Monroe, MI– Sources inside the investigation into the disappearance of missing Monroe child, Nevaeh Buchanan, have confirmed to that she has been found.

In an area along the Raisin River, the FBI Forensic Evidence Recovery Team has removed the remains of 5 year old Nevaeh and transported her to the Medical Examiner with the asisstance of the FBI.



The Monroe Police Department will not publicly confirm the identity of the child, but has confirmed they recovered the remains of a female child matching Nevaeh’s description.

The staff and readers of wishes to extend our prayers and condolences to the friends and family of Nevaeh Buchanan.

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  1. EyesWIDEOpen says:

    What does “ME” stand for? I get lost in the maze of acronyms sometimes.

    that was someone’s poster name on here.

  2. Amy says:

    Is anyone watching Nancy Grace grill the woman who birthed Nevaeh? She started out so soft and sweet but I knew what was coming! Went to commercial break as Nancy was starting to rip apart her sorry story….

    I know that was not nice, and I know it was not very chrsitian, its how I feel.

  3. Amy says:

    Jennifer did an extensive interview ( where she apparently represented to the author that she never got up off of the couch to walk Nevaeh to the apt. upstairs. Yet today she stated on NG that she actually walked out with the little angel and watched her go up to the apt.

    To be honest w/ you, Jennifer was all over the map during the NG interview although her lack of parenting ability shows through painfully clear.

    I came away with the feeling that Jennifer didn’t have much of a natural affection for her child, how else could it be that she would call her dead baby a liar on national TV. For those who didn’t yet see the interview Jennifer was talking about Nevaeh ‘lying’ about whether or not she was hungry in her desire to go out to play… to me it doesn’t matter how big or small the subject matter is, what kind of mother would say that about their child before the body is even put to proper rest (if ever!)??

    I would not believe a thing that pre-incarcerated excuse for an incubator told me. She is particularly vile to me and I would really enjoy it for a moment if she were carted off to the pokey naked in a concrete cube.

  4. Amy says:

    Ha! I was thinking about Duckett also and wondering if Nancy was going to take it easy on her. I’ll admit I was rooting NG on.

    The interview ended very abruptly w/ Grace just starting to call out Jennifer, maybe they’re going to tease it out over the next few days. The rerun starts at the top of the hour.

  5. othermom says:

    Eyes Wide Open: ME stands for Medical Examiner, I believe.

  6. bluebird says:

    Listening to Nancy Grace interview mother of Neveah, I was surprised to hear her talk about the child being a liar. I imediately thought she was refering to something else, and not to her lying about being hungry (silly thing to say) I wonder what the little 5 year old lied about that mother did not appreciate. I suspect it had to do with telling “lies” about her child preditor boyfriends. She also gave herself away by saying it would not surprise her if “George” did something to the child!!!!
    this mom really should not go on NG, she is way too stupid!
    I hope she keeps it up until she gets arrested for that very reason.

  7. Wayde says:

    I heard they were looking at records of nearby stores for recent purchases of a 90 lb bag of cement. Why 90 lb, I do not know. Maybe they found an empty bag.

  8. EyesWIDEOpen says:

    I cannot keep up with two sites, so I’m sorry if this has been answered on SM. Has the autopsy been completed/cause of death disclosed?

  9. Brenda in Virginia says:

    Wayne, It is possible they found a bag, but for the amount of concrete (cement mix) used to cover Nevaeh’s body, I cannot see anyone purchasing small buckets of Quikrete or concrete repair bags that are often only 25 lbs and more expensive than the larger bags you mix yourself. The fast-stepup type normally start off in 50-80 lb. bags…but the common form of ready-mix concrete does normally come in a 90 lb. bag.

    My guess is the type of concrete has already been identified and would come in this size unit for sale. Below is a link to what my husband and I actually have a bag left over from a small concrete pad we put at the bottom of our stairs. Sucker is HEAVY for me to lift, but not a man (a fit one anyway). I had to flip it end over end to get it out of the rain a few weeks ago when it started to rain and it had been left on the side of the garage.

