Tracy, CA– Late yesterday afternoon, Prosecutors filed 3 new charges against Melissa Huckaby. On the eve of her hearing today to file her plea on the current charges for the rape, molestation and Murder of 8 year old Tracy resident Sandra Cantu.

Huckaby will now be facing additional charges of a single count of child endangerment, and 2 felony counts of furnishing a harmful substance although the substance in question is not identified.

In an earlier report on, the Mother of the 7 year old girl, named as Jane Doe in the charges, specified that benzoiates were found in her daughters system after she was taken from the Orchard Estates Mobile Home Park without permission, and returned several hours later after being located by police.

In both counts of alleged poisoning, the complaint says Huckaby “did willfully and unlawfully mingle a harmful substance with food or drink with the intent that (it) be taken by a human being.”

The identity of the second victim named in the charges is Daniel Plowman. It is alleged Mr. Plowman was drugged by Huckaby in March 2009.

Blinkoncrime has learned that Plowman was arrested on March 3, 2009 for using or being under the influence of a controlled substance. It is not known if this Daniel J. Plowman is related to a D. Jonathan Plowman, age 62, who is listed as an absconded registered sex offender on the Megan’s Law Sex Offender Registry.

Plowman2 (1)


Daniel’s myspace can be found here.    


It is also unknown if the new changes will affect the defense strategy for Public Defender Sam Behar during the hearing today at 1PM PST.

Check back to for breaking developments on this story  

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  1. coolio says:

    Daniel Plowman? Now there is a new name – to me at least. Do we know any more about him?
    Yep. Possibly

  2. svl says:

    A new twist just in time for today’s court hearing. Which all equates to probably another delay in MH entering a plea.

    Blink – let us know what you can on the hearing, when you can. The national news media is usually days behind you!

  3. coolio says:

    Well Blink of course you would know more. :)

    Don’t hold out on us. I know you need to do your super duper investigating before reporting tho and that is great.

    Um, she is turning out to be quite the interesting character. Guessing case of date rape.

  4. cece says:

    snipped from your article:

    “Blinkoncrime has learned that Plowman was arrested on March 3, 2009 for using or being under the influence of a controlled substance.”

    And now the recordnet is reporting this:

    “In the second poisoning charge, Huckaby allegedly drugged a man identified as Daniel Plowman on March 2 – 21/2 months after the first alleged poisoning and 25 days before Sandra was reported missing.”

    So, is Daniel Plowman saying MH drugged him on March 2 & his arrest on March 3 is a result of this? Or am I just making too big a leap?

    Thanks Blink for all your good work!

    I would say yes, that he was given the drug the eve of 3/2 and was arrested early 3/3.

  5. Gypsy DD says:

    All I can say is this is one twisted case.

    Why do I now feel that M was also grooming her own daughter for child porn and possibly drugging her? Not inconceivable the way M’s Mom whisked the child out of there the day after Cantu went missing. And M’s Mom said the child is sickly…and won’t let the bio father see the child…is it because the child knows things and the family does not want her talking?

    These new charges made me think back to her former house mate and the fires she witnessed at the house…just too many coincidences for me.

  6. Denise says:

    OMG, she drugged an adult also? Why? Thank God she did. Now someone other than a 7 year old can testify to her behavior. Does this guy live in the Orchard Estates MHP? How are MH and he connected?

    Thanks Blink!! Again, you are the best!!

  7. Me says:

    Drugging an adult causes problems for the theory that she had a pattern of drugging children in order to molest them.
    I agree. And it has to be commissionable to the first charge, and she has not been charged with drugging Sandra.

    What don’t we know?

  8. miss t. fyed says:

    This case just gets more and more weird. Did anyone check out Daniel Plowman’s MySpace page – I guess he thinks he is a “playa.” Something really fishy is going on here. Blink any further news on this???
    Yes, but not today, lol.
    Fishy indeed.

  9. cece says:

    So, Daniel Plowman was a former boyfriend?

    “ABC7 has learned that the adult who Huckaby allegedly poisoned is Daniel Plowman, a former boyfriend of Huckaby’s. On March 3rd, Plowman went to a Tracy towing yard to retrieve his vehicle. Employees thought he looked unfit to drive and called police, who arrested Plowman for being under the influence of some kind of tranquilizer.
    Later, Plowman would tell police that Huckaby is the one who must have slipped him some kind of muscle relaxer.”

    Wonder what his car was towed for?

  10. mamacrazy30 says:

    this may sound odd but….
    not to put down strippers or hookers, but just as men have been known to slip something into a lady’s drink, strippers and hookers have been known to do it as well. makes the ‘client’ easier to deal with, knocks them out, and then they are easy pickens’. maybe she found that drugging people got her what she wanted. i wonder if she drugged him so he couldn’t get his car and drive far, far, away.

