Palatka, FL– Talk about a change in circumstances. The bounty hunter had to turn himself into Police today on charges he falsely imprisoned a man  awaiting trial on sex offenses to a child. William Snodgrass alleges Cobra Staubs handcuffed him and detained him against his will for one hour while questioning whether he had anything to do with the disappearance of Haleigh Ann Marie Cummings. It is not known at this time if Kim Picazio, attorney to Crystal Sheffield will represent Staub’s in these charges, but the pair are admitted friends. Bail is set at $5004.00




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  1. Carol says:

    Hi Blink,
    Yanno, its getting harder to tell the good guys from the bad guys in this mess, has anything new come out besides the fact that Cobra was arrested ?
    Keep up the outstanding work :)

  2. Greg the Mongoose says:

    I wonder if he tried to water board Snodgrass?

    That would be ok with me. There I said it. I know the CIA does it, it’s all good. See Nancy, just be honest and the world will love you for it.


  3. Red Ranger says:

    Sounds like a case of he said, he said. I wonder if there are any witnesses to the alleged blessed event. An outcry witness? A bigger water bill? Heh heh heh.
    So do they use an actual board?

  4. Karen Lee says:

    POOR COBRA! I think this must be some kind of setup. Cobra has the right idea on handling child predators. If the cops had been MORE like Cobra ==they might have found Haleigh long ago.

    I hope Kim P gets him out of this; this may be some local (friends of Ron’s 911 mom).

    After all Cobra has done on this case (pro BONO) they should cut him a break. I wonder “who” is more believable –Cobra or the sex offender? DUH …

    It’s not like Cobra left the perv handcuffed to a tree for days out in the elements. Go Blink!

  5. mamacrazy30 says:

    kidnap-false imprisonment adult or child under 13 years of age…
    so what is it when your 13-17? did he imprison an adult? a child under 13? i’m really confused.
    In article, adult, William Snodgrass

  6. Red Ranger says:

    Blink, They used to put them on a board slanted down so that the head was lower than the feet. Interesting Wiki on it.


    Ok, I admit it, The last James Bond flick was way worse, sorry.
    I can take the necessary antics to stave off and prosecute terrorists when we all know and love those that have died worse deaths fighting it. My humanity chip apparently only beacons true victims I guess.
    I digress.
    Repeating above.

  7. Karen Lee says:

    OFF TOPIC … but did anyone SEE “MANCOW” Chicago’s conservative talk show host and all around character — he had himself WATER BOARDED because he was (previously) claiming “water boarding was NO BIG DEAL – piece of cake.”

    They have 10-SECONDS of him being almost water boarded – and he jumped up screaming –coughing for air. He probably wasn’t enough of a swimmer to know HOW TO (internally) block water from going into your nose -or throat. But he suffered mightily –saying he felt like he was drowning.

    when he’d recovered, his opinion on WATER BOARDING had changed. Now, he says “water boarding is REALLY TORTURE.”

  8. mamacrazy30 says:

    hey…just trin’ to be sarcastic SORRY….jeeze.. but really, what the charge if they’re 13-17?

  9. mamacrazy30 says:

    karen lee–
    when i was 12 i got my first set of contact lens’. ok so it was this system where you put the lens’ in a cage and dunk them into a solution overnight and rinse them off before you put them in. well, one morning i wake up and go to put my contacts in. i grabbed the wrong solution (my bad ’cause the chemical had a red tip and the rinse did not) and start to rinse my contact with it. well, needless to say it burnt my eye so i proceeded to put more of the (wrong) solution onto my lens and then put it into my eye. well, yeah it hurt. when i finally realized what had happened i ran screamin’ to my mom, and she took me to the er. they held me down on a gurney while they opened bag after I.V. bag of saline solution into my eye. for 20 minuets. I thought i was going to drown the entire time. it is a violent feeling even if you know it is needed (as in my case, and NO the hospital DID NOT water-board me!).

  10. mamacrazy30 says:

    oh no… now i don’t know what to think. if water-boarding is anything like my (had to stop to read red’s link)–well..it was the same thing. but in my situation it was to save me from being blind. as far a torture..? well, if i got through it at 12 (as a medical procedure)??? maybe if you think you could die from it? you could? i don’t know.

  11. Red Ranger says:

    Blink, I know we don’t discuss political things here but if you know what these terrorist organizations do to captured US military…..