    I also figure by now they know if the water used was directly from the river…which I cannot imagine it being done any other way at this point. Wonder if the mixer or wheel barrel used (what we use for small projects as my hubby is a contractor) has been found yet?

  10. PinkPanther says:

    I read at your site as well at Scared Monkeys. I have been lurking ever since Sandra Cantu.. Thank you for sticking to FACTS when you report. I really appreciate what you do – A voice seeking justice for children who are violated/silenced so brutally, who are never given an opportunity to tell their side of the story until it is too late. My heart aches when I read about these cruel happenings. Parents/caregivers are supposed to be nurturing, loving, protecting and teaching our precious babies and not digging their graves..
    As a parent myself (I quit my job once I had my twins – and what a great reward it continues to be – all the precious first times – I cherish them.) I always watch out for my Babies, but since I have been following your reports, I kind of have involuntarily/silently started watching out more and more for the children around me as well.
    Keep up the good work Blink!
    Red Ranger thank you for putting into words what my thoughts are on this attrocious crime.

  11. Jen In RI says:

    Blink & Readers,
    This beer can is really bothering me…
    It has given me the chills knowing that this animal was relaxed enough while disposing of this poor little babys body to drink a beer and toss the can in the hole..
    By the look of the location where the body was found there does not appear to be any off road parking. (going by the video I saw and the picture on your site) It appears to be an enbankment that the investigators are climbing up and down.
    It would be pretty difficult for any one person to climb up and down ,(must have made several trips) to carry a body a bucket of some sort a tool to mix cement and a beer?
    I have two theorys~~~

    1. There was a get away driver that dropped someone off and moved vehicle as to not raise a suspicion . (It would have taken a little time to dig and mix the cement.) Although this looks to be a pretty rural stretch of road?? any locals ??
    OR What I am really leaning towards IS …..
    2. They came by boat, It looks as though someone could have gotten to this location and hid the boat behind the trees fairly easily.
    I know “Daddy George” was supposed to be fishing that day . Does anyone know if he or any of the other POI’s have a boat or access to one? And if so where is the closest boat launch to this location? Maybe a piblic launch with a trash can?
    Another question Beer cans have a date on them like a code would these match up to others in a six-pack maybe ? like a serial number?
    any thoughts?

    God Bless this little child , Nevaeh rest in peace.

  12. cybergod says:

    Can the veracity of whomever alibied GKennedy (girlfriend?)
    be challenged? How strong is his alibi anyway?….just one biased
    individual saying he was somewhere else that Sunday evening? And
    you cannot help but feel that birth mom JBuchanan knows more than
    she’s letting on….

  13. PinkPanther says:

    Article published June 09, 2009
    Child’s body confirmed as that of Nevaeh Buchanan

    MONROE – The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office said Tuesday afternoon said the body found last week along the Raisin River is Nevaeh Buchanan.
    DNA testing at the Michigan State Police crime lab confirmed that the identity of the 5-year-old girl, who went missing May 24 outside her apartment on North Macomb Street in Monroe.
    Additional details on the autopsy being conducted at the Wayne County Medical Examiner’s Office were not available.

    Link to the above article:

  14. Brenda in Virginia says:

    Dear Jen in RI,

    Your theory re: arriving by boat makes good sense. I wonder if his boat had a live well? He could have stashed the child’s body in there and easily hauled everything and done the deed alone if that was the case.

    As for the beer can…shows complete disregard for the victim as if we didn’t know that already. Finger prints and DNA are now in the hands of the investigators. No alibi will do much good for whoever matches that.

    Just as in the Scott Peterson case…I don’t have the details fresh in my mind, but whatever Scott made the weights with that he used to send Laci and Conner to the bottom of that bay were found in the storage room he rented (I believe). Same if disposing of Nevaeh was done by use of a boat. No way LE cannot obtain traces of the cement/ready mix from that vessel. As horrible as this crime is, there’s a golden lining in the thunder cloud in the form of evidence should this turn out to be true.

