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Ocoee, FL– Missing since between 1 and 2 am Wednesday morning, Tracy Ocasio, 27, was last seen leaving The Florida Taproom Bar with an as yet unidentified male.


Yesterday, in an interview with the My Fox Orlando, a  friend of Ocasio’s, Greg Toole, spoke out about his friend Tracy and his personal acquaintance with the man Police have questioned.

Tracy’s friend Greg Toole says he once worked with that man she was seen leaving with, he says he even taught him to be a personal trainer. He remembers the last time he heard from her during one of the basketball games, “Go Magic. She would text me back “Hell yeah,” laugh. That’s about it.”

“I know he’s an all right guy.” “It’s a little disturbing to hear he’s involved in some way or another,” “I was cool with him so I’m gonna remain positive and think that was just the last person she was seen with. That is not the person who was involved. That’s what I’m hoping,” Toole said.

An alright guy he says? Well, let’s hope Ocoee PD has a higher barometer than Mr. Toole and are checking both men thoroughly. Mr. Toole is a registered Sex Offender and convicted drug dealer, currently out on a bond awaiting trial on a new felony charge.


Toole1  TooleSO (1)  Mr. Toole, his actual name, not a euphemism, was convicted of lewd and lascivious acts in 1994 at the age of 22. He was arrested for intent to deliver/manufacture cocaine in 2003 and sentenced to two years in prison, for which he served about 1.  TooleCocaineConv

 That’s not all.


Mr. Toole provides 2 addresses, one where his father with the same name resides, and the other, very close in proximity. Both addresses are within 1.3 miles of where Tracy Ocasio’s car was found abandoned on Franklin Street. 


Toole was also recently arrested for not registering as a sex offender, with the DMU. He is currently free on a $2500 bond, awaiting trial on that felony charge. His last court date was on 5/18/09.

Not making any accusations here, Mr. Toole has not been named a suspect.



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  1. Derrick says:

    oh STEPH heres my myspace page if youd like it myspace.com/sm00thskillz

  2. Derrick says:

    ive put some more pix up on my page as well, also made a poster for her

  3. Red Ranger says:

    Hey Steph,

    Can you check with your family and see if any help is needed in searching? Boats, atv’s etc. are available. Ask them and pass the word on if there is anything.

    Hey Derrick,

    Thanks for the photos. She takes a nice shot. I am curious as well about your comment from post #50. “i dont like some of the lines that are drawn for this”. Can you explain to an old fogey like me what that means? O/T..Like your scooter. I am an old v-twin guy.

  4. Derrick says:

    i can answer both questions…the cops have asked us not to search right now and thats the lines drawn that i dont like…

  5. Red Ranger says:

    Hey Derrick, I understand the frustration at not being allowed to search. It’s a chomping at the bit thing. There are two things you can do though. One is keep getting the information out there and making sure people are aware. That way when it comes time to search you get way more help. The other is hard for me to think of a way to say without sounding offensive to Tracey’s close friends and family so I will email Blink and let her pass it on to you if she can. (To the friends and family please understand that I have nothing bad to say, infer, or imply about Tracey) She seems like a good kid that has gotten a raw deal.

  6. Derrick says:

    actually it was about a year ago

  7. Diana Ocasio Grammer says:

    I am Tracy’s aunt. I too feel helpless not been able to be there and help search. I live in California. I am begging anyone that sees this, go search, even if the cops said not too. What are the cops hiding? this is ridiculous, Tracy must be searched for right now. Our family is suffering. We need your help. Tracy needs to come home. Please help find our cousing, and end this torturous hell her father, my brother is going through. Thank you.

  8. steph says:

    i talked to a few of tracys n my cousins up here, two ocasio cops – they said that if you searched and found anything that the defense can rule it out as tempered evidence…. that’s why you have to be very careful – bad evidence could set him free, and this sensored son of a sensored has waaaay too much good luck so far…… other than that i saw the conection with jenns case and the video from her car – i really hope that blink on crime has poured some gas on the flames so to speak about solving both instances. and derreck, i havn’t checked out your myspace yet … i caught up now with this – i’ll let you know when i stop in. oh and hey!!! try searching with the realtime sattellite imagry ….http://worldwind.arc.gov/ – might cost something, not sure – mom won’t let me dl it….arggghhhh!!!!

  9. steph says:

    http://worldwind.arc.nasa.gov/ sorry for the misprint…..tired…bleh

  10. Derrick says:

    lol dl it anyway…its not that hard to spell Derrick right buttheadd!! lol and joe said to call his mom in PA and shell give you guys their number and yes they need people to talk to they need all the help they can get! shoot im so sorry but now that im thinking about it i cant remember who he said to call, mom or dad :( im sooo sorry steph!

