Orlando, FL– Late this afternoon, has learned that detectives within the Orlando Police Department and the Kesse family, upon receipt of myspace photos and subsequent comparative photos developed by blinkoncrime, believe that James V. Hataway, the number one suspect in the disappearance of Ocoee woman Tracy Ocasio, may be the suspect caught on surveillance in the Jennifer Kesse case, parking her car in the lot where it was later discovered on January 26, 2006.  



For over three years, the only link to a suspect in Jennifer Kesse’s disappearance is a grainy, time delayed closed circuit surveillance footage showing a suspect backing Jenn’s black Chevy cavalier into a space at the Huntington on the Green Apartments. 

Has the disappearance of another young woman, Tracy Ocasio, led to developments in finding Jennifer and answers for the Kesse family?

As previously reported by, there are several links to not only Hataway, but other asociates he was known to spend time with.

A source inside the investigation that is coordinating the discussions between the Ocoee Police and Orlando PD speaking on condition of anonymity, has confirmed to blinkoncrime this is the most encouraging lead investigators have seen in years. Although, the source went on to say that all parties are appraoching further investigation with cautious optimisim, “It may not be him.” 

Check back to blinkoncrime for updates.

Images developed by Klaasend

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  1. vidda says:

    Thank you , B!
    Look at the haircut, it sure does look like the same guy..Hope for the best , the LE and Kesse’s need that break in the case

  2. riddlemethis says:

    I just wanted to “shout out” a little more support considering the firestorm of comments you’ve endured over this case. You picked up Tracy’s cause when virtually no one else was listening as evidenced by some of the very first comments from Tracy’s peeps on your first post re: this case. Not to mention the lack of coverage on the major news outlets. Enlightenment for those who don’t get it. God forbid this ever happens to any one of my own friends or family , but if so, I KNOW where I’m goin’ for help.

    Carry on strong, if this is the answer for the Kesse’s (sorry Granny ;) , you go girl….and if not, I’ll be damned to your detractors, you’re trying and keeping it out there. God Bless.

    an extra P.S. to withheld, no one could have represented who you are any better than you did yourself in your own posts. Cuss away.

    Ty friend.

  3. Lilly says:

    Honestly, (tongue in cheek) I wish they would waterboard Hataway, since his friend is so sure he WON’T CRACK. Perhaps George KNEW who killed Jennifer. Perhaps that is why he is missing today. Blink, If it is true that Jenn worked out at the same Gym that Hataway and Toole worked at, this is just too much of a coincidence. Great find on the pictures and the hat and the hair. Would love to read his myspace comments from the day and day after Jenn went missing.

    I pray this is the break LE needs.

  4. Lilly says:

    To me, it looks like the guy is wearing a black hat, just like Hataway’s.

  5. michelle says:

    excellent work b ! you are an inspiration and you deserve many many thanks for all the hard work you have done and continue to do . i have been reading your site for a long time but just recently began posting . you are a very compassionate and caring person and those two things very much needed in this world . thankyou again for all the hard work sweat and tears you endure . you are a good person

  6. Karen Lee says:

    GO BLINK! Some just “report” the news –but you are actively involved in solving every case. It is your superb intuition and investigative skills that make a big difference. You are the real victim’s advocate, Blink. Good on you –and God bless the incredible work you are (always) doing.

    I am nothing special, reminding all of something a very smart man taught me about one year ago. He said “Things happen on “God’s Time” not ours.” I have come to believe as a result that as badly as we want answers on our time, we simply need to work as hard as we can, and hope that work is in line with the Big Man’s plan. I know from experience that is of zero comfort to a family missing a loved one. I have witnessed it first hand. But I do believe it. The real is done by y’all by caring about these people and what happened to them.

  7. Stephanie says:

    I think a snapshot of the back of his hair would be more telling – when he had that haircut – what would that haircut look like from the side, or the back. The grainy surveillance video from the Kesse video looks to me like its a guy whose hair is longer in the back and may have it in some sort of bun or ponytail? Do you think so too? I don’t think the hat is really indicative of anything – a lot of people wear hats.

  8. Lilly says:

    According to WESH, Hataway was charged today with burglary with battery, robbery, and aggravated battery. I am so depressed it is not attempted murder. The most he can get is 15 years, and you know how that works! WESH is the only article in google news. Poor Tracy!

