Sandra Cantu Case: Charges of Rape and Child Molestation Added for Huckaby

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Tracy, CA- The San Joaquin County District Attorney, Robert Himmleblau has announced to the AP that it is considering adding rape and child molestation charges to the criminal indictment against Melissa Huckaby.  Huckaby was arrested on suspicion of murder and kidnapping charges in the death of 8 year old Tracy girl, Sandra Cantu. A source inside the investigation has confirmed to Blink on Crime that the public announcement of the additional charges prior to Huckaby’s arraignment tomorrow comes on the heels of her request and retention of an attorney.  The specific charges would be considered special circumstances to the murder charge and qualify Melissa Huckaby for capital indictment and therefore eligible for the death penalty in the state of California.


Himmalbrau refused any further comments from reporters regarding the possible updated indictment charges against Huckaby, on the eve of her arraignment scheduled for tomorrow morning in San Joaquin County.

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  1. MackiezMom says:


    You posted right before I did. I understand your response, and I understand feeling so frustrated and … horrified. It is horrible. I don’t know anything about that “church”. Sounds cultish to me. I do know that the people of the town are a mixed bag, just like anywhere else, and that it sure as hell didn’t deserve to happen to Sandra, her parents, or the community.

    Sorry for snapping at you. It’s a sensitive issue. You have no idea the shit that surviving families deal with after the death of a child. I have quite a few friends whose children were murdered, and they are always asked stupid questions, like “Was your son in a gang, or something?”. No… in most cases, their sons or daughters weren’t in gangs. They were just in the wrong place at the wrong time, when a psycho came along. One of my dear friends’ son was at his job, when a former employee came in, tried to steal something, then turned around and shot and killed him. The young man who died was … I think 21. We share the same birthday. And people ask her “How many children do you have?” She responds. “What do they do now?” She replies that one does X and the other was murdered. See…even the question of how many children you have is a loaded question when you’ve lost a child. Do you eliminate the child whose died from your count, to avoid the ensuing questions? It’s like a betrayal to your kid, so you usually say “I have five”, then the next questions.

    Anyway…I hear and empathize with your concern and horror over what happened to Sandra. Right there with you.

  2. I once again, watched the video footage of Melissa Huckaby’s arraignment on charges, and I believe the kinesics at times (her body language, facial expressions, subliminal gesturing) is indcative of genuine guilt and sole responsibility for this crime.

    She doesn’t act as if shge’s tryting to cover for anyone else.

    At least that’s my humble opinion.

    I just wonder where/ehen exactly, she began to sink to such depravity.

    I also learned that her divorce in 2005 after two years with her husband John was initiated for reasons such as: She stated he “was involved in child abductions”., domestic violence and alcholism.

    Some peole may be asking why she was ordered by the court during her theft case, to seek mental health treatment.

    I don’t have any information on that earlier case, but I do know that either something became apparent concerniing her mental state during this court proceeding that prompted the judge to order this, or as many here may already know, a cleptomaniac (someone who steals uncontrolably) is usually due to a psycho=sexual need within that individual.

    The greater percentage of cleptomaniacs are women by the way (from statistical research)
    So possibly she has this disorder?

    Just speculating here, not saying this is the case.
    Afterall, I’m not a psychologist or mental-health professional, and so I’m not qualified to make such a determination.


  3. tracy_girl_20 says:

    Re: post # 93 I grew up in the East Bay and have lived in Tracy for the past 5 years. I would have to say MackiezMom’s assessment is Tracy is pretty accurate. I don’t believe that what is going on is a problem in Tracy. Every city, town, village has good parts and bad parts and you will find evil and sick people everywhere. There’s a saying in Spanish, “Caras vemos, corazones no sabemos.” – We see faces but we don’t know about the person’s intentions, whether they are good or bad. This applies to everyone in the world. We think we may know someone and in the end be utterly surprised. What happened to Sandra could happen ANYWHERE and that’s the scary part. It didn’t happen to her because she lived in Tracy or because all people in Tracy are evil, sick, trashy or demented. If we really want to go there, MH grew up in Brea, CA aka the OC, upscale, affluent white America or the bubble. What does that say about the OC? One bad apple doesn’t spoil the barrel. If anything the community has really come together through this tragedy. Please, let’s not make it about Tracy. Tragedies happen in all corners of the world and if anything it should be a warning/ red flag of where our society is heading.

  4. Please excuse my typos above..

    Sticky keyboard, and possibly dyslexia??? hehehe


  5. tracy_girl_20 says:

    MackiezMom…post 100! Amen!