  15. Brenda in Virginia says:

    Oh, and Jen…yes, I am sure there will be a way to trace where that beer was either purchased, or at least the distributor for certain. Not sure how much information on each can or 6/12/24 pack is in the bar code.

    When I worked at a foundry many years ago, I did production control. Each part was bar coded and the date, shift it was made, specific batch it came from…including the individual pattern used (there were always several for each part), and which plant it was produced at could be told by the bar code.

  16. PinkPanther says:

    Blink – Time stamp error
    Please check the timestamp listed in my previous post, it reads that my post was submitted @2:52pm, I think it was approximately 4:52pm instead. Just thought I’d mention it.
    Thanks again for what you do.
    Time zone thing-

  17. vidda says:

    for EyesWIDEOpen reg ME question :
    Sorry, it was me using it – stands for Medical Examiner

  18. riddlemethis says:

    Any smoke signals on this one? It would seem if anything pans out from the beer can or cement purchases this could come to an end like a sledge hammer. Swiftly justice comes or so we hope. Any indication this will stretch out?
    I think its an issue of forensics and tox being back for now.

  19. Felicity says:

    Blink, the current laws are obviously NOT WORKING, and must be changed. ANOTHER CHILD’S MOTHER , A LITTLE 5 YEAR OLD GIRL, is missig. She is with a just released pedophile, and heading for Colorado or Phoenix. She has NOT BEEN HEARD FROM FOR ALMOST TWO WEEKS, and is not answering her cell-phone!!


    More imformation should be given to parents about how to check on all pedophiles in their area. NEVER, EVER LEAVE YOUR LITTLE ONES ALONE…NOT EVEN FOR A FEW MINUTES~ Children have been grabbed getting off of school buses. Pedophiles should NEVER be released. Halfway houses are a joke. They are a joke. All the treatment in the world DOES NOT WORK! IT’S TIME FOR A CHANGE…AND I PRAY THAT EVERY PARENT IN AMERICA DEMANDS THAT CHANGE! It must be hell on parents nowadays, I would eve be afraid to allow them to go to Bible/Sunday School!

    Blink, thank you, for speaking for the little victims. I will sign any “suggsted change of law” that you might include. At this point, it is left to the people, and WE MUST DEMAND CHANGE.! I have written to the Atty.Gen., and State’s Atty….

    Blink,if you will put up some addresses that we can send letters, e-mails etc…I will write immediately.

    The reporting that you are doing is invaluable!! Thank you, and God Bless You

  20. bluewillow says:

    What Felicity said.

  21. Brenda in Virginia says:

    Hi Felicity. I almost posted on that while watching Nancy Grace last night, but decided to wait.

    One issue I have alot of trouble with is the mothers in these situations…even the one you mention today. WHY does ANY decent mother take off across the county with someone she barely knows with child in tow? I’m 45 and had parents who watched me like a hawk and didn’t allow me to even go to a friends house when I was in grade and middle school until my FATHER met the parents. If the mom or dad was not married (living in sin as he called it)…I did NOT go over, period. Maybe seems old fashioned to some, and downright horrible to others, but as we watch the fruits of the lifestyles that were once disapproved of become commonplace, cannot everyone see how poison those apples are?

    America had best get back to being moral or what we are seeing now is the tip of the iceberg.

    By the way..thx alot for posting this one. I fear mom AND daughter are probably already dead since the grandma said it’s been “days” and neither her daughter or granddaughter will answer the cell phone. I’ve a bad feeling…again. This sex offender (IMO) has a vehicle and is on his way to Mexico. Just my hunch, but we will all see.

  22. Red Ranger says:

    This has been a well known problem for years. We just see more of it due to NG, JVM, and internet sites like this one. It is no secret in anyone in this country’s mind that pedophiles, abductors, and child murderers exist. I bet the average US senator and congressman gets many letters and emails on a monthly basis asking for help in putting some teeth in the punishment structure for these miscreants that have already worked their way through something”s large intestine.