  11. steph says:

    lol about the name, my bad junior :) anywho, joes dad was my uncle joe, he passed away some time ago, another tragedy i’m afraid. – thnx for letting them know, and me too, much appriciated dudumz , also, how is the satt. info?? does it work?? keep me posted. and butthead is one d – ha ha!)

  12. steph says:

    alright, i’m not sure if this will help but i’m trying anyway – here are all the sites i can find for real time images aka sattellite – theres also one for cell phones
    this one says it’s for cell phones : http://www.ssec.wisc.edu/data/paw/#sattruecolor
    Now, as i have read, these are not true real time, so, if we log in on the night she went missing and try to see ocoee, we might see something, i’m not sure. but it’s worth a shot, if everyone can please use the sats, maybe we can rewind and watch what happend that night. the more people that work on this the better chance we have. thnx.

  13. steph says:

    also, while you are trying the sites – write down the name of your sattellites in case we find one that works the best – one name is MODIS – that is a real sattellite. thnx, stepherz

  14. steph says:

    hey guys, i’ve been checking the sites, it’s pretty complicated. keep me posted if you find anything, have to go to work, thnx stepherz

  15. DIana Ocasio Grammer says:

    This Tool guy was sporting all kinds of bandages and cuts to his arms just when the cops interviewed him. The cuts seem fresh,because red stains showed through the gauze. I would like to know his alibi about the night of the dissapearance. My theory is that my niece might had let Hathaway drive the car. She had no idea were he lived, and he ened up in a desolated area were Tool awaited. Tracy indeed was a fighter, she would never go willingly without a fight, and leaving some nasty scars while fighting. My belief is that Hathaway then handed my niece to the Hutto brother that had an altercation with my niece back on April 14. It was Huttos foreclosed house that the cops checked ot, with the pond in the backyard. Hathaway is an astute and cunning deciver. Hathaway has pointed the finger at the Hutto brothers. My family wants Tracy back, regardless. Please keep searching those that can. Thank you for all those prayers. And thank you B. Without your site, some of us would have had a nervous brake down already.
    I’m humbled. Lean on us as necessary.

  16. Just a searcher says:

    Blink, I hope this alright to do here. If not, please let me know.
    Texas EquuSearch will continue the search for Tracy Ocasio on Tuesday,
    June 16th.
    Texas EquuSearch would like to thank the volunteers, Law Enforcement,
    the Mayor and City officials from Ocee, and the media for their help and
    support. We are hopeful with continued community support, Tracy can be
    Donations of money, bottled water, Gatorade, food for volunteer lunches,
    and non perishable snacks are needed for this effort. Gift cards for
    office supply stores would be especially helpful as we are in need of
    printer ink (HP 27and28) and general office supplies. Donations can be
    brought to the Command Center anytime after 8AM. Monetary donations can
    be made at the Command Center or by going to the Texas EquuSearch website,
    http://www.texasequusearch.org . All donations are tax deductible and the proper
    receipt will be provided.
    As of Monday afternoon, over 700 acres have been searched.About 60
    volunteers participated on Monday. The focus has been on the area between
    the Florida Taproom and where Tracy’s vehicle was found. Texas EquuSearch
    met with Law Enforcement on Monday morning to discuss the status of the
    search and possible other search areas.
    There is an URGENT need for foot searchers, ATVs, and horses for Tuesday’s
    search. Horse owners will need to present a current Coggins test at
    registration. All volunteers must be at least 18 and present a valid
    photo ID. Volunteers should wear long sleeves, sturdy shoes and a hat.
    Sunscreen and bug spray are recommended.
    The Command Center is located at John Vignetti Park, 1906 Adair St.,
    Ocoee, Florida. Registration begins at 8AM and volunteers may come
    throughout the day. The last teams are expected to be deployed about 2PM
    Carolyn Todd
    Texas EquuSearch
    Media Contact 281-723-9996

  17. Derrick says:

    Tracy doesnt let anybody drive her car period…hataway might not have done it but he knows who did, im sure there was more than one person involved here…

  18. Derrick says:

    comment #28 is jeremiah……

  19. Derrick says:

    which means that he was at his house. i really dont understand why nobody else has been arrested, its right in front of their faces!

    I feel for you Derrick, for Tracy’s family and friends. This is off course, as we have discussed.
    I am praying for all of you.

  20. Derrick says:

    he = J his = where tracy went

  21. Derrick says:

    its really not, if you would like to hear about it you should get in contact with me, im waiting for monday to come around to call LE

  22. Derrick says:

    also waiting on you to get on aim lol
    I answered you on AIM

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