, Jesse Grund and Keith Williams.  It is widely believed this information is exactly what Jose Baez was attemtpting to secure in his ex parte motion to Judge Stan Strickland, which consequently, may have gotten Baez his most recent bar complaint.  A source close to the case has confirmed to Blink on Crime that this motion is much more about accessing ping records for these individuals than the actual records, which cannot be requested without a subpoena. (editors note: I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so. Baez is going to need a bigger bus for the pileup if you catch my drift..)

The Big O

If Lady Oprah is not careful, that big O may end up standing for obsolete. It was revealed today that George and Cindy Anthony will be appearing on her show this May.  As Oprah is not known for her investigative prowess or criminal case coverage, one has to assume this will turn into the crab- puff piece and pity party the A’s are intending. 

Ratings week- Shocker-Don’t Watch- Tell your friends. Enough Said.

Cirque de Anthony

Last Thursday, April 9, George and Cindy sat down for a chit chat with Team Morgan. Well, not exactly. They tag-team glared, objected as to relevance and amazingly seemed to avoid lock jaw in what was apparently a very warm conference room.  In both interviews, George and Cindy refused to answer several questions on what seemed to be the “indignation to our controlled spin” objection. In this proceeding, the only viable objection on behalf of their attorney, Brad Conway, is privlege.  As their IS NO CURRENT OR PENDING CHARGES against these two, not even that boat will float. Expect John Morgan and Co. to file a motion to compel the Anthony’s to return to the suspended deposition. With any luck they will repeat this behavior and one or both of them will spend the night in the pokey in contempt just for the principle to the proceeding. Normally I provide you with all the necesary files to access the video/audio  to which I am referring; allow me to save you the throbbing headache and new profane vocabulary conjunctions that have since become an occupational hazard for me in this case, see below.


The Hi-lights: George was a deputy. Deputy George was never a detective, but he is a very bad speller and likes to ask himself his own questions out loud.  For the first time ever I had a ping of respect for him when he shouted at Cindy to ..”SHUT UP…SHUT UP…”.  He has a very poor memory and apparently has never watched any of the gazillion statements recorded and released to the public that any pre-LSAT clerk could draft an impeachment for. Yeesh.

Cindy, with a day off from sh*t house rat but still reigning mayor of crazy town, wore her finest shamrock -hued sweater and matching belt. She is out of anti- perspirant. While blatantly refusing to answer the simplest of questions, she attempts the “I am going to annoy the living snot out of you until you call Uncle” ploy. It failed. Cindy has similar memory disorder to George. John Morgan finds Attorney Dell in the men’s room with a makeshift shank about to do himself in, Morgan takes over questioning. I heart-heart him. c2

Response from the Frequent Non- Responder

In reports released Friday, Richard Cain, the deputy that responded to the call placed by Roy Kronk on August 13th to Suburban Drive, was terminated from his duties. Not if he can help it. Mr. Cain has apparently recovered from lack of responding and is now more responsive; albeit in matters about him. Cain is refusing his termination for cause and appealing the decision.

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  1. shoozeyque says:

    Comment to #102 – Baez never pays his bills. He got into a lot of trouble for that in his past. Even got behind on his child support payments. I wonder how many who people are working for him in this case and expect to be paid for their services, don’t get paid a dime?

  2. shoozeyque says:

    To #103 – NG needs to start checking her facts before she goes bellowing them. Many times, I’ve sat here watching her show, and am totally disgusted and in disbelief by some of the inaccuracies of her statements. Millions of people watch her. Does she not do her homework? She loves to stir the pot in creating all the sensationalism she can muster. JVM does does the same thing, although I think JVM may have more of her stories straight and is not quite so offensive to her guests. Only one guest panelist on JVM that I cannot stand and that is that attorney for Crystal Cummings, Jane Weintraub. I find her offensive. I don’t know why. She just rubs me the wrong way. She is such a bigmouth I have to FF to something else not to have to listen to her whine. There’s a few criminal defense attorneys I have no use for on these shows, but for the most part, the psychologists, forensic medical experts, and most of the defense attorneys are okay in my book, as a lot of them in giving their take on the situation, do try to give a “fair” assessment of what is being asked of them.

  3. Kleat says:

    Blink, I came over to this story to read Keith William’s etc per the newest story and comments about Keith Williams and I found the second interview of KW (the one on site) so read that.

    Now, just noticed the sub-title in this earlier article of yours “The Big O” (O for Oprah) and now, with the June story and the new meaning of ‘O’ with the duct tape reasons that have surfaced …. :(

  4. Fred McNeil says:

    Hi Blink, I asked yesterday and saw your answer this morning about the prints on the duct tape, and I’m not doubting you, but that leaves me with one more HUGE question: Why does this not come out in the discovery? The State is not allowed to withhold evidence, right? (I think the Feds can do any decietfull thing they like without sanction, but the lowly States have to toe the line or get punished) Why is this information not released? Other cases where fingerprints or DNA are found have this info released to the papers … why not this case?

    Sorry to harp on this, but it IS MAJOR!!! Totmoms fingerprints on the tape is rock-solid … even partials. I can hear the dirge now!

  5. KIM says:

    Cindy is so much a part of all this…….shes so guilty i would love to se the picture of Caylee the one with the drums

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