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Monroe, Michigan– Last evening at approximate 8:30 PM, 5 year old Neviaeh Buchanan was reported missing by her Mom. Jennifer Buchanan told police her daughter was playing with a friend in the Apartment Complex on her scooter when the playmate had to go in for dinner. The mother of the playmate returned later to check on her daughter’s scooter, but there was no sign of Nieveah. It is unclear how Buchanon was alerted that Neviaeh was missing.

The Michigan State Police issued an Amber Alert last evening for the missing child, which prompted many concerned neighbors to question their safety as there were no witnesses to say the child had been abducted. The answer to that question came swiftly as it was learned that Jennifer Buchanan, Neviaeh’s mother, was in a romantic relationship with convicted sex offender George David Kennedy.



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Kennedy, a registered Sex offender since 2002, has multiple sex offense crimes and a very long list of paroll requirements.

Kennedy is currently being held without bond as per the obvious paroll conditions he has violated.

I have seen the video of this girl’s mother. She has openly admitted to knowing about the prior arrests of this man she allowed around her 5 year old daughter. She also states that she won’t give up on finding her, “it’s way too soon.”   Am I jaded by the recent rash of sociopathic tot mom’s? Maybe, but I suspect this woman knows exactly what happened to her child and where she is.  

What I am about to say may sound harsh, but I am so repulsed by children being abused and victimized by the gross negligence of their parents I want it to stop. If this man hurt Neviaeh, I want this woman prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I have investigated enough of these cases to know everything about the account of the circumstances of this child’s disappearance is questionable. 

Anyone with information about the disappearance of Neviaeh Amya Buchanan, is asked to call the Monroe County Sheriff’s department at 734-243-7070, or call 911.

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  1. Brenda in Virginia says:

    The mother knew he was a sexual offender? What else needs to be said?

  2. riddlemethis says:

    Oh Blink, I am sorry to see this, and agree about prosecuting the mother. How could she know this about that man and allow it? (shaking head). I was checking in to see if there was any news on Stacy Peterson/ Lisa Stebic possibly being identified (I know it’s too soon). I didn’t even see anything about this new case on CNN yet.

    I raised a child by myself, and I know I wasn’t perfect, and I know how hard it can be,…..but my god, how can a woman……..can’t even think about what I know you are hinting at. Maybe they’ll come up with a way to detect sociopaths before they do harm…..maybe pigs will fly…sorry…what a downer. Ugh…try to have some peace today.

  3. riddlemethis says:

    I see that mug shot picture and it just makes me want to punch him in the face!! And I don’t even know him! Ugh!

  4. dddeerma says:

    If the man has hurt the child, let the mom be held totally accountable. Let her face charges as an accomplice who knew what would happen and let her face the death penalty with the pedophile. Who is supposed to be watching and tracking the child molesters? Is there some parole supervisor who needs to share responsibility here? There must be special circles of hell for women like this, who serve their babies and children up like tender morsels to the killers and molesters. DO her neighbors know what special variety of evil she brought into their lives? I hope they crucify her.

  5. FairestWitness says:

    Are single mothers so desperate to have a boyfriend that they find convicted, registered sex offenders acceptable male companions? It’s beyond comprehension.

    Jennifer Buchanan admits she knew about his record? Did she know about the multiple restrictions? Especially the stipulation 1.3-No romantic relationship with person associated w/child.

    When this child’s body is found, can’t we save the time and expense of a trial and simply put a bullet between the eyes of both George Kennedy and Jennifer Buchanan? What the hell is wrong with our country that we KEEP LETTING THESE MONSTERS OUT OF PRISON TO REPEAT THEIR CRIMES?

    It has become abundantly clear that the National Sex Offenders Registry isn’t protecting our children. We need to make this scourge punishable by death or life without parole and let’s finally rid free society of these monsters.

    The problem is the registry IS NOT designed to protect our children. It is designed to EDUCATE the public and parents of children so THEY protect THEIR OWN. I dont know how anyone would ever protect a child from a woman that is ok with a SO around her baby. No one will ever be able to explain that to me in a way I am able to understand. Honestly, I just dont care, Im thinking vigilante justice would scare someone more these days.

