Missing Woman (UPDATED PICS) Tracy Ocasio Suspect James Hataway: DARK MYSPACE OF Vader McGirth

Tracy1Ocoee, FL– Missing Ocoee woman Tracy Ocasio, 27, left the Florida Taproom Bar in Orlando shortly after 1 am on May 27th with James Virgil Hataway. That is the last time anyone has seen or spoken to the stunning brunette friends call a “diehard” magic fan. 

Blinkoncrime.com has uncovered photos that reflect a snapshot of a man that spends most of his time on binge-benders.

James Hataway, currently in Orange County Jail on a bond revocation for an April Criminal mischief charge fancies himself as a modern day pirate apparently. EyePatchHis myspace, or alter Ego Vader McGirth, is intent to let his “Yarr” shine.  

Perhaps the most haunting picture is that of Jimmy Hataway on the job as he is dredging a pond of debris.

HatawayWater I am not an expert, but I do believe the woman pictured in the green tank on the right is Rachael Clark; She has alleged that Hataway attacked her last August following a ride home at his request. 

Hataway is also a person of interest in the disappearance of Onda Chris George, and police are investigating several reports of alleged other female victims.

Rather than give you the guided tour with my subjective narrative, decide for yourselves.


 HatawayBackyardParty HatawayLampPost HatawayMattSinkeye HatPic

HatawayHat3-1 Tatsymbol HatawayAftermath (1) HatawayPinCushion HatawayRIPPS88Hand HatawaySkateBoarding Rachel RachelSexyB Ripps88-1 HatawayBarGirls hatawayyoungerhair


Images courtesy of Klaasend


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  1. Lilly says:

    Hataway does have a brother, looks a lot like him, and has his own rap sheet.

    Remember Friends of Hataway, there is a girl missing, God will get you for covering for your friend. You can count on it.

  2. Annals says:

    To elaborate; the posts appear to the person posting right away, but not to others until the moderator, in this case, Blink, has read it and puts it up for all to read. This has become obvious to me over time as I have posted here for a while. You may already know this.

  3. Amazed says:

    Hi Blink.
    With close ties to Tracy, CA, I found your site when Sandra Cantu disappeared, and have been following it daily ever since. I am sickened by the amount of missing person cases I have seen, and the creeps who could be responsible.

    I am continually amazed by your work and others who post to your site as well as at SM.

    It seems you are very busy, but would love to see your bio/background posted on your site. Don’t want to infringe on your privacy, just want to learn more about Blink – the crusaider for victims rights.

    Coming, not soon, but coming :)

  4. honesty first says:

    lilly seriously please. he doesn’t have a real brother where the heck do you get your information. he has 2 sisters and that is it period.

    Who is Colt?

  5. honesty first says:

    the guy he calls his brother im pretty sure…he calls him his brother because he is the one that put his intestines back in on the way to the hospital.
    Thanks Honesty, do you happen to know if an earlier poster is correct that it was in 2004?

  6. honesty first says:

    that is absolutely incorrect
    It occurred in late 2005 or 2006

  7. Annals says:

    I am pleased that some friends and associates of James H are posting here. While some have posted negative comments, so what? Dialog seems a good thing to me.

  8. Francisco says:

    Yea when I showed the news the info about james since he was my old roommate they told me to be careful. Well I am not scared. He and Dallas (other roommate) got mad at me for havin my friends pull up in front of the house and they said i was there to jump them. He started callin me things racialy and DallAS pulled the gun. So as the saying goes u made the bed now lay in it

    Franciso. Who is Dallas, really? I have pics of him on the site.

  9. Francisco says:

    if u have a email i can send u something i show u a few things
    Is this email where I can reach you?

  10. Francisco says:

    yes it is B

  11. steph says:

    hey B, yah it’s me hitting all of your posts again, as always. you have my email right?? well, i don’t have much to post here, just alot of questions is all.

  12. sweetpea says:

    Brenda in KY-
    I also looked at the spill marks on the pic, but after close review it appeared to me to be a different color and a actual design. But with that said it was the only photo that could not be enlarged, that would have helped.
    BTW- I thought it was Brenda in VIRGINIA, are you one in the same or is there two seperate Brenda’s???