    Had A US senator’s 5 year old daughter been a victim that was treated like little Heaven and Sandra Cantu, you can bet the farm there would be mandatory sentences legislated, with fangs, in the next session.

    If their abuser/abductor degenerate scum animals had been scared of the consequences I reckon they could have contained themselves and these babies may still be bee-bopping down the street and riding their scooters.

  23. vidda says:

    Hello, friends ! JVM just announced that near the place Nevaeh was found had been burn small fire and partially burnt latex gloves..Cannt wait to see who is that animal, drinking a beer at the grave side and keeping his hands not to be damaged from the cement !!!

  24. Felicity says:

    Brena: How blessed you are to have such caring, protective parents!

    RR: Oh, yeah, let something happen to a Senator’s child and THE LAWS WOULD CHANGE OVER NIGHT!

    The stress on parents must be horrendous!!

    Surely, some kind of STRONG TRACKING DEVICE could be put on the filthy scums when they are released to “Halfway Houses”…something that would IMMEDIATELY notifyy LE!

    LIKE POLITICIANS ARE SAYING: IT’S TIME FOR A CHANGE! I say damn right! It’s time to protect our children!!

  25. Felicity says:

    LE knows that the ped, woman and little child are a black ’88 truck…they know the tag number. Hopefully, they can find this little child before she ends up like little Heaven.

    Yeah, let this happen to some senator’s child…the laws would change over night!! If this horror continues SOMEONE IS GONNA SAY: GIT A ROPE!!

    The only thing that makes sense to me is to IMPLANT A TRACKING DEVICE THESE SICK SLUGS. MAKE IT MANATORY. MAKE IT WORK!

    Virginia, I think women who associate with pedophiles are desperate for a MAN. They are unattractive, vunerable, stupid beyond words, probably on welfare and are leading lonely, miserable lives. (Little eduction, jobless and just live lives that are meaningless.

  26. Brenda in Virginia says:

    Felicity, when I was a kid, I was NOT happy to be so protected. I felt as if they were being “mean” at times although my father and I were always close and he was my “idol”. Now as an adult I appreciate what they did.

    My suggestion for a tracking device is to attach a ball and chain by running the chain in one ear and out the other ;>)

  27. Brenda in Virginia says:

    Red, I have to agree half way on your post. Yes, the media makes certain we get all the juicy tidbits of horror stories, but I believe this epidemic HAS increased greatly in America due to the morals all going out the window as well as the laws barely slapping the hands of those who commit heinous crimes.

    A local in my puny town just got 10 yrs mandatory for cocaine distribution, but the pedophile who molested the 2 sisters (4 and 6) up the road pulled 2 “long” years. WTF????? Yeah, he’s a permanent member of SOR, but we see how much they care about that. SOR is great, but if the sentences aren’t gonna be long enough to make a REAL impact, it won’t help the next victim.

  28. Felicity says:

    Brenda: Maybe you should get a big group together and send a ton of letters, e-mails to your State Atty. Gen.

    I may be wrong; but I feel that sex crimes against little children are icreasing. Wish I had the stats. Whatever, th case, it’s time to change the laws. Like Blink said: It is a crime of compulsion. LE KNOWS this, and yet releases these perverts to rape, torture and kill precious, defenseless little children. (A ball and chain through the ears sounds good to me! )


  29. Brenda in Virginia says:

    Felicity, I used to work for our local police department. My husband’s cousin is deputy chief and I have other retired members of LE in my family…one who lost their life in the line of duty. I also keep up with many of those still on active duty cuz I love the men/women in uniform.

    LE has nothing to do with releasing them and they don’t consider sexual offenders human beings. Just so you know…it’s the laws on the books cuz I promise you if there was an open season on these preditors..every cop on the force would buy a hunting permit to do so.

    Understand it’s not law enforcement, but the soul-less creatures who write the laws and determine the punishment. Even a judge (my son is good friends with the son of one) cannot impose sentences the wish to any more…least not the conservative ones.