  6. kccritic says:

    Hi Blink,
    I am not one to spread a rumor but I live in Michigan and the papers here are saying they have someone else in for questioning along with George Kennedy but they don’t state who. Also, some of the local comments are saying something about a nearby quarry with lots of activity.. I don’t expect you to post my comment but I just thought I would share what I read. talks about the 2nd person being questioned and has the comments about the quarry. They aren’t specific to where they heard it so I can’t check it out any further.

    Please keep doing what you do, I have been reading since Casey/Caylee over here and at SM. I trust what you say before I trust what I see elsewhere.

    Thanks Blink!

    Nope, I’m posting, that is correct info. However, the guy the are also questioning is in Heck Park, where they had a search party. They are and have searched some of that quarry, I posted maps of it on SM

  7. mamacrazy30 says:

    why would the death penalty be considered too harsh for sexual molesters of children? why would ANY woman date a registered sex offender? why would ANY woman WITH A CHILD date a registered sex offender? she is just as responsible (if indeed he [kennedy] is involved) if not more so then he is for what has happened to this little girl. SHE IS HER MOTHER and SHE PLACED HER DAUGHTER IN DIRECT HARM.

  8. radiogirl says:

    Would someone please tie me to a chair before I do something to these perverts that I’d happily go to prison for!!!!!!

    Here I am in my home celebrating an engagement of one of my four sons and helping my younger girl study for a final ,while these HORRENDOUS HEINOUS and VILE people do these things….just unbelievable.

  9. Sister says:

    This Mother needs to be charged with endangering her child, whether or not this SO had anything to do with it or not. As much as I think children should be with their parents, this woman KNOWINGLY has put her child in harms way.
    My prayers are with this child, dear Lord, let her be safe!

  10. Angelina says:

    These mothers who NEED the love of a man (any man) at the cost of the saftey of their children make me sick. I second the motion for the mother to be prosecuted. “Its way too soon to give up”? So she plans on giving up at some point?

    I don’t know about this new breed of “me” moms. I know that this does not apply to ALL moms but I just have one question: were you allowed to play unsupervised at 5? I know I wasn’t and my parents had a fenced in yard.

    NO. NEVER.

  11. FairestWitness says:

    Thanks, Blink. My point is that the National Sex Offenders Registry is wholly inadequate and ineffective. Research shows these animals cannot be reformed, therefore they need to be isolated from society. Simply telling informing the public as to their locations doesn’t prevent them from preying on our children. Parents shouldn’t have to keep their children inside to protect them. Our society should be a safe environment for our children to grow up in. Why are we making room for pedophiles? Why do we continue to release them to victimize more innocent children? Pedophilia should be a crime as serious as capital murder. I promise you if the justice imposed on convicted sex offenders was life without parole and death for those who kill their victims, then there’d be a whole helluva lot less of these assholes choosing to do this.

  12. MackiezMom says:

    If only convicted SOs were put away forever, we would not have people like convicted child abductor and SO, Kenneth Parnell, in Oakland/Berkeley trying to buy children. It blows me away that that man stole Steven Stayner’s youth, and was then let loose to victimize more children. Death is a lessor sentence than what he has done to children.

    When we, as a society, force our lawmakers to put this scum away forever, then and only then are we likely to see fewer of these crimes. The flip-side to that is that sociopaths will go to great lengths to fulfill their desires, without regard to who is harmed… I would expect to see an decrease in surviving victims, if SOs were jailed for life. When we value the sanctity of the weakest members of our society enough we will finally stand up and demand that our children (et al) are not subjected to repeat offenders.

    This woman knew or should have known (that she put her child in danger), that is the test of the law. If harm has come to her child, I am confident that she will be prosecuted for child endangerment, at a minimum.

    Jeeeze. Maybe 3 for 3 on the recently abducted kids? Say your prayers… maybe they’ll find her alive.