  9. ostella says:

    Wow…great work Blink! Did Thumbdick McKiller have any charming entries on his MySpace page around the time of Jenn’s disappearance? Also, do you happen to know the exact date in February that Chris George went missing? I (along with others) noticed that he was “laughing his ass off” on the 12th… Not at all disconcerting….

    I’m so sorry for the Kesses and Ocasios…I’m praying for them, and hoping that Jenn and Tracy will be brought back home…I don’t know if I’m right about this, but I have a sneaking suspicion they couldve been sold into the sex slave trade by our “Prince Yarr.” They’re both gorgeous, and wouldve made him a lot of money on the black market…I could be wrong, but the thought crossed my mind, and after seeing Thumbdick McKiller’s bizarre pride in being a “pirate,” my wheels are turnin….

    Thanks again, Blink, for trying to get answers. I love your site.

    ROTFL, so funny I could not edit out, dont tell my Mom.
    Nope, these 2 “Jay and Silent Bob” of Orlando do not have the connections or intelligence to pull that off. Just the coulda shoulda woulda complexes that make dudes haters and secretly blame gorgeous women.
    Sorry, had to get that out

  10. EyesWIDEOpen says:

    I’m such the skeptic… there’s no way that grainy picture from 3 years ago sitting next to a crystal clear picture is convincing me it was him.

    The coincidences are insane, though.

    No that’s healthy, I agree.
    But theres no way that grainy pic is going to convince anyone of anything except that it is grainy, and someone moved Jenn’s car. Not until it can be matched with a live suspect.

  11. Lilly says:

    Blink, I emailed you an update and I think you are going to find the details very interesting about George and his so called accident.

  12. FLgirl says:

    Wow! Good job! I have been following your website for some time but this is my first comment.
    Blink, do you know when the picture of Hataway sitting on the car with that haircut was taken?
    I am so hopeful about the Kesse case for the first time. I am praying for the Ocasio and Kesse families. God bless them.

    Yes, ’91

  13. Lilly says:

    What a sad state of affairs. This search for George and Tracy was slim pickens. Apopka and Ocoee had to share a K9 dog. Where is Tim Miller when we need him.

    OCOEE, Fla.– Apopka detectives searched in a wooded area Monday and drained two dirty green pools at abandoned homes, looking for any clues that may lead them to the whereabouts of a missing Apopka man and an Ocoee woman.

    Investigators say they are hoping to find evidence that will help them charge the suspect, James Hataway, of murder. Hataway is in the Orange County jail and the charges and accusations against him continue to mount.

  14. Annals says:

    Pic taken in 1991? He’s 11 or 12 in that pic? (DOB 11-21-80)

  15. Annals says:

    Oops, sorry if his DOB is 11-21-80 then he would be 10 or 11 in the pic. Is it possible for an 11 year old to be that developed?

    Your right, no, it is not. Best I can say is that 91 is actually 31, on the pic itself, pre 2003 at best.

  16. steph says:

    hey B – aren’t you a busy little B?? :) i have found a few of your postings and now i have to search them all for info…. your wearin me out dudums lol keep on trucking bebe!! and thnx, i hope you keep going with me, i can’t quit on this, you know.

  17. Sue says:

    The tattoo on his right upper arm appear to be different???

    You guys are killing me. Be specific. What tat and what torso? There is more than one tatooed arm and torso on the piece

  18. Sue says:

    I was talking about the “web” looking tattoo on the guy sitting on the top of the car vs. the “arrow” looking tattoo on the “HatawayAftermath(1) photo where he is smoking a cigarette. Both tattoos are on the right upper and outer portion of his arm.


  19. nopeSue says:

    Sorry, I thought they were both suppose to be Hataway photos…


  20. Lilly says:

    His bond is now 250K and according to FOX, his friends are threatening his old roommate.

    In an interview with FOX 35, a man who claimed to once live with James Hataway said he was not surprised that Hataway is a person of interest in a missing person’s case. “The way he would talk about people … what he would want to do,” said the former roommate who did not wish to be identified, because he said he has received threats from some of Hataway’s friends.