    I like your idea though. Now that my son (youngest) is graduating Friday, I”ll have more time and maybe I’ll trott down and speak the the sheriff about how to start in getting exposure to this issue and change the laws. :>) He knows who I am and will give me time, always does if I see him in public. REally nice guy.

  30. ScareyCarrie says:

    As per comment #93 and your response, ur not thinking it was the same shopping trip she a nevaeh took earlier the day she went missing, omg how awful would that be :(

  31. Brenda in Virginia says:

    Good info (if you can call it good) should you wish to post this link:

    Seems the loving couple stayed at Hickory Grounds campsite on May 28/29 and did sign in as a “couple” but did NOT mention having a child with them. Has anyone heard/read if other campers saw them with Haylee during this time??

  32. ScareyCarrie says:

    Brenda in V
    I know this is o/t but that was a good article! very info packed! Blink do you know of this site/person, if they are a reliable source? not that i distrust the story just dnt wana get caught up in a site that is not reliable, blinks and SM is all i trust! Blink is like a lie detector in a way :)
    I do not know the author and have not read it , sorry

  33. new says:

    Must have read the same article that I did. Checked in as an adult couple to Hickory Grounds campsite on the 28th. No child was seen by anyone on the campground while they stayed. Must have a tent in the back of that pick up truck. Where was her child? LE is still looking for fourth person that helped in Potters escape. They have arrested her husband, brother, and his girl friend because they helped in Potters escape from VOA (Volunteers of America) a halfway house for sex offenders. Wanda’s husband interview on video confession of his assistance during escape. Wanda’s husband is a sex offender. I know Blink doesn’t like forensic astrology something I am trying to learn, but their charts say both are in extreme danger. Potter is brutal and mean.

  34. new says:

    Last time Mothers debit card was used was June 1st in Colorado. Grandmother told Nancy Grace she had custody of child while mother detox from Meth. So Mother has a drug history. Poor kid she did have a chance.

  35. new says:

    Sorry my bad spelt Mothers name wrong. I think its C. Watson not Wanda. They have a warrent for her arrest in Arizonia from April 2008. I want to know why Potter had all these people willing to get involved in his escape from the halfway house. They are now all being arrested for their involvment. Is Potter some kind of big shot in the crime world?

  36. Brenda in Virginia says:

    Wonder if they are going to try and hide out in the mnts like the guy who killed that family so long ago (was it Idaho) and took the little brother and sister…kept them for a while and killed the brother after a time. Then, was bold enough to take the girl to town who was recognized by a waitress who called police. This man lived for weeks in the wilderness with that child…but in this case…where is Haylee?

    For whatever reason, this case bothers me more than even Caylee and the other Haylee. Don’t know why, but it dies. I cannot stop surfing and posting about it!!!!

  37. Brenda in Virginia says:

    Oops, pressed enter too quick and posted, but wanted to add that although my original thought was that the mother and Haylee were already dead and SO was headed to Mexico, we can summarize they are certainly in this together and no way at this point either could cross at a check point. Boarder guards have the APB and are actively checking by now. I cannot wait for them to be caught.

  38. Cheryl says:

    I feel that writing letters to public officials that are the ” law makers” is like pouring a glass of water in the ocean. It doesnt make a dent. I wrote to & had so many sign a petition to the female judge in Idaho that let the 2 times sex offender go because he was too short for prison- she feared for his SAFETY! -I was outraged to the point where I could not sleep. I thought my petitions *& letters would make a dent- they didnt. The guy was awaiting trial for a rape of a little girl & while awaiting trial was caught again! – she slaps an ankle monitor on him & off he goes out into our neighborhoods again! The female judge shocked me with the sentence. She said he was 5″1 and in grave danger if he went to prison!! (poor thing) I think we need a public march on the white house steps instead- like the million man march did. We need an Oprah or a person that can shake an audience to get someones attention to this epidemic. Obviously a vicious circle- most of these men were sexually abused too & the circle continues. I dont know how to market such a march or where to begin but something way more drastic than a letter to lawmakers seems more fitting. I read about a little one missing every week. Just think of all the guys who never get caught because they threaten to harm them if they tell. It must stop- I just dont know where to begin as a concerned citizen.

