Sandra Cantu Case: Huckaby Arraigned for Kidnapping, Murder, Rape, Molestation

Tracy, CA- This afternoon at 1:3o PM PST, Melissa Huckaby, 28, was arraigned for Kidnapping, Murder, Rape, and Lewd and Lacivious acts in the murder of 8 year old Sandra Cantu. 

The Aunt of Sandra Cantu, Angie Chavez, and Sandra’s Uncle were in attendance and did not display any outward emotion towards Ms. Huckaby. The Family of Melissa Huckaby was also there, and for the first time, left hurriedly without speaking to reporters.

 Ms. Huckaby declined to enter a plea through her attorney, and requested a continuance until April 24th.  The Public Defender who represented Melissa on the earlier theft charge, Ellen Schwarzenberg represented her in her arraignment. She also requested a gag order which the court is reviewing, and a second request for a medicine evaluation; leading some to assume she has been denied a form of mediation since being incarcerated. 

Huckaby appeared disoriented and wept through most of the proceeding. When the Judge announced the Rape charges in the commission of Felony kidnapping, she closed her eyes and grimaced.

(Editor’s Note: Unless this is a new breed of psychotic, pedaphillic, homicidal sociopath, there is more to this crime than we are being led to believe. Either her family knows alot more than they are willing to admit, or someone (s)else is involved.)

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  1. cricket says:

    I just wanted to say that I have followed this quietly from the beginning as I know a friend of Sandra’s family and I was devastated like everyone else when they found poor little Sandra had been murdered. My heart goes out to her family.

    I also wanted to say that this is the best reporting by far that I have seen on the Web.

    Something that grabbed my attention from the very beginning when MH reported that her suitcase was missing, and it may not mean anything at all, but I thought was strange, was that she mentioned that the suitcase was waterproof. Why give that detail in the description? I just thought that was weird.

  2. nostradamus says:

    Blinkon Crime folks as always do a Superb job of in depth reporting and many thanks to you guys,hopefully the mainstream media would follow your examples.My heartfelt sympathy to all of sandra’s family and friends,this has been a very tragic event.I do however,find it appaling melissa huckaby’s grandmothers response to this child’s murder,the response grandma gave is more A-typical of a pedofiles response,that is negating the responsibility of her grand-daughters action and indifference.I’m surprised the huckaby’s haven’t come out and blamed little sandra for this tragic senseless murder.I also wouldn’t be surprised that more people aren’t involved in this,including granny & grandpa and I pray that they are indeed implicated,so that the cantu family can sue their asses off in a civil trial,til the huckaby’s sorry asses are forced live in a cardboard box under an freeway over-pass,hungry and begging for food or better yet die and go straight to hell and save the taxpayers the cost and time.

  3. Scoop says:

    Great Job, Blink!

  4. Scoop says:


    You’ve got the best bloggers on the internet.



  5. Scoop says:


    I have a feeling she may have waded out in the water before she sunk the suitcase. Things seem lighter in the water and it probably would have floated for a while… but who knows? I just hope law enforcement continues their investigation. So many of these cases are treated as isolated incidences, someone takes the fall and the network of child porn continues in operation. If MH and members of her family or neighbors were involved in child porn, I hope they bust the whole mess of them. I agree that MH looks to be a real nut case, but anyone can act crazy… personally, I think she has a drug problem and was doing this for the money. I mean, who, in their right mind ;) would take the time to tell everyone she is in a crazy mood on My Space, if they’re, really, suicidal?

    I’d be looking in both directions, family AND friends…

  6. Cheryl says:

    yes LE = law enforcement

  7. Denise says:

    Thanks for reporting Blink!! You are really up on this case and others. I appreciate you keeping us so informed. Keep up the great work!!

  8. Tams says:

    Re: Post #69 from Red Ranger: “I was also glad that her family left court without commenting to the press. It is refreshing to see the family of an alleged child-killer act with dignity and grace. Their continued silence will raise their worth to me.”

    I totally understand the basis for your statement -so very true when compared to the Anthony/Cummings et al families blabbering away to the press without any notion of personal responsibility by family members for their behavior/actions/lifestyles. Good grief (rolling my eyes like a teenager here). Indeed, “continued silence” would go a long long way towards garnering/keeping any sort of repect or credibility . . . something it seems we have all lost for the likes of the Anthony/Cummings clans. Can’t help but note, though: holding ‘church’ services in the building immediately following it’s being a crime scene -and possibly where part of this atrocious crime was committed- does NOT feel terribly “dignified” or “gracious”, though, hm?

  9. Tams says:

    Re: Post #84 from NoseyRosey: …”Does anyone know what a ‘good mother’ is anymore?” and teaching today’s society … “the REAL meaning of a ‘GOOD MOTHER’!” I am not a religious person, and therefore not typically prone to sanctimonious outbursts, but I can’t help myself: AMEN SISTER! to your sentiments. What the heck is wrong with our society any more?!?

  10. deena says:

    I am trying to figure out if my own luggage is waterproof, I have no clue but I don’t think it is, most would be water resistant. MH knew right away her’s was…maybe it was floating longer than she wished it would.

  11. tracymama says:

    Here’s an interesting little article – the are TWO Melissa Hackabys in this area! – both 28 years old, with young daughters.. – That poor woman! – That explains why I have read that MH went to high school in Tracy and I also read that MH went to high school in SoCal. Also, I KNOW I saw a photo of the wrong Huchaby on the news once! – here’s the link:

  12. micki says:

    here is a link to some documents filed by mh att. wanting body exhumation

  13. Sue says:

    Now Melissa’s new public defender, (that we are paying for), wants another autopsy? Oh for Pete’s Sake! Leave this poor child’s body alone! Hasn’t she and her family been through enough?????? I wish that LE would just put MH on the mainline and let the other inmates handle her. That way it would save us all alot of time and money…

  14. Brenda in Virginia says:

    The fact alone that Melissa isn’t saying “NO…do not exhume that little girl’s body”….tells me she is more concerned with her own rotten hide than this poor child and is more than willing to put the family through further hell. That was the clincher for me to say MH is evil…not saddened and remorseful in any way, shape, or form.

    Recently, the Fritzl case in Austria (I believe there) where this man imprisoned and raped his daughter for 25 yrs…fathering 7 children with her…also tried to deny his guilt. What swayed him was when his brave daughter showed up in court and it “broke” him. next day WITHOUT consulting his lawyer…he stood in court and declared he could “no longer justify his acts and was guilty on all counts as charged/” MAN!!! I mean, yes, this guy is going to jail rest of his life, but AT LEAST he was able to finally say “yes, I was cruel, it was all me, and I am sorry. He did go on to discuss his mother’s horrific torment, how she had locked him up as a child…then as she got old he did same to her locking her up until her death. Sadly…he continued this with his own daughter, but as I said, for his daughter’s sake finally came clean.

    If we hear that out of MH, it will be the day IMO>

  15. [...] Murphy- Former DA and author will be talking about the Melissa Huckaby case and the murder of Sandra Cantu. Also the connection in this case to Child [...]

  16. [...] Murphy- Former DA and author will be talking about the Melissa Huckaby case and the murder of Sandra Cantu. Also the connection in this case to Child [...]

  17. bluewillow says:

    Blink, is this legit? (bs link I keep deleting)
    and, if so, why is this escaping the gag order?


    No, made up crap. If I were Mr. Cantu, I would respond legally

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