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 Officials  have found missing San Bernadino boy, Briant Rodriguez 3,  ALIVE. He was reunited with his Mother this evening in Mexico.



US Officials and Briant’s Mother have arrived in Mexico and although they have not yet seen the chestnut haired toddler, Investigators believe it is him.

Reports from inside the investigation have revealed to that little Briant’s head has been shaved, but is otherwise unharmed.

Check back with blinkoncrime for this developing story.

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  1. radiogirl says:

    Praying it is him!!!!!!Thanks blink.Will check back later as to a possible explanation to his abduction.

  2. Tracygirl says:

    LOS ANGELES – Officials in Mexico have found a child they believe is a 3-year-old boy abducted from his California home but that country’s identification process is slowing the family’s ability to confirm the child’s identity, authorities said Saturday.

    Detectives in San Bernardino County and FBI agents received a call from Mexican officials in the border town of Mexicali on Friday saying that they had found a boy that could be Briant Rodriguez, sheriff’s spokeswoman Cindy Beavers said.

    She said investigators and the boy’s mother, Maria Rosalina Millan, flew to the neighboring city of Calexico to see the child and confirm his identity. Mexican officials were seeking the boy’s birth certificate and other paperwork as part of that country’s identification process before Millan can see the child.

    Sheriff’s Lt. Rick Ells said the process could also require a physical and mental exam by child protective social workers, which may not happen until Monday. The birth certificate also must be authenticated.

    “While we’re frustrated about the wait, we’re hopeful that it is him and that he’s OK,” Ells said.

    Authorities said Briant was abducted May 3 by two armed men who burst into his home, tied up Millan and other family members and stole money and property. The kidnappers have not demanded a ransom and no motive had been established.

    San Bernardino is about 60 miles east of Los Angeles
    End story

    I think they should let the mom see the child and I bet that little boy would love to have a big ol’ hug from his mama.

  3. Scoop says:

    Seems cruel that they won’t let them visit.


    Sweet, Sweet Baby Briant:

    You are a miracle…

    God Bless You.


  4. dddeerma says:

    Am I reading this right? The little boy is being kept from his mom while the authorities play around with paperwork? What better ID could there be than that child’s happiness to see his mother again? Don’t let her take him if there is a problem, but keeping them apart? Are they holding him for ransom too? I had thought better of Mexico.

  5. Klaasend says:

    Positive identification has now been made! GREAT NEWS! Briant has now been reunited with his mother. :-)

    Fancy meeting you here. Guys- wanna know who always knows more than me?? Klaasend!
    Who else needed this happy ending?

  6. Karen Lee says:

    Thanks, Blink. What good news to report. Lord only knows what that poor child has been put through, but at least the cowardly swine (w/apologies to pigs) didn’t kill him.

    Now onto the beautiful young mother and her two sons and justice for them. When are men going to learn that willfully slaughtering their wives (and children) will only bring them death or incarceration.

    Thanks, Blink, for all your insight and investigative work.

  7. Sister says:

    I pray this is true — we need a miracle!

  8. EyesWIDEOpen says:

    Great news!

  9. Angela says:

    Some wonderful news to balance some of the other stories these days. Thank you for your site.

  10. Brenda in Virginia says:

    I am beyond pleased this beautiful and innocent child is alive, well, and with his mother…but here we go again. She is an illegal alien who has given birth to how many kids that are now considered American Citizens? This is why the reunion took longer….she refused to cross the boarder because she cannot go back if she did. Still, I would have LE do nothing differently as far as the hard work they did to bring the child home alive.

    The laws absolutely MUST be changed. If you come here illegally and give birth, I am firm and will never change my stance that the child MUST be given citizenship from the mother’s home county unless the father is a U.S. citizen and willing to prove it/be on the birth certificate. It is out of hand. This isn’t what being born an American was supposed to be.

    Agreed, and for me this is not so much of a political issue as it is one of safety. We simply MUST account for all ciizens of this country. Thank God this child is safe, that’s 2 for 2 between Childers and he- I am going to think positively today that maybe that means an upward trend.

  11. mamacrazy30 says:

    what a great story to wake up to. its gonna’ be a good day.

  12. miss t. fyed says:

    While I am joyous that this beautiful liitle boy was found alive and reunited with his mother, I was so touched by the poignancy of this morning’s picture of him with his mother. The shaved head, the fear on his little face, and the expression of fear, grief and protectiveness on his mother’s face. Thank God they found him!

  13. ostella says:

    This is awesome! I feel like doing cartwheels for this family! Its so wonderful to hear a happy ending…thank God for keeping this little guy safe! And thanks Blink for staying on top of this story and bringing us this great news!

  14. dddeerma says:

    Brenda thanks for explaining the part of the story I didn’t understand.

  15. Kleat says:

    Yep!! Just saw it on local news– with the LE almost choking back his statement about how the officers described the little boy clinging to his mother’s neck!! Great ending– how did they get him over the border… such good news and hope he can bounce back from his experience without long term without problems.

  16. blue_bird says:

    I’m not sure where to ask this but do you have any information on missing teenager Amber Dubois? Like Jason Holley, Amber touched my heart immediately and I’ve been praying for her safe return. I’ve even had dreams about her. Are there any leads? My heart goes out to Amber’s family. I can’t imagine the hell they are going through. Thank you, Blink for any information you might have.

    I do not, my apologies, but she is featured on, missing persons tab, our sister site.

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