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Rome, Italy– Ina Caterina Remhof, 26 a German Native, and her Boyfriend, Sascha Schmidt, 24, were located on the outskirts of the Northern Italian town, Aosta.

The couple abandoned Remhof’s children from a previous marriage, a boy, 6, a girl, 4 and an infant boy, eight months last Sunday evening after eating at a pizzeria and going outside to smoke. They abandoned the couple’s car and left a detailed diary of the family’s Financial strains behind.


It was not immediately clear what charges they might face.

Earlier, prosecutors in Aosta had said they had opened an investigation for abandoning minors. The state prosecutor’s office in Germany said it was considering whether to open a probe against the mother. Officials from youth services in the German town of Olpe had traveled to Italy to retrieve the children, according to the office’s spokesman, Hans-Werner Voss.

When the couple was caught, they attempted to flee, however, once they were apprehended they immediately asked about the welfare of the children. (editor’s note: insert wretching sound)

The children are from Remhof’s first marriage, in wich their biological Father is in prison in Germany for the US equivalent of manslaughter or murder for the 4th sibling. Schmidt is on the lam for refusing to return to his German Prison while serving a sentence for predatory extortion.

This would be the story that comes up if you googled “Who are the unluckiest kids in the world right now”. 

Not really, but you get the idea. 


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  1. Prevost1580 says:

    Well…. at least she did not kill them.

  2. mamacrazy30 says:

    it IS assholes on parade week. jeeze

  3. mamacrazy30 says:

    had to comment one more time.
    I KNOW WHEN I’M STRAPPED FOR CASH THE FIRST THING I DO IS GO EAT PIZZA. hey honey, we can’t afford the kids, lets go out to eat.

  4. ami says:

    Wondering if they could even afford that pizza?

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