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Queens, NY– Police are scouring the scene for clues in a 43rdSt Queens apartment Michelle Lee, 24, shared with her roommate who is also a criminalist for the NYPD. Lee’s roommate was out of town last weekend until Sunday evening and upon her return she assumed Lee was asleep.

On Monday morning, her roommate stumbled upon the grisly scene. Lee was tied to the bed, had a burned imprint from an iron on her stomach, multiple stab wounds, a cell phone charger cord around her kneck and a stab wound to the kneck; with the knife protruding. 

Milenko Mihat, Lee’s landlord, said upon finding Michelle’s lifeless body Monday, the roommate ran screaming down the stairs.. “She’s dead in the bed, She’s dead in the bed!…” “It was just terrible,” Mihat said.

Both Lee and her roommate are graduates of John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Lee was a specialist in narcotics testing.


Police say Lee’s roommate is not a suspect, and have requested her identity be withheld at her request.

NYPD detectives are interested in speaking to a few of Ms. Lee’s former boyfriend’s, including one that has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. 

(editor’s note: Are you thinking what I am thinking? Subject knew roomate was out of town and this scene is an obvious, highly personal killing. It should be telling if the autopsy yields a combination of peri and post mortem wounds; perhaps indicating knowledge of the staging of a crime scene, or wanting to create the appearance of same.)

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  2. westsidehudson says:

    It was more than personal. It was sadistic (sounds like she was tortured) not to mention the overkill.

  3. Annals says:

    Gosh, Blink, no, I’m not thinking what you’re thinking. Your editor’s note is totally lost on me. The only part I get is that it is a highly personal killing; otherwise…?

    Scene might have been staged or perhaps is supposed to appear staged? She’s dead, right? Staging would be telling…what? Something about the criminalist room mate?

    I’m actually curious.
    I am suspect it might be someone she works with or met at work, or there is some work influence. The scene does not match the crime so to speak. No, definately not the roomate.

  4. Annals says:

    Thanks for the clearification, Blink; sort of like; here you go, you co-workers of the victim, here’s a nightmare of evidence to sort through. No simple bump on the head for this criminologist.

    Terrible. I wonder what has spawned this recent concentration of killing in our country. I do not believe it is the fault of the economy. How does, “I’m worried about my financial well being.” (No matter how dire the loss of material security.) Become, “Now I want to kill & torture”? I just can’t see it.

    I have suspected (for a long time, now) that the mass, gross consumption of porn in our culture would lead to something much worse than just private, personal gratifcation. Could this be the result? Objectivication of other human beings at its worst; killing.

  5. please says:

    I enjoy your blog, but I am often driven to distraction with your typos and lack of spelling the contraction “you’re” right under any circumstances. I’m not a grammar nazi, but it does take away from the text.

    Please tell me that spellcheck missed all 18 instances of a word that can only be spelled “roommate.” UGH!!

    I hope you accept my apologies if my note comes off as snarky. It’s not what’s intended. Your blog just would seem more professional if words were spelled correctly. Good luck!

    Well- I just checked “please” and have no idea what your talking about. Nice and tidy, no 18 spelling errors.
    Lol. Kidding. Not that it is an excuse, I agree with you but I had the non-swine flu for the past few days and Blink is woozy at best. Sometimes, I am in such a rush to post after spending days researching that I miss something.
    When I do, I get an email from one of my proff’s and to pizz them off I dont fix it because I know they will click refresh for the next 24 hours simultaneously ripping their hair out one by one until , well, if, I do.
    How do ya like that Dr.S?? I bet you wouldn’t give me C again would ya ? Would ya?

    ok, games aside, point taken and the last comment about punctuation or spelling I allow on here, because you were polite, and because I think I know who sent you :)

  6. mamacrazy30 says:

    ok, so she works with a bunch of other criminalist (CSI folk) and others who would have no problem diverting evidence. thats why the NYPD is gonna’ question the cancer guy. is he in treatment? the ONLY reason i ask is that a co-worker (and good friend) of mine is going through cancer treatment (at 30 for skin cancer–this guy has never walked around without a shirt and is Asian to boot so tanning is out of the question) and the interfuron (sp?) is killing him. he can only work two days a week and shakes the entire time. if the ex is getting treatment i really don’t think he would have energy to do ALL that (and yes, it was, so to speak, overkill [no pun intended]).