  21. riddlemethis says:

    If you go to the Dateline episode RE Jennifer (posted on the Kesse website) and watch the whole “grainy” video in motion, and then watch the video of Tracy leaving the Tap room, there is a “gait” with some striking similarities imo. But the calculated height would be a problem, hey RR, how about taking a stroll for the camera?? :)

    I’m up for a trip to FL when the search is called, and sorry to say if all this plays out, I expect more than 2 answers here, and Blink, you’ll forgive me (I hope, cuz I’m way in your corner) if I call you on it if a Soc/ASPD aspect comes out of this and the cases are related. $20 to TES (yeah I saw that somewhere else b-4) And, being your pretty sharp, I know you’ve already figured out I’m convinced 80% of this S**t is caused by the “disordered”. JMO. That’s not an excuse for any of them or their actions, society needs to be protected from it. At the same time MH care and understanding has remained in the stone age, literally. And it will take more than a one or two pronged sword to remedy these otrocities. Again, just MO, respectfully.

    Need the down low on what Soc/ASPD, mh means please Riddle, and no more than one acronym per quote, your too smart for me sometimes :)
    On a serious note, if your referring to Hataway’s mental health and upbringing, yes, it is as bad as it gets since he was a small child. In no way is that ever an excuse, it is what it is, but it’s true.

  22. riddlemethis says:

    ….and just to clarify, the above comments/ thoughts, agreed to or not, by the many participants here (whose opinions I greatly respect), are made in regard to prevention…and not as an excuse for defacto outcomes.


  23. M says:

    I agree with lilly, in pic of poi(kesse case) is wearing black hat, Hataway is seen with black hat in pics and also in one of his pics is a black boot on the floor, like the black boots seen worn by poi in kesse case.I also noticed he has his keys clipped to his belt loop, too bad the picture of poi isn’t any clearer.

  24. [...] and the Kesse family, upon receipt of myspace photos and subsequent comparative photos developed by blinkoncrime, believe that James V. Hataway, the number one suspect in the disappearance of Ocoee woman Tracy [...]

  25. dddeerma says:

    blink and buddies: you guys give me goose bumps sometimes. Huge congratulations. I am in awe. blinkoncrime is where to come not just for information, but to see progress being made on the toughest and nastiest of crimes. Serious awe.

  26. Care2Know says:

    In my opinion, Jimmy’s “mood” on myspace was “laughing his ass off” because our friend Tyler got left in the bushes, by Chris. It was kind of funny at the time. Noone knew that all this would transpire due to Chris having pulled stunts like this in the past. (Chris’ family stated that it wasn’t unusual behavior…weird)

  27. sweetpea says:

    Duder or other friends of Jimmy-

    Do any of you know when Jimmy started sporting the shaved head look?
    This style has been around for awhile.

  28. sweetpea says:

    These comments by people who know this man are very confusing. Almost a split personality.

    Okay here I go again, I am on the fence with this one and I maybe reading you wrong, but I kind of get the feeling you are questioning this yourself. You keep looking for a connection with Toole and using the words “if” he did this. When you are confident in the suspect there is no “if’s”.

    Do we know 100% that the girl who came forward and said that she recognized Hathaway as the man that assaulted her is in fact Hathaway.
    Is there video of them together? Were they at the same bar as Tracy?
    I ask this because just on this site alone, I have seen many man that look alike and I would not want to have to pick one out of a line up.

    Sweetpea, you are too smart for your own good, and well, mine, lol.
    Jimmy Hataway is pictured on the couch with Rachel Clarke (non-article reader) and again trying on his eye patch.
    I am speculating because there is no date on the photo, but it could be the alleged incident occurred following this very gathering. I have no opinion on whether or not it occurred, I dont have any reason to doubt this woman, and I dont think the SA would file the charges they have without solid evidence.

    What you are picking up on so astutely, is that I am highly suspect of Toole. There is a former GF of Jimmy’s that posted on here who broke up with him due to the drug use and has become very successful professionally and has deep disdain for Toole. I hope she comes back and tells us everything she knows about him.

  29. DebbieDeb says:

    Blink, you never cease to amaze me! What a great sleuth you are. I look forward to your site every morning with my cup of hot coffee. You’re better than the paper!

    Thanks again, Blink. ;)

    p.s. The MySpace account for Hataway has been deleted.

  30. EyesWIDEOpen says:

    You can still view the cached main page of Hataway’s Myspace from Google.
    yes, ty Eyes.

  31. Shocked@Society says:

    The link from a previous post now leads you to a page that says it’s either cancelled or deleted

    Is there a different link?
    No, it has been deleted.