  13. Cat says:

    Kennedy’s rap sheet says that he had a home invasion charge AFTER the sex charges and before he was incarcerated. Rumor has it that Jennifer was just released in January for home invasion. If they are related or not , I haven’t heard

  14. Dan says:

    I don’t understand why sex offenders are on the streets. Two weeks ago they said they will take sex offenders out of prison cause the prisons are too crowded. But they put Marie Walsh (Susan Lefevre) in prison and she never hurt anyone. All sex offenders should have their p…ses cut off, you could be sure they won’t bother anyone else for the rest of their lives.

  15. fedupmom says:

    I so agree with you, Blink. It infuriates me how these women can be so selfish & put their own needs before their children in order just to be with a man. It is sickening. There was a case locally where a mother left her infant son in the care of her boyfriend who killed the baby. Then to find out the boyfriend had already spent 8 yrs in prison for doing the same to another womans daughter. I felt like the mother shouldve been held accountable in some way. There has to be some responsibility on the mothers part–at the end of the day she was the one responsible for the babys well-being.

    I hope this little girl is safe–she will be in my prayers.

  16. dddeerma says:

    Blink: anything new? I checked local papers but no one there has anything newer than the Scared Monkeys had last night.

    Not yet, but I suspect they are working on the 2 lovelies they picked up. I agree with the “local” choo choo they got intel from SO, who probably implicated freak #2 at Heck park, and now they have both clammed up. I hope the Mom is under wiretap and surveillance.

  17. choochoomama says:

    I live in Monroe, MI and have been to those apartments, pass by the quarry every day and have been to Heck Park many times. The police definitely know something that is not being reported to check Heck Park. It is no where near the apartment building where the girl lives or near the motel where Kennedy was registered as living.

    Now the quarry is right across the street from the motel. But there are houses all around it. It used to be a stone quarry that is now like a man-made lake with houses built right on its edges.

    But I also believe tha the girl was taken by someone she knows. Those apartments are kind of in a square with a parking lot in the middle. Cars are always coming and going and being that it was a nice weekend, I’m sure there were people outside. Someone would have seen a girl getting foricibly taken away.

    As far as the mother letting a sex offender around her daughter…I agree…it’s insanity and pure neglect for your child. I know a man right now who is 38, and is wanted for having sex with his 15 year old step daughter. His wife should have known it was going on, but ignored it. When the daughter told her teacher, what does she do? Kicks her daughter out and keeps the husband!!!!!! I don’t know about Monroe police. This man is wanted on this warrant, lives at home, yet the police have not caught him. Every time they go to his house and his wife or mother-in-law say he’s not there, which he is, they leave it at that.

  18. [...] police in the disappearance of Nevaeh Buchanan. One is a transient seen in the area. The other is George Kennedy, a convicted sex offender and friend of Nevaeh Buchanan’s mother, Jennifer Buchanan. Police are stating that both men [...]

  19. Red Ranger says:

    A child was molested. His dad shot the molestor. Child grew up to be a productive, responsible adult helping others. Father got suspended sentence. The judge (Saia) and the father were/are heroes. This was my hometown and I remember it well.

    This is one molestor that never got the chance to molest another. The public was outraged that the father was arrested at all.

  20. Brenda in Virginia says:

    By the way…as with the Amber alert having stupid restrictions which allow it to be ineffective at times…same with SOR.

    It’s ridiculous as hell to say SOR sites are worthless…they are priceless!!!! If parents would simply USE it and check out their areas, at least they’d be aware of local perps who are registered.

    the problem lies…AGAIN…with these damn civil rights for the child rapists. Did you know YOU could be sued by a sexual offender for posting the ‘printable version” of his/her SOR information in a public venue? It’s called “harrassement”. I am not joking. You cannot even tell one to their face you know what they are…again…harrassement and YOU can be sued. How do I know this? I’ll tell you.

    My daughter had a man try to get her into his car when she was 15. I went after him as he did so right in front of our house. After making the police report I got crazy about checking SOR site constantly. AFter learning a sex offender moved 2 streets from my kids’ elementary school, I asked if I could hang up the flyer in the hallways. The school said they couldn’t so I called a former co-worker who is not a state trooper. He advised me NOT to post a pic anywhere as I’d put myself in position to get sued by “harrassing” the sex offender and overstepping their “civil rights”. His suggestion was to post notices that encouraged parents to frequent the site WITH their children so the kids would also know the faces.