  13. FloridaGirl says:

    I hesitate to write because of the way that the people on here seem to attacked everyone that knows Jimmy…

    I am frustrated with so many of the half-truths and the partial facts given by people that “know” Jimmy.

    I was very close to Jimmy for a while (especially around the time of his stabbing). Jimmy was stabbed the weekend of Memorial Day 2006. He was at Cheers in Altamonte Springs, FL with Colt (who is NOT his brother). An argument started between Colt and a couple of black guys. One of the guys threw a beer mug at Colt, and the guy was tackled by security. Jimmy saw the other guy run out the front door and chased him. When Jimmy ran around the side of the building, the guy was hiding around the corner and stabbed Jimmy several times, in the gut and under his left armpit.

    I will tell you all… Jimmy did have a record, but the kidnapping charge was a dispute with his mother. The other charges were from having a messed up family life and Jimmy making poor decisions. While we were together, he was kind and loving. I was NEVER afraid of him and was alone with him in my house, in my car, etc. He was very articulate and loved to read. His dream was to be an interrputer for the deaf, as both of his parents were 100% deaf. While we were together, he found out that his mother was alive (he had been told by his father that she died during a time when he wasn’t living with or close with either parent).

    I think you guys will find that he is cleared of the any involvement with the Kesse case. He was NOT in that area when that happened. He lived, worked, and played in Longwood… and had no car at that time either.

    Having said all this, my heart goes out to the families that have been affected by his actions now. I know he went down a very bad path of horrible friends and drugs. The drugs got a hold of Jimmy and it appears that price was paid by an innocent girl. I believe he has to be held accountable if he indeed is connected.

    I am in NO WAY defending Jimmy, but trying to shed a little more honest light on the matter.

  14. Brenda in KY says:


    I agree, being able to enlarge the photo would probably give us the answer.

    We are two separate Brenda’s.

  15. Tams says:

    Thank you, FloridaGirl, for sharing a candid insight into who JH really is. Your words seem to be validating the conclusions many of us are beginning to come to: that drug use brings out/fuels a violent beast deep within this man – one that was perhaps born of significant abuse as a child. Sounds as though he tried/wanted to be a decent, caring human being at many times during his life, as per testimony from so many acquaintances here – but drugs have made that increasingly impossible to control. His and the lives of entire families may well now be destroyed.

  16. Denise says:

    Hi Blink!

    Is that tattoo a harp? It looks strage to me.


    Irish harp, yes.

  17. Care2Know says:

    B- I just requested what you asked for, will get back to you in 7-10 days.
    Great Job.

  18. Care2Know says:

    B-No problem :)

  19. steph says:

    floridagirl, i know two guys that i thought were good people , they however, turned out to be vicious towards other men. i have learned that even when you know someone for 10 years, you don’t really know what they’re capable of. i’m not being mean here hun, just saying what i’ve learned. also, my cousin is still missing, and we aren’t getting answers. i’ve leanred alot about james, but it doesn’t matter to us what he’s done in the past, what matters is where my cousin is – she is a sister, daughter, cousin, grandchild, and an all around person to love being with. even if james didn’t do anything to her – he needs to tell us what he knows.

  20. steph says:

    BLINK – i really love how you back us up (comment25) – you know who WE are, your the best friend that (we) could have right now. thank you, from all of us. your really making this case break – keep it up!! we’ll keep you in mind and prayer forever. your one positive in a swamp of negative hun, much luv from philly, puerto rico, and elsewhere. (community comment from US)

    TY Steph-
    I pray it brings her home

  21. FloridaGirl says:

    With all due respect Steph, I don’t think I said anything defending him. I pray for your cousin daily. I hope that your family gets the answers you are looking for… and fast. I was simply laying out some of the background I know. I know that he hurt the Casselberry girl, and I stated that I know his drug use had taken a severe turn for the worse. Unfortunately for your family, I believe that he knows what happened to Tracy.

    We are on the same side here. I want answers too! It was hard for me to hear this case come out in the news realizing that it could have been me… and by no means am I the victim here, but it was still a HUGE reality check for me.

    I simply stated facts… I would have never saw this coming.

    You and your family are in my thoughts…that I assure you!!!

