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Breaking News– Semi-Automatic Weapon, No Bond, Victims were Duct Taped

Boston, MA– This afternoon Philip Haynes Markoff was arrraigned before the Commonwealth on murder, armed robbery, and kidnapping charges and ordered held without bail, or 1 Million Dollars Cash Bond. 


Markoff was represented in court by high-profile criminal attorney John Salsberg. Mr. Salsberg has won aquittals in murder and attempted murder trials, but is best known for his work in the case of The Commonwealth v Bryant. Markoff through his attorney, entered a formal plea of Not Guilty on all charges. Several members of Markoff’s family attended the arraignment, as well as his fiancee Megan McAllister and Megan Trembley, the maid of honor in the couple’s wedding scheduled for August 14, 2009 in Long Branch, NJ.


Markoff is accused of the Murder of Julissa Brisman, and the kidnapping and armed robbery of at least one other victim. The Police are keeping mum on the charges for the third victim from Providence, RI, but industry experts believe it is just a formality to not interfere with the current proceeding and have to extradite Markoff.



This afternoon, the first victim from the Westin Copley Hotel, spoke on the condition of anonymity to She stated that Markoff was definately the one who robbed her at gunpoint and DUCT TAPED her mouth shut on his way out. She called him a .”Scum and wishes he would spend the rest of his life in jail where he belongs..” She said she knew immediately the subject of the videotape surveillance was the man who robbed her and feels very possibly if she had resisted she might have ended up like Julissa Brisman. 

A source inside the investigation has confirmed that Julissa Brisman was found with duct tape over her mouth as well.

Authorities have confirmed a semi automatic weapon, ammunition and accessories matching the exact one used in the commission of his crimes was found in his residence.

Markoff was initially found by investigators by following a computer trail by a system set up to document appointments of the women advertising their masseuse services. The trail led directly to Markoff.

Philip Markoff did not speak during his arraignment. 



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  1. Taxi Steve says:

    To: Christen Allen Iman Yeah, Yeah, Yeah . . . you didn’t kknow the thug killer very well or you’re in denile. The guy was a monster. He tried to punch me through a closed glass window and then took the mirror off my taxi.

    “Innocent people don’t usually attempt to kill themself, they normally fight for the truth at all costs.”

    So this guy wasn’t innocent? He started off telling me he was going to be a doctor. I’m glad he offed himself. A lot of people are alive because of the ‘most highest form of self critisim.” If you handled to problem before he turned to violence he wouldn’t have done the things he did.

  2. Taxi Steve says:

    If any of you read this again: I met and knew him, he was an amimal. You are too foregiving. Get your heads out of your butts, I can believe he did these things by what I saw. On the SUNYA campus there were terrible rumors about him and most were silenced by his rich family. This was a real “Jeckle and Hyde.”

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