  32. Tina says:

    Birds of a feather, flock together. Total THUGS! I can see alot of girls finding Jimmy attractive, the whole bad boy deal. So dangerous, ladies you really need to think about the people you hang with, if they STILL live at home, do drugs and drink, have NO car, their job’s are total loser jobs and they have no idea where they will be in the next 5 yrs…..Move on! You also need to stop giving out too much information on facebook/myspace ect…. There is such a thing as too much information, ESP. when you never know who just might take an interest in you. I hope they find these girls, I feel sorry for their families! Great work Blink, I’m here almost everyday following. I’m thankful I can read your writing and follow your stories.

    Besafe to all :-)

  33. Kelly says:

    How tall is Toole? What about George? There was a second individual spotted near the Kesse car at the time it was dropped off. The persons gender was not determined but height was estimated at 5’2″. That person was never identified either… which seems odd considering the amount of publicity the case received.

    Carla Lawson disappeared in 1997 in same area. (Blonde hair, blue eyes, slight build) Her husband, John Huggins, was convicted in her murder but many credible folks don’t believe he did it.

    Anyway, I’m good for useless trivia if nothing else ;)

    Toole is 5’5″
    George was in the pokey when Jenn went missing.

    There was never a second person in the video, but if you look at my pic, Im convinced the subject turned his head, as if he heard something.

  34. Lilly says:

    LE has Hataway’s computer so they can get all his information anyway. I would like to know who deleted his Myspace account and WHY? I hope whomever did delete it is charged with interfering with an investigation or obstruction of justice. His friends are really ticking me off. Threatening his old roommate from talking, etc. This is not a drunken game of beer PONG.

    I bet most of his friends, and everyone in James Hataway’s social circle had many brushes with the law, and literally have no idea how different they are from normal, law-abiding respectable people!

    Nothing would make me happier if you started the SHOW Blink on their collective records! Enough is enough!

    Lilly, I would not assume that someone shut that site down other than detectives. Which they would based on it’s possible evidentiary contents. Not everyone in his circle are cons, yes, a fair amount are, but not all.

  35. Lilly says:

    According to JMV, A Hataway X Girlfriend said he liked to play a choke game with her.

    Who took Tracy Ocasio? 4:20 Look to the bottom and pick JMV show.

    Hi Blink, I don’t believe LE deleted his myspace. They never deleted Melinda Duckett’s or various other’s. They would not do that. They would be interested in current comments as well.

    Anyway, time for me to do an adios. I can’t stand reading the comments of these friends. They are all complicit in their own way for making excuses for him. I just love the explanation of moving George’s truck.

    Where’s Tracy? His friends could care a less.

    See yah.

    Lilly myfriend, his comments were already private. There are pictures of witnesses to this case on there. I agree that would be moving a little fast on their part, but it was either that or myspace shut it down for some reason which is possible. The cached version is still out there and if it makes you feel any better I have 100% of it’s contents. Where’s Tracy is right, let’s stay focused on that.

  36. notalemming says:

    Good job Blink. This is why the first thing I do in the morning is check your site.

  37. FLgirl says:

    Does anyone know how tall Hataway is?
    5’9″ ish

  38. A Texas Grandfather says:

    I totally agree with Tina. It is time that young ladies began to think about all the things you mentioned. My take is that men who hang out in bars are there for only one thing and that is to pick up a woman either willing or unwillingly. Crazy attire and lots of tattoes should be a direct warning sign of danger and these characters should be shunned.
    I worked heavy construction as an engineer for many years. Sometimes a guy would show up who appeared to be more than a little off-center. When this happened, we immediately did a background check with LE and if he had a record, we immediately discharged him. However, light construction such as single family housing and and apartment contractors are not so careful and these guys can work undetected.
    The real problem is that we do not pay enough attention to bad behavior by young people. After retireing, I did volunteer work in the schools at both the middle and high school levels. Bad behavior is apparent as early as twelve years of age. The schools have no authority to properly punish bad behavior and many are afraid of law suits,so little is done. Until the communities as a whole decide that bad behavior is not going to be tolerated, we will continue to have these type of characters.
    Good work Blink! Every time we are able to get these bad actors out of society is a victory for all who live for good values.

    Texas You have grown on me. You make me miss my poppa more than I already do. He would say these same things excpet add the ole “every boy should be forced to be in the marines, and then we wouldnt have to worry about our young ladies..” I just heard him in my head for a second. Thanks.

