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Kent, WA– For anyone still thinking that that the “casual encounters” and “erotic” ad section of are perfectly safe-

Meet: Shawn Tyler  Skelton.


Skelton, a 24 year old Kent, Washington resident was arrested Monday evening after Vice detectives caught him placing an ad for “strange desires” where he wanted to have sex with a woman and then murder her. 

Detectives were alerted on Wednesday following Skelton’s ad placement and began emailing him. They made arrangements to meet a t a Motel Monday and arrested him when he showed up with a heavy chain and a knife. Skelton was arrested on attempted murder charges and is being held on 1 Million Dollars Bail.

Image courtesy of klaasend

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  2. Tina says:


  3. Cheryl says:


  4. kuaitzudog says:

    I wonder if that is a pic of his biological child?

  5. westsidehudson says:

    Why is Craigslist even permitting this type of posting? Or did they do it to assist police? In a way, it was fortunate though, because who in their right mind would answer it, other than some really deviant pimp, if the right amount was offered? At least the police found him before he was able to hurt someone, (I hope).

  6. Felicity says:

    GOOD HEAVENS!! What next?? Surely, no one answered this! Thank heavens they found this lunatic before he “found what he was looking for”…I’m sure he has a very sordid history. This just didn’t happen overnight!

    Blink, hope you will get more of his history. (You do a remarkable job, and I always learn new info. when I read here…AND IT’S ALWAYS CORRECT and well reserched. Thank you.

  7. radiogirl says:

    Thank Goodness!

    He is just GROSS!

  8. Greg the mongoose says:

    I sold some stuff on Craigslist. The people who showed up to your house are crazy. One guy looked like he just got paroled off death row. The other half were lawyers who showed up in a Mercedes trying to haul away a 20 year old washer and dryer. Not worth the stress. As a cheap bastard myself, I never thought god created cheaper bastards then myself. :-)

    Who looks for sex on Craigslist.
    “Oh my god I met my love of my life on Craigslist. She thinks she is a vampire, so I give her tomato juice to drink.” What a doll she has only tried to bite me once. The doctors tell me if she stays on her meds I should be OK… :-)

    Greg, I read this 3x because I thought it was Red Ranger posting as you to throw me off, lol :)
    Stay a cheap bastard, but dont invite strangers to your house for 20 yr old crap. Good lesson.

  9. PeaceCA says:

    I’m puzzled there hasn’t been much mention in the media about the Donna Jou case in Southern California. I’ve also not heard the founder of Craigslist mention this case. In the interview with him that I read, you would think that the Markoff case is the first time there has been a serious crime committed in connection with Craigslist. I’m sorry if this has already been discussed here. I’m new to this website and am overwhelmed with the amount of information that you all are able to collect.

    Valid Points. Personally, I think there is some reform coming to craigslist, and it is due.

  10. Jaelin says:

    Ya know, I dunno, I’ve always wanted to have sex and be murdered. Sounds interesting…NOT!!!

    If you look at his myspace he is clearly a very depressed “dork”.

  11. Annals says:

    He was just looking for sex, the way he wants it, with a consenting partner. Why is it anyone else’s concern?

    I am being facetious. I am glad to see that a line has been drawn in this case. 1 million bail, good. I sure hope he wasn’t just joking. ‘Cause if he was, it was a bad joke.
    I am confident there is much more, no way in Hates this dude gets an attempted murder charge by showing up with knives and a chain. Have you been to his myspace? wtf- this guy and S all e Skelter are parents.

  12. Kersky says:

    First off, AWESOME SIGHT! You guys are amazing! I found this site after Sandra Cantu dissapeared. I live about 30 minutes from Tracy and was freaked out because I have an 8 year old daughter and just could not imagine letting her run loose trailer park or not! Anyhow I just checked out this guys myspace (found him through his name), site is not blocked and he has tons of pics of him, his daughter ect.. He’s a freak! Lots of pics of him with a sword ect.. Personally I recently advertised a garage sale through Craigs list about 4 weeks ago, I just had a guy email me a couple of days ago saying he was going to stop by last night to see the pool table I had for sale! He wanted to know if I would be home! Wow I will never, ever advertise like that again! I tell myself “What was I thinkin???”


  13. Tracygirl says:

    Scary! Can you imagine you find out you have a date with this one? Yikes!!!

  14. loco says:

    Hi everyone…I finally came out of the closet to post. Been lurking since Cantu.
    I thought you may be interested, if you don’t know, of this old German case.
    Arwin Meiwes…look him up.
    I stumbled across this via a movie made about the case and I have to warn you, it was enough that it made me toss my cookies and I am fairly thick skinned. So, if you ever rent the movie you have been warned.
    The most interesting thing to me though was that there is actually a website where people go to LOOK for other people who want to be killed and eaten. I don’t recall the stats but I know that the movie said that in Germany alone there were hundreds of people looking for someone to eat.