  6. MackiezMom says:

    RE: Post 102-

    Take a look at borderline personality disorder. Characterized by manipulative, dangerous behavior, oftentimes including stealing, and other manic/risky behavioral issues. Often, borderlines (also referred to in many cases as sociopaths) have experienced traumatic events in childhood. Walking on Eggshells, I Hate You, Don’t Leave Me, and Get me Out of Here are a few good books on BPD. BPD is no excuse for murdering someone, but her behavior fits with the illness. There is no doubt that a person perpetrating child kidnapping, rape, and murder has something wrong with their brain. Whether it’s lack of values, lack of a conscience, or whatever. I think that the defense will have a hell of a time defending her with an insanity plea. The test is “did you know right from wrong”. The fact that she tried to cover it up afterward indicates that she knew right from wrong. There are levels of craziness. Crazy, not knowing right from wrong, fits with insanity. Crazy, I have no conscience because xxx, does not.

  7. Christen Allen Iman says:

    RE: Post 106

    Good day, MackiezMom.

    You had written: “Whether it’s lack of values, lack of a conscience, or whatever.”

    I’d like to make a comment if I may.

    Although I am not qualified to say which disorder(s) Ms. Huckaby may subsequently be found to fall under, I do agree that she has some very troubling issues with self-control.
    She’s obviously lacking in this and this is also evident in her theft behaviors.
    I believe she may be found to have more than one disoder.

    I also agree with most that she in fact knows right from wrong and therefore she will have a very difficult time convincing the court otherwise.

    Her post offense behaviors are indicative of someone who knows very well what they were doing.
    Her attempt to conceal this crime, even though done in haste and without careful consideration as to evidence, as well as her interjection within the investigation, shows she was somewhat organized and cognizant of what was transpiring in all this.


  8. Monica says:

    I can almost bet that MH was molested as a child either by her father, grandfather or even her mother???? She is carrying on the torch!

    I have a good friend whose husband molested 2 of their daughters. She divorced her husband, but the daughters have had emotional problems stemming from the abuse. They are now grown, but still continue to have problems.
    Her husband says he was molested as a child. I think this is a weak excuse.
    So, I think MH was also molested as a child…maybe by the preacher or others. She learned this behavior somewhere. I think she has been doing this for some time. It is not normal.

    Something here is very wrong.
    A beautiful child was killed because of someones mental sickness and secret abuse!

  9. Ashley says:

    Blink, what about the use of satilite imagery? It would seem that in this day and age that those pictures are taken at regular intervals and could possibly provide some valuable information. This would go for the Casey Anthony case as well. I have never heard of this being used to solve cases. Has anyone else heard of it? I know that the images we as the public see are limited for privacy purposes but the actual images that can be aquired are very detailed. Just a thought as I believe the police knows the day and time that the suitcase was dumped.

    Ashley, I am very familiar with that technology and it’s use in criminal cases. Here’s the thing, the resolution that would be required for workable images is probably not going to contain enough pixels for that exercise. I just worked on a case that we were holding out all hope that it would help progress the investigation to find out that area of the country is rarely imaged that way and has not been since 2007 for whatever reason. Point is, it is more of a prize in the cracker jack box when it comes thorugh than anything.

    Aerial imaging technology will ID “foreign” objects sooner, and I would love to know if the aerials on this area reflected anything even after the fact.

  10. Ashley says:

    Cool thanks! I always wondered about that. I love your site but no info on you? No bio?

  11. Deborah says:

    Where was her little 5 year old daughter when Sandra came to play. Not one anchor person will reveal this. Two kids could have been playing and a freaky something could have happened………we all know freak accidents happen. Why won’t anyone tell us where the 5 year old was at that moment. It is paramount if she was there, then, we don’t know.

  12. radiogirl says:

    The charges themselves explain what freakish thing happened.And it wasn’t a freak accident.imho

  13. Chantel says:

    Cold case of Kayla Reed Never Forgotten…..Kayla reed was a good kid her mom is a liar and thought kayla was in her way for the lifestyle she wanted. Kayla was at my house and me and my mother and another friend of ours dropped her off at 8pm at her house. She never ran away and i knew that she had gotten rid of her moms stash down the toilet. kayla wanted to see her mom do well but her mom got pissed and between angel and dennis they slammed her killed her dumped her to cover it up i have lost my best friend to this i was only 14 years old going to junction when her and my other friend went to livermore high. her mom should pay for what has happen. -A very sad friend to this day 1/16/2020 it’s been 14 years 1 year off of how long she lived for and still no arrest…

    Heartbreaking. I am very sorry for your loss. This is a solveable case that should be removed from the jurisdiction.

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