  11. Scoop says:

    I agree with the neighbor who said there seems like there are, too, many things going on… to be innocent. I still think it’s got more to do with Christian, the care-taker and the Church. It really is, too, much to feel safe enough to drug and molest the little girls in the neighborhood. That’s bold, imo.

    What is she saying?

    Her eyes tell me she is ashamed of her actions, but I also see a glimpse of innocence… fear! People like her congregate. While someone made a comment about M primping her daughter… I could see the same thing being done to her, by her mother. There aren’t many people that can make me feel speechless… but she [M’s Mother} is one of them.

    I hope M will open up and talk… I think she has a lot to tell.

    Keep us updated, Blink…

    Where have you seen Melissa Huckaby’s Mom? That woman is in hiding, if I missed it, please link me.

  12. yes mom says:

    I know I would want to drive far, far away…

  13. Scoop says:


    I thought about the same thing. Like capturing people and making them love you. But, she was drugging little girls to molest them. It can’t be the same thing… Unless she was looking for this ‘boyfriend’ to help her get away from the things she was doing? That’s a possibility… I was wondering, too, what constitutes being a boyfriend?

    BTW, I always enjoy reading your comments.

  14. Scoop says:

    Excuse me, Blink, it was her grandmother. The one that was driving the pickup as she was returning her husband, the Pastor of the Church, home from the Police Station. Is she in hiding, too? Are they her Maternal Grand Parents?
    No, not to my knowledge, although I understand they are not staying at the MHP.

  15. mamacrazy30 says:

    don’t misunderstand me….i don’t think she captured anyone for love by drugging them. i think she might have drugged people in the past in order to rip them off, set the house on fire,…what-have-you. most people know that if you grind up muscle-relaxers and put them into someone’s coffee, its gonna’ mess them up. i’m sure most adults realize that. so how many of us DO IT? we all know. it takes that certain kind of person to just go ahead and do it. i have a feeling that even these new charges are the beginning of the sick story that is melissa huckaby.

  16. riddlemethis says:

    Reminds me of some reading I had done on “women who kill” stories you hear about. It’s still about control (psychopaths/sociopaths/personality disordered are all about control), but they say women do things (like perhaps the drugging) to make it easier for themselves since they have a harder time over powering their victims physically. Ugh…have to go crawl in a hole for awhile now……….

  17. Cindy says:

    I say maybe she sold him the drugs? And he got busted and saying otherwise. She did drug the seven year old. But, I don’t think she was drugging a grown man, I think she sold/gave them to him. Alot of money can be made off prescription drugs!!

  18. Me says:

    “But, she was drugging little girls to molest them”

    How do we know that for sure?

    How do we know that she didn’t drug SC for some other reason and then try to make it look like a molestation….so that people would think a man did it. Since she has been charged with drugging an adult male that’s a more likely scenario imho.

  19. Sue B says:

    RE: Post 9 “Drugging an adult causes problems for the theory that she had a pattern of drugging children in order to molest them.” This could be quite a leap, but might it also be possible that the drugging in January (which some have suggested was a dry run) messed up in MH’s opinion in that the child’s response to the drug wasn’t what she was expecting. It may have scared her that it was such a ‘close call’ because the police got involved. So she needed to dry run a bit further. This time with someone who was virtually ‘no risk’. Even though the physiology of an adult and a child are quite different, there may have been something she was trying to figure out with the drug that an adult like Daniel would suffice to practice on. Daniel was safer to deal with as he was unlikely to draw the attention of the police or caring parents. If he did draw police attention, as an adult male, he was unlikely to appear as a helpless victim to them – and more importantly she was unlikely to appear as a predator. Love your work Blink. Thank you so much.

  20. mamacrazy30 says:

    ’cause SHE ain’t got no money? heck she’s 2? years old and haven’ to live with granny and papaw?

  21. Brenda in Virginia says:

    Looking at the photos of MH at the arraignment I never got the feeling she appeared to be ashamed of anything. More like sad as hell she is caught and horrified her actions are now public knowledge.

    Remember Casey Anthony crying in court? Had zero to do with the fact she clearly killed her own daughter, but that she could no longer be in control. The poaster who mentioned the control factor was correct, but I do also think we’re going to find out MH’s childhood was not what any of us would choose for any child as well.

    As has been discussed in the posting on the Coleman murders, preacher’s kids and those who are forced to go to church and see hypocrisy cannot escape a resentment towards it more often than not. In my experience as a PK, I feel fortunate I was able to overcome that resentment where a number of other PKs I know never did. One boy in particular has an uncle who is in Benny Hinn’s parade/circus and does some of the music. This boy was forced to sing in church all the time and confided in my he HATED it! Today, he’s into drugs and biker gangs…his “family” has disowned him. Sad, sad thing it is. Have to wonder if MH experience close to the same? Forced to participate as a smiling member of a “Godly” family and resenting all the REAL stuff going on she saw?

