Posted by BOC Staff | Missing Persons,Tracy Ocasio | Friday 29 May 2009 9:36 am

Orlando, FL– 27 year old Tracy E. Ocasio has been missing since leaving the Taproom Bar in Orlando at approximately 1:30am Wednesday. (UPDATE: OCASIO WAS SPOTTED ON SURVEILLANCE AND THE MAN WITH HER HAS BEEN QUESTIONED)


Tracy, who resides on New Victor Rd, Ocoee, left the bar at “last call” and her car was found abandoned on Frankin Street in Ocoee. The homeowners on the property where the vehicle was found called Police saying there was a car parked there that did not belong to them.

Elizabeth Ocasio, Tracy’s Mother, is frantic:

“She’s missing. Nobody has seen her or heard from her,” said Ocasio.

“She goes there every Magic game, and she cheers for the Magic, and afterward, she texts everybody she knows and says, ‘Go Magic.’ Apparently, that didn’t happen after this game.”

“I honestly don’t think she would be going on her own. She was so involved in cheering for the Magic. She would definitely want to see the game tonight (Thursday).”

 Orlando police will not comment if they consider Ocasio’s disappearance  suspicious or if she is in danger. But they ask anyone who has seen her to call police at 321-235-5300.



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  1. Annals says:

    Oh, ok, so this is her lead my-space photo, her ID pic which is available to any and all. I retract my previous statement:

    “And if that is not how Tracy typically appears (in sexual poses), then a photo which presents a false impression of Tracy has been chosen to be publicized and circulated. If so, that’s not just odd; it’s actually misleading and wrong.”

    It’s not misleading and wrong to circulate a photo which was self- published on a my-space page, as it’s the persona she herself chose to present on-line.

    Let me say this, in the media, when someone is missing and endangered, it is paramount to get their pic out there, bar none. If people want to make accusations about a persons character because of a myspace pic rather than exercise concern for their welfare I cant stop you, but last time I checked having an arguably risque myspace did not equate to never coming home, ok ? This is not to anyone specific.

  2. vidda says:

    Hi everybody, just comment on JVM , there is another women comming forward with info about this ugly fella..she had given him a ride and he tried to strangle her..she wis alive, because the neighbours hurd her sreams…happened a year ago..

  3. Annals says:

    Blink, dispite your statement that you are not adressing anyone specific, I guess you are nailing me on this one and perhaps I deserve it. I am concerned for Tracy’s welfare and for the welfare of young women in general, though I see how my words in this thread may appear blame-the-victim-speak. We live in a hopped-up sexual climate with seemingly increasing numbers of human predators; I am concerned. It goes without saying that flurting, on-line or otherwise is no invitation to kidnapping/murder. I am going to be brave and expose myself to another potential whacking: A photo such as the one here does send an attention grabbing message of sexual availabiliy and may be prone to broadcast the loudest to exactly the most dangerous men. That this is her own my-space photo; honestly, I did not see that comming.

    You did correctly read between my lines; and I am still mystified, why attract that kind of attention, intentionally, to any and all, on-line, considering our current dangerous climate? Come on Blink, posting sexy pics of one’s self on-line is a brand new behavior and it is dangerous. The press is frank about it’s danger when it comes to kids, but is mute on the subject when practiced by adults. So, it’s dangerous for 13 & 17 year olds but is safe for 21 & 27 year old women? Yes, I am concerned about this behavior, because it’s potential danger outweighs any other considerations. I am not advocating any legistration concerning this. I just want women to be self protectively smart about it.

    I dont disagree with anything you said, and I respect you for “thank you sir may I have another.” However, you won’t get it from me, Im simply saying when it is the only pic available in an emergent missing persons case, I am not worried about whether or not this woman was at my debutante catillion. She needs to be found.

  4. Derrick says:

    thank you b…

  5. Andy says:

    Oh my god, Liz, I heard last night on the news! This is Andy from Jack’s Aquarium and Pet Republic from over on Good Home Road. I know I haven’t seen you guys in a few years, but I’ve missed Tracy ever since I left that place, and I’ve always kept her in my thoughts. I was really upset to hear the news, and I’m hoping for the best for her. If you read this site, and I’m hoping you do, please leave a comment letting me know and I’ll get in touch with you! Let me know if there’s anything at all I can do, as I’m still in Orlando. I hope with everything in me that she’s okay!
    Try to think positive and please get in touch with me here!
    My thoughts go out to you and Tracy.