    So again, it’s not SOR or Amber alert that is the problem, it’s the liberal filth behind the machine and preventing its proper use.

    OK…done venting. This case makes me want to cry which isn’t easy to pull out of me.

  21. “I am so repulsed by children being abused and victimized by the gross negligence of their parents I want it to stop. ”

    I share your pain

  22. Cheryl says:

    and if I ruled the world….sex offenders would be dyed bright purple and put on some island to fend for themselves- no registry, no protective cell in prison, just fend for themselves. If they did swim away – people including kids would spot them a mile away by the dyed skin.. They are not able to be rehabilitated- they say so themselves, so why not just execute them? Why does one get “rights” and protective custody in jail when they violate others? I say lets hold public execution. It sounds harsh but they should be put down like a deranged monster that they are. It destroyers the soul of that child and although survivors can be successful in life, they have a rough road ahead with emotional issues. eating disorders, anxiety, mental diseases, etc…it is so tragic & I read about a new case every day it seems. WOULDN’T IT be great if all of the sex offenders all started disappearing? & never heard of or found again?

  23. Never Forget says:

    I think you need to be careful making statements about “vigilante justice.” What if someone takes you to heart? There are some nutty people out there. Just saying.
    I thought about that since I wrote it, and decided if I got a comment of concern I would change it. I did, your right, and thanks

  24. Brenda in Virginia says:

    Oops…typo…my former co-worker who is NOW a state trooper. I’m so tired I cannot see straight!

  25. colleen33bunny says:

    Ok, first of all I can’t figure out why the mother would associate with an SO?? But then again I have seen her and her interview. She’s white trash!!! It’s just plain stupidity!! When I first met my husband (we met online), I went and did a whole background check on him to make sure he didn’t have anything on his record, such as being a SO. If someone is going to be around my kids, I want to know exactly who they are. Call me an overprotective mother, but I use common sense!!

    Second of all, I just read that the little girl’s father hasn’t seen her in 3 years, her grandmother has custody of her, and the mother is again, white trash!!! This beautiful little girl obviously doesn’t have the greatest parents. I believe that everyone should have to go through extensive testing or something to be a parent. But unfortunately, that’s not the case. I am just so angry about this story, it makes me sick!

    And lastly, why was a 5 year old allowed to be outside by herself?? My daughters are not allowed to be outside without an adult, and I know every SO that is on my street and what they look like. Which by the way, my street has an elementary school on it, so that makes me believe that something is also wrong with the system if registered SOs are allowed to live on a street that has an elementary school located on it. I thought it had to be so many feet away from a school?

    What is wrong with people these days, do they not have any common sense? It’s scary when it hits close to home, this happened just a few miles from my home.

    I pray that this beautiful little girl comes home safe. Her and her family are in my thoughts and prayers. It’s just sad.

  26. Brenda in Virginia says:

    Never Forget and Blink…yes, I understand the concern over vigilante justice, but we all feel and think it, don’t we? Sadly, Blink has to worry about posting thoughts…and I have to worry about posting a sex offenders picture, so where it the justice?

  27. dddeerma says:

    Brenda: I am so tired of self serving comments about politics. For the past 8 long horrible years, a conservative president and judiciary have been in charge of the laws and their enforcement. BLAME YOURSELF if you feel the need to play some sort of game rather than get out and work for changes in laws. I am deep down dyed in the wool liberal and I have fought and protested for years for stronger laws against sex offenders. Those who have been in power for the last eight years have not seen sex offenses against women and children as a serious crime. LE sometimes does not take these offenses seriously. The good ol boys’ network will need many kicks to get it moving in the direction of change. Thank GOD HIMSELF that we now have a president who is willing to examine these long outmoded views of crime.