  7. Sarah says:

    YOU SHOULD BE DISGUSTED WITH YOURSELF for even suggesting that one of her coworkers was involved!!! She was a well-loved, intelligent, and promising young scientist with more potential in a strand of hair than you have in your entire existence!!! YOU are a putrid, vile excuse for a human who knows nothing of the field!
    Forensic scientists see this type of crime and the devastating effects it has on people every day and devote their LIVES to giving justice to the silenced and underserved. IN as much no one would EVER inflict such pain on one of their own…someone’s daughter, best friend, love… YOU on the other hand, are a speculating, gossip mongering, amoeba who blogs about a heinous and horrible crime as ‘CSI’. Take a science course you piece of crap!

    read your post with a lump in my throat. I know where you live. Literally, figuratively and spiritually.

    You lashed out because you are in insurmountable pain. If I could, I would make it better for you. I know from experience I cannot. But I can tell you, again, from experience, I have contacts in the field in Michelle’s case .

    I never met her, or you. I want you to know your amongst friends here.

  8. Sarah says:

    You know nothing. Your ‘contacts’ would be disgusted with your insinuations if they even bother to read your blog. Your comments are misleading, hurtful, insensitive, and ethically wrong. You can’t be ‘amongst friends’ if you’re insinuated as an enemy. Think before you type.

    Are you suggesting that detectives would not investigate whether or not somone associated with Michelle professionally could have committed this crime? They are and they have. Please re-read. I made no accusations, I stand by my assertion that a person with knowledge of crime scene forensics, or a person wanting to give the appearance they have knowledge of crime scene forensics, whether that is through their relationship with Michelle or other, is responsible. This poor woman has an excellent reputation and from what I understand was very well liked by all. She was viciously and brutally murdered and my only concern is for her killer to be caught and brought to justice immediately. This individual is very dangerous.

  9. Phyl says:


    When Monica Massaro’s body was found brutally mutilated in her home in Bloomsbury, NJ a couple years ago, police first suspected that the murderer was someone who she must have known, as it seemed highly personal and there was no sign of forced entry. The murderer turned out to be Adam Leroy Lane, a long haul trucker who picked her as his victim at random because her door was left unlocked. Looking back after the case has been solved there’s that aha moment – as she lived close to a truck stop – but at the time, the police were inundated with so many different avenues to pursue. I’m sure they didn’t rule out family, friends and coworkers right away. Some of these psychopaths are just so good at hiding their real selves to the rest of the world.

    My prayers are with all who loved her. I hope they find the monster who could do such a thing very soon.

  10. NotThePest says:


    John Jay College of Criminal Justice, the victims Alma Mater is also known by John Jay College of Criminals (I’m a New Yorker, from Brooklyn). They are right to look close to “home” so to speak. A lot of crime minded folks attend John Jay to learn how not to get caught.

    88th and Stillwell Sister.
    I agree

  11. Sarah says:

    Contrary to your beliefs, John Jay has one of the most exclusive forensic programs in the US. On average, 200 enter the major every year and 13…yes one three…graduate. I am native New Yorker…and that’s the FIRST I’ve heard of the college referred to sas such. Saying that individuals are paying $1500 a class to learn to stage a crime is RIDICULOUS. It is not difficult to attmept to stage a crime scene thanks to everyone watching CSI and thinking its actually remotely close to what goes on in a laboratory.
    I do not disagree that the person who may have done this might have known her…but to isolate a specific group of people and insinuate their involvement over anyone else’s is insensitive, mindless, and wreckless. People need to think about what they say…one of her closest friends…a coworker…found her…Imagine how she or anyone else who may have gone to lunch with her everyday would feel reading that “b” and
    “not the pest”.
    Lastly, thank you for the update on the investigation…but I know exactly what they are doing, how its going, and know that if you think you have some sort of ‘inside info’ because you run a blog or have a ‘contact’, you’re sorely mistaken.
    Go back to blogging about Casey Anthony…someone who actually WOULD kill a loved one.

    Im over your inflated hostility. You have no idea what I do, what my work involves, my training, or whether or not I spent the Spring Break with Dr. Bass in Oak Ridge mapping my putrefication models. I dont recall updating you or anyone else about the investigation of the murder of Michelle Lee; that’s against protocol, as you know. Did it ever occur to you that people on here care very much about what happened to Michelle and want her murderer caught and attacks like yours serve no purpose? This freak Brutally murdered her, let’s put the emphasis there.

