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Santa Ana, CA– Michelle Braun Kellener, facing indictment on Federal Charges for an alleged 8.5 Million dollar prostitution business is prepared to be a stoolie.  After an 18 month FBI investigation, which Braun claims she was aware of,  proceedings kicked off in court yesterday after filing a plea deal on March 31st. Braun’s attorney told reporters yesterday her Client “ran an investment fund”. Here we go again. It begs the question– is Michelle Braun the Madoff of Madams?

Both Braun and her husband, Farrell Kellener, were arrested on drug charges in October 2007 while Palm Beach Police were assisting the FBI on serving a warrant for suspicion on the very charges she is predicted to ultimately plead guilty. In a post on her defunked my space, Braun claimed to “know from day one” the Feds were investigating her.


Ellen S Garofolo represented her client in court yesterday and sources inside the investigation say is the driving force behind both her plea deal, and ability to stay out of jail. For now, at least. The judge will ultimately have the ability to reject the plea bargain on the table, which currently includes Z E R O jail time.


 U.S. Magistrate Judge Robert Block allowed Braun to remain free on $20,000 bond pending her next pretrial hearing before U.S. District Judge Cormac Carney on June 29. Braun is expected to change her plea to guilty on that day or at a later date.

Braun is married to Farrell Kellener, who has a resume that runs the gammut of radio host in Colorado to male stripper. Apparently his credentials also include a shot of his bum on Sex and the City, and being voted most likely to lick a floor tile for $1 in High School. The couple have 2 children and reside in Boca Raton, FL.

Accused of charging clients $50,000 or more per night with a prostitute Braun is currently pleading not guilty to two charges filed in March. She is charged with money laundering and transporting an individual from Orange County to New York City for the purposes of prostitution currently, but prosecutors have said that could change as they continue to investigate both sides of the ledger. No word yet if craigslist was used to schedule appointments, but seems inevitable.

(Editors note: Can you imagine being a $50K “John” of this woman in a recession, where your 401K is now a 301K and explaining that to the “Mrs”?)

Braun’s plea agreement indicates that prosecutors and Braun recommend the judge sentence her to five years of probation with no more than six months of home confinement, as well as a $30,000 fine.

She had faced between 12 to 18 months in prison and between a $3,000 and $30,000 fine, according to the government’s calculation of federal guidelines.

That seems generous considering there are reports this woman was raking in $300K per month. Kinda makes me wonder who she’s got in the black book with that deal, no?


Michelle (aka Nici) Brauns own words about her arrest in 2007 here.


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  2. Red Ranger says:

    Seldom does the black book see the light of day. There is always enough political clout in it to have it repressed. This generally holds true in the big city and the smaller towns.

    Theoretically, if a judge’s name was in the book he should recuse himself. Practically, that would never happen. This is probably not really applicable in this particular case. Just thinking outloud.

    Pimpin’ aint easy

  3. Felicity says:

    If a man is STUPID enough to pay someone $50,000. for SEX…both he and the madam ARE TOTALLY KOO KOO!! This is almost laughable….except for no taxes being paid!! (Hope that $50,000 didn’t include AIDS!)

  4. Felicity says:

    Braun’s forehead is about 4 inches smaller than her fat cheeks, and her eyes are really too small and close together! Wonder if her prostitutes are as crappy looking as she is…and STILL get %50,000?? MERCY! This is really tooooo pathetic ! Wouldn’t it be a hoot to interview some of her “clients” and just ask them: WOULD YOU DO IT AGAIN??

  5. mamacrazy30 says:

    so, i now know what i want to be when i grow up.. $50,000??
    did the girls get health-insurance?? $50,000? jeez, and here i am working 50 hours a week to make 50,000 in 2 years….

  6. Ragnar says:

    “In a post on her defunked my space…”

    defunked? Are you kidding me? Her MySpace (not ‘my space’) was funky, and now it isn’t?

    Perhaps you mean defunct?

    C’mon, Blink. You can’t be that ignorant…

    Well I am not as ignorant as the dude that shows up for an article weeks later and does not get the sentiment.

    Maybe you dont know how to research? I dont know. Had you seen both myspaces, you would have gotten the joke.
    It’s ok, we are not for the dumbass. Thanks for stopping in, do you need some direction on where to leave your electronic footprint next, or, are you good?

  7. Filipa says:

    I acctually think Ruthie Maddoff, should work for her!!! (she’s not even on food stamps!) Why this woman should be arrested and Ruth walks out & about?? now that you mentioned it?

  8. Mystery says:

    Her husband was my history teacher in 2015 and all the sudden he up and left, didn’t even say goodbye, nor tell us why he was leaving. So he must of gotten fired because of this.

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