Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: Baez Bungles Bar Admission Round 1

Orlando, FL– In the latest of what seems to be a mounting stockpile of concerns regarding tot mom defense attorney Jose Baez and a member of the defense team, Todd Macaluso, The Orlando Sentinel released the latest bombshell: The Florida Bar DENIED BAEZ ADMISSION the first time around. 

Jose Angel Baez, currently under investigation by the Florida Bar Association (FBA) in a minimum of 3 separate inquiries was denied admission to the Florida Bar following his initial application in 1999. This information is in stark contrast with an interview given by Baez below where he states (paraphrase) he made a monetary and travel decision to wait 8 years for FBA membership.


Baez appealed the decision of the FBA to the Florida Supreme Court, which governs the Florida Bar. In their decision, they agreed with the FBA, issuing an order in 2000 that cataloged unpaid bills, extravagant spending and other “financial irresponsibility” up to that time. Justices reserved their strongest condemnation for his failure to stay current on support payments for his only child.

His overall behavior, they wrote, showed “a total lack of respect for the rights of others and a total lack of respect for the legal system, which is absolutely inconsistent with the character and fitness qualities required of those seeking to be afforded the highest position of trust and confidence recognized by our system of law.”

The Supreme Court order refers to Jose Baez only by his initials, J.A.B as is procedure. The initial findings of the FBA whereby Baez is denied admission are private and not subject to public information requests. In a prepared statement to the Sentinel, Baez spokes woman reminded them that Jose Baez is a member in good standing with the FBA:

“Based on your questions and actions,” she wrote, “this profile you are writing has nothing to do with Jose Baez’s representation of Casey Anthony and appears to be a sensationalist persecution of a Hispanic lawyer who has been targeted by a newspaper lucky to find itself at the center of a national story.”


Yes, she did, she played the race card. What does this man’s DNA have to do with how many pancakes it takes to shingle a dog house?

Perhaps she does not realize that GilTod, Gil Cabot aka Tod Black, the un-hired, un-approved, un-seen former spokesperson for Baez is listed to be of Hispanic descent in his arrest records. Or, perhaps she might note that Baez client Casey Anthony is fighting a civil defamation suit and counter-suing Zenaida Gonzalez, a woman maligned by her and her family for nearly a year, is of Hispanic descent. Cindy Anthony stated in her “12 rounds with Morgan” deposition two weeks ago that PI Dominic Casey is still watching someone in Puerto Rico.

It would seem the writing on the wall as to Baez track for this case is no longer written in invisible ink.



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