  12. Sarah says:

    You can be over, under, around or on top of it for all any of us care. I have suggested and even read your blog to others and every last person was horrified and offended by your insensitivity to the situation. It is more than just a ‘brutal murder’ thread on a blog to so many and it is this kind of unfounded fear-mongering that undermines the credibility of the field.
    No one ever said that no one on the blog cared about her… the problem is what you, B, DON’T care about… The DEVASTATING and IRREPLACEABLE loss to so many of a friend and daughter…someone who was the very embodiment of goodness and honesty…someone’s hope and dream. To put it in perspective, you could be the best neurosurgeon in the world, but if you have no bedside manner, you will be as uselss to the patient with a brain tumor as someone who kicks rocks. You need to learn tact and couth.

    Regarding your ‘not’ giving an update…”Are you suggesting that detectives would not investigate whether or not somone associated with Michelle professionally could have committed this crime? They are and they have.” Nice attempt on the backpedaling.
    Lastly, and I do mean lastly (because YOUR falsely inflated confidence and off-putting air of ‘insider info’ is more than annoying), I am glad you know how to Google the Body Farm and watch Law and Order. Next time, saying Dr. Henry Lee or Lawrence Kobilinsky is your father would give just as empty of an effect.
    That being said, I pray you never know the pain and suffering of wondering what a loved one’s last few moments must have been like… a smile forever unseen and a laugh forever unheard.

    Nice try. You would be assuming I don’t. 5 Years today asshole. Chalk one up for timing.
    Try not to feel too stupid when you actually take the time to know what your talking about. I won’t hold it against you, I have been there.
    Justice for Michelle Lee.

  13. Sarah says:

    Great…now picture that event standing accused. No stupidity there. And yes, B….justice for Michelle…for her life, for her death…for the eternal void in her absence. She will be forever missed and the world is truly less of a better place without her.

    Nobody made any accusations, at any time.
    I believe you when you say she will be forever missed and the world is truly less of a better place without her. To accentuate the positive, the person responsible for what happened to her will be brought to justice; I am sorry that will not heal you and those that loved her, but it will be a start. I pray for that.

  14. sweetpea says:

    You made every effort. Just to much pain and fustration to get through.

    I think that when they catch this freak, they need to put him in a room with about 5 of Michelle’s friends.

    I am normally against vigilanteism, but in this case I might encourage an exception. What was done to Michelle Lee is unspeakable; Can you imagine being that roomate?

  15. sweetpea says:

    Crazy as it may sound, when I first read the story I think that my intial shock and sorrow was for the room mate.

  16. justchuck says:

    To say that her co-workers might have a knowledge of crime scenes and staging a crime scene is uninformed. From what I understand Ms. Lee was a recent hire in the Controlled Substance Analysis Section. This section is staffed and supervised by civilians. The Crime Scene Unit, while in the same building, is a uniformed unit. There is very little interaction btween the two units. Crime Scene collects the evidence and give it to a P.O. or Det. to submit to the Lab. The Evidence Control Section then assigned it to whatever unit(s) are responsible for examining said evidence (Trace=hair, fiber etc., CSAS=drugs, etc. etc.).
    To speculate that this crime was comitted by a co-worker is simply sensationalism. It is like finding out that a car salesman had his brake lines cut, and then speculating that a mechanic at the same dealership did it because……..well……..just because it sounds like a good story.

    I am very familiar with the intake and testing process (s) you described. If you took the time to read my clarifications, you would see that. Suffice it to say that is not what I said and I dont feel the need to repeat myself. Let’s agree that when a person is murdered with no witness or immediate person of interest or subject pool, detectives are going to be interviewing colleagues if the evidence at the scene or other, leads them there.
    If you disagree with my speculation as you call it, perhaps you would care to share your theory?

  17. Amber says:

    Any updates on this case?

    None other than they believe the iron burn was post mortem. That for me, solidfies my theory from the beginning.
    To my knowledge they have not disclosed results on the rape kit.

  18. westsidehudson says:–CSI–Slay/4451658

    Ex-Boyfriend Indicted in Death of NYPD Forensics Investigator

    NEW YORK (AP/1010 WINS) — A grand jury indicted a Queens man Friday in the stabbing death of his ex-girlfriend.

    Michelle Lee, 24, a civilian forensic investigator for the New York Police Department, was discovered in her bedroom by her roommate on April 27. She was tied to the bed and repeatedly stabbed, authorities said.