  39. Kelly says:

    The Kesse disappearance doesn’t really seem to fit Hataway’s MO of catching a buzz and a ride from unsuspecting acquaintences. Didn’t the parents indicate that Kesse slept in her bed that night? However, as we know, her father indicated that she used to frequent the very same bar that kick started the Ocasio incident. Have they ruled out the possibility that she may have gone to same bar later in the night (after her evening phone call to her boyfriend perhaps)? It’s hard to imagine that she was abducted first thing in the morning, on her way to work, or running out for a simple errand that evening. IMO her guard was down when this happened. Anyway, I just think Hataway is an opportunist…and the Kesse adbuction seems to suggest a plot/plan.

    The reasons they believe Jenn was abducted in the morning are circumstantial. There are NO facts to support whether this occurred in the evening following her phone call with Rob, or the morning.

  40. rebel says:

    Tattoos do not equal bad character, perhaps you’re living in the 1950′s or something. Are you that naive to believe you can judge a book by it’s cover?
    By the same token, a clean-cut Wally Cleaver type person is not necessarily a good trustworthy person. I’ve met plenty of rough-looking individuals that were honest, good people, & many preppy well-groomed people that were total sleazebags.

    What did I miss? Did someone say that and I missed it?
    Let’s not go down that road, I dont feel that way. I personally am not inked up, but I dont fault others for doing it.

  41. riddlemethis says:


    Not directing my comments above toward any one person at this point. Just saying if Tracy has indeed met an unfortunate fate, and there is some tie in to Jennifer Kesse, I won’t be surprised to see the acronym come up regarding whomever was found responsible.

    As to the acronyms, the following link explains. Not a big fan of Wikpedia, but the checklist part down the page will do.

    Robt. Hare studied inmates, attempting to predict recidivism. His work is well regarded. Some would like to see it used before a crime occurs as prevention. He estimates an extremely high % of those incarcerated have ASPD, and other related Personality disorders.

    Being aware of the traits can help avoid becoming a victim.

    There is no mental health defense in court based on this. Also no known effective cure or treatment. My point being if there were, and if MH was more advanced, many, many victims of crime might be spared. That is what we all hope for bottom line.

    I totally agree riddle, I just wanted to make sure I understood your acronyms. I am the queen offender of that.

  42. riddlemethis says:

    Well apparently there’s been a charge placed, but it’s from the other incident last year.

  43. riddlemethis says:

    sorry….geez, I just saw I’m way behind with that link…

  44. rebel says:

    My post referred to #39, sorry – I should have said that

  45. Kelly says:

    Well, whoever the offender(s) is/are in both of these cases it’s clear that the respective hiding spot is pretty darn good and the person(s)is very careful to dispose of ALL of their victims personal belongings.

    Anyone think the Ocasio 4:30 am phone call was an effort to throw off police? Or just a simple drunk idiot maneuver? Maybe I don’t give Hataway enough credit. Why bother with a phone call?
    Possible, depends on who it was to.
    Sadly, I think that call may have been placed by somone turning off her phone with the wrong button when they meant to turn it off. I do not believe Tracy made that call.

  46. Blink says:

    Map of where the SUV of Onda Chris George was found, and bodies of water being searched:
    Map of SUV and Ponds

  47. Amazed says:

    In agreement with many who have posted here – people who look bad/act bad/seem bad – probably are bad. And young ladies need to run as far in the opposite direction as possible

    But also be cautious of the good guys. They can be just as bad and dangerous.

    To all the young ladies out there: DO NOT BE THE NEXT PERSON WRITTEN ABOUT ON THIS SITE.

    Have fun, enjoy life – but be smart about it. Do not put yourself in a dangerous position: Always use team dates, meet a date at a public spot, be alert, don’t let your drink out of your hands, always have cab money to get yourself home. Don’t give rides to strangers. And the list goes on.

    Be wise and cautious. Your life depends on it.

    Sorry, just had to share the speech I give my daughters daily.

  48. EyesWIDEOpen says:

    Blink… is that a salvage yard on the other side of Clarcona Rd (435)? It may be an obvious question, but, has that area been checked?

    I would like to say yes, as its protocal to search the obvious traditional “sites”. But to my knowledge, they have not released whether it has been searched.

  49. Stephanie says:

    On his height – in the Kesse case isn’t the suspect in the surveillance video much shorter than 5’9″?
    Originally yes, I’ll be honest, we have 3 agencies, with 3 different height value results. I have personally seen the results of a study done by the Univ of Gainesville that puts the perp at 5’10″.

    In my opinion that was the single biggest mistake made by OPD in this case, to hold that for a month. As Mrs. Kesse will tell you, rather than focus on how tall/outfit, if someone knows that individual, they know them regardless.

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