  28. Vicky says:

    I am just wondering who can show me where it says Jennifer knew that Kennedy was a registered sex offender. I have been unable to locate this info. I am not taking sides here, just looking for information due to me knowing Jennifer for about 6 years now. I do agree that a woman should NEVER consider dating a pedophile/registered sex offender. As a mother of 2 victims/survivors I couldn’t fathom dating a sick sonofabitch like that. But again I am asking for proof where she admitted to knowing Kennedy is a registered sex offender. Thank you.

  29. MackiezMom says:

    Brenda- Thanks for passing on this information- “His suggestion was to post notices that encouraged parents to frequent the site WITH their children so the kids would also know the faces.”

    Though we do check the site, I never thought of having the children view the site, as well.

    Red- I am happy for the kid from your town, and his dad. Ellie Nessler didn’t fair quite as well, of course. I must confess my sentiment and empathy for/with these parents. I try to teach my children that vengeance is a waste of time, but there are situations that provoke a primal response. This would be one of them.

  30. Cheryl says:

    RE: Comment by FairestWitness — I agree with you – what kind of society have we created & live in where the pedophiles in prison are guarded and protected better than our children playing? They are much safer than kids on a playground…something is very wrong and the lawmakers should exam the slap on the wrist 18 months or 2 yr sentences for crimes that violate & destroy lives. Remember the FEMALE judge who let a repeat pedophile/ sex offender off on ankle monitor because he was only 5″1 !! said he wouldn’t be safe in prison- waaaa.she was protecting his safety. ?
    That judge blew me away with her decision because he was awaiting trial for the first offense when he was caught for the second one! the guy is so sick!

  31. kccritic says:

    I read about the case on and it said she admitted to knowing about his criminal past. She herself has a criminal past, too. Apparently, she was incarcerated for home invasion. Her Grandmother has custody of little Nevaeh but the mom lived with the Grandmother and was watching Nevaeh while Grandma was working. Very sad situation indeed. Haven’t heard anything new yet. I hope they find her unharmed like the little girl in TX recently.

  32. Liz says:

    Blink, I have to say that when I read your comment about the “vigilante justice” the thought of that danced in my head a little too long…causing me to dream about a blinkoncrime vigilante justice team that went around scaring the crap out of all the SOs threatening them with their lives. It was a pretty good dream, but of course, that’s all it was. Too bad that SOs have better protection of their undeserved rights than innocent children have of their deserved rights. It sickens me to see what is becoming of this country.

    Really, the only way to deal with this epidemic is to educate oneself and those around you. Educate your children.
    Know where they are, find out those on supervision, and set your RSS to alerts.
    Keep in mind also, dependent upon when they offended, they may not have to provide a physical address. I am hard line on this with a zero percent chance of anyone convincing me differently. Pedophiles are incapable of being rehabilitated. They will reoffend. They will spend their time trying to figure out the perfect way to do so without getting caught, they will then not be able to resist an impulse, and they will offend and may or may not get caught.
    Castration is the only thing that has worked, and even then, I do not think they should ever see the light of day.

  33. it's my life says:

    Comment by FairestWitness — May 25, 2009 @ 4:18 pm
    Are single mothers so desperate to have a boyfriend that they find convicted, registered sex offenders acceptable male companions? It’s beyond comprehension.

    First of all I just wanted to say that no, not all of us single mothers are this desperate. I’m sure you didn’t mean to generalize but as a single Mom that caught my eye. I however do know women who are like this and they are pathetic at best.

    In Canada, our sex offender registry is for police purposes only. I’m glad I live in a very small town and work where I do. I have access to “who is doing what” and know all of my neighbors. I’m not naive enough to believe there are no sex offender’s here, but I think I have a pretty good idea who to watch out for. Having said that, I would NEVER EVER EVER let me 5 yr old out to play without me. That is just insane no matter where you live.

    Tragic situation.