    Gary McGurk, 23, is being held on charges of second-degree murder, tampering with physical evidence and criminal possession of a weapon. He is awaiting arraignment in Queens Supreme Court in Kew Gardens.

    McGurk, a soccer player and student at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, faces up to 25 years to life in prison if convicted.
    I am praying for her family and glad to see there is a start to justice in this case.

  19. Sam Meean says:

    Michelle reminds me of an ex-gf.

    i’m not sympathetic

    Did you stab her in the kneck and let her bleed out because she dumped your azz? Sorry to win the Captain Obvious Award today, but-

  20. Sarah says:

    As I illustrated before and has now come to light… not a coworker, but rather, a sociopathic con artist who took advantage of a beautiful spirit. We miss you Michelle.

    Sarah, I did not SAY it WAS a coworker, I said it could be someone she worked with, as in a colleague, McJerk is a FELLOW STUDENT which as you should also be aware given McGurk’s internships, would be a true statement, correct? I was emphatic the purp knew her well, with forensic knowledge and speculated that post mortem indicia would be telling. ALL OF WHICH WAS TRUE AND ACCURATE.
    So much so, I received a very supportive and complimentary email from a detective on this case following the arrest.
    Which, You will note, I did not post because I did not need to be right, I needed this creep to be caught and off the streets and he was.

    I should have known your further involvement would only include such a baseless “make it about you” remark, and not the apology I deserved from you for the slamming. I did not take it personally, as I saw you do it all over the web, for reasons I am sure only you could know. God Bless Michelle and her family, and I sincerely hope their are friends of hers that are better equipped to represent her memory with humility and integrity; she is going to need it as I have seen his statements and only want to sock him in the face. Try to go find some bad guys to take it out on, ok?

  21. westsidehudson says:

    I just went back & read this thread. I think that Sarah is in the anger stage of grieving, if she was very close to Michelle. Maybe her lashing out had more to do with that than anything else Blink. I hope that you don’t take it personally. I wish all of Michelle’s family and friends strength to make it through the trial, and eventually peace in their hearts. Maybe now with an arrest in this case, Sarah’s anger can be directed in the most appropriate place.

    I agree westside and I don’t, but I do want facts to rule. Here’s why, this case is not, repeat, NOT as simple as it should be, an example is that McGurk is being charged with 2nd degree murder. That tells me right off the bat this is not the slam dunk it should be. Detectives did an outstanding job on this, but I also know the DA is not thrilled with the GJ indictment on M2. I also have a concern there defense strategy is going to include a case that has been on my radar for a long time I wont mention because if Im wrong I dont want to be giving any ideas.
    Make no mistake, there is no doubt in my mind this kid is a vicious, murdering scumbag. Michelle Lee suffered horribly. I would be remiss if I did not say that I think this is going to get worse before it gets better and I pray for her family and friends to bolster their support structures as best they can.

  22. Tom Bonham says:

    I can tell by her rantings that Sarah is insane. Psycho. I am concerned that she may flip out and kill someone.

  23. Sarah says:

    Tom- that is laughable. Save your concern for yourself. You will obviously need it. Also, Blink, I never made it about me-I made it about everyone that knew and loved her that was having a finger pointed. And yes, you did say it was a coworker-” I am suspect it might be someone she works with or met at work, or there is some work influence”. By the way, he was not a forensic science specialist at all, he was a forensic psych major with a previous degree in criminal justice. They do not traditionally have internships in settings which stress crime scene knowlege, but rather psychology and behavioral analysis.
    Perhaps I may have been a little harsh, but everything I said was justified and true. So to think you deserve an apology, despite having backpedaled on numerous statements and insinuating everyone but her ex, is horridly narcissistic. So if you want one-you can wish in one hand and crap in the other and see which one fills up first.
    Best of luck Sarah.
    I am interested only in justice for Michelle. You want to talk about you. How unfortunate.

  24. vidda says:

    Blink, just curious, can you stop future comments from “Sara”? I so enjoy the blog,but her tone is so out of line, rude…I dont feel sorry a bitfor her just because of that …girls should show some class and dignity , THX

    I think the points have been made that the reasonable individuals of this site need to form their opinions on the case.
    I’ll say again, this is not going to be a breeze to prosecute, unfortunately.

  25. r says:

    Has there been a court date set yet. This was very weird to find out as my girlfriend’s sister went out with Gary 6 months before this happened, he even came upstate to stay with us for a week. Very creepy. I just learned of this yesterday.

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