    There are worlds within worlds. It makes you look at everything and everyone in a (cough) new way. I find the psychology of it all interesting.

    Well. I finally posted. A hearty hello to all.

    A Hearty welcome to Loco.

  15. kuaitzudog says:

    can you imagine waking up in the morn’, yawning, and rolling over and looking into that face..YIKES!!! instant shock effect… LOL

  16. KellyBear says:

    PLEASE – to the parents of our world – PLEASE LOVE YOUR CHILD and give them AFFECTION *everyday!* I would like to know what is wrong with his parents…how do people get that way??

    his facebook page said he wants to “kill michael jackson with a sword.” imagine if every depressed loser had such aspirations with their life. now the awesome tax payers get to support this loser in jail or prison until he gets out and finds some other disgusting tendency/habit/preference to get more attention

  17. Amy says:

    How refreshing, Shawn’s girlfriend is standing by her man! /sarcasm

    She says he was just trying to get money for them because they are broke, that he is a good man who was entrapped by the police and would have never ‘gone through with it’ anyways. (

    These two were allowed to breed. Someone needs to save their child!

  18. Red Ranger says:

    “She said she read some of the e-mails between police and her boyfriend and she said the police “definitely entrapped him.” She said the issue of payment was brought up by officers, not by her boyfriend.

    “They offered him money and we’re broke, living at our grandmother’s house,” she said.

    “He actually has a lot, lot, lot of mental issues that need to be dealt with … But he’s not really the person they’re making him out to be,” she said. “He’s a good person, an amazing father, and I love him and support him.”

    So another girlfriend totally supports a lunatic. Maybe like attracts like. Getting a job cures being broke.

    After seeing this new Craigslist guy I am more inclined to use the words of a great American than my own.

    “Now I know why tigers eat their young.”

    Rodney Dangerfield – Caddyshack

    ok, that pizzes me off. Why you ask? Because I spent 1/2 yesterday on both these 2 Goth freaks sites and let me tell you something- Sall e Skelton should be way more concerned about what she was up to when this was going on, and when DFS is going to be knocking on her door.

  19. Red Ranger says:

    Hey Blink, A few things…

    She said “Living at our grandmothers house”. I take this to mean that they share a grandmother. Are they cousins or brother and sister or what?

    She loves her man. Why you ask? Because the chips at the bottom of the bag are usually all broken and hang out down there together.


    Some books can be judged by the cover.

    As your internet big brother from another mother, I don’t want you going to those goth sites anymore.

    My mom always said you were smarter.

    You are the one dressed in brown for this analogy ;)

  20. mamacrazy30 says:

    i said i was gonna’ take some time off but i just can’t help myself.
    HA HA (sounds like the kid on the ‘Simpsons’)
    this guy needs to be put away for being a douche. by golly if you be old enough to reproduce you be old enough to take off the ‘spooky’ goth makeup. ohhh i’m a goth so deep and misunderstood, people don’t get ME….ohhh, let me pull a dick move and incriminate myself via craigslist. Douche. Sorry i have no intelligent nor witty remarks about this guy. he warrants NONE. i will revert to simple school yard name calling.

    Well at least you revert to simple school name calling when called for.. lol

    Funniest line ever from Red Ranger email to me:
    That (so and so) is a word that starts with a d and rhymes with ouchebag..

  21. coolio says:

    I personally love craigslist and I think someone advertising for sex and murder would be a “dead” giveaway he was not safe…

    westsidehudson, CL is self-monitored where others flag inappropriate posts. Once alerted to something like this, yes I believe they inform the police who then take over to nab him. I’m not really sure how they could revamp their system to prevent posts like this? Guess you could have buzz words like murder and mutilate but most other buzz words would be something two consenting adults actually might enjoy.

    PeaceCA, founder is aware of other violent crimes. Teenager lured woman to his home saying he was looking for a babysitter and then killed her. Just convicted this month:

    and then another horrible one was 23 year old man sexually abused 2-year old girl and recorded it after responding to babysitting ad: This one should be blamed on the mother (I think she was only one in the picture) Who in their right mind would ever agree to allow a 23 year old male stranger babysit their 2 yr old from an internet ad???? I believe this one was discovered after cops found the kiddie porn and made him reveal who the subject child was. I don’t think Mom knew until then.

  22. mamacrazy30 says:

    ok…i just had to put it out there….so she’s cool with the fact that he put an ad on craigslist to hook up with another chick, and then kill her???? what a woman.

  23. sweetpea says:

    Well, IMO if his girlfriend is correct and some over zealous police did in fact entrap this guy. A good attorney will set him free or at the very least a plea for a lesser charge.

    I would hope that isn’t the case, but I have my doubts.

  24. Susan N. says:

    What kind of death wish does one have to have to continue being his *girlfriend*? Ummm. . .

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