  39. Brenda in Virginia says:

    a child’s body found in Colorado. any possible connection to Haylee? Especially since mom & sor’s location is unknown.

    Was not a child, and I think age at about 25+ with a great deal of tattoos, fyi. I could not find a matching MP case. However, I immediately went to the prostitute murders in LA, maybe I am off.

  40. Brenda in Virginia says:

    Thx Blink. At the time I read the article, still in the no info being released stage and all it said was that “a girl’s body” was found. Sad again, but at least rules out that 100% Haylee is no longer with us.

    Do you have any more info on her that you cannot yet post?

    On another story you are following, MH is pleading not guilty. I figured her tears in the initial hearing were for herself. I cannot imagine she is truly innocent. Accessory maybe…100% innocent, no.

  41. Brenda in Virginia says:

    If there is anything as disgusting as an SO…has to be those who would put the SO’s “rights” ahead of those of the children. Read this!

  42. new says:

    The dismenbered body of 25 to 30 year old white woman found in apple orchard with tatoos and dental work. C. Watson has tatoos and dental work. She was a meth user and meth destroys the teeth. They call it meth mouth. Usually SO’s don’t dismenber bodies, but anything is possible with Mr. Potter. Col is being very tight lipped about this unidentified body. You would think by now they would have a description of the tats or something so that people could call in on a tip line. Last sighting of Haley was twenty miles away from this apple orchard in Colorado. I think LE has dropped the ball on this missing child from the beginning. Now they are going on National TV? A little late Truck should have been on News on the 31 of May when sighted at Walmart with video. 15 days to late I to fear the worst for the child and Mother.

  43. Susan N. says:

    If I didn’t have children of my own who need a mother, I would be tempted to go vigilante about now.

    O I know, I know, but we do, so lets find another way.

  44. Riddlemethis says:

    Here’s another outrageous story in this case. 33yo man convicted of raping someone under 16, served no time,reportedly never at address listed as “home”.

    Also- Gotta agree with Cheryl #138. B- I know you mentioned something in the works yourself.

    Found out the new VSP (Violent Sex Predator) on our SO registry molested 2 young girls.(2 separate incidents) Had over 4,000 pcs of child porn, and apparently producing it. Served less than 2yrs, granted “time served” at sentencing and paroled. HERE’s the KICKER…He appealed VSP designation and lost. The evaluations state “MENTAL ABNORMALITY/SEVER PEDOPHILE, LIKELY TO REOFFEND. RELATIONSHIP PROMOTES VICTIMIZATION” WTH??
    (B.- puter crashed, i’m ghostin’ in)

    I have a general question for all reading this. If I were to ask how many people would give either a portion of the homeowner tax rebate or if I could swing it, a portion of their state tax return to provide funding to make sure all applicable SO’s were on a GPS tether (this would be based on indigency, those that could afford it pay for it by themselves) Would you?
    If you read this article, it brings up a very good point. One of the critical problems with tracking SO’s is that although they may have verified addresses, they can almost be anywhere in between verifications. You could be diligent about checking your registry as I preach ad naseum, and an SO could be living under your nose. That is unacceptable.

  45. Susan N. says:

    I would pay higher taxes, a portion of rebate, whatever, to make sure these monsters are all counted and in their little cages each night. You know what I mean. Yes, I’d pay to track them, but I am thinking maybe a chip would be most effective since they could remove the tether with a good pair of snips. A gps chip might require a little more work, but then we also have constitutional issues with the invasiveness of the chip…

  46. Riddlemethis says:

    My initial reaction would be “yes, of course”. Many thoughts on this running through my head. First, do we know what the cost per person per year would be for a tether and associated costs? Do we know how many potential offenders there would be? Are you talking about strictly voluntary funding from state rebates, like a check box on the return asking if you’d like to donate?

