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Monroe, MI– In a press conference this morning, the Chief of Monroe Police Department Tilton Crutchfield indicated there is more than one person of interest in the disappearance of 5 year old Nevaeh Buchanan.



While Crutchfield would not comment on specifics, he also declined to answer whether Nevaeh’s mother, Jennifer Buchanan, was considered a POI at this time. Late this afternoon, Michigan Department of Corrections spokesperson Russ Marlan, confirmed a friend of Jennifer Buchanan, Roy Smith, 48, ALSO a convicted sex offender, is in jail. He has been there since Monday while Parole agents decide if he has violated his parole.

Roy Smith is actually one of 2 sex offenders by the same name,associated with Kennedy. The other, is one of 6 other sex offenders living at Motel 7 alongside him. It is not known if they are related.

Chief Crutchfield also deferred a reporter question as to whether or not Law Enforcement was aware that on at least 3 separate occasions over the last several months, George Kennedy’s parole officer recommended that his parole be REVOKED. On all 3 requests, the parole officer managing Kennedy’s case was overruled by his Management. 

Special Agent FBI Detroit, Edward Hanko, spoke to reporters briefly about the importance of the public keeping an open mind and to continue looking.

When asked if he was 100% sure Kennedy was “the guy” he said he learned many years ago not to make that statement until he was requesting “that piece” of paper necessary to make an arrest.

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  1. hoping says:

    What is it with these people?!?!?!!? Seems like more and more the laws and the “system” protect the perps and leave our children and other victims vulnerable to the criminally incorrigible! The “manager” that reinstated his parole needs to be held accountable for their decision and therefore be held as a contributor in this child losing her life! From what I’ve read, the parole office knew he was around this little girl and violating his parole! If they would have held him in violation, this little girl may have been spared….at least until her worthless mother found the next sexual predator to hang out with.
    I AM SO UPSET BY THIS!! I am tired of all of the rights afforded to the criminals and taken away from the victims.

    Shame on the person who gave birth to her, who was supposed to protect her!

  2. Brenda in Virginia says:

    I have to wonder if Jennifer Buchanan wanted “rid” of her daughter as Casey Anthony wanted rid of Caylee. If so, could she have GIVEN her little girl to these men knowing the outcome in the hopes no attention would be on her? I certainly hope not because it’s bad enough as it is, but nothing would surprise me.

  3. bluewillow says:

    Let me get this straight, there are 2 Roy Smiths? they are both sex offenders, both live at the motel 7, and both are friends of Jennifer Buchanan? or am I reading that wrong?
    Close. One is 62, lives in same Motel as Kennedy. The other POI or POS I like to say, lives down the street and owns the van Kennedy was driving.

  4. radiogirl says:

    So what kind of interesting conversations take place, do you suppose, when all the guys at the motel get together for a little socializing.

    You know since they all have so much in common….the state of the union, football the best bar-b-que sauce on the market.

    Three times this guy Kennedy was recommended for his parole to be revoked.


  5. mamacrazy30 says:

    well, i guess his parole is revoked now. too bad it took a missing child to finally get it done.

  6. EyesWIDEOpen says:

    what kind of woman… NO, what kind of MOTHER hangs out with these f^cking dirtbags – and allows her CHILD around them? Has she NO SHAME? She has THREE male friends who are SOs? Birds of a feather… I suppose?

    I am repulsed. She should have NO RIGHT to bear children!

  7. Tina says:

    6 living @ Motel 7, unreal!!!! What total losers.

    Burn that dirt hole down, already!

  8. notalemming says:

    Conflicting information being reported on Monroe News website. Seems Kennedy might have an alibi for the time she disappeared.