    Trying to stay away from the religious convo’s again, but agreed. Thing is, any kind of extremism in a child’s upbringing, particularly if it is ostrasizing will build resentment.

  22. Sacsayhuan says:

    I read somewhere that Plowman can not be found ? And I’m confused about his arrest for being in a drugged state. I read he was arrested when he went to get his car out of the pound, then somewhere else it says he was arrested while driving. Can someone clarify this. Also when did he tell the police that Melissa drugged him ?

    All good questions, I read his whereabouts were unknown but I found him just fine, as per the article. However, as the charges to Huckaby regarding him fall under the original complaint in it’s ammended form, it is covered under the gag order so he is NOT talking. I do however believe he must have not been driving at the time he was arrested because he was not charged with DUI. However, on what grounds then can they arrest someone for this?

    I suspect this guy connects dots we are unaware of yet, and I suspect they are attempting to hammer out a plea agreement and put these on the table to show the defense they will be seeking the DP if they dont get serious. This will make prior bad acts a shoe-in, no more wiggle room if you KWIM?

  23. MEL says:

    I witheld your comment for obvious reasons, can you substantiate this claim? If so, I will put it back. Can I reach you via email you provided?

  24. svl says:

    Good morning Blink and Company,

    In reference to comment/post#11:

    “Police on March 3 arrested a man on suspicion of driving under the influence hours after murder suspect Melissa Huckaby, 28, allegedly poisoned him.

    Daniel Plowman, 36, of Hayward, pulled into the drive-through at McDonald’s, 3430 N. Tracy Blvd., to order some food, but passed out at the wheel, according to police logs.

    According to an employee who called the police station at 1:30 a.m. March 3, Plowman fell asleep in the drive-through lane, awoke, paid, got his food and crashed into a wall. His car ended up under the golden arches, according to the dispatcher’s log.

    Police showed up, arrested him and got a local towing company to impound Plowman’s gold Ford Tempo.

    The fast food restaurant is a few minutes by car from Orchard Estates Mobile Home Park, where Huckaby lived with her grandparents before her April 10 arrest on charges that she kidnapped, raped and killed 8-year-old Tracy girl Sandra Cantu.

    Records show that Plowman was never charged with a crime in San Joaquin County.”

    (reported by Tracy Press)

    OMG, I wonder what his car was impounded for in the first place though, and where in proximity.

  25. svl says:

    This is interesting, Blink.

    “Outside the courtroom, Deputy District Attorney Robert Himmelblau described Plowman as a “victim and a witness” but would not comment further on his connection to Huckaby.

    When asked if the new charges related to the Cantu case, Himmelblau said, “You can add counts that don’t necessarily relate to the main count if they are same class of crime or are connected.” (reported by KCRA)

    Also, it seems like things are coming back full circle to the Clover Road Baptist Church, although that could be a mere coincidence:

    “Plowman is a former friend of Huckaby’s, and the two attended the Clover Road Baptist Church run by Huckaby’s grandfather, Lane Lawless, friends said. Some said she and Plowman had dated and then had a falling-out.”

    Yep, it is, and that information is correct. I am working on a piece now.

  26. coolio says:

    Blink, with regard to your comment in post #22 and mama’s response in #23, I don’t have an issue with her having a PD as by all accounts, “she” is unable to afford an atty. She’s an adult, single parent, who was on disability and yes, living with G&G in a trailer park.

    Who I have more of a problem receiving tax payer assistance is our Boston med student/killer. He was living high on the hog, going to a prestigious med school, no other victims of robbery have come forward to indicate his money was recd from them and YET HE gets his high profile attorney’s fees paid for by public assistance????

    Obviously “he” had plenty of money before being charged. And what is up with Mass’s system that they don’t have appointed PDs? Rather, you pick your own high profile atty and then public money pays the bills?

    I know off topic here, but seriously MA’s system is cracked and MH receiving assistance seems warranted here while not there.

  27. Jill from Texas says:


    Whatever happened with Timothy John Lawless, being held on $1 million bond for the same crimes as Melissa Huckabee (X 7!)? I thought his hearing was scheduled for May 14th?

    Personally, I feel that this whole thing is much bigger than the media is able to report. Seems to be too many odd connections with members of Pastor Lawless’ Church members and the residents of the trailer park. While LE did confirm that child porn was found at several homes during the search for Sandra Cantu, I am not aware of anyone actually being charged for it.

    Would love your feedback/insight . . .

    I appreciate your hard work – even on the weekend! Very admirable!

    He has a court date 6/9, no other update at this time. Your 100% this is bigger, fatter and hairier than anyone thought. I am working on a piece for a while and then enjoying my family for the balance of the weekend.

  28. MEL says:

    Yes you can email me at the provided email
    I did Mel, thank you.

