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Monroe, Michigan– Last evening at approximate 8:30 PM, 5 year old Neviaeh Buchanan was reported missing by her Mom. Jennifer Buchanan told police her daughter was playing with a friend in the Apartment Complex on her scooter when the playmate had to go in for dinner. The mother of the playmate returned later to check on her daughter’s scooter, but there was no sign of Nieveah. It is unclear how Buchanon was alerted that Neviaeh was missing.

The Michigan State Police issued an Amber Alert last evening for the missing child, which prompted many concerned neighbors to question their safety as there were no witnesses to say the child had been abducted. The answer to that question came swiftly as it was learned that Jennifer Buchanan, Neviaeh’s mother, was in a romantic relationship with convicted sex offender George David Kennedy.



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Kennedy, a registered Sex offender since 2002, has multiple sex offense crimes and a very long list of paroll requirements.

Kennedy is currently being held without bond as per the obvious paroll conditions he has violated.

I have seen the video of this girl’s mother. She has openly admitted to knowing about the prior arrests of this man she allowed around her 5 year old daughter. She also states that she won’t give up on finding her, “it’s way too soon.”   Am I jaded by the recent rash of sociopathic tot mom’s? Maybe, but I suspect this woman knows exactly what happened to her child and where she is.  

What I am about to say may sound harsh, but I am so repulsed by children being abused and victimized by the gross negligence of their parents I want it to stop. If this man hurt Neviaeh, I want this woman prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I have investigated enough of these cases to know everything about the account of the circumstances of this child’s disappearance is questionable. 

Anyone with information about the disappearance of Neviaeh Amya Buchanan, is asked to call the Monroe County Sheriff’s department at 734-243-7070, or call 911.

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  1. EyesWIDEOpen says:

    I understand the underlying intent – but the chips that are placed in your pets do not track their every move. They can only be identified when SCANNED by a local animal control/shelter, to avoid unnecessary euthanization (sp?) when a pet becomes lost.

    Currently, I do not think human GPS devices are available – but sadly I must admit, I’d have both my kids implanted the day they hit the market.

  2. riddlemethis says:

    So Blink you are a Jersey Girl!! :) delete as needed (blushing) Sorry I did not mean to hi-jack this thread w/ a new topic.

    Gotta add this though, I wonder if those old Cadi’s have a pop out door from the trunk into the interior of the car….if so maybe they’ll just abandon it and they can get out. fingers crossed….delete away!:)
    They are not in the Caddie.

  3. lindugh says:

    These cases are happening more & more. There is a major problem with young women (termed loosely) having babies BECAUSE they know they will receive STATE/FEDERAL ASSISTANCE! The government needs to stop paying a parent just because they had a baby on a whim. Way to many rewards given to parents who are irresponsible (tax credits, food stamps, daycare, health ins)……….

    You women ever heard of an ABORTION! Jeez Louise!

  4. Jennifer says:

    EyesWIDEOpen, I am Aware how the chips in animals work,like I said my dog has one. but Im sure someone out there could figure out how to put a chip in a person that tracks their every move.

    as for having one put in my child, I would in a heartbeat, as long as it can be removed when their of age. better safe then sorry

  5. mamacrazy30 says:

    yes, actually, i have. ok, so lets get to the bigger picture. say chicka gets preggers ‘on a whim’ and does not have food stamps, daycare, health ins ect. Where does (and i really want to hear what you have to say) that leave the child? in state custody? well, you dear tax-payer would be supporting that as well. maybe ‘she could get help from her family? church? baby-daddy?’, and maybe none of that is even an option. i have no issue with abortion, its a woman’s choice, and as of now it is still legal in the US. i do have an issue with taking away the only support-system that children born into poverty may have.

  6. Ellen says:

    I just heard that a knife with human blood was recovered from the boyfriend’s tackle box. Also, a bloody blanket was located behind the apartment complex. (This was on the local news). Both are being tested for DNA and results should take approximately 3 days. Part of me prays this is not a match for Neviaeh Amyah Buchanan, but another part of me doesn’t want to see another “Caylee Marie Anthony” drama stretch on for months and months. Why don’t these stories ever have happy endings?

  7. EyesWIDEOpen says:

    I may have missed the release, but; where does it say Jennifer was receiving state aid? Or that she was popping out babies to get more? Is Nevaeh living in poverty? Does she have several siblings? Is this assumed because she lived in an apartment? Nearish Detroit?

    Please do not get me wrong, I am appauled by the number of women who DO actually do this and get away with it, I just don’t remember seeing anything in this case relating to it. I think the welfare system has good intentions, that were never limited enough to prevent people from abusing the system. I do NOT believe women who are receiving state aid are any more capable/likely of this than women with established finances.

    Has this been a trend with the recent influx of missing/abducted/murdered children? I honestly do not know… it’s an honest question. I don’t pay attention to this type of detail when a child’s life is endangered AT ALL.

  8. MackiezMom says:

    I just read the post about LE finding the knife and blanket. I was getting ready to pull that up, when I saw the posts about welfare.