  9. PamTX says:

    Not many pictures of this little angel to see, but in the ones I have seen…she has such a look of sadness surrounded by dark circles and the lack-of-sleep look. My heart just came to my throat and I hope I am wrong about my gut feeling! Has there been any new information about a “sighting” report that the FBI was investigating…it was confirmed by a witness, along with a store clerk. (Second half of the following article)

    I have serious questions about the mother Jennifer, but am willing to change my opinion if facts prove otherwise. These cases leave me exhausted and breathless….I just cannot fathom the minds of these sick individuals! It screams parent education and awareness….but in this mothers case, I just don’t think it would have done any good! Child endangerment would be the minimum charge IMO.

  10. sad mom says:

    I wonder if she was sold to one of kennedy’s associates. these pervs have a network and stick together. Watch the movie Gardens of the Night if you can stomach it. I cried for hours after watching it. But anyone with kids SHOULD watch this fictional account of the kiddie porn/sex trade. Absolutey horrifying.

    Poor little soul was probably sold for crack.

    That one pix of her with the dark hair looking very scared/sad is a BIG red flag for me. Different than the grad pix and other media pix. I think she was previously abused or neglected. God bless her.

    How can someone bring forth life to just leave it to ruin? why not give her up for adoption to the MANY couples who desire a child?? We need some kind of law/policy to allow those who don’t want their children to be able to adopt them out somehow.

    I hate that this SO is even out. Our government has made victims out of innocent people, and i am tired of it. WE pay for the government…at some point, all that notion was lost. Here in CA, they want to cut police and let all the illegals out of prison. How bright. I say, reinstitute the death penalty, once convicted of such, take out justice in 2wks or less. Saves billions in taxpayer $$ paying for these scum and their appeals. DP is also a PROVEN deterrant…(just look at countries such as Iran). So you’d save in future murder investigations/trials as well. If I were Arnold’s accountant, I could solve our whole budget problem buy doing the right thing… but he won’t…

    Blink.. I just barely survived the Sandra Cantu murder in Tracy… what do we do???? Tell us if we can be of help.. what we can do…

    I do not have the quick answer, I wish I did. I would be a presumptious ass if I had the “be all end all” solution, but I can commit that colleagues and I ARE working on it from a legislative perspective, and when it’s time, I will call on all you for help in your respective states. This is a state level issue. This is a pedophile issue, and our children need to be protected. I sound like the broken record, I know, but E D U C A T E!!

  11. hoping says:

    I read that Kennedy has 2 witnesses stating that he was with them during the period of time Nevaeh went missing. My question is, if this is true, who were these witnesses??? Fellow SO’s from his place of residence? I was wondering if the calm before the storm is brewing. Letting them feel like they are in the clear so that the relax and screw up.

  12. radiogirl says:

    Oh so he MIGHT have an alibi for the time Nevaeh vanished.Well that makes it all better.What was his alibi “Gone Fishing”.

    I guess the recommendation for his parole to be revoked THREE TIMES was just a little joke his PO likes to play every now and then.Whoever manages that department ought to be shot!!!!!

    And the mother has THREE RSO’s as friends?A few more and she’d had a softball team.


    DISGUSTING….charge the mother too.

  13. sweetpea says:

    I did not realize that Motel 6 provided long term living quarters.
    I haven’t stayed in a Motel 6 for over twenty years, but I must admit since this story broke I have been getting the chills everytime I drive past one of those hotels or any other chain that offers that cheap type of temporary living quarters. Who knows what is lurking there. It is bad enough to look at those sites that show where all the known sex offenders live, but OMG that is like a flippen FRAT HOUSE of sex offenders KAPPA KAPPA FREAK!

  14. EyesWIDEOpen says:

    It may be harrassment to post flyers with specific information about SOs in the area, but as far as I know, it is NOT illegal to distribute informational leaflets directing people to SORs such as

    I agree, but an easy way to find out is to simply ask your PD.

  15. samehere says:

    Which is it? Motel 6 or Motel 7? I’ve seen both reported here and elsewhere. How confusing.