  22. FloridaGirl says:

    ….also, my frustration I spoke of at the beginning of my comment (#163) was just about the guessing going on about who was his brother, when was he stabbed, etc… not that those things nessecarily help your case, but I feel like we are getting a lot of “15 minutes of fame” comments here, and Blink is getting a lot of not-so-factual facts from these people.

    I would appreciate you clarifying exactly what you mean by that please.

  23. FloridaGirl says:

    It was not an attack on you, your site or your information. But there are several people that have commented here and I have seen their reports on the news that are just wanting to say they know the suspect in a famous case… It is just taking away from the people and facts that are creditable. My main point above was that it only makes your job and the job of LE more difficult when you have to sort through the BS to get to the facts.

    Overall this blog brings to light a lot of great information. People may feel more comfortable posting something here of importance than going to the police… I think that is were this outlet is helpful. However, I think the assumptions that so many wannabe Sherlock Holmes post on here could deter someone who may have information from coming forward.

    Personally, I know quite a few wonderful, non-criminal, non-drug user people that knew Jimmy and that would have considered him a friend. The constant slander of Jimmy-friends is not going to make it any easier for someone with information to come forward.

    Trust me, their are associates he hooked up with that are truly horrible people…

    Throwing everyone that knows Jimmy in the gutter would lump Tracy into that gutter also… I am sure that is something her family has thought of reading this site… and that is something that the readers need to remember and be respectful of. She made the mistake of being nice that night… and that, my friends, is all that some of his friends like myself are guilty. No crimes, no drugs… just being nice to someone who now seems as though he didn’t deserve it. The focus still needs to be on Tracy and finding her.

    Respectfully signed,

    ok, understood and respected, however, I would ask that in some cases, I have checked these people out. I have interviewed the personally. Tell me one other place you saw Hutto’s info. Think about that, It is because people know, oor at least I hope they know, if they are not comfortable speaking with LE for reasons you yourself have mentioned, it can be done privately. Lastly, there is plenty that I do not report on as well. Everyone should assume my objective is to find these women and I dont give a rats ass who did it inasmuch as figuring that out may find her, and get a murderous SOB off the street.

  24. Diana Ocasio Grammer says:

    I keep reading at how Hataway was soa bused by his mother. The assault and kidnapping happened when he was 14. When Hataway was 12 he punched his mother in the face, and then proceeded to spit at her while she was down on the ground. Did anyone witness Hataway been abused by his mother early on? I am sure had he gone to school (before he dropped out) someone would have reported it to the authorities. What ever his so call friends say to protect him, does not clear him from the facts. Fact, Hataway was the last person to see her. He has a horrendous rap sheet. He should be facing attempt to murder. Tracy needs to be found. Hataway and his druggy-drinking buddies will not excape God’d Justice. I thank you, Blink, and all the woderful good people that care about my niece.

    Mrs. O, I am confident that Jimmy was abused by his Mother as a young boy, as I am confident his Mom has mental issues that are protected by HIPPA. That said, while that would break my heart about any child, it does not matter to me if he hurt Tracy. Somebody in Ole Ocoee better be coming up with a really good reason why the Hutto Brothers were cleared from the get go, because they got “mad” at detectives. IMO, not only are they remiss in search efforts, but if she is not found and directly tied to Hataway, they are going to have a hell of a time prosecuting anyone. Ok, I guess in this case, I am going to call out LE (check my site of 10K comments, find anything other than support of LE up to this point).

    There are boots on the ground there peeps, take the opportunity to turn this around before it gets turned around on you.
    I say that respectfully.

  25. ex gf says:

    His myspace name Vader McGirth was a joke referring to his genitalia. Vader = large helmet, McGirth = large and Irish (the nicest way I can phrase that). The “Yarr” is a typed version of a pirate sound he would often immitate, as in “Yarr Maties”. Despite what the media is saying Vader McGirth is not a vampire alter ego.

    I agree with “FloridaGirl” she is discribing the same Jimmy I dated. (We broke up not long before the stabbing incident that she recapped perfectly). I was one of the first phone calls when Jimmy went to the hospital after a friend of mine at Cheers saw him walk back to the front door of the bar holding his intestines in his hands. I organized a fund raiser for him to help with the resulting medical bills.