  29. PeaceCA says:

    About the connection to fundamentalist religion, I realize that’s a landmine to bring up, and that most people growing up in that environment don’t commit abuse or crimes, especially anything this horrific. Perhaps Melissa Huckaby was just born evil/sick and nothing in her family environment caused that, I don’t know. But the things I’ve seen in my own background in small independent fundamentalist churches that I’ll just throw out there, is there can be a heavy use of corporal punishment, sometimes beginning before the child is even a year old, including the use of objects such as switches, wooden spoons, paddles, etc. I could point you to a whole list of fundamentalist books on Amazon that advocate this kind of stuff even with infants & are still popular. There is certainly a discouragement of using any kind of professional psychologists, psychiatrists, or doctors to deal with mental health issues. People often keep problems within the family or seek help from untrained pastors or lay church “counselors”, which unfortunately sometimes has the effect of covering up individual or family problems and abuse. I myself once called a church “hotline” when living on my own for the first time and going through a suicidal depression, and was asked no questions about my circumstances but given a long lecture on how my “walk with Jesus” was probably inadequate. There’s a great emphasis on the outward appearance of the family and the children, and on all family members being “godly”. Again, I don’t know if this applies to Melissa Huckaby and her family or not. I just see some of the signs at least in the Lane Lawless/DeWayne Harris branch of this family. One of the relatives, I think it was Connie Lawless, refused to acknowledge that Melissa had ever suffered from depression, something Johnny Huckaby seemed to notice with Melissa pretty early on in knowing her. Connie Lawless also stated that the Clover Road church is “open and lively”, yet Lane Lawless avoided getting to know any other Christian pastors in Tracy, and he had few non-family members who actually resided in the community. Nobody from any church he pastored before Clover Road has spoken in his defense. And his brother-in-law, DeWayne Harris, made a bizarre statement in a sermon in the Clover Road church recently stating that perhaps Sandra Cantu’s murder was God’s way of waking up people in our nation. I found this disturbing coming from the Uncle of the likely murderer, as though Sandra’s death is somehow the fault of people who disagree with Harris’ religious views, rather than the act of his own extremely evil/sick niece, Melissa Huckaby. Also, the idea that God wanted this to happen & would choose to use Sandra as a kind of sacrificial lamb is really sick to me. I’m sorry for rambling about all this. Clearly this case and this family really gets under my skin and touch some raw nerves with me. On a more positive note, there was a nice story today in the Tracy Press about a couple who built a little playhouse in memory of Sandra, for the kindergartners at Sandra’s school to use, called “Sandra’s Cottage”. I couldn’t read the article without crying, but it’s nice to see one tiny good thing coming out of this tragedy.

  30. Me says:

    “Connie Lawless also stated that the Clover Road church is “open and lively”, yet Lane Lawless avoided getting to know any other Christian pastors in Tracy, and he had few non-family members who actually resided in the community.”

    That woman seems to be in serious denial.

    I still maintain that there’s something odd about Lane Lawless.

    “recently stating that perhaps Sandra Cantu’s murder was God’s way of waking up people in our nation.”

    How cliche. Yeah, I’m sure that’s really going to wake everyone up.

    I want to say that quote is from Connie’s brother, not her, however, is creepy and sick, imo.

  31. MackiezMom says:

    I am interested to know if he was drug tested.

    I don’t believe that the public will ever know the full extent of what happened surrounding the murder of Sandra. The idea that releasing autopsy details would outrage the public is so ridiculous. To say that the public “would be” outraged, is like saying that people might have been killed in the Cypress Structure when it collapsed in the 89 quake. The public is already outraged. When it comes down to brass tacks, the worst thing that could have happend to Sandra has already happened. The details will not make her more or less dead. The rationalization that has been used to keep the public from knowing at least that portion of the truth is inexcusable, and a violation of the public’s right to know. Do they think it will cause her family to be less traumatized not to know the details? I am assuming the absolute worst things happened, since they’re being so protective, and the court agrees. In order to supress this sort of information, the state is required to show compelling evidence that the public good would be at risk by releasing the information. Who would be at risk? Surely, the worst thing that could have happened to Sandra has happened… releasing information will not have an impact on her outcome.

    Now… the guy from Hayward… interesting. I grew up in Hayward, and Western is located in a section of the Cherryland District, which is well known as a drug and gang hot spot. Does this guy have a history of drug use? History of DUIs? Just some nice Baptist guy who drives an hour to Tracy to go to church at a church with less than 50 members, huh? Hmmmm…sounds suspicious. Unless I saw a drug screen on this guy, I would not be convinced that MH had anything to do with his DUI arrest. It is an interesting way to fight a DUI, though.

    I am no fan of MH, and I do not buy that she did this all on her own. Remember the names and faces of these people (her family), folks. It does not look like they’re going to be charged (I hope that appearances are deceiving), and it sure as hell looks like there is a perponderance of evidence that indicates they knew or should have known about at least some of the illegal activity. The drugged child, the drugged “boyfriend”, the fires, and MH was just a pooooor victim, right? She is either a very brilliant criminal who finally wanted to be caught or slipped up, or she had significant assistance, or she was someone’s proverbial “patsy”.

