Coleman Murders: Chris Coleman Resigns From Job with Joyce Meyers Ministries

Posted by BOC Staff | Christopher Coleman,Garrett Coleman,Gavin Coleman,Murdered,Sheri Coleman | Thursday 14 May 2009 10:27 pm

Columbia, Ill– Chris Coleman, Father and husband to homicide victims Sheri 31, Garrett 11, and Gavin 9, has resigned from his position in security for Joyce Meyers Ministries without explanation.


This incident is the latest report in a triple murder case that appears to be updating on the hour.

A source close to Coleman’s family has told that this latest action on behalf of the as-yet-unamed potential suspect in the case is due to a romantic hideaway property owned by Coleman’s employer that was the “love lair” of Coleman and his extramarital love interest.

Blinkoncrime has withheld Coleman’s lover “Largos” true identity.  I have learned this individual has been told not to speak to the media as she will be called as a material witness in the Grand Jury review on Coleman’s case. 

Attorneys for Coleman, Margulis & Margulis, have declined comment on behalf of their client.

Coleman neighbors reports continue to surface. I received an earlier email that Coleman did NOT call the Police the morning that Chris Colemans’ family was slain.  

However, he DID phone the police officer across from his own home at his residence. (Editors Note: Seems like a good way to not be recorded). The alleged threats leading up to the murders he had reportedly been receiving however, were in fact reported directly to Police, unlike the wellness call.

The Police Officer neighbor was first on the scene to discover the bodies.

After a meeting with the District Attorney, detectives were told the State was not prepared to file charges without the forensic results from the scene, which can take weeks, against the suspect in the slayings. While detectives feel they know positively who is responsible for the deaths of Sheri, Garrett and Gavin Coleman, they have not named Chris Coleman publicly.  


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  1. LaZyJeStYr says:

    Off the topic somewhat, but my brother’s family were involved in a car crash many years ago that left his beautiful wife with incapacitating head injuries. They were in their early 20s at the time and had 2 children then – 3 yrs & 3 mths. They were/are “practicing” Christians, as is her family and most of mine (Dad recuses himself. ha!)Point being, it was a concerted effort on BOTH sides of the families to research the course of medical decisions, etc., and paths to take. Both her parents as well as my brother are VERY opinionated people and you just KNOW they are not normally used to inviting others into the decision-making process on life decisions, and yet both sides made great efforts and still do to this day to make sure that EVERYONE feels a part of what is going on and is comfortable with what is discussed, decided, etc. And I will emphasize again, both of our families, and especially her parents and my brother are VERY opinionated and “my way, like it or not” type people, and yet, they were able to see the desperate NEED to be part of all of what transpired. A parents’ love does not go away or diminish when you marry.
    I agree. It is omnipotent, imo. There is no relationship that supercedes parent and child, imo.

  2. LaZyJeStYr says:

    So for Sheri’s family to be treated in this manner … finding out the horror of all of what transpired – DAYS after it happens – then treated like that when it comes to saying their final farewells with their earthly bodies — well, that’s when the moniker “monster” fits like 2nd skin.

  3. sweetpea says:

    Enough said, I feel like I am in a disagreement with a friend.
    I don’t like it.
    Fair, but if I have to be in a disagreement at all, I prefer it be with a friend whose opinion and thought process I respect.

  4. LaZyJeStYr says:

    Sweetpea – I, personally, look forward to your posts because I mirror the same questions in my own thinking. It is always good to fairly represent both sides of an issue, especially when we are leaning so heavily in favor of something horrendous.

    I’d like to know about this guy’s daily routine as far as the a.m.-gym visits;call kids to send off to school; etc. Was this part of his daily regime?

    Also, on preliminary perusal of family pics, it seems like the only time he really looks at his wife – or at least looks LOVINGLY at his wife – are in the studio-type shots (i.e., when he is told to)

    Wonder why narcissism isn’t mentioned in relation to this guy. That kind of psychological makeup generally denotes reduced empathy for others as well as escalated belief in ability to get away with actions not socially acceptable.

  5. Chestergal says:

    The Coleman’s bought the house in March 2005 – paid $212K for it.
    Zillow says it worth $179K today says it worth close to what they paid for it in 2005 but under $212K today.
    Yes, but as discussed earlier 3 murders in that home will price it significantly under market, I dont think he was planning on selling it, imo.

  6. sweetpea says:

    Thanks LaZyJeStYr-

    Have you read the affadavit linked on #47.

    If I had any idea that my brother in law had murdered my sister and nephews, I would not have a nicey nicey conversation with him. I would not have any conversation with him. Even if I wanted something from him, I would have simply gone to the courts. Yes he agreed to allow the family to have a memorial in Chicago, he even suggested it. It sounded as though someone else changed his mind. Not having enough money to send three bodies to Chicago(round trip) does not make him guilty. It is not like he demanded it, he simply stated he did not have the money.

  7. LaZyJeStYr says:

    I’m really curious about her being dropped off the mortgage – was it refinanced under just his name? I can’t understand how that played out. I can’t see how he explained that to her, even if they had discussed separation/divorce. Makes no sense unless she wasn’t aware of it, but she’d have to have been.

    Do you know anything specific about this?

  8. sweetpea says:

    I do not, but they were following the advice of some financial
    guru. With loans being as tight as they are today. Maybe that was
    something they were being advise so that one would carry all the debt load. And the other would be debt free???