  34. Vicky says:

    Reply to kccritic, thank you for that tidbit of information. Clearly I have been out of the loop with Jennifer and Shane for quite some time now (about 4 years). I met her and Shane while she was pregnant with Neveah. My sis and her became close due to both of them being pregnant and the fathers being friends. Only because it’s not up to me to pass judgment, I still can’t bash Jennifer. I can only hope that what is meant to happen with all of this will be appropriate (charges, sentences etc.). Granted, she’s obviously made some bad decisions in her life, but none of us have been put on this Earth to judge anyone. My main focus is Neveah and praying she comes home safely, not bashing her mother. That’s not going to get any of us anywhere. If we all spent the energy praying for her safe return instead of bashing her mother, it would be energy well spent. I do agree that her allowing her daughter to be around someone of Mr Kennedy’s caliber, is atrocious at best. The man that molested my 2 girls had been a family friend for sometime, our girls went to the same schools, he went to our church. It just goes to show you, you NEVER know too much about someone. I have been trying for sometime now to have them implement chemical castration in our state. Obviously, the sex offender registry isn’t “safe” or even a “precaution”, it’s just a registry.

    Vicky, I admire your restraint, but realism. I do not share it today so I think I am going to back off addressing comments on this issue for a while.

  35. Brenda in Virginia says:

    Dear dddeerma, If you don’t mind, show me one place I was political? I’m simply stating the SOR sites are fantastic and the LAWS prevent this sort of stuff. Sorry that a hard=working mom with a farm and active in the community doesn’t have time to go to Washington…maybe you can follow your own advice and do something since your rage is quite obvious.

  36. Gypsy DD says:

    With RSO’s it isn’t a matter of rather they will re-offend or not..they will ….it is just a matter of when. To me it is that simple..laws need to meet behavior science and then make sure there is only 1 time..after that first offense you are out of the game and placed in Prison for life. It is a waste of tax $$$ to try to rehabilitate RSO’ just can’t be done.

  37. Cheryl says:

    Blink, they tried castration in the early 50′s in Europe. I read a reasearch commentary about this- & it failed- they then used objects! their disease is about violation & someone being helpless victim under their control, castrations proved unsuccessful from the years that it was conducted- they still saw repeats coming back again. The research article was from some years back like 1990′s but it summed up that in Europe they tried this and it failed horribly so they dont do that anymore for punishment. I think we should adopt the middle east version of punishment (immediate public execution)if you ask me- then, it would be impossible for them to repeat it

    Cheryl, I stand corrected and disgusted. I had not thought of that, Your right.

  38. mizjay says:

    A bit more on vigilante justice, the very idea of meting out punishment without the trial that inevitably will portray the perp as slighted some how in his youth. Mama didn’t love him, daddy whipped him, whatev, then let’s start the full fledged attack on the victim/family. She was not supervised, she was a flirt, she wore her bathing suit etc., etc.

    That’s the reason I feel like a good old fashioned azz whpping often does wonders to curb bad behavior. Some creepy pedophile might really give it some long hard thought about preying again on a child once he’s recovered or has to figure out how to duct tape a 4 yr. old using one hand. Not all vigilante justice is the hanging noose on the oak tree. Our system is flawed,especially when it comes to these cases. As stated by others, their compulsions will continue and with the practically free and open accessibilty to pedophillia porn via the internet, is it any wonder that the urges are more frequent and with greater consequences, by that I mean, murder is the option of choice to allow the freedom to do it again. No pesky witness, and hey, let’s face it, if they are caught and convicted, maybe they’ll be lucky enough to be placed in a really crowded prison. After all, we wouldn’t want to let out the 18 yr. old in for trafficing weed, let’s let loose the SO and for the hell of it, let’s rely on him to keep in contact with us. On and on it goes.

    My thoughts are dark and negative but the “justice” that SOs recieve is at the expense of innocent victims that are abused by them after they’ve paid their debt to society according to the skewed scales. They should never have priveledges or rights again.

  39. Vicky says:


    Chemical Castration varies greatly from physical castration. Chemical castration is to only be used on pedophiles not paraphiliacs. Pedophiles offend due to a chemical imbalance in the brain whereas paraphiliacs offend for power. The chemical medroxyprogesterone acetate found in Depo Provera shots have proven successful in cases of PEDOPHILES. Where caution lies is the offender being appropriately classified. This does require lengthy testing both psychological and otherwise. I have written numerous articles on this topic and have been published in the Monroe Evening News for it. It is definitely worth looking into but ONLY if the offender is classified as a pedophile. I’m firmly behind life imprisonment for those who can not be rehabilitated through these measures.