    Tellya what, though..any of the players move into my neighborhood, they won’t find it pleasant.

    Also, it is completely legal to peacefully demonstrate. How about picketing their church? Every day? They like to have religious services at a suspected murder site? Yeah? Take away their anonymity. Posters, pictures, keeping their faces in the public, so that people remember. Keeping the youtubes up, doing a mini-doc on all of the info….no accusations, just a presentation of verifiable facts.

    Thanks, Blink, for keeping us updated. It would be really cool to have pictures of all of them up every time there is an article posted, so that people remember who they are and what they look like.

    And to the Lawless crew… I know that I am one among many who will not forget your names and faces.

    Very versed and intelligent post, Mac.
    You have no reason to believe me other than my word, but when I say the cogs are turning the wheel in this case, they are. Injustice breeds inpatience, and patience is not my strongsuit, but I am approaching the bell curve on it hopefully. Nobody is getting out of this mess, nobody.

  32. PeaceCA says:

    Regarding post 33, you’re right, Blink, it was Connie Lawless’ brother, Rev. Dewayne Harris, who made the comment about waking up the nation. Here’s an excerpt from the article:

    “While Connie and Lane Lawless are in Southern California with family and friends, their tiny, close-knit congregation gathered in the sparsely decorated church Wednesday night for regular midweek services. As the murder investigation continues to singe the airwaves and keep the church and Tracy in the national media’s attention, worshipers sang hymns of finding strength in life’s trials — the members’ booming voices filling the modest building.

    “Knowing the history of this Tracy church, I know this is your darkest hour, but I’m going to talk about light,” he said. “I hope that through this tragedy that God gets the attention of not only Tracy, but the nation.”

    He spoke harshly of what he called false media reports on the case, and he said he felt sorry for the likes of news commentators Nancy Grace and Dan Rather.

    Recent news reports have linked Lane Lawless to an FBI investigation into old child abuse claims at a church in rural Washington. The pastor’s wife maintains that he has only led California congregations. He’s been at Clover Road, established in 1955, since the early 80s.

    “Lane is the last person on the Earth that you would ever suspect of abusing anyone,” she says, describing him as trustworthy, hardworking and strong.

    Lawless also denies media reports that Huckaby was ever molested, abused or involved in serious crime, and she would not confirm whether Huckaby has suffered from depression.

    “I look at her and look at my family, and they never have done drugs or alcohol or anything,” Lawless said.

    She described Huckaby as a “dutiful and involved” mother who seldom left the mobile home she shared with her grandparents, who lived a few doors from the slain girl. When she did go out, her 5-year-old daughter was with her. Huckaby monitored what her daughter watched on TV and with whom she played.”

  33. PeaceCA says:

    Sorry, I cut out the part of the quote above explaining that it was Rev. Harris giving the sermon to the Clover Road church midweek service, and those are his comments about the media, etc. I got this article from the Tri-Valley Herald website.

  34. MackiezMom says:


    Injustice, indeed, breeds impatience. The horrible truth is that when a child is murdered, there is never any justice. Justice would be a dead murderer and a live child. I do understand the concept, in the context, though. I have many friends who are members of the various DA homicide support groups (though my son died as a result of heart failure…treatable heart condition…med mal), and a successful prosecution is a whole lot better than the perp getting away, but in the end, after the trials are over, it’s just you, your family, and the huge hole in your soul.

    I have visited your site, and read each of the cases written about here since I became aware of this site. I am confident that you have experience in these matters, and I do value your opinion and input. I have much less faith, if you will, in LE than in your honest opinion. I am trepiditious about deals being made, or people covering their tracks. After reading each of the various blogs on this family, and doing my own research, I have a gut feeling that the child sexual abuse is a family legacy, which has been going on for a very long time. It is not that I disbelieve you, but that I do not trust LE to secure convictions on all involved. My hope is that it is not necessary to “make deals”, and that each and every person involved is prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

    I am absolutely outraged about the handling of the prior drugging of the other child from the mobile home park. TPD blew it, and those officers and their administrators must be held accountable. The value of the children, and the seriousness of the situation(s) appear to have been dimished by their low social standing. Imagine that. Poor kids and single-moms disregarded. TPD’s protocol, ane rationalization that they did not have sufficient evidence, is nothing but garbage. I’ve said it before… if it was in Danville or San Ramon, or Dublin, or any other upscale community, and the kids had both parents at home, you can bet that MH would have been sitting up in county, instead of laying in wait for a little girl to come by to murder. I feel sorry for the cops involved, because they will have to live knowing that if they had stopped her, an 8-year-old wouldn’t have ended up in a suitcase, floating in a dairy pond.