    But if he was planning on killing his wife why bother taking her name off the title? Only made him look more suspecious. Doesn’t make sense either.

  9. Brenda in Virginia says:

    Sweatpea, you are not retaining what you read in the affidavite becaise it CLEARLY states the family told him from the beginning if money was an issue they would cover every red cent. I think you really do live in a bubble of sorts…scared to face harsh realities of life because I am NOT shocked by one damn thing in this world.

    Also, are you a Christian? If so, what would bother you about moving a dead body without a soul around? It IS NOT LONGER your loved one and to get technical…never was! They are spirit and the body is nothing more than a vessel. I refused to look into my dad’s casket because I knew it wasn’t him. When I die I do NOT want my family wasting one dear CENT on anything. Toss my no longer needed carcass to the freaking river for all I care. My spirit will be one place or another and the body is left behind to become worm food(dust to dust, remember?). It appauls me the money spent on funerals anyway. Both my husband and I are to be creamated and scattered on our land. I only wish my kids could instead light a torch to me up there so they wouldn’t have to waste the $$ on the cremation either!

    Didn’t Christ tell the disciple who requested he be allowed time to stay and bury a relative “let the dead bury their dead?” I take that to mean WAY too much is put into funerals and the pomp and circumstance surrounding it. Why not like India and burn on a pyre? I love that idea myself..if I could that’s what I’d put in my will to have done to me. If my kids should die before me (please God not ever!) I would not have open casket just because I would want them remembered alive and would also do cremation. I personally wouldn’t want to see the body since they’re no longer in it.

    I spoke to a funeral director during a funeral and mentioned to him, “I do NOT want any of this crap.” to which he responded, “neither do I. I’m getting cremated and put on a shelf I supposed after that.”

    Brenda- respectfully, and not speaking for sweetpea, but her point was not religious, it was about the facts of the case. I fear we are going down a path on here justifying religious beliefs and this is not the intent of the article and not the appropriate forum, either. This is a general comment I am making, not to one person.

    Lastly, I never said sweetpea lived in a bubble, I told her to get in a protective one because as she pointed out herself, she is not ready to grab the torch and head up the mountain. I applaud her for standing her ground, and making her own decisions about someone’s guilt or innocense. Now, when they arrest him and he is convicted or he pleads guilty, she will be on here in a heartbeat saying she was wrong, its her “caliber”. However, she should never have to. This is a true crime victim advocate site, not a catillion. Let’s stick to the issue with respect to one anothers views please. As long as a poster conveys a difference of opinion based on an absence of facts and is polite and respectful, they are encouraged to do so here without fear of reprisal.

  10. LaZyJeStYr says:

    Not that we can ever get into these people’s heads (not sure I’d want to), but here’s what one convicted murderer said about why he killed his two children in their beds after having murdered their Mom with an aluminum baseball bat:

    “He told police he went on to kill his children while they slept because it was ‘the only control of their destiny I had left’ and that he did not want them to experience care with the Children’s Aid Society, like he did, court heard.”

    (From a Jan. ’08 case in Canada – didn’t paste URL cuz not sure of policy on pasting here)

    The Judge aptly called this man’s actions, “cruel, callous & cowardly”

    Cowardly. Ain’t that the truth.

    But he only got 19 years!!! Likely due to a crime-of-passion/heat-of-the-moment and 2-case-beer defense.

    Too, the case was in Canada. I think they’re a little lighter on crime. Not sure.

  11. sweetpea says:

    Brenda in Virginia-

    I buried my father in February of this year. I held his hand and kissed his forehead before they closed his coffin. So I am about 100%
    sure that you and I have very different beliefs.
    That is the only response I am giving to your rampage.

  12. K from IL says:


  13. Bill Stank says:

    He did it. Neighbor said he heard arguing at 3 am. New forensic opinion by a consulted expert top puts the murders at 3 am to 5 am. He goes to the gym around 5 or 6 and while he’s working out, he stops to call and check on his wife? Instead of driving home he calls a neighbor at 7 to check on them? I wonder if the call went like this, “Morning, would you please go over to my house and officially discover the murder scene while I am not there so I won’t be considered a suspect?” The big question is why. Scott Peterson was a dirtbag who wanted to get rid of his wife and the stress of another mouth to feed. But Chris loved his sons and recently took them to a ball game. Why would he kill his wife and two sons in order to be with a mistress? Maybe because she wanted a divorce and half of what they own… and the reason he crossed the other line in strangling the boys is perhaps he felt they would always remind him of her and what he did. Regardless, killing your own children after raising them and having gotten to know and love them is beyond comprehension.

  14. shoozeyque says:

    And let me add, the fact that CC’s parents backed up a truck into his driveway a week after the murders and sifting through things in the home (much of which may have belonged to the wife), and carted it all away (to their home presumably) WITHOUT even the wife’s parents having had a chance to be allowed into the home to extricate some of their daughter’s belongings and possibly some those of the children as well, speaks volumes to me about that side of the family. Who gave his parents the right to do this without the wife’s parents being allowed there at the same time? I think that whole thing was in such poor and tacky taste. What kind of people do that? The mother and children were just barely buried, and they immediately found it necessary to enter the house to take things away. This is not right.

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