    I love it how people like to take a tragic situation and politicize it. Maybe we could start a thread somewhere else, about welfare reform? But let me go ahead and address the comments re welfare, and unwanted children, etc…

    First, have you ever been so unfortunate as to receive aid? Did you have a child when you were very young? My eldest son was born when I was 16-years-old. I became a single-parent, and was until I married the father of my four younger children when I was just shy of 19. Because of the CETA job training program, I never was on aid. That was a program funded under Carter. Gotta love Jimmy. Taxpayers paid one time for me to obtain an education (think of it as a PELL Grant, of sorts). I was never on aid. My husband and I owned a successful business. We divorced years later, and I still own a successful business. The catalyst for me was CETA.

    So guess what happened to CETA? Regan happened to CETA. Let’s get rid of the programs! Let’s reform welfare! Okay…those two things are mutually exclusive, folks. If you have people who are underclass, poverty stricken, and do not have any vehicle to get out of that situation, how it the hell do you expect them to do it? Just grab themselves by their “boot straps”? Yeah? You do it! In most places, they require mothers to sign a contract agreeing NOT to receive aid for any child conceived after the child(ren) they initially receive aid for, if they receive aid for a specific period of time. Welfare is NOT supposed to be a way of life, it’s supposed to be a stop-gap measure. Unfortunately, unless the poor women and children who comprise the underclass are given some vehicle (by vehicle, I mean MEANS OF) to get out of their situation, they will be hard pressed to do so. Welfare has become generational, for a variety of reasons. Bad schools, bad neighborhoods, no job training.

    How about you go a little further and suggest forced sterilization or killing people who are not productive members of society? I mean…we could be like communisit Russia. Send them to Siberia?

    It’s just BS, and it has no place on this thread. I mean, I do empathize, to the extent that subsidizing legacy welfare and SSI is something that aggravates me, but I gotta say, I am much happier being the one who (tested the highest out of 360 applicants and) received an education, than the ones left behind.

  9. dddeerma says:

    +Thank you McKensie Mom for my thoughts, but said more eloquently. I have seen many people, especially families abandoned by the father, for whom welfare has been a life saver and the bootstrap you talk about. Blink or anybody else: is this true about the bloody knife? Good God, what is happening here? Blink, thanks for the information on what parts of the lie detector test were failed, just the important ones, right? How can this worthless woman go on camera and cry about the child and not knowing where she is or what has happened? These people are mind boggling.
    She’s crying because she is going to go to prison; I cant stomach her

  10. Mary says:

    Blink: I can’t remember reading anywhere but does this SO have a car
    if so has it been searched. This mother should be charged now. I don’t
    believe 1 word she says. I left my husband 32 yrs ago and worked my
    A$$ of to raise my 3 kids. I turned down housing because I was worried
    about where my kids would be. Thank god they are all married now and
    own their own homes and I have 4 wonderful grandkids. What is the matter with these women, have they no values. Their kids are a gift
    from god. This whole story sound’s like a bunch of lie’s and makes me
    sick inside.

  11. Brenda in Virginia says:

    dddeerma…you are not only full of rage/anger, but very condescending. When I say liberals…I was not pointing to democrats or republicans but the over the top liberal thinkers in general that are on BOTH sides. Myself, I’m independent, but lean libertarian.

    As for your foolish question of my having computer access, one would think since I post in this forum I have a computer…don’t ya think? I have a degree in programming analysis and work at a data center handing SOX compliance issues and security for a mainframe system. You can try to be degrading as you wish, but it doesn’t work with me. I see you for what you are.

    ok, no more infighting you 2- Political discussions have nothing to do with the subject matter.

  12. Brenda in Virginia says:


    You wrote: “Why don’t these stories ever have happy endings?”

    I suppose it’s because there wasn’t a happy beginning…seriously! Those few children who survive abductions are so few and far between, if only it were different.

  13. Red Ranger says:

    Possible sighting in Columbus by two independant people. A little girl was with a 50′ish woman and told a store clerk the girl’s name was Nevaeh, heaven spelled backwards.
    I am jaded to “sightings” since all of the recent fake ones in a well known Orlando case but I hope this baby is brought home safe and soon. In this case there is no defense strategy to manufacture and exploit sightings.

  14. EyesWIDEOpen says:

    MackiezMom –

    I hope you didn’t misinterpret my post, because I fully support the welfare system to assist families in times of need; just NOT as a way of life. I’ve seen the system abused, first hand, time and time again.
    My mother had an absentee/cheating/alcoholic husband (my father). She often worked 2 or 3 jobs to pay the rent while he drank up his own earnings. My mother resorted to stealing bottles of milk from neighbors when my sister was an infant to feed her. She was too proud to ask for aid.
    I 100% believe state aid should ONLY be issued when coupled with invaluable and mandatory resources such as career/vocational training to GUIDE people out of the system, and should only be extended as necessary after completion of training programs. This would help those in poverty gain career knowledge and enable them to find income sufficient to sustain their family and finances long term. PLUS, I’m a firm believer that once that ball gets rolling, self esteem skyrockets, and this lends incredible amounts of success to cycling people OUT of a system which was not intended to be a long term answer.