  16. Jane Harbor says:

    Blink, thank you for your work on behalf of all the abused little children out there. You drag out into the light of day much information that the MSM are either afraid to publish or too lazy to dig up. What they don’t understand is that these monsters are protected too much in this country. I look at the pictures of Sandra and Neveah and see myself, also abused as a little girl (starting at age 8) by my adopted 16 year old brother. When you flip through the pages of our family photo album, you see a happy little girl all the way up to the second grade photos, and then, after that, all the photos show a hollow-eyed, somber child. My parents never acknowledged or accepted what had happened, even after I finally snapped (age 19) at Christmas dinner and choked my brother on the floor until he vomited. My family was mad at me for ruining their fancy dinner! I left the family for years and years after that. My mom volunteered for CASA, and I though seeing and helping all these other poor kids would change her,but still my parents bailed my brother out with all his brushes with the law, etc. etc. and never alienated him. My mother carried her obstinance and ignorance to her grave. My father tried for years to get me to come to family vacations with my sister and her family and my brother and his daughter (yes!) and I refused to be around him with my two children. Over the years my brother would call on my birthday and apologize, he had found God, etc. but I never yeilded and finally told him that the next time he called he would find me armed on his doorstep. (I became a black belt at 18 and learned to handle firearms from my Sensei as well) As my dad aged, he kept pressing me to make peace and bring the family together, and I told him that it would never happen until he made Ken confess to him. Well, my brother finally did, in an email to my dad (it was a pretty lame confession…left a LOT of details out…I will share it with you if you want to see it) and my dad STILL wouldn’t bend. (I will show you his response, too) In the end, unless another adult steps in, I think these kids are surrounded either by stupidity and drug-addled adults, or sometimes, as in my case, upper-middle class people who don’t want to be embarassed around their neighbors and associates. If just one adult had spoken up when they saw me change, saw that inner light get extinguished, I might have been spared dozens of years of working my way through horrible anger, nightmares, etc. When my daughter turned eight, I realized just how young I had been when he started in on me, and I was so sad for that little girl that I was. The scaries thing is that my brother got a teaching certificate to teach english to children in China and now lives there. I wish I could make trouble for him and protect those children, but China is a looooong ways away. Ah well, I did not mean to write you a novella, but did want you to know that you make a difference. Keep up the good work. -KJ-

    O my dear Jane, you hit my bullseye this morning. I am so horribly sorry for what you endured. Forgive me for calling your parents assholes, but that’s how I feel. I know because I have great ones and I so desperately want that for all children; its what they deserve. I admire you greatly for healing yourself as best you can when the people that are supposed to did not. Thank you.

  17. sweetpea says:


    Okay I normally do not respond to trivial things, but seriously,
    6 or 7 what is the big dif in the context of this horrendous
    crime. Tomato/tomato or Potato/Potato who the heck cares.

    Maybe I got out of the wrong side of the bed this morning, but really!

    In addition, sorry for the confusion.

  18. chitown lady says:

    When it comes to children, why can’t these MONSTERS be put to death? Its been proven you can’t change them. they are wired wrong. Maybe a jail can be built to house these freaks or perhaps an island with 12 foot electric fencing or something. WHy does it seem these freaks all live close to each other housed like the sum they are…No one seems to know these pedofiles are living that close. I thought communities are forwarned of this….guess not…..When my kids were small I always checked the internet in my area for pedofiles living close….Its scarey..I urge all parents to find out this information by using your internet….Your state police website can help you and also local police websites…..Its really scarey to be a kid today..So sad. So very sad….Thanks Blink keep up your good work….

  19. NE Mom says:

    You are so right, Sad Mom. It is WAY too hard to legally terminate parental rights, even in cases of proven severe abuse over a long period of time. Biological parents’ rights are put first, and the emphasis is put on keeping biological families together or reuniting them. Instead, we should be finding loving, nurturing homes for the children.

