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Monroe, MI– Late this afternoon, the FBI Forensics Unit was called to the scene of the Raisin River following hours of search, prompted by a tip of undisclosed origin.



This development follows the first statements made by a named Person of Interest, George Kennedy, boyfriend of Nevaeh Buchanans Mother Jennifer:

 “I ain’t got nothing to run from,” he said. “I went back to the motel room to clear my name.” “I didn’t take her and I definitely didn’t kill her,” he said. “I have no clue. I wish that I did have some clue. I am hoping that she ain’t dead. I still got my fingers crossed that they are going to find her alive.” “I was a father figure to that little girl,” he said. “Because I am a sex offender it doesn’t mean I have to bury myself under a rock. I have no regrets about knowing Nevaeh, her mother, or grandmother. I care about them a lot.”

At press time, has confirmed that a mobile CSI team, and air support are on-scene and the immediate area has been taped off.

Check back to for this breaking story.

Earlier today, James Easter, named earlier in the investigation as a person of interest but cleared by the District attorney at his arraignment on an arson charge, spoke to

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  1. Munkeymunk says:

    thanks, Blink. prayin’ hard & feel sick!!

  2. Scoop says:

    Mamacrazy 30:

    It’s good that she’s found.

    She deserves better.

    Poor Baby, Rest in Peace.

  3. notalemming says:

    Detroit News is reporting the body of a child was found.
    Yes, sadly they are.

  4. June Bug says:

    So here’s a woman who could not and would not protect her own daughter. She CHOSE, instead, to hang with registered sex offenders, putting her daughter in inevitable danger. Associating with the wrong kind of people was clearly more important. The family of this ‘broad’ knew she couldn’t be trusted. Angry doesn’t begin to explain what I’m feeling.

    Too many questions that will never get answers. This woman may as well killed her own child.

    In the arms of the angels, may you find some comfort there.

  5. dddeerma says:

    I got big old feet and I just want to put on some big old boots and stomp all over somebody. Blink, when can you tell us about the tip? That means somebody knows something.
    It’s this blessed baby, Im sorry to say

  6. vidda says:

    I am so angry with this @@@ Jennifer! From all retarded comments she made it is sooo clear, she is only concerned with her boyfriend… Poor little angel!

  7. mamacrazy30 says:

    of course its better she’s been found..yeah… i really have know idea as to what you thought i was getting at by ‘oh no’. i will enlighten you. oh, no..she is dead. oh no she is not alive anymore. oh no, one more dead child. oh no, what is going on in our world that this should/can/and does happen. oh no our children..

  8. Cadeet says:

    We need CHANGE! Put a tracking chip in these sex offenders heads.

    Another SAD day. How many more young people went missing today

  9. vidda says:

    This is in Detroit news, SHE HAS BEEN INCAVED IN CEMENT !!!!!”Ryan Bickley, 15, said his father, Guy Bickley, found the body this morning when he was by the river fishing with his grandfather around 11 a.m.
    The teenager said the body was encased in a cement block and they could smell it. His father, he said, chipped a piece of cement away and saw skin and when he saw skin, he stopped and called police. The block was near the water.”

  10. vidda says:

    Sorry, INCASED

  11. Denise says:

    Awwww Blink, that sucks. Sorry to say. Poor baby didn’t deserve this. Thank you for keeping us updated. Thank you for staying on these heart wrenching stories for the greater good!! Hug your children a little tighter tonight and be greatful they are well. I know I will. I am tired of these stories ending like this. I don’t know how you keep going, but thankful you do!!

    God hold Nevaeh close, keep her safe in death as she wasn’t in life!!

  12. taffy says:

    I do not like to start rumors. So, I will ask you Blink. I heard that a fisherman and his son found the baby encased in cement. Please, can you verify if this is true. If true, this could mean many things, including who killed her and who helped with the cover up, clean up and disposal. If this is just a rumor please remove my comment. Thank you.

    True. I heard this via sources around 4Pm EST. Sick Freak. What can I say?

  13. new says:

    Jennifer should be charged with reckless endangerment of her child. No matter who the perp is she should be charged She hung out with sexual preditors. She met at Parole board. Read that body was encased in cement? Fishermen found the body this am at 11 while fishing smelled something and picked at cement and saw flesh?

  14. Kersky says:

    Blink, Thank you for what you do! I know we only hear bits and pieces and it’s devastating. It must be hard to face each day hearing some of the details that you must hear and see. Again you are awesome and your site has made me so much more aware. I have 3 young kids and base every decision I make on if it is the right thing for my kids or not. RIP NEVAEH you are in a much better place now!

    You made my day, which given the news, was a nightmare, into a ray of sunshine. Thank You

  15. Denise says:

    Hey Blink,
    If the body was encased in concrete, that could possibly help to preserve evidence such as DNA, correct? It would not have been subject to a lot of the elements, such as the water, correct?

    It was not fully encased, but yes, it certainly has preservation qualities. That said, it is not easy to extract her from it either.

  16. whisperswing says:

    We have heard mom had a dream that she would be found in cement but cant fin d it anywhere.Is this true or a rumor that was started??Thank You

  17. Felicity says:

    Blink: They also threw a beer can in the grave. This beautiful little child really didn’t have a chance..especially with the sick-0 of a mother saying:Everybody deserves a second chance.” “He was a faher figure to her.” Obviously, LE is ging to KEEP releasing these evil perverts, KNOWING that they will repeat this evil if they do. LAWS HAVE GOT TO BE CHANGED. It may take a March on Washington, or thousands of e-mails. Also, every parent in America needs to LEARN as much as possible about pedophiles, what to look for, how to check them out etc…

    Just read about little 5 yrs. old that has been missing for almost 2 weeks. She took off for Colorado or Phoenix, and has not been heard from. Her cell phone is off. Since LE is obviously not working, I guess the next step is for terrified parents is to start having tracking devices put on their little children!!

    Keep up your great work, Blink! The little ones need you to speak for them.

  18. vidda says:

    Felicity,reg the new case with a little girl – the kid is only 3…Mom was heroin addict till 1 year ago; picked up this hoosier from the jail , knowing him for 2-3 days….all gone..the babe is adorable, I think her name is Heighlie

  19. Karen Lee says:

    THE UGLY TRUTH that has NOT been discussed (or God Forbid) PUBLICIZED is that THESE WOMEN (Michigan and Ohio (mothers of Nevaeh AND Haylee) are BOTH far from “comely” — meaning, two overweight, UN-attractive women APPEAR TO BE “using” their young daughters to “ATTRACT” MEN. Men of dubious characters == who (because of their PERVERSIONS) ARE DRAWN to young girls …

    DAMN THEIR MOTHERS for needing “the attention” of ANY MAN — over their own innocent daughters.

    May they FRY (get the needle) in the court of Law — AND/OR endure eternal damnation … for what each has wrought upon her innocent child.

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