    Woefully, and with a heavy heart, I agree. Every single thing you said was true, and very eloquently I might add.
    The hardest thing I have had to learn some days since I started this “path” was that in reality there is no true justice, at least on this plane anyway. I am not going to have the answers for Sandra’s family; how could I possibly? I have to be thankful that I posess an outlet, and resources and experience to hopefully in some way bring like minds together in their outrage. History is wrought with the power of unified voices, and my concsious, like I believe yours, will never allow me to sit idley by. This little girl, her stolen innocense and vicious death was preventable. I have stated many times on the record, it is inexcusable. May God have mercy on those asleep at the wheel, but it is what it is and the only thing I can say positively is that this detective did not hide from it; again, not enough, not justice.
    On the legacy abuse issue, I completely agree. Not only do I agree, but my friends at Scaredmonkeys have been working tirelessly to prove it out. When complete we will be able to show you the history of this family and other relatives to the bloodline, demonstrating that very fact. Will we get them all? Probably not, but maybe this time with Sunny Sandra on our side, we do.
    I am very sorry for the loss of your son and thank you for your advocacy for all children.

  35. Angela says:

    Well, it wasn’t just the drugging of the little girl in Jan. that was overlooked. Now we know that there was another drugging that took place only weeks before Sandra “disappeared” where the finger was pointed at Huckaby. Too bad those dots were not connected.

  36. LC says:

    I had to ask myself, “Why has this case gripped and ripped at my heart so much?” I have heard and seen probably, if not the same, worse cases in my type of work field. In order to cope one does not get into the specifics or it would leave a soul feeling completely empty. I let God and the justice system, slow as it may seem, apply the judgment and sentencing for what they have done. But I think I now know why this case haunts me more than most. The fact that we put a personality to a face through the video of Sandra in her last moments of life gives a tug at our very soul. That she was in a so called tight connected community in a Mobil Home Park. That a church community standing for the same God that most all congregations stand to worship is where the murder had taken place. And some of that congregation either has been arrested or under scrutiny; our trust of what is safe has been broken.“The veil has been lifted.” The tight knit community of the mobile park has several residence tied to child pornography, the accuser is the mother of Sandra’s best friend, and the Clover Baptist Church through their hollow worship and unity hide behind a God that simply does not tolerate abuse to a child. Maybe they should have been wrapping their brains around Proverbs 28:9 “If anyone turns a deaf ear to the law, even his prayers are detestable. Do not give up hope on justice for this tragedy. God did not allow this to wake up the people. He only revealed it to stir our sleeping souls. He allows our free will and in that free will the innocent affected become man’s doing, not Gods. He did not want this, but because we are in his likeness and chose free will over him, we live in a world that produces that sin from generation to generation. Does he have a plan for these people? Indeed he does. I have seen firsthand what the legal system does not take care of, He will. And I say this from personal knowledge; A father who I strongly believe had molested his five children, but could not prove because of two things. He knew how to charm and deceive his family and friends and because sometimes the truth can be staring you right in the face and you simply choose not to get involved. He was never caught by the legal system, but he did not escape God’s wrath. He became ill with diabetes and other complications. He lost both of his legs, his family and friends started to see the person for what he was and then became at the mercy of his youngest victim (he started the abuse with her at two). She unfortunately became a very troubled young girl through this abuse and the abused became the abuser. All I can say is his last days here on earth was not pleasant and God only knows what he suffers in the next. The saddest part of all this, is during his youngest victim’s abuse several including me who had suspicion would take that extra step to bring it to the authorities attention, but was left with pain and regret that nothing got resolved. Simply stated to us was there was not enough evidence to substantiate our claims. I know from her screams in the night out my window to their house and her look of fear and terror when I gave her a bath while babysitting her one day that he committed this act. So my advice to all, is if it looks like a piece of sh>>> and smells like a piece of sh>>> IT’S A PIECE OF SH>>>. Do something about it. Don’t hide, if you see something that doesn’t feel right then pursue it. There are times when you will question and put the suspicions aside. When I would see his little girl give him a kiss, sit on his lap and call him Pa Pa, I would think it was all in my head, she wouldn’t want to be close if he was doing this. I since have learned the victims of incest do not know that it is wrong and do not display signs of hatred and fear when they are young. These little ones are counting on us. And I will say this before anyone thinks or says it themselves. Why didn’t I do more for that little girl? NO GOOD EXCUSE, What I did do was not enough, she would have been saved from all that. I have to live with that. Please do not do the same.

    Thank you for sharing this LC, I pray it will inspire someone as you intended.

  37. FairestWitness says:

    I have been wondering why the initial drugging of the other child in Orchard Estates MH park was not sufficiently investigated. The idiots actually thought the child’s mother was responsible, even then didn’t follow that line, either. Had someone within the Tracy PD done their jobs…. would Sandra Cantu be with us today?

    So many criminals start small, and when they’re not held to account, their criminality and brutality escalates until it can no longer be swept under the rug. Why do we have to wait for something horrific to happen before we act against lawlessness?