  20. Jane Harbor says:

    Thank you Blink. I am peaceful now, and at least when I was still teaching martial arts I always got the kids that had clearly been molested. By the way, and I know you have said it before, we also need to be watching our boys. They suffer as often as the girls, you just don’t hear as much about it because of the social stigma. When I was teaching, I had more little boys than girls who had been victimized. I sure hope that the probation officer’s manager in this case gets penalized, as well as the mother. The laws regarding pedophiles AND their enablers need to be stiffened and brought up to date; the internet has made it so much easier for these pedoclub members to help each other foster their sickness and spread what seems to be an epidemic. Sigh.

  21. samehere says:


    When you get conflicting reports from different sources, (one report said Motel 7, another said Motel 6) they can’t all be correct. I’m just trying to make sure the facts I’m getting are actually facts and not misrepresentations of the truth.

    How exactly is the location of these SOs trivial?

    That was not what she was saying, it’s all good, I understood your question and it was a fair one. I believe it is a logistics issue, for instance, I am not aware in my area of any motel 7, 6 yes. Not sure.
    Point is, everyone should already know where their so’s are, check the state registry!

  22. FairestWitness says:

    Oh Jane, my heart goes out to you. I have a close friend who owns a school teaching English to Taiwanese students. She employs several ex-Patriot teachers. I sure hope your adoptive brother isn’t one of them. The Internet is a weapon we can use against them, too. You may well be able to warn the school where he teaches, if you are so compelled. The world’s a whole lot smaller than it used to be.

    I endured molestation as a little girl of 7 years old by a 16 year old neighborhood boy my mother hired to babysit the 5 of us. He also molested one of my younger sisters. When I finally told my parents about it, Mother took us to be examined by the family pediatrician. Our molester was summoned to the backyard to be confronted by my father who simply spoke to him for a couple of minutes and he never babysat again. I remember walking by, driving by and riding my bike by his house for years and feeling scared to death every time.

    My parents never discussed it with us and when I confronted my dad about as an adult, he first denied it, then made some lame excuse. Truth be told I don’t think he knew what to do. No charges were ever filed and I have often wondered if the son of a bitch ever did it to other children.

    This monstrosity has been around since the beginning of man, I’m afraid. It sure would be great if America would come up with a plan to punish and discourage this deviant behavior. All we seem to do is look the other, excuse them or pass laws which don’t protect the innocent. It’s so disgusting.

  23. dddeerma says:

    +Blink, glad to hear you are working on legislative solutions, or at least upgrades of the laws. Jane Harbor: thank you so much for the courage to tell your story. Far too often, the abusers are part of the same family or are neighbors who LE does not want to arrest or even question. Here in my neck of the woods, we have an LE response problem: hard to get them even to investigate; with no investigation, they are able to say that there is no evidence. I hope Blink, your legislative action will include some way to encourage LE to initiate actions.

  24. Jane Harbor says:

    Fairest Witness,
    So sad that our stories are so common for so many women. I am sorry to say that I am pretty sure your perp did it again…when they get the taste for it, they never stop. I know it is a terrible stereotype, and unfair to the many fine young men out there, but I would never in a million years leave my children with a male caretaker. Just like I cross the street to avoid suspicious people and lock my car doors in certain neighborhoods, what some people might call paranoia can go a long ways towards avoiding trouble. If some teenage neighbor wants to earn extra money, he is welcome to mow my lawn, thankyou. When my daughter was nine (I have always been very honest with my kids so that they will not be victimized)she felt uncomfortable around a family friend and he came to me and told me that she had told him “he would be dead in under a minute” if I found out he “was weird” to her. LOL! After we straightened everything out, she got an ice cream cone from me for that one! Teaching your kids early about bogeymen does NOT “destroy their innocence”. What the bogeymen do to them does!

  25. FairestWitness says:

    Yes, I’m pretty sure you’re right about that man, too, unfortunately. I ought to look for the jerk’s name in the SO registry, it’s probably there. He’d be about 61 years old today. Amazing how I’m a 52 year old woman who still cares the scars of his abuse. I hate these monsters, I really do. Good for you preparing your kids to defend themselves.

  26. mamacrazy30 says:

    to all-
    so sad this has happened to any of you. it happened to me to. just be aware for your children. i live in an area that for whatever reason there has been report after report of molestation of children by people in charge of them. eg. 18 year-old male who worked at a daycare in Springdale AR molested a 4 year-old girl. Former coach now on trial for molesting two boys that were not his sons but living in his house. Substitute teacher now awaiting trial for molesting a 8th grade student IN THE CLASSROOM (he admitted to the police that he grabbed her breast because he was having sexual thoughts about her in class) . my daughter starts school after this summer and home school is looking like an option. it makes sick sense that people who want to do bad things to our children gravitate into fields that will allow them to be closer to them. until SO’s have to wear shock-collars, please, please, gather any info you can on who is dealing with your children.

  27. Cary says:

    Just saw on Detriot Press that blood did not match Nevaehs. Blink, any updates? Anyone notice that “Neaveh” is “Heaven” spelled backwards? Hope that’s not a coincidence! Love what you do here B!!

  28. sweetpea says:

    I really think that there is something going on with the mental state of people these days and what ever it is, is not good.
    I remember back in the day when you heard about some parent taking the life of their child, maybe once in so many years. Last weekend (as I stated earliar) a woman threw her 7 yr. old daughter and her 4 yr. old son off a bridge (son died, daughter in hospital), today in the evening news a man shot and killed his 6 & 7 yr. old children then apparently shoot himself. About 20 miles apart from each incident. What in the !@#$ is going on with these people. I just don’t get it, if they have messed up their life so bad, then do what ever they have too; but leave the innocent children alone.

  29. Stephanie says:

    That mother um certainly shouldn’t win the best mother in the world award. What a moron for KNOWINGLY exposing her daughter to sex offenders! What the HELL is wrong with her? Sounds like child neglect to me!

  30. aud says:

    #22 fairestwitness said: “. . . This monstrosity has been around since the beginning of man, I’m afraid. It sure would be great if America would come up with a plan to punish and discourage this deviant behavior. All we seem to do is look the other, excuse them or pass laws which don’t protect the innocent. It’s so disgusting.”

    It really is unbelievable how pedophiles have been allowed to check in/out of the Motel 6.7 of our legal system – and continue to do so! Unbelievable and maddening. Makes me wonder about the lawmakers-lawyers-judges-policemen . . . ???

    I think a true poll of Americans would show that the vast majority are in favor of harsh punishment of pedophiles. I also think that most would agree that this condition (becoming aroused by/driven to violate the helpless) cannot be “cured.” This may sound crazy, but the other day I saw a poll on “what to do with Guantanomo?” Why not isolate them all there?

    And before anyone says “taxpayer money” etc . . . this could be part of their plea deal to get out of the death penalty. Decriminalizing marijuana alone could pay for their keep? And since these POS are not known to be violent with anyone but the helpless, just a few waterboarding guards would be needed.

    Motel Guantanomo . . . will leave the light OFF!

  31. sandyeggo says:

    I keep seeing on other news sources that the blood on kennedy’s knife and other items doesnt math nevaeh’s. i’m waiting for confirmation from blink before i believe it…my only reliable news source, lol.
    any updates on this case, blink?
    how about on brittany drexel? havent seen anything about her in a while…

    Sandy, thank you for that vote of confidence. That’s correct, it is his and one as yet unidentified source.
    Nothing on dear Britt. I am going to be honest, I have very serious reservations she will be found in that terrain. I say that after consulting with a world expert. I hope he’s wrong. I do however, believe this dude will be caught, hopefully before his next victim

  32. Munkeymunk says:

    blink, what’s happening with search..raisin river?? have you heard anything else

    I just posted a brief update. Im hearing they found “something”, that’s all I Know.

  33. [...] seemed to have no issue to knowingly exposing her child to convicted sex offender like like George Kenney and Roy Smith. In this case, Nevaeh Buchanan was not so lucky to have been found [...]

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