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Long Island, NY– Kay Barragan, wife of Entrepreneur and Mattress King, Napoleon Barragan, was found at the base of the stairs at the home she owned with Barragan, deceased.

Kay Barragan, 65, who loaned her husband $2,000 in 1976 to start the bedding business, was found at the bottom of a flight of stairs at her Searingtown home about 7 a.m.

Napoleon Barragan, the South American mattress magnate who turned 1-800-Mattress into a $170-million-a-year business, was not at home at the time and could not be reached for comment. 

The firm went into bankruptcy in March after a steep drop in sales, and was expected to be sold to its rival, Sleepy’s.

Neighbors saw her son Eduardo, who was handcuffed in his robe, arrested by police shortly thereafter. Barragan was charged with second degree murder.


Cops wasted little time in charging Eduardo with her murder. A spokesman for the firm said he had “a history of mental incapacity.”

Kay Barragan had been suffering from several illnesses, he said.

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  2. westsidehudson says:

    Now I have the “1-800 Mattres” jingle stuck in my head. “And leave off the last ‘S’ for savings!”

    Or leave off the last ‘s’ for sanity is more like it.

    I’m sorry. It is a tragic story but if you live in NYC Metro, that jingle rattles around in your head for awhile.

  3. Annals says:

    A spokesman for the firm said he had “a history of mental incapacity”.

    Huh? Strange wording! Seems to me that one is either mentally capable or not. This wording sounds like, he has a history of mental incapability, so maybe he was mentally incapable at the moment he killed his mother!?

    I do not mean to make light of Kay Baragan’s death. But is this phrase denial-speak?

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