    His “brother” Colt was always bad news and prevented other friends and family members from reaching Jimmy in the hospital. He will never earn an ounce of respect from me or any of Jimmy’s other good, clean, hardworking, non bigot friends. Colt was the beginning of any “down turn” Jimmy may have made.

  26. ex gf says:

    Again, I agree with Florida Girl. I want answers and have been frantically trying to rack my brain for any answers of why wasn’t it me (or that matter her). Is it because he really wouldn’t hurt anyone or is it because we liked him and/or dated him? I called the Ocoee police offering any assistance up to and including trying to get him to confide in me about what really happened to Tracy.

    God forbid, if she is no longer with us, everyone deserves to be found. I did not know Tracy, or any of the other missing persons. My heart goes out to them and their families. I join them in praying for answers.

    To myself and Floridagirl, this has been a huge eye-opener. Especially when friends and family bombard us with questions about Jimmy and we hear comments like “you’re lucky to be alive”. I am a lot more suspicious now and this can be a wake up call even if you never met Jimmy. Men and women everywhere need to be aware of their surroundings and sometimes it’s OK to say NO to even a ‘friend’ who needs a ride. Follow your gut, if it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it.

  27. C-Unit says:

    I have in the past hour read every post to this blog as I have been following this case closely as I used to live a little more than a mile from where Tracy was last seen and where she lived, Jimmy lived and where her car was found.

    I do not know Jimmy or any of his acquaintances. Nor do I know Tracy. After researching much of the discovery in this case, both biased and non biased, I have concluded that, as an avid outdoorsman and real estate professional taking notes on the details to each area of greater Orlando, which includes of course the Ocoee and Lake Apopka area which should be included as a huge area of interest since the lake has little recreational activity due to it’s toxicity http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lake_Apopka. google it

    There are many points of access if you are at all familiar with the lake’s predominantly rural areas surrounding the lake. Many of the areas are desolate and wooded. Lake Apopka offers a much larger water body than that of Stark Lake with much smaller habitation levels.

    I am not saying that I am certain, but precious time is slipping away for chances of in-tact human remains to be recovered in Central Florida’s above average heat and rain this season. Although this is not how I hope Tracy is discovered, at the same time, she’s not been seen for over a month, and was last seen with a loose cannon from a near by neighborhood. My prayers go out to the families of those involved.

  28. Calilady says:

    Blink I am not sure about the boots on the ground and turned around, could you explain please, thanks.

  29. Calilady says:

    Was that message for me about the boots and something turned around on me. Blink, please email me. I really would love to chat with you privately. I will ultimately go to Ocoee. I have been waiting, because I know Joe will need me the most when tracy is found. Meanwhile, your site gives us so much comfort and hope, for some of us far away.

  30. Calilady says:

    At least tell me in an email if you rather not say it here Blink ….

  31. scot says:

    Cheers mate
    Wishing you all the best of luck in life; in all you do
    Kudos from Canada

  32. howard says:

    Does anyone know of a connection with Jimmy Hataway and the assault/rape that occurred outside of Mulligan’s in Longwood at the end of March 2009?

  33. I really have enjoyed reading your post – very informative and useful information without a bunch of BS!
    I’ll be sure to give this URL to some friends

    Thanks Again

  34. keysgirl says:

    Like Flordia girl, I too hesitate too talk about my relationship with jimmy. I was the girl that recently was with him before the attack of the cassleberry girl. We were together for about a year, and in that period there were no violent incidents, untill the end of the relationship he began to display some weird and questionable things that i seemed to over look.He at one point hide my keys to the car and would disapear at night while i was sleeping. I soon caught on when i woke to find my car gone. When i confronted him he said i was crazy and it wasnt him. Soon after that i had some people over the house and everyone had fell alseep pretty early, i again woke up to find that he had stolen my sister’s car. We were in the house, and heard the car pull up. Jimmy walked through the door completly incoherit and said he didnt remeber where he was. He smelled of perfume and had marks on hes hands.

    I shortly decided to leave him, but before i did we got into a agruement and he poured a beer on my head and we got into a scuffle. I fell to the ground and broke my elbow. I know this sounds crazy but that was my last straw with him, i moved far away. Ist funny now that i think about all the things that point to him about these woman makes me think he is very capible of doing this.

