Monroe, MI– Sources inside the investigation into the disappearance of missing Monroe child, Nevaeh Buchanan, have confirmed to that she has been found.

In an area along the Raisin River, the FBI Forensic Evidence Recovery Team has removed the remains of 5 year old Nevaeh and transported her to the Medical Examiner with the asisstance of the FBI.



The Monroe Police Department will not publicly confirm the identity of the child, but has confirmed they recovered the remains of a female child matching Nevaeh’s description.

The staff and readers of wishes to extend our prayers and condolences to the friends and family of Nevaeh Buchanan.

Check back to for updates



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  1. bottomline says:

    Cheryl-right on girl! I completely agree these losers should all be together, so they can abuse each other (hell is my place of choice) but since we need a more reasonable solution, as Blink suggests, even a baby-step would be an improvement. I, for one would absolutely support this issue in any way I could…and although I am not wealthy by any means, I would gladly give up something I spend $$ on for this cause. Blink, I have the highest respect for you and all you do, but this idea of actually DOING something instead of just bitching about it, well, IMO you’ve moved up another notch!!

  2. bottomline says:

    One other thing – instead of registering as a SO which doesn’t seem to help much, why can’t we TATOO these SO’s on their face for all to see? Perhaps on the nose where they couldn’t hide it with hair….

  3. hoping says:

    I have a hard time reading that a cat killer (I am in no way trying to say that if he is guilty he doesn’t deserve to serve time or that the crime is not a precursor to things worse), drug dealers, or a third-strike thief get more time in prison than a sexual predator, who preys on children and ruins their lives.
    Reading these minimal sentences makes me sick sick sick. I think to some extent, a non-premeditated murderer in the act of rage may deserve less time than an SO. I say this because of the intent and the preying part. These SO’s know what they are doing and purposefully seek out to fulfill their grotesque fantasies at the expense of innocent children.

    **disclaimer-I am in no way saying that people who commit crimes especially murder should not serve heavy time, I am trying to point out that SO’s should be given more time.

  4. MackiezMom says:


    Are there any updates at all on this case? I have looked at the freep and local monroe paper…didn’t see anything new. Anything you can share?

  5. vidda says:

    I was hopping to see some comments reg the new info that the little angle was burried alive..

  6. bottomline says:

    OMG, on the Jane Valez Mitchell show they just said that poor little Nevaeh may have been buried alive. The autopsy report states that she inhaled dirt through her nose and mouth. How completely cruel – I am sickened thinking of how this child suffered. You can find the info on ABC

  7. FairWitness says:

    VLM is also reporting a sample of carpet fibers from the upstairs friend’s apartment has gathered to compare with fibers found under Neveah’s fingernails. Wouldn’t be unbelievably sad if one of those crying, screaming neighbors was responsible for her murder?

  8. FairWitness says:

    Sorry, make that JVM (Jane Velez Mitchell).

  9. hoping says:

    I found it quite odd that the father of Neveah’s “best friend” was sobbing so hard saying that his child misses Neveah. To me, and this is just my judgmental gut instinct, it made him seem suspect. I believe he is the upstairs neighbor but I am not totally sure.

  10. EyesWIDEOpen says:

    Any new developments in this case?

  11. kyrasmommy says:

    I cant stop thinking of her, why no news? So may obvious suspects…she deserves justice.

  12. Jan says:

    Hell is being enlarged every day.For those who Abuse,Abduct,rape,beat,an murder children These pedifiles,have let their selves be ruled by their own pervereted lust for children.Judges have slapped these people on the wrist for these crimes.When 99.7 are repeat offenders.Are some of them child diddlers to.Parents whats wrong,that you are to sorry to provide adult supervision,while children are playing,walking,riding bikes.To school,an to friends.Or in the yard where they play.These are dangerious times on this planet. Or Children are gifts from God,yet some are beating them to death,or allowing killers into their homes.Run a NCIC crime history report= ON THOSE YOU PLAN TO BEFRIEND,TAKE AS LOVERS,OR LIVE WITH EXPOSING YOUR BABYS TO THESE PEOPLE=My Mother said:: you never will know the things that are in anothers heart.reffering to wickedness. Rise up America FAST & PRAY.FOR GOD SAYS SOME THING ONLY COME THROUGH FASTING AN PRAYER. Do it for the children.Look for your selves,how things have changed from years ago.How many children,have fell victum to these vile animials???How many more will be prayed upon????

  13. kyrasmommy says:

    Blink, why no news here, I google her every day and nothing….no one cares for this angel :(

    I have no clue, isnt it maddening?

  14. Jess Star says:

    Hi Blink! Hope all is well with you! I just felt compelled to post here to let everyone know WE care about Nevaeh. Please visit our Website. We work every day to keep Nevaeh’s name alive. God rest her precious soul.


    You have my support as always Jess.

    Will everyone please visit in support of Nevaeh Buchanan?

    Jess has done some great advocacy work for her, and we met on the Sandra Cantu case.

    Even though you beat my Jets, I still think the world of you.


  15. Mary says:

    Hi blink…
    I thought this case had been solved…. so I didn’t follow it much after she was found… Just curious if you knew what her dads name was…?? We had a painter who worked at our apt. complex who claimed he was Nevaeh’s dad… I live in Toledo… Not far from Monroe Mich…. My husband knew of him…. I tried reading up on her case… but never read who her dad was…. Let me know… thanks…. :)

  16. patricia says:


    The Monroe Evening News did a series of articles this past week on the 5 year anniversary of the kidnapping/murder of Nevaeh Buchanan. Looks like they have their killer, just not the evidence to convict. They have a pretty good description of him in the article:

    I can’t seem to get the feed to load so you may have to type it in yourself.

    Though I live in Monroe now, I am not a native, some people may know exactly who he is from this description, though I do not. Hoping they can name him someday and bring him to justice for this horrific crime. Prayers for this little angel 5 years later.

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