    Don’t know how far you are into a plan Blink, but my thoughts are a public education campaign would be vital, I’m sure you’ve thought of that already. After 20+ yrs working for the govt., I tend to look at where they could be more efficient to do things with what they already have, not necessarily LE, but govt admin, which this would fall under. Also private / public partnerships. Conversely, if the cost per average citizen were low, it would be an easy sell to the public, I would think.

    I’m also wondering about private corporate donations to a non-profit, as well as the possibility of a “self sustaining” non profit (with some ideas about how it might sustain depending upon available technology). Can you share more about what you have in mind?

    Riddle, at this juncture I have alot of raw thoughts, when it gets put in the funnel, I will of course launch those publicly in a forum setting to be hashed out. Right now, I just am looking for raw feedback and feeling the pulse for it.
    What your saying is critical. The more turnkey, and condusive to whats already in place will fast track it. If it gets into reforming legislation, it becomes a political issue. Way big difference. Makes me want to hit the senate and poll each one as to the SO laws in their state, and the statistics associated with same. This is a gritty, ugly subject people, and if we want the changes we need to take place, its up to us to hold those that can affect it responsible. We as in “we” the people.

  47. ScareyCarrie says:

    while i agree something needs to be done… i have a serious problem with theses sick f@*%s that go out hurt kids, ruin their lives, all while getting their jollies off, then IF they get caught, and IF they get sentenced to ACTUAL jail time, WE the good people, who are already trying to heal our children are now PAYING for them to have a nice warm bed, 3 filling meals a day, and more, now, once they get out our money is now going to their probation, now we are to the point that the probation is so ineffective that we are now looking at paying more $$$ to keep them under control and keep tabs on them, which is already supposed to be happening, not to mention if you have a child that has been hurt by one or more of these “things” you are most likely paying for their therapy also! whats next??? am i just not seeing this right??

    sorry that was like one BIG sentence, just flustered!

  48. Cheryl says:

    Jailing this incruable illness doesnt make solve it or cure it- I say send them to Iran where they take sex offenders out publicly- THEY DONT HAVE REPEAT offenders there !!

    problem is…. who are these ” people” who think one yr is a justifiable sentence for destroying a soul? why are lawmakers protecting Sex offenders so much? I wish they would show a documentary of a person from childhood to adulthood what they go through after such a horrendous act has been afflicted on them & how it affects them the rest of their lives!! Why arent we able to do a million person march & demand this ignorance come to a stop once & for all? why cant we just refuse to pay taxes until this insane-things stop being swept under the rug? PEOPLE – shoplifters do more time in prison than these sick soul-less creatures. Isnt anyone in the judicial system who can do something outraged by what they see? what drugs are they doing to keep seeing this & doing nothing about it- ( those who have the power & authority to do so) Why cant in these guys be put down like a very sick animal…it would do the whole world some good- jailing this sickness doesnt cure it! I say let them become public domain once they are released! just like the neighbors who beat the ^%&$ out of that guy who raped an 11 yr old. She was hospitalized- so they hospitalized him! Why in the name of GOD would anyone want to protect these monsters? Lawmakers must have an illness as well. Sex offenders are not fit for our society & their illness is not curable. I wish so much for an island to put them all on & let them fend for their own food and shelter & let them all be together to abuse each other. These sick #*$%$*#’s shouldnt have rights- that should be a new law- you harm a child – you lose all of your rights- & we should let them be target practice for a firing squad- let them feel the fear they instilled in some innocent child. thanks for letting me rant- I feel powerless to make the changes that I see need to change- letter writing to officials has led me to more frustrations

  49. Cheryl says:

    Yes Blink-I would be willing to pay for a micro chip inserted in them to track their every move. I would even volunteer to lose sleep do the night watch and watch their every move.
    Hang on, no chips involved, we want something to actually get passed.

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