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Milwaukee, WI– From a serial killer perspective, Milwaukee, Wisconsin may be best known for it’s Cannibal Club resident Jefferey Dahmer. Although he was murdered in prison, Dahmer is a name we all know well, and a name the Milwaukee Police Department wish to forget.

Mil serial killer

While there is no other connection to Dahmer other than logistics, today, District Attorney John Chisholm and MPD Chief Edward Flynn announced they are hunting the latest hunter in their community.

 There has been a DNA link established in the murders of six women, believed to be prostitutes in the vicinity over the last 21 years. Recent developments in forensics are responsible for establishing the breakthrough link, and almost 24 more are pending.

Assumably, this will establish whether this string of homicides will classify as a metaphorical mountain or a mole hill.


The first two victims linked by the killer’s DNA died in October 1986, Flynn said. Two more were killed in 1995, one in 1997 and the most recent in April 2007. He said five were known prostitutes and the sixth was involved in drugs. Although Jessica Payne, 16, was linked to the alleged suspect through sexual contact, Police believe she is the lone victim to date that was actually killed by a different individual. MPD has declined to elaborate on that theory. 

According to the victim map and profile, the killer takes a roughly 9–10 year break from 1986– 2006 , and again 1995 – 2007.


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  1. Gypsy DD says:

    I am thinking he didn’t take quite that long of a break..that out of the 26 other vics..some of them will be his vics also.

    Interesting about the idea that someone else may have actually murdered the one vic…a serial killer who invites a friend along? That is unusual to say the least. I’ll be interested to hear more on these cases.

    I agree 100%. The pattern suggests otherwise for sure. I’ll see if I can get my friend Cristen Allen Inman on this one.
    Yoohoo Cris!

  2. neversaynever says:

    I don’t understand the Jefferey Dahmer link. I’m lost on the whole story. Is there more to come?

    They are from the same town, for now thats all. Yes, there is only a DNA profile linking 6 women so far, I expect that will rise. You didnt understand it because after I read your comment I went back and your right, I need to stop writing late, whew. lol, thanks for pointing it out.

  3. Scoop says:

    More Serial Murders in Milwaukee?

    Who is Christen Allen Inman?
    yep. They added a 7th today.

  4. Gypsy DD says: you know who the 7th person is they added?

    How long do they estimate it will take to work through the other cases that they feel are linked to this case?


    Non-specified yet DD, and I feel that the numbers are going to reach double digits.

  5. NC says:

    Have you looked into the Edgecombe County, NC serial killer yet? I’d like you to (someone is posting about that online who may know the man). But he kills Black prostitutes as well, with the same general timeline.

    We have a lot of people in NC who have relatives etc up the East Coast.

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