    I keep going back to Seung-Hui Cho, the perpetrator of the Virginia Tech massacare and how it all could have been prevented if steps had been taken when alarm bells were sounded by the faculty. Even his arson was dealt with as a mental health issue instead of a criminal act. Just think if that arsonist had been brought to justice for setting that fire, he may never have become a killer.

    The same can be said of Melissa Huckaby. If she had been investigated, arrested, prosecuted, convicted and incarcerated for drugging her neighbor’s child, she might never have become the monstrous killer she now is.

    There’s a lesson to be learned in all of this if only we will see the truth. We are coddling and excusing criminals. We must stop this.

  38. bluewillow says:

    sorry, I should have posted this on this page:
    VANDALS HIT SUSPECT’S CHURCH: Vandals knocked down the front sign of the Clover Road Baptist Church on Saturday in what church members are viewing as a hate crime…

    Secondly, Although nothing can undo the crime and bring back the victim, I guess the next best thing to justice is, prevent the person from having another victim. This is the least we should be able to do. So often we do not.

  39. Sunflower says:

    have been wondering why the initial drugging of the other child in Orchard Estates MH park was not sufficiently investigated. The idiots actually thought the child’s mother was responsible, even then didn’t follow that line, either.

    Look, I am a little tired of people quarterbacking the police on this. It is a fact of life a multiple BOOKed and convicted drug/alcohol user is not going to be believed and or respected.

    Well I suspect Sandra’s parents are a little tired of her being dead. Should not have happened, period.
    The cop admitted it personally. It’s not ok.

  40. coolio says:

    Re post #38. I’m not sure even he connected the dots before Sandra was killed. Nothing has been said/reported to indicate he blamed her for slipping something into his drink, whatever.

    He probably knew something had happened but wasn’t sure what or how. i.e. might have thought pot was laced, etc.

  41. Karen Lee says:

    Former prosecutor Wendy Murphy has an excellent article in Daily Beast concerning MH and the likelihood that she was involved in a child porn ring. Specifically, in selecting young girls and drugging them (so they don’t remember what happened to them) … We usually picture child porn as dirty old men in rundown warehouses, etc. Now to consider these pornographers use weak, malleable woman who also happen to be poor –what is the world coming to?

    This case didn’t make sense before but now factoring the child porn aspect, there’s a whole lot more to it. No wonder the cops were so closed mouth; there have got to be so many more people involved. Who knows where this is going to end –hopefully in a ton of arrests to put away everybody up and down the chain of perversion.

    Just when you think what happens to kids couldn’t get any worse –along comes a father who strangled his own beautiful family, and this ugly woman doing what she did to make a few bucks.

    I’m sure, Blink, you knew a lot more about all this than you were able to reveal at the time. I hope they get the pervs at the very top.

    What is ODD is that the child (not named) who was drugged by MH and after returning to her home, the little girl’s mother took her to the hospital, where they found these memory loss drugs in the kid’s system -but NEITHER the medical staff nor the mother thought to have any sex tests done at the time. Had they done such tests, MH would have been behind bars and unable to murder Sandra. Parents and medical staff have to be more alert in times like these. Lives are lost when proper steps are not taken. But this is now the world in which our children are living. (I wonder what the hospital staff or the mother thought such drugs were given to a child for; the mother may not have known but medical staff should have).

    Karen, that is not accurate, the child was examined for any sex abuse the evening she was in the hospital, and AGAIN the Friday preceding Ms. Polk’s statement. Which as a 7 year old, is pretty traumatic. The FBI is leading this effort, and I am confident there will be several arrests as this progresses. I have great respect for Sgt. Sheneman, but I DID NOT agree with his comments early on that MH acted alone. I think that breads a false sense of security, imo.

  42. Sacsayhuan says:

    Post 39: Comment by LC — May 24, 2009 @ 11:02 am

    Great information to pay to read again and again – thanks ! To elaborate your point even further – I just read about a boating accident at False River, which is a large and popular lake nearby which I often visit.

    At 9:00 PM a ski boat moving quickly hit another boat which was parked in the middle of open water. The moving boat ran right over the parked boat, cutting it in half. (By the way – I learned more about the accident on line in a chat room)

    Four men who were on their camp’s pier, heard the crash – sounded like an explosion. They immediately jumped into their boats and headed to the crash site. Another citizen volunteer was already there and in the water helping the injured. Both of the boats involved in the collision were sinking and all were injured. One man was unconscious and would not have made it, had the volunteers not responded as quickly as they had. Unfortunately, three of the four, who were in the sitting boat drowned and their bodies were not found for three more days – apparently not wearing life jackets. But five people were saved and taken to the hospital.

    It was normal people like us who saved the survivors. The official search party did not arrive at the scene for one hour – logical, because it is a huge lake in the dark. It just goes to show that we ordinary people can help others in trouble.