    I am with you though. The background of the so called victim here proves he did much worse to someone else than was done to him. He should feel lucky to be alive to be handcuffed. I hold zero sympathy for him in my heart. I hold much sympathy on many levels for his past victm(s).

  12. dddeerma says:

    Doesn’t the size of the bond indicate that local LE doesn’t take the charge seriously? Thank you Karen Lee for an appropriate and timely comment on torture. To be an American used to mean that we were better than others, as proven by our political system and our actions towards those less fortunate (ie those not lucky enough to be born American).

  13. skeptic says:

    I believe there has to be a warrant out for an arrest for a bounty hunter to pick up someone. COBRA should know this and he just ignored it. I am withholding my opinion on Snodgrass until I know what the charges are against him. There are many people listed as child molestors and it depends on the degree of the charges to be meaninful.

    My son’s friend had to register when he was 18 and got his 47-year-old girl friend pregnant. Both families had agreed to a marriage, but to get out of the charges, the DA made him register as a sex offender.

  14. Cheryl says:

    so he handcuffed some SO and questioned him… big freakin deal… I’m sorry, I’m not feeling any sympathy over here… What’s the difference between that and if he was detained in a holding cell at the CO jail… wah suck it up Snodgrass.

  15. Red Ranger says:

    Hey Skeptic,
    Apparently in 2007 Snodgrass was charged with capital sexual battery of a 9-year-old girl. He was out on bail awaiting trial. He is 55 years old.


    If Snodgrass wants sympathy he should look in the dictionary between sh*thead and syphilis.

    I don’t see anything illegal about your friends boy jumping on the Cougar train and having a 47 year old girlfriend. Maybe I’ll just reckon you meant 17.

    There’s more, and I know I am being a hypocrite when I say this because I do agree with Westside that bounty hunting can be wreckless, but in this case, Im only sorry he did not take him on the Neves tour in the backwoods and leave him there. What I mean by “there’s more” is this freak has been busy on the web in Haleigh’s case, kwim?

  16. westsidehudson says:

    I don’t have any love for sex offenders, but bounty hunters are sometimes reckless, and certainly not above the law. Here are a couple of instances where innocent people were harmed by their ‘wild west’ approach (I found more, but I’m not posting them):

    TOMS RIVER — …..http://www.mycentraljersey.com/article/20090501/STATE/90501032/N.Y.+bounty+hunter+charged+with+assault+in+South+Jersey+vehicle+chase

    “George Eshareturi, 25, of the Bronx, N.Y. was in the act of apprehending Rodney Cutler, 39, of Lakewood on three warrants in connection with failing to comply with bail bond release conditions……

    Witnesses told police Eshareturi chased Cutler in his vehicle, crossing Route 70 while driving east in the west bound lanes of the busy highway. Eshareturi’s sport utility vehicle struck two other vehicles then Cutler, police said. According to witnesses, he struck Cutler from behind then put the vehicle in reverse and backed off Cutler. Eshareturi got out of his SUV and placed Cutler in handcuffs, Mastronardy said.
    Another bond related incident was reported to Toms River police, regarding a Freehold bondsman from Rapid Release Bails Bonds who chased down the wrong man on Coolidge Avenue in early Tuesday, Mastronardy said.

    An 18-year-old man reported he was riding his scooter when a dark-colored vehicle pulled in front of him and four subjects jumped out and started chasing him, police said. The victim said he was tackled to the ground then handcuffed. The bondsman informed the victim that he was a bail bondsman but that he was not who they were looking for, he told police.

    The bondsman removed the handcuffs. The victim said he was not injured but lost his cell phone valued at $268 in the chase. Detective Lt. Loring Dunton is leading the investigation into this incident.

  17. Red Ranger says:

    Hey Blink,
    On your “There’s more” statement I am hoping I don’t know exactly what you mean. I am trying not to get the mental picture of what it may mean. Could you give me a synopsis but not link me. I am not sure I want to go read his twisted words.

  18. mamacrazy30 says:

    has anyone bailed out cobra yet?

  19. mamacrazy30 says:

    i thought him and picazio were friends? oh well.

  20. mamacrazy30 says:

    Haleigh who???

    Haleigh Anne Marie Cummings, missing since February 10, 2009 from Satsuma Florida-

  21. He was dropped off back at home, and his kidnapper became far friendlier, asking for a hug and offering to “help him for free if he ever got into future trouble,” according to the arrest report.