  40. dddeerma says:

    Brenda: I don’t try to blame things on as you say “LIBERALS” when liberals have not had power in years. You are able to be on a computer? Use it. I have no idea what you mean by my rage. I called you on a worthless gratuitous political statement. That said: what is this about the mom and boyfriend both failing their lie detector tests today? Any more information?

    Yes, they both failed, on the “do you know where Nevaeh is” and “do you know what happened to her” portions.

  41. Vicky says:


    Where can I read that? (About the failing of the lie detector test)

  42. Vicky says:

    Nevermind, found it. Now I’m really pissed!!

  43. Vicky says:

    MONROE, Mich. (AP) – The mother of a missing 5-year-old Monroe girl admits she flunked a portion of a polygraph test, but police say she is not a suspect.

    Jennifer Buchanan tells The Monroe Evening News she failed one question Monday due to a lack of sleep. She says it was a “horrible” experience, but she understands why investigators interviewed her.

    Her daughter, Nevaeh Buchanan, last was seen Sunday night in the parking lot of her apartment complex in Monroe, 40 miles south of Detroit.

    Maj. Dan Motylinski of the Monroe County sheriff’s office says Buchanan is not considered a suspect. Neither is a convicted sex offender who is in custody.

    Nevaeh is white, just under 4 feet tall, weighs 45 pounds and has brown hair and brown eyes.

  44. mamacrazy30 says:

    i would say that those were two BIG questions. jeeze, what has this woman let happen to her daughter?

  45. riddlemethis says:

    Oh no there’s another case breaking the news…….and this is my neck of the woods. Julia Rakoczy and her mother.

    OMG, riddle, me too. I am on Jersey side.
    I am willing to bet everything the Cadillac was stolen in the first place, and they were targeted. I know exactly where this is, it is not far from Bristol, which is the armpit of this area. I am praying for these 2.

  46. Jennifer says:

    I dont understand some parents, I see children as young as 5 years old running around town unsupervised. My 6 and 7 year olds get so mad at me because I will only let them play in my fenced in backyard, and wont let the run the streets with their friends. I tell them at the end of the day I know your home with me and SAFE.

    AS for sex offenders I would love to see them put away for the rest of their lives, but we all know thats not going to happen, I think everyone on the sex offender regeristy should have a chip implanted in them, just like I have in my dog incase he gets lost. that way the police can know their every move, sex offenders are not intitled to privacy….my opinion

    I have the same problem. But worse. Occupational Hazard. I was at a picnic over the weekend, we are talking close family and friends. No chance of an SO there, or in the periphery. However, a Mom, changed her 4 year old little girl into her suit, poolside. I realize there are parenting differences out there, but as I explained to the Mom, it is not enough to know that there is nobody scoping your kid, it is the patterning of the child and protecting the boundaries of privacy for the future. Did not go as I had hoped.

  47. kccritic says:

    To Vicki- you’re welcome :)

    It’s a shame that Jennifer has made some terrible choices and her daughter, quite possibly,is paying for it. It wouldn’t be any better of a story if a complete stranger took the little girl, in my opinion. Jennifer or the other little girl’s mom should have been outside watching them and Nevaeh should have been walked home when the other girl had to go inside. So if nothing else, this should be ANOTHER lesson to parents everywhere to watch your children, no neighborhood is “safe”, unfortunately.

  48. riddlemethis says:

    I was thinking exactly the same thing about the cadi! Sounds like a set up for sure. Why in the h*** would they head into center city??? don’t get it. So populated there, they were driving down (near) Walnut St?!!! Well hell, I hope that means they’ll get caught up with quickly.

    Wow, I hadn’t realized your location Blink, I am NW of the city about 15 minutes outside K of P. This is sad, cousin is posting on a blog and apparently other daughters Facebook page has the family frantic….of course. I hope it’s resolved soon and they are ok. Prayers here to. Can’t believe the PA Amber alert site has no pic of the child posted!

    K o P, lol, Im familiar :)
    I am working on getting this up here.

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