  43. FairestWitness says:

    Sunflower, let’s get something straight — law enforcement is a public service, funded by taxpayers. No one forces anyone to accept this responsibility, to go into this career field. When wages are accepted for law enforcement employment, then a duty, oath of office is offered in return. Our government entities, specifically law enforcement, are failing to do their duty & live up to their oaths. It is completely within the realm of our rights to question those failures and demand that they do their jobs.

    It is inexcusable for police officers to dismiss the drugging of a helpless child because her mother has had previous, or even ongoing, drug & alcohol abuse. Had the police done a full investigation of this crime, the mother would have been exonerated and Melissa Huckaby would have been arrested. To give the police a pass because they didn’t believe the mother’s allegations, based on her own substance abuse, is outrageous. They’re the police and a little girl had been victimized. They failed her and us and most importantly, Melissa Huckaby’s next victim, Sandra Cantu.

    I agree, but with great respect for LE in general. I COULD NOT do their job, but as Fair pointed out, it is a choice that as tax paying citizens, we pay for. Lastly, let’s remember here that the priority in this case should have been to PROTECT the child. Regardless, this investigation should have been seen through, including interviews with Huckaby and because they had been invloved with “finding her via cell” at the police’s request, her grandparents, which would have been appropriate as she lived with them and her 5 year old. So technically we had 2 “at risk” children. No DCF file was opened on Huckaby, however they removed custody from the mom overnight and there are NO interview notes with Huckaby in the investigative file. Sloppy, irresponsible and negligent.

  44. Brenda in Virginia says:

    Dear Fairestwitness,

    You wrote: “I keep going back to Seung-Hui Cho, the perpetrator of the Virginia Tech massacare and how it all could have been prevented if steps had been taken when alarm bells were sounded by the faculty.”
    I live only 20-25 mins from VA Tech. Many people I know work there or have kids who attend. It was the court system who dropped the ball on this one hand in hand with the mental health services to whom he was MANDATED to receive council. Cho never went and it was never checked up on that he didn’t or did. Because of the “privacy” laws in place…Va Tech was unable/not allowed to ensure Cho did infact go through with council.

    One of his teachers (a writing class) said she worked one on one with him because he couldn’t deal with the other students in class…nor they with him. He barely spoke but one day out of the clear blue told her, “I’m so lonely.” Sad case again with another broken individual who couldn’t deal with life and basically went mad IMO right before everyone’s eyes.

  45. Brenda in Virginia says:

    In regard to Post #42 along with the VA Tech incident. Same issue. LE had a number of witnesses who saw the BF of the very, first shooting victim leave the dorm minutes before the attack was called in. They believed it was a domestic issue and due to that the powers that be on campus did not order a lockdown. We have learned that being a student, Cho too would have been locked in with other students and no doubt still wreaked havoc at some point. But in hindsight, the LE in our area and the campus “brass” took a huge hit on this mistake.

    At work, we knew AS THE SHOOTINGS WERE OCCURING. My boss’es wife called him as she was working in the building across for Norris Hall telling him someone was killing students. She was freaking out cuz their daughter was in class, but not the same building…but who knew how extensive this was? What I never saw in the news was the fact many locals during and immediately after thought it could have been a terrorist act. In a way it was, you know?

  46. sweetpea says:

    I am just curious as to how you choose which case to follow?
    Just this past week in our local news LE arrested some fool who used a dog shock collar to keep his 4 children (ages 3-9) in line and Saturday morning some woman threw her 4 yr. old son and her 7 yr. old daughter off a very high bridge into the river below.
    Some man heard screaming and took his boat out and found them. Boy died and girl is in hospital. LE found mother in parking garage attempting to jump (should have let her).
    I am trying to figure out what is causing this huge amount of horrific crimial activity. Has it been going on throughtout time and due to the internet we simple have the ability to hear about it or is there some other reason for the rash amount of crime. Mental illness seems to be running rampant, I just can’t seem to get a grip on why this is happening.

    I have a theory about the mental illness issue. There is a great deal of speculation regarding autism and immunizations. What if these cases of mental illness are also a direct result of these as well. Just a theory.

  47. MackiezMom says:

    In response to Blink’s comment- “Well I suspect Sandra’s parents are a little tired of her being dead. Should not have happened, period.
    The cop admitted it personally. It’s not ok.

    Amen. For the person who is a little tired of hearing (reading) about it, move on. No one is forcing you to read anything. Unfortunately, Sandra and her family do not have that same opportunity. I am certain that her family is tired of her being dead.

    I agree regarding the importance of law enforcement. It’s certainly not a job for everyone. What happened in this situation was the dismissal of integral information because a parent was judged as not worthy, and that same lack of worth was passed on to their child. That is NOT okay. It is NOT okay to victimize anyone, and a person’s low social standing does not, in any way, diminish the importance or significance of a crime being committed against them. We have laws in this country that provide each and every citizen equal protection under the law. There is NO EXCUSE.

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