    My mother didn’t even graduate from high school, but her determination paid off. She was making 6-figures when she stopped working, and was able to establish confidence and a sense of accomplishment.

    So yes, I support these programs when they are fulfilling to both parties involved, not when they are handed out on cookie platters requiring little effort on the behalf of recipients to support themselves.

  15. choochoomama says:

    An employee of my mother’s was helping with the search yesterday and found a pair of little girl’s panties stuffed in between some rocks out at the Motel 7 where Kennedy was staying. Apparently six other sexual offenders live at the motel.

  16. kccritic says:

    to Choo-

    I hope whoever found those panties didn’t touch them but called police first. Don’t want to taint any potential evidence.

    6 other offenders? That is a scary thought all by itself!

  17. hoping says:

    Last I checked, this article is about a missing child. More and more it seems like people prefer to post their disagreements about other people’s personal beliefs, politics, religion, and social services. Perhaps if everyone could reserve their personal disagreements regarding the aforementioned issues and focus and comment on the REAL issues this won’t happen.

    Now about the case, I wish I knew what part of the polygraph they didn’t pass. I read that the mom and b/f still weren’t suspects, could it be questions not very relevant to her actual disappearance that they didn’t pass? Like perhaps questions regarding past drug history etc?

    Well said.
    No, they flunked the most important parts, like what happened to Neveah. Cops will almost never declare a suspect until they have a warrant for arrest anymore. It can result in suppressed evidence more often than not, and WILL result in the subject clamming up and getting an attorney.

  18. EyesWIDEOpen says:

    Was the sighting in Columbus on tape?

  19. dddeerma says:

    My posts have only been in response to others who chose the topic. That is exactly my point: these are NOT POLITICAL ISSUES. Not issues of liberal/conservative or Dem or Repub. Sometimes my sarcasm has been too subtle. Sorry. The problem of dealing with sex offenders is a continuing battle, not one that began whenever each of us started having babies. The law is an evolving concept. It is going to take concerted effort to change the laws to fit the internet and to fit what we are now learning to be true of sex offenders: that they are never cured. I worked in institutions where “cure” was actually attempted. Just doesn’t happen. Offenders don’t want to be cured.

  20. Denise says:

    Blink, what is going on? Has this always been the case? This many abductions, crimes on children, etc? Or is just reported more now with better technology, etc? I have a 9 year old daughter that I am making a nervous wreck with the constant questions of where is she going, where is she going to be, do no leave unless you tell me, and so forth. She has a password and knows what people may do to kids and what kinds of lies they tell. I don’t want to terrify her or myself. Has this always been the trend? How do you keep your kids safe? (some of this is rhetorical of course)

  21. Ruth says:

    If they didn’t put innocent teens on the sex offender list then maybe I would agree with you. Do you all realize not all sex offenders are the same? These guys and gals, who hurt children make me sick!! There is just too many young teens on the sex offenders list, for having sex with another teen. There are young men who looked at a picture of a young girl semi nude who is on the list. So yes they need to make big changes. These changes will help with keeping our children safe.

  22. Gypsy DD says:

    Well Ruth..all I can say is this guy ,George, was not in for being a teenager having sex with another teen…….not when he is 38 years old now. These men are master manipulators and predators..he knows more then he is saying about this crime. Other RSO’s live at the same Motel 7.

  23. EyesWIDEOpen says:

    It’s VERY common for RSOs to be at the same hotel – as part of their probation/rehabilitation (I use that term VERY loosely). It’s used as a balance board: reintegration into society while continuing their mandatory therapy sessions. I believe in most cases, they have to return there at night, and there is some sort of “check-in” procedure.

  24. Kgirlsauntie says:

    I am watching NG and she just said that the woman and ger daughter, were carjacked and abducted were found in disneyland. wtf?!

  25. [...] you can’t think of anyone who would want to hard a child? As reported at Blink on Crime, the mother of murdered Nevaeh Amyah Buchanan had a previously convicted sex offender boyfriend [...]

  26. bottomline says:

    Just in case you didn’t see this on the other thread, Jane Valez Mitchell has announced that the autopsy of Nevaeh Buchanan shows that she probably buried ALIVE! HOW COULD ANYONE BE THIS CRUEL??? The report says that she inhaled dirt so had to have been breathing when put in her “grave” and then the cement poured over her. What, I repeat, WHAT in the world is happening to people? We have too many inhuman or evil people sharing this earth with us!! I found an article on the ABC News website. Sick, sick, sick, as for me, I am heart-sick.
    I do believe I will need my protective bubble for this one. Sick freaks. I am comforted by the fact I do believe this baby is safe, and able to smile at last- what else could I say?

  27. bottomline says:

    For more information regarding this tragedy go to…oh, and mom Jennifer is awol, wonder where she went?! (and why).
    Bad link bottom-

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