  22. mlee says:

    {Comment by Red Ranger — May 24, 2009 @ 6:01 am}

    I agree with everything you said.. Snodgrass, just like all accused child molesters, or accused rapist never stand up and say, “sure I did it”.. They always pitch the guilt back at the victim. “They are lying”. His day in court will come, and I believe he will face a jury of his peers, that is not going to be happy with him. I do hope they offer him the rest of his life in prison to reflect on his actions.
    As far as his being on the web to mess in the Haleigh case, would not surprise me at all. In fact there seems to be an army of factions out there who wish to stop discussions, conclusions.. Total disruption. His purpose on the web, would be to mess with Cobra.. little bit of revenge. But, apparently like all of the other factors in life he might be overlooking.. His Ip address like all the others is always available.. If he uses a proxy, hey new technology bust those wide open, and the companys on the web offering proxy address’s are working with LE. Will co-operate in a heartbeat.. The truth always has a way of coming out for the world to see.. And when they convict and sentence Snodgrass.. I will do the dance, in front of my house for all my neighbors to see, and laugh my backside off…

  23. Ann says:

    Recently heard the father was cleared on child abuse charges regarding his son. Haven’t heard much on this case though. Is the mom still living in town waiting for news? Where are the rest of the relatives of this missing child and has the trial gone completely cold?

  24. kari says:

    CNN) — The father of a Florida girl who has been missing for nearly six months was charged Thursday with burglary with assault, police told CNN.

    Ronald Cummings was arrested on felony charges of burglary with assault, officials said.

    Ronald Cummings is being held on $12,500 bond for the felony charges, the Florida Putnam County Sheriff’s Office said.

    There were no other details on his arrest available.

    Cummings’ daughter, Haleigh Cummings, went missing from his home in Satsuma, Florida, on February 9.

    Cummings has made several public pleas for information about his daughter’s disappearance, even begging whoever might be holding her to just return her home.

    Police have said they think Haleigh was abducted but have provided few details.

    In March, Cummings married his then-girlfriend Misty Croslin, who was the last person known to have seen the 5-year-old child alive, saying it was what Haleigh would have wanted.

    Croslin, 17, said she tucked Haleigh and her 4-year-old brother into bed about 8 p.m. the night Haleigh disappeared. Croslin said she went to sleep herself at about 10 p.m. but awoke at 3 a.m. to find Haleigh missing and a back door propped open by bricks.

    Ronald Cummings called police and reported his daughter missing when he returned from work at dawn.

  25. suz says:

    I don’t want to keep posting in Christine Sheddy’s thread, so am posting here where no one will see it, lol.

    Ok, I am kind of playing catch up in this case, so forgive me, but my expanded Haleigh theory (which was originally whomever Misty was boinking in the trailer that night while Ron was at work) now includes Misty’s psycho cousin Joe (a child molester, who molested Misty and her 6 y.o. cousin), and some A/C repairman who was in the home and may have hung around and watched the kids play in the yard.

    Seems like Joe is the likely culprit as he was in town for a couple of weeks, and on the night of the disappearance his brother said he went to sleep in shirt, pants and socks when he usually just slept in his boxers, and when the brother woke up at midnight or 1, Joe was not there, and the next morning he saw the van and the keys to the van had been moved, and the van had a big scratch on the side. And that Joe was afraid to go down to the Sheriff’s office to pick up his stuff (not sure what stuff) and he left the state right after that as fast as he could (according to Misty).

    Why this guy is not the number 1 suspect, I don’t know. Has he been cleared of anything?

  26. suz says:

    So if Misty is kind of implying that it might be psycho Joe, why won’t she just come out and say it? Unless she doesn’t know for sure, which I think is possible.

  27. kp-in says:


    The paragraph below is from one of your first articles about the Cummings story. I went back and read all of your articles and most of the comments on this site . Below you wrote about the neighbors being aware of a affair between Misty and Ron’s Uncle. Is the affair true? and is the uncle Ron’s mothers brother or how is he an uncle of Ron.

    “We searched beside some locals who asked us why we would bother to help this family. Everyone in the neighborhood was aware that Misty was having an affair with Ron’s Uncle. So was he. She had been gone 3 days previously on a bender and the uncle came back to stake his claim when Ronnie went back to work for the first time in 3 days. Misty propped that door open, and doing so, invited the vampire into the house.”


    There was updated information following that. Yes, she was seeing the Uncle on the sly ( as per a local) and she was with “White Boy Greg”. as per my article 3 days prior

  28. Magaizer says:

    Awesome…Bookmarked :D

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