    When Jimmy was on drugs,( mostly cocaine) he did change and got a little crazy, like punching himself in the head. But the weird thing is that when he was sober he acted very normal and respectful.I thank god that for some reason he saved me.

  35. keysgirl says:

    Also when the attack of the cassleberry girl happened it was my house the he was getting droppedoff at. When i left town he stayed at my house. I got a phone call from one my friends saying that jimmy beat up a girl and was running from the cops. Jimmy worked at the bar Holly and Dolly’s were me and him went all the time.When she came out to the public i reconized her immeditaly.I really think he went crazy after i left, and the drugs increased rapidly. The piture you see of the two girls, one inthe green rachel, that was my house.i heared she also was attack by him. Its very scary to see and hear all these things.

  36. Derrick says:

    you guys crack me up.. i know these are old posts but ive never seen them before and they bring “flgirl” & the others that agree lmao i just cant help myself from laughing..prayers to everyone esp the Ocasios.. i love you guys

  37. Derrick says:

    shoot i meant BEING NOT BRING can u change that??

  38. whalewoman says:

    Jimmy is my nephew by marriage. Although I have not seen him for a long time, I know that he did suffer abuse, but not at the hands of his mother. His father is the abuser in that family and the mother has gotten free of him after many years. There is a lot of dysfunction in his mother’s family including mental illness and alcoholism. She comes from eight siblings who all live in the Tampa area except for one brother who is deceased. There are no excuses for Jimmy’s behavior. Drugs and alcohol have probably contributed toward his downward spiral although I knew when he was a middle schooler that he was very street wise. I tried to encourage him to go to school for sign language interpreter as he was very good at it. I feel horrible for the family of Tracy, but I also think they should be investigating the other two weirdos that Jimmy hung out with. If he goes to prison for life for assaulting the one young lady, then that might be the best place for him. He wouldn’t be the first one in the family to do hard time. I will pray for whoever knows where Tracy is to let the family know. There are too many of these missing young women cases in this state.

  39. P-Bo says:

    This is a tad off topic but, I have been spending many hours researching this case over the last 2 days and one thing I will say is this; almost all of the women that are shown in the pictures are very good looking. Good grief, I would think that any of them could do A LOT better than these CREEPS. The guys appear to all be LOSERS as well as convicted CRIMINALS. WTF? I mean, all of these guys have very dubious backgrounds. Is it that difficult for women to find decent men here in Fl.? It may be. I moved to central Fl. about 18 months ago (from NC) and I have to say it’s been shocking to see the amount of (sorry if this offends anyone) sorry, ignorant, losers that live here. I’m from eastern NC so I’m very familiar with the rural US (especially in the South) and jeez, a lot these people are worthless.

  40. P-Bo says:

    Ummmm, also, I hope that LE (I’m sure they have to be) are SERIOUSLY looking into the dirtbag (hataway) as being the perp. in the Longwood rape/assault case (at Mulligans). That person in that surveillance vid. sure as hell resembles him. And apparently he hung out in Longwood frequently at some point. I’ve got a damn fine 6th sense and I’d bet my left-nut that this creep is the perp. in more than a few unsolved cases. Dear God PLEASE let the cops prove he’s guilty (if he is) beyond all reasonable doubt an put his sorry hide away forever.

  41. P-Bo says:

    Not sure if this comment will get approved but, I didn’t mean to impugn everyone here in Central Fl. with my previous comments. There are a lot of great people here just like anywhere else. However, from everything I’ve been able to learn from the web (especially here @ BOC) about the individuals in James Hataways “clan”, they do do appear to be scumbags. Thanks, P-Bo

  42. nels says:

    Does anyone know who is the guy in the picture above who is smoking and has bloody knuckles?

    I do, why?

  43. nels says:

    Hey again…

    I am a member of a Jennifer Kesse forum and we were debating if it is Jimmy Hataway. I say it is not. That is reason one, and the other reason is because I wonder if he is a potential poi. I did read some of the previous posts here, and it sounds like his injuries were “legitimate” but the picture keeps gnawing at me, so I wanted to explore it further. That is why. If you cannot answer that is alright, but I couldn’t seem to find the info. Thanks so much. A.N.

    An update to Jennifer’s case is forthcoming.

  44. nels says:

    Awesome! I think I found his first name at least after looking around further, I think Matt.

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