  6. Nicolette says:

    Its very sad that all we have here to talk about is a suggestive photo about Tracy.. Its a MYSPACE pic! You know nothing of her character and if you did know her I’m very sure that you would not be talking of her the way you are. I am a personal friend of Tracy and I find it very demeaning and offensive to the friends and family to talk of her like that. Do you have nothing better to do with your life? Tracy is a beautiful, intelligent, soft spoken person with a huge heart for anyone who comes into her path. Its all very pathetic and irritating to hear a person speak of her in that way. And what girl do you know that is *perfect*? No one is perfect and she is a 27 year old who was prevy to something because she is a kind person.

    I am very sorry about your friend and I hope you will take the time to review the comments where we covered this, and my thoughts on it.

  7. Derrick says:

    ANDY – im sure that Liz doesnt get on here but ill let her know today when i go over there, thanks and take care keep her in your prayers!

  8. Andy says:

    Derrick, if you would, please give Liz my email address at Apebrains@aol.com and PLEASE have her drop me a line! Thank you so much! I miss Tracy and I’m really worried. I want to do anything and everything in my power to get her back safe.
    Thank you!

  9. Derrick says:

    no problem buddy, ill be back later on to give some type of update more than likely for andy

  10. Derrick says:

    does this code work on here? lol

  11. Derrick says:


  12. steph ocasio says:

    to red ranger

    you are totally off the wall with the origins of this ocasio name. it is italian, from casi. her great, great, grandfather came from italy, changed his name to ocasio and married a diaz in the 1800′s.

    also, are men “odd” when they support various sports teams, since you obviously think tracy is “odd” for being a fan of the magics.

    what this has to do with tracy’s disappearance and where our family lives in orlando is a mystery to me. i am disturbed by the tones of racial and sexual bias in your post.

    our family is going through a very trying time, we do not need people to write posts like yours.

    joe and liz are the nicest people you would want to meet, they deserve your support at a time like this.

    the entire ocasio family is praying for tracy’s safety and return to us. we wish to thank everyone that is helping in the efforts to find her.

    Tracy’s Great Aunt and Great Uncle
    Linda and Reynaldo Ocasio
    Perkasie, Pennsylvania

  13. Andy says:

    Here, here guys. Would everyone please keep their bullshit to themselves? If you don’t like the picture, don’t look at it. It’s all that was immediately available for distribution. Tracy ain’t exactly conservative, so that’s what we’ve got. Try a little sympathy for these people who are seriously concerned about the well being of someone they love, and leave it at that. If you desire the catharsis of running your mouth to the point that you can’t control yourselves, find a friend and run it all you’d like. Please try to remember to never deprive someone of their hope, as it may be all they have.

    Linda and Reynaldo, I’m so sorry to hear about this, and I’m doing everything I can to help. I work at a doctor’s office in Orlando, and I’ve got flyers on the check in desk here for people to take, and I’ve got three imaging facilities from Winter Park to Ocoee that are willing to take some for distribution that I’ll be calling today. I’ll be out hitting the pavement looking for anything that can help.

    And as to quell your anxiety, I can only offer the words of Alexandre Dumas: “All human wisdom is summed up in two words; wait and hope.”

    Derrick, thanks again for the flyers. You’re a stand-up guy, and she’s lucky to have a friend like you.
    You will find nothing but support here. I applaud your efforts and am praying for Tracy to be found.

  14. steph ocasio says:

    red ranger, this is steph. i’m 25 years old, i live in pennsyvania, and i can give you a glimpse into us, the ocasio girls. we are all very similar in personality. we love to make, create, and build. i am a hardscaper, i also paint fantasy art and build cars. i look alot like tracy, small at 100 lbs, but strong and crafty. my favorite sport is football – my team, the eagles. also, we know how to look good when we want to. she’s not different from us, maybe just different from who you know. this is what makes us ocasios.

    Steph, your post broke my heart. I am very familiar with your area. I grew up not far from there. I forgive you in advance for the Eagles part. Mark Sanchez and my friends with the J E T S will welcome into our new stadium anytime.

    kidding, trying to lighten the moment if you will. I am working on an update on Tracy’s case as we speak. God Bless you and your family.

  15. steph ocasio says:

    b , i don’t know you but reading what you say has been making me feel better. as far as the jets go – i love my man brett farve – could there be a better football player??? i think not!!
    Last year was the most fun I have had during football season in years! I bet Mr. Blink that Brett would be back out of retirement and when he signed with the Jetts I was completely unlivable!!

  16. steph ocasio says:

    on another note – if anyone talks to my family, let them know we’re here – ALL OF US – from puerto rico – the entire usa – and brazil – we are all online 24 hrs a day – 7 days a week if need be. WE LOVE YOU, if you need to talk, call uncle freddy in P.R – he has our numbers.

  17. steph ocasio says:

    i am exhausted with everything i am reading, learning, and the fact that everyone in your neck of the woods thinks the cops are wasting time. i agree, i called the orlando police and got a bit of a run around – they thought i was reporting a missing person, THEEEEN, all i ended up with was a voicemail. they need to learn a few things from the cops up here – we don’t slack. so, what can i do??? i really need to find my place in all of this, there has to be something. can i harrass the fuzz (cops) enough to get answers? or is that a dead end street? also, what about greg toole? anything on him? and james, is he getting harder charges, or has said anything, i found that he failed a lie detector test – “horribly” before he was arrested, so said. i’m hit with a huge wall of WTF. almost in tears in philly.

  18. steph ocasio says:

    i don’t know if this will help, but i talked to my family up here – they are willing to keep a vigilant eye on my son so i can come down…….if i come down for a few days would it help? i’m an awesome hiker, i can post alot of fliers in a small amount of time. is there anything else i could do?????

  19. Derrick says:

    i dunno steph maybe call them or something and ask

  20. steph ocasio says:

    I’m Tracy’s great-uncle Ray from PA. I last saw Tracy (physically) when she was approx 13 yrs of age. we were at her grandfathers’ funeral, my eldest brother Joe. I loved her enthusiasm of life itself, just like my daughter Stephanie reflects as well. Though I’ve not seen her since, she, as is her entire family, always on my mind. Having heard of this situation has me worried fearing the worst, yet feeling that she may be captive in some bunker down there in the region of her disapearance. Yet, the proximity of a large lake (as I’ve seen from aerial photo’s) to her abandoned vehicle worries the hell outa me. We must let the Police do their job, they in turn must take this seriously, and treat it as it were their own child. Thank you to her friends, continue your prayers as she would do for you.

    Mr. Ocasio, you and your family are among friends here in your time of need. God Bless.

  21. steph ocasio says:

    i’ve been told by my family up here that they are getting alot of phone calls – i’m trying to help without ringing their phone. i work at dominoes up here and have an idea – we post fliers of missing kids if a member needs us to – i want to get in touch with the dominoes in your area and ask them from one member to another if they would let you guys do the same – let me know if you want to – and also what dominoes to call.

  22. steph ocasio says:

    ps – the owner of my dominoes, rick , will support us if we have any problems

  23. Derrick says:

    the fliers are everyone hun..and still being handed out to people also still being put up, whenever we drive by a place we know we put one up we go back and put more up!

  24. Derrick says:

    # Comment by Derrick — June 6, 2009 @ 12:10 am

    hmm i did indeed red and i was ok with what was said :-/ also STEPH i dont know if you know but i was the guy she was engaged to for 2years several months ago
    # Comment by Derrick — June 6, 2009 @ 12:11 am

    actually it was about a year ago

  25. steph says:

    i did know that derreck, i said to a few of my buddies that i wished you two would have stayed together, i don’t know you but you seem like the kind of guy that would do well in our family. thank you for being here, and trying so hard. as far as the fliers go – i have two numbers for dominos – ocoee and orlando – just give me the word and i’ll call them. i’ll be checking this site everyday, before and after work

  26. Derrick says:

    jeez im just speechless at the moment..

    Yep. I have not posted everything yet

  27. steph says:

    hey guys – i’m on a small break from work – i have to go back and should be home around 10 00 pm – if you have any new information can you please post it for me?? i’m working alot of hours to save money in case i get a chance to come down n help. thnx stepherz

  28. prayingforyou says:

    My aunt is up there now with Liz and Joe. They are a family friend who my aunt has known since tracy was small and Joey in diapers. I use to play with Tracy growing up and she was always smiling and full of life. We live in south florida. It so sad a sick man can sit there and attack all these people and only now are the cops willing to get involved. I don’t see how some people can trash her and say basically she had it comming by her photo. Alot of woman have clevage and aren’t afraid to show it. It’s not like she is naked she is fully clothed you can not see anything. I hope that they can find more evidence to hold this man in jail because his time will soon expire for the drug charge they have him on. I wish that the lie decter that he failed in regards to Tracy could be used in court and hold that to him. I feel so bad for Liz and Joe even Joey as I cant imagine what it would feel like to loose a daughter or a sister. I pray for them every night ever since I got the phone call that she was missing.

    God Bless you and your family. She is lovely, and you have no reason to defend her, your amongst supporters here.

  29. prayingforyou says:

    They have used the dogs all over and they still cant find anything. I dont think though if god for bid he put her in a lake that the dogs would hit on the sent.. Does anyone know if dogs can pick up the sent even in the water?

    Possible, but in general, not unless transported and tracked. However, if they happen upon an area where a decedant was dumped, perhaps.

  30. Derrick says:

    yeah hes better off being in jail, “if” he gets out hes going to meet his maker real soon after..just sayin

  31. prayingforyou says:

    Has anyone seen the video of them in the Bar? I found the video

  32. prayingforyou says:

    This man is a P.O.I in 2 other cases besides Tracy now. Jennifer and his friend Christopher this is a shame that now they decide to persuit these cases after Tracy is gone. This can have been prevented. This just outrages me

  33. Linda Ocasio says:

    Rey spoke to Joe today, Joe and Liz are, as expected, very stressed out. Joe spoke highly of the community involement in the search for Tracy. We would like to thank each and everyone of you for your ideas,
    posters and genuine caring for Tracy, Joe, Liz, Joey, and the entire Ocasio family in this difficult time.

  34. steph says:

    hey – just read about the video they have of the guy and jenns car – i feel like this could be somthing – thnx to blink on crime – we might have a break after they get a clear image, which hopefully they are doing. other than that, how’s everyone holding up?? i hope your all taking care of yourselves, and derreck – your right about him in jail, he got himself in quite the pickle this time. alot of really angry people in his neck of the woods, and ours…..not to mention arizona and cali. stepherz

  35. steph says:

    alright, i posted on another site and can’t find it now, grrrr, but anywho, derreck – i don’t know if my message got through on it – i talked to two of our, tracy and myself, cousins up here – cops – they said that if you go searching, anything you touch or find will be thrown out of court by the defense. tampered evedence, is what his attorneys will say. with all the luck this sensored son of a sensored has, he could walk if we mess up here. maybe you can use real time sattelite imagry – i’m not allowed to dl it to my moms comp – blah – but here’s the site – i messed it up on the other post….http://worldwind.arc.nasa.gov/ – not sure if it costs anything to dl – keep me posted….

  36. Ray Ocasio says:

    hey guys – i just tried to enter the darth (is it?) whatever, account – it has been deleted or closed – i was hoping that i would be able to visit it from time to time to keep tabs on any activity but now i am s.o.l i’m wondering if we’re posting info that the culprate can use to their advantage……..be careful what you put out here , how can we talk privatly without giving anyone else our info???

    Mr. Ocasio-
    Please accept on behalf of myself and the readers here, our deepest respect.
    In the way of background, what is presented here, if it is proprietary, as is often the case, it goes to Investigators first. Bad guys are not smarter, we have that covered.

  37. steph says:

    ha! funny i didn’t catch that one – rofl – i’m not ray!!!! geez, sometimes i’m hopeless ;)

  38. steph says:

    alright.(pulling hair out) i tried to post twice annnd they didn’t work. grrrrr. lets try this again shall we?? i posted under my dads name, the first time it failed. hence the post prior to this one. so, what i was TRYING to say is…. i visited the myspace site and it is closed, so i’m feeling guarded about how much i say on the posts. wondering how we can talk privatly without putting our info out here. i have one avenue that i think will surfice, wish me luck!! (ps, GOD LET MY POST GO THROUGH THIS TIME……PLEASSSSSSSSSE!!))

  39. steph says:

    YES!! IT WENT THROUGH!!!!!! WOOOO HOOOOOOOOO!!!! KICK ARSE PEEPS, KICK ARSE!! :) Uhm, i’m aloud to say that right?? if not i’m sorry, like Stay, i’m half puerto rican and half irish, it gets out sometimes………

  40. steph says:

    alright B – i’m just tipping the edge of frustration i guess, getting a little paranoid about this whole deal. thnx for the reply, has anything else come up?? my family seems to be in a stalemate right now…..

    p.s it’s weird that my two goof posts are on today – they didn’t go through lastnight when i checked..odd.

    Steph, comments are moderated, not automatic, thats why you dont see them until they are.
    I know there are 2 planned searches for today draining 2 ponds, thats all I know.

  41. steph says:

    alright B, thnx – keep me posted, also, i have a few friends in northhampton that are going to get involved to see if they can help.

  42. Diana Ocasio Grammer says:

    My niece Tracy is still missing, and less and less is been said by the media, let alone the police department. I am glad for your web site. Some sites can be ugly with negative comments. I thank you for keeping us, the Ocasio’s informed. This is our only consolation, for us who are in other states. My other niece Steph is right, our last name is believed to have come from Italy. I had the joy to have known a great great aunt that told me that our name originaly was Boccasio, and that when her dad arrived in P.R. from Italy, he ended up dropping the band a c. Whatever the origin, it does not matter were our name comes from. What matters is that a special beautiful young lady is missing from our lives, and is devastating to her father, my brother. Thank you B and Derrick for caring. We are hurting, but my brother and his wife are suffering the worst. Please keep praying and searching. Thank you for caring.

    My dear Mrs. Grammer your family is in my prayers and thank you. We will stay on this until she is found.

  43. steph says:

    hi diana! i never heard that name – boccasio – but it makes sense, i’m digging in to see if i was told wrong (don’t tell my parents but i think i may have been lol) anyway, i posted a note for you on the other site – and B, any news on the pond draining?? did they find her phone or keys???? you can post it on any site for me – i read them all everyday. thnx hunn
    No news, sorry.

  44. steph says:

    alright b, thnx

  45. Dee says:

    if anyone has leads or advise on how I can get leads on my cousin Tracy please contact me I’m dying inside not knowing if she’s even alive.
    six one nine six seven four one eight one one.
    Her and I are like ying yang twins and thanks for your prayers and support. To others please dont talk ill of my cousin this isn’t the time or place. Only God is the judge of us all.

  46. prayingforyou says:

    Theres evidence that they are testing but they are not making it public. Hopefully something will come up and they can prove he was involved.
    Also i just hope that he was dumb enough to slip and drove her car without any gloves on and they have the bastards finger prints on her steering wheel.

  47. Diana Ocasio Grammer says:

    Steph, I mistakenly called you my niece. You and I are 1st cousins. Tracy and Dee are 2nd cousins to you. Tell your dad that I love to hear from him as well. I haven’t been able to think straight since this whole nightmare started. My daughter is leaving for the army in a few days. I do want you two to get to know each other. She and Tracy spoke on the phone everyday. My daughter is traumatized not knowing about Tracy. thanks for caring and loving your family my sweet cousin. If it were not for sites like this one, we would be just going mad with grief. I too search everyday for news. It’s too heart wrenching. I spoke to Joe, my brother last week. he will never rest until he finds his baby girl, even if it takes his whole life. I do believe in miracles. We want Tracy back. Pray for us everyone. We are a good noble family. This is tragic.

  48. [...] reports, Tim Miller arrived in Florida at 4:45 p.m. Friday to start on their search efforts.  Tracy Ocasio has been missing since leaving the Taproom Bar in Orlando, FL at approximately 1:30 am Wednesday, May 27, [...]

  49. steph says:

    diana, i know that you are my first cousin – your dad, was a very good uncle to me, the last time i hung out with him we put in the cement pad in the back of your moms house in lansdale. i still think of him and miss him, 4 ever. and i would love to keep in touch with you and my cousin there, i’m upset that our family has drifted so far apart that we have to meet under these circumstances. i also don’t think that she should put her number, or any info out in here – it’s not safe….too many eyes. i know how to get ahold of you – i’ll be in touch – until then – i love you, be safe, and pray for our lost cousin. love you always and forever, steph

  50. Diana Ocasio Grammer says:

    Steph, have you check the most recent post for Blink. A person posted ( the name had a 44 ) a message. This person seems, to be aming the email towards Paul Hutto. This person was telling Paul to turn himself in to the cops, for shooting Tracy because of the fight back in April 14 at the TapRoom. I felt a sick feeling over me. I have been reading so many posts that Blink has been posting, and it seems to be headed in the direction that this 44 person posted. I want so much to believe that she is alive somewhere, but at the same time, I feel a reality about this last posting. Thanks for what you said about my dad. My daughter I know should not be posting her phone number out in the net. She is just so traumatized about her dear cousin. Maybe someday you can come and visit me here, in California. Love you right back. Thank you B. Unbeknownst to you, you also bring families together. You are a good person. I know for sure you have a place in Heaven.

    Mrs. O
    I hope it at least will give you some measure of peace that I did not see anything about anyone shooting Tracy in that post.
    Anybody out there what Hutto drives? Insiders tell